iPad in education: Troubleshooting iOS 8

iOS 8 is here, and it brings with it iCloud Drive, a really simple way to back up files and sync them between devices. This is obviously great for making sure classwork is available for revision at home, or retrieving work from a forgotten device, and our education team are understandably keen.

However, we’ve heard reports that some people are having trouble keeping track of their documents after turning iCloud Drive on, as different devices and operating systems interact with it differently. Here are eight things you need to remember to enjoy a seamless iCloud Drive experience.

1. Documents (Keynote, Pages, Numbers) previously in iCloud will be in iCloud Drive, and will come down again to your device when iCloud Drive is activated.

2. Devices still using iOS 7 will not lose documents (they are locally cached), but new documents will simply remain local rather than being sent to the cloud. You need to upgrade to iOS 8 to get the full benefits of iCloud Drive.

3. OS X Mavericks does not support iCloud Drive; most users of iCloud for iWork will have everything locally stored on their Mac anyway (as this is the way iCloud works on Macs and iOS devices – a local copy is created which is then copied up to iCloud). If you’re struggling to find a file, go to your local user library by clicking the Go menu in the Finder while holding down the Alt key, then clicking Mobile Documents – all local copies of files should be there, sorted by application.

4. If for some reason files are not coming back to an iOS device after updating, you can always find them at iCloud.com, and in worst case scenario email critical files to yourself from within the browser (do this from the iWork application folders, not from iCloud Drive).

5. Some iPad users have found that sometimes the iCloud switch in Settings > Keynote or Settings > Pages won’t stay switched on when you return to the app – i.e they’ve switched it on in Settings, go to Pages, waited for the files to appear from iCloud, seen nothing and returned to Settings to find the switch has turned itself off.

This is the main reason why people think they’ve lost files, but they’re actually all still there! The solution? Switch off the device, switch it back on again (I know!) – relaunch Pages/Keynote/Numbers and wait for the pop-up box asking if you want to use iCloud. Answer yes. This flips on the switch and your files should appear.

So there you have it – five places to find files you might have thought were missing! For more tips on keeping your files at your fingertips, get in touch on o3332 409 333, at learning@Jigsaw24.com or even via @Jigsaw24Edu. You can even ‘Like’ us on Facebook. 

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