New plug-in options for Pro Tools users!

It really is that exciting, Avid have been busy making announcements about new Pro Tools licensing, Standard Support and the Pro Tools S3 control surface, and now we’re also set to see new plug-ins too. The latest announcements are the Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic AAX Native and DSP 64-bit plug-ins for Pro Tools users.

These plug-ins meet the expectations and demands of professional users who need high quality plug-in processors for music and audio post-production, on both native and HDX systems.

Pro Multiband Dynamics plug-in

If you demand the highest quality plug-ins to create mixes that stand out from the crowd, then you’ll be pleased to know that Avid have made such a thing, in the form of the Pro Multiband Dynamics plug-in. With a powerful 64-bit AAX plug-in Pro Multiband Dynamics enables you to compress and/or expand audio with precision by separating sound in four frequency bands and choosing how it’s processed when levels go above or below the threshold.

Pro Subharmonic

Pro Subharmonic sounds like the coolest superhero name ever, but is also Avid’s second new plug-in for Pro Tools users, and is designed with music and audio professionals in mind. Pro Subharmonic is an epic-sounding Pro Series 64-bit AAX plug-in that generates low frequency signals an octave lower than the source. Punch up bass and percussive sounds for creative music application, or bring explosive power to soundtracks in audio post by feeding into L/R and LFE channels.

So what do you need to run these?

One of the following Avid systems:

– Pro Tools, HDX running Pro Tools, HD 11 or higher (AAX DSP 64, AAX Native 64, AudioSuite 64).

– Pro Tools, HD Native or other Pro Tools, Software system running Pro Tools 11 or higher (AAX Native 64, AudioSuite64).


These plug-ins are ‘Tier 2′ audio plug-ins, so if you want to get your hands on them you’ll need to purchase an Avid Tier 2 Plug-in Activation Card here.

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