IBC 2014: Avid release Pro Tools Duet and Pro Tools Quartet, discontinue MBox range

Avid have announced that the MBox range of audio interfaces has been discontinued. Instead, two new products will be available which will fill the gap for portable audio interfaces in the Pro Tools line. However, this time around the hardware itself is being made by Apogee rather than Avid themselves.

The Pro Tools Duet is an Apogee Duet co-branded with Avid, and ships with a full licence of Pro Tools 11. It offers two mic/line inputs and two outputs, and takes the place of the MBox 3.

The Pro Tools Quartet is a co-branded Apogee Quartet, and also ships with a full licence of Pro Tools 11. Aimed at a customer requiring more I/O than the MBox range, it offers four mic/line inputs, six outputs and ADAT inputs as well. This complement of I/O makes it more like the precious 002 and 003 interfaces.

As well as being branded in Avid livery, there is another key difference between the Avid Duet and Quartet and their Apogee namesakes – whereas the Apogee-branded interfaces are available for Mac and iOS only, their Avid counterparts will work on Mac and Windows computers. In addition, there is an “Avid” take on the Maestro control panel.

This is the first time a Pro Tools interface has been made by a third party since the original MBox (made by Focusrite) was released in 2002.

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