IBC 2014: Extension 2 release announced for Autodesk Maya LT 2015

Autodesk have announced the extension 2 update for Maya LT 2015. The new software is available to download now from the Autodesk Subscription Centre and Autodesk Accounts.

New features

The new extension 2 release for Maya LT 2015 means all kinds of fun new stuff and improvements to the software’s workflow. Extension 2 improves asset export with new features like ‘Send to Unreal’, ‘Send to Mudbox’, an updated Game Expert tool and Colour Management tool. These new features in extension 2 make it easier than ever to use Maya LT in an indie game pipeline. They also allow studios and artists to be more efficient and consistent. Here are four new features to look out for:

‘Send to’

The new ‘Send to’ tool (which has already featured in Maya) allows seamless integration with Mudbox and Unreal, speeding up the whole game design process and retaining good naming conventions. Use ‘Send to Unreal’ to export content from Maya LT directly to an Unreal 4 project. Use ‘Send to Mudbox’ to send geometry from Maya LT directly to Mudbox, where you can add high levels of sculpted and painted detail directly to the model.

Improved Game Exporter

The Game Exporter tool can be used to save export presets so they can be applied to other exported files, helping to maintain a consistent library of 3D content.

Colour management

Extension 2 delivers a completely new colour management system, which offers more accurate colour reproduction, and will make it possible to keep consistently correct gamma in the textures and in the lighting, no matter what software they are in or what monitor they are viewed on.

For the full run-down of what’s new, visit the Autodesk website here.

So if you have an active Maintenance Subscription, the message is: head over to the Autodesk Subscription Centre to update your software. If you have a Maya LT Desktop Subscription plan, head over to Autodesk Accounts to update your software.

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