IBC 2014: Autodesk Smoke 2015 gets its first extension pack

Autodesk Smoke 2015 has joined Maya and 3ds Max in getting its very own service pack, which was announced this weekend at IBC.

If you’re one of the clever so-and-sos who’ve got an Autodesk Maintenance Subscription, you can head over and download this update from Autodesk for free, but first let us run you through the highlights:

Segment-based LUT Editor

Editors can now apply LUTs, color transforms, and colour space conversions to timeline segments or groups of segments in the timeline using the LUT Editor. Available right in the timeline, it’s now easier than ever to create consistent looks across multiple clips by applying LUTs directly to individual segments, adding LUTs to Gaps, and transitioning colour transforms from one segment to the next.

Matchbox Timeline FX

Smoke 2015 Extension 1 introduces Matchbox as a new Timeline FX, making it faster and easier for editors to create and add effects as they edit without leaving the timeline. The powerful Matchbox GLSL shader creation tool enables editors to access, build, and apply custom shaders and transitions in Smoke.

Compatibility with Sparks

Smoke 2015 Extension 1 reintroduces compatibility with Sparks plug-ins to both ConnectFX and as a Timeline FX. Editors can now apply a variety of third party plug-in effects, ranging from blurs and distortions to lighting and transitions, in Smoke.

Enhanced Codec Support

Smoke 2015 Extension 1 offers enhanced support for a number of codecs, helping editors work more efficiently with data from a number of sources. Extension 1 adds support for: RED SDK 5.0 with ACES support; Sony RAW SDK 2.3 with new S-Gamut-3 colour management options; ARRIRAW 4.5 with new Alexa options (OpenGame, Anamorphic, and Cropping); XDCam HD, HD422 and EX encoding (MXF OP1a); DPX RGBA 8, 10, 12, and 16-bit (import and export); and DPX drop frame (29.97fps) and TVRate metadata (import and export).

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