IBC 2014: Ladies and gentlemen, the Teradek Beam

We’ve always been big fans of Teradek’s – their releases are innovative, reliable, and look a bit like Bond gadgets from the seventies, all of which we highly approve of – so it’s probably not a surprise that we want to get our hands on their new Beam unit at IBC. 

The Beam is a camera-back H.264 encoder capable of handling bit rates of up to 50 Mbps. Teradek tell us that it can transmit 1080p over 2500 feet with only two frames of latency, all using the unlicensed (and therefore blissfully free) 5K band.

Connectivity wise, you get 3G-SDI, a LAN port for broadcast and a bi-directional serial port for camera control.

The Bean is available with an AB or V mount battery plate, so it’ll fit with any professional camera you care to use. According to Teradek’s official blurb, “Beam is multicast capable to up to 4 receivers and includes a dedicated bidirectional IFB channel, which allows a news operations center to speak directly to the camera operator in the field. Beam also supports high power transmission on the 5.15 ~ 5.25GHz band in accordance with FCC regulations. This means that your wireless video feed will be more resilient and get better range.”

You can see the full list of supported protocols here at Teradek’s site.

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