Avid introduce new Pro Tools licensing, Standard Support

Avid have announced that every upgrade or new purchase of Pro Tools 11 from November will be even better value for your cash. Not only will you get world-beating DAW tools and sound quality, but also new cloud collaboration functionality, and a full year of Avid Standard Support too, so your software’s always up to date with all the latest updates and upgrades. 

What does that actually mean for you? You get groundbreaking new features, 24/7 professional support, all your Pro Tools upgrades/updates into 2016, access to how-to videos, troubleshooting articles and other great resources from Avid Customer Care. They say those new extras will let you collaborate in the cloud, sell your music, and more.

Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of products and technology at Avid, said: “Pro Tools is the most frequently used and highly trusted digital audio workstation in the industry because of its unrivaled sound quality, power, and versatility for music and audio post-production. Now we’re making it easier for all customers to elevate their music and audio production immediately — and then take it to a higher level as cloud collaboration and other new features become available later.”

 Upgrade/crossgrade from previous Pro Tools and save

If you own Pro Tools 9 or Pro Tools 10, any version of Pro Tools Express (from Avid or InMusic1), Pro Tools LE 82, Pro Tools M-Powered 6-8, or Pro Tools MP 9, from November you can upgrade or crossgrade to Pro Tools 11 and receive Avid Standard Support, which includes all Pro Tools updates and upgrades, plus access to professional support around the clock, for one full year from the time of purchase. You’ll also be saving a massive 60% off the usual upgrade price if you go down this route.

The same goes for upgrading from HD 9/10 to HD 11, with savings of up to 40% off previous retail pricing. Plus, you can continue receiving support and upgrades into the future by simply renewing your plan, so you can always stay current and have the latest tools and features.

Purchasing new Pro Tools software

If you’re buying Pro Tools software brand new, you’ll be happy to find that will also include future upgrades. From November, customers can purchase Pro Tools software with a one-year, renewable subscription support plan that includes all Pro Tools software upgrades throughout the duration of their plan, as well as one year of renewable Avid Standard Support, and Avid Marketplace features.

Best of all, if you buy or upgrade by 20th December 2014, Avid will extend your support plan to 31st March 31, 2016, meaning you get up to 17 months of Pro Tools upgrades, updates, and support instead of 12, depending on when you purchase. You’ll of course continue receiving support and upgrades to stay current by renewing your plan annually.

Let me at it!

Patience is a virtue… the above upgrades and Pro Tools “stay current” offers will be available for purchase come November, from Avid authorised resellers (that’s us). In the meantime, you can always check out our full Avid Pro Tools lineup here.

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