Gone Girl first Hollywood feature cut entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro

Director David Fincher is making all kinds of headlines with his new film Gone Girl, which was cut solely using Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC software. In the past, Fincher has used Premiere Pro to cut a Calvin Klein commercial, but to do it for a feature length film is staggering, and the highest profile feature to use Adobe to date.

The film was shot using only RED Dragon cameras in 6K resolution, so getting Premiere Pro to work smoothly within a demanding 6K production pipeline was key. Shooting multiple takes gave Fincher’s team plenty of material to work with, with a massive 80% of the shots being enhanced in some way, from reframing and stabilisation to split-screening to remove an actors extra breath.

The editing team, headed up by two-time Academy Award-winner Kirk Baxter, made the decision to use Adobe’s post-production tools over the industry standard Avid Media Composer. Premiere Pro was faster than anything else in the market, meaning more time could be spent editing and finishing a shot.

Hear more from Kirk Baxter, ACE, in Adobe’s video below…

The advantage of using Adobe’s Creative Cloud was that part of the team could be editing in Premiere Pro, while others worked on shots in After Effects. The saved compositions would automatically update in each others’ timelines because of Adobe’s Dynamic Link. As Adobe say “this integrated and interactive workflow kept shots looking cleaner and eliminated distracting back-and-forth discussions so the entire team could focus on the story as it took shape in the edit bay”.

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