IBC 2014: GB Labs confirm lineup will include 4K Duo On-Set and HyperSpace

GB Labs have confirmed that their IBC 2014 lineup will include their new 4K Duo On-Set and HyperSpace solutions, plus insight into LTO LTFS. Stand 7.J15b in Hall 7 is the place to be for NAS, apparently…


According to GB Labs’ press release, “HyperSpace brings SSD performance levels to HDD NAS storage systems,” and can increase the speed of Space by up to 400%.

As their sales and marketing director Ben Pearce explains: “Many of our customers require large capacities – up to 1.7PB – and very high performance for demanding media applications and large workgroups. Our new Space HDD platform has fulfilled these needs for most clients. However, certain deployments require DPX image sequence capabilities or very large HD stream counts for concurrent editing, transcoding and rendering. The random access capabilities of HyperSpace are ideally suited to these environments.

“HyperSpace’s SSD hardware and control software combine to preserve the life of the disks and intelligently manage the way the system uses its resources. Unlike the earlier generation of hybrid HDD/SSD disk systems that were designed for general IT deployments, HyperSpace is optimized for heavy duty usage in media environments. The GB Labs system incorporates entirely new technology which easily outperforms the offerings of existing hybrid storage manufacturers, in terms of real-world media usage and long term reliability.”

 4K Duo On-Set

Pitched as a total storage platform for DITs who are wrangling files on 4K shoots, 4K Duo On-Set is “a powerful, multi-function storage platform” that’ll let you generate and share proxies, share the editing process, perform initial grades on-set, create multiple insurance copies of your raw data and securely transfer it to a post house.

Conscious that more and more filmmakers are shooting straight to SSD, GB Labs have equipped the 4K Duo On-Set with dual built-in SSD readers with a combined speed of up to 1000 Mbps, meaning a faster turnaround on used disks. Third party readers can be connected via USB or eSATA.

Once your data’s in the 4K Duo On-Set, it’s stored in a RAID protected array, where it can be accessed by Windows, OS X and Linux systems workstations via Ethernet. There’s no maximum number of clients that can connect, and the files themselves can be copied to tape storage (the 4K Duo has twin LTO-6 drives which run at 160 Mbps) or used for on-set colouring or editing.

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