PipelineFX releases Qube! 6.6

Yesterday (7th August 2014) saw the creators of the leading render farm management software for VFX, PipelineFX, release Qube! 6.6, “the more efficient pipeline creator”.

New features you can expect from Qube! 6.6 include Smart Share, Universal Callbacks, Flight Checks, ArtistView improvements, new platform support and Windows platform improvements, so Qube! can be pipeline-friendly from day one.

PipelineFX CEO Richard Lewis says “from customer discussions, it’s obvious that efficiency, multi-platform support and easy integration with both new and legacy tools is where Qube! needs to be. Qube! 6.6 takes them there.”

Digging a little deeper

So what exactly do these new features offer us?

– Smart share – Improves overall render pipeline throughout by automatically re-assigning idle workers once they conclude a job in a fair, balanced and controllable way, without intervention from an artist or wrangler. “This will save on both the render time and the artist time”, adds our 3D specialist, Josh Mace.

– Universal Callbacks – Some jobs require an action every time they are run on the farm. To help, Universal Callbacks are automatically executed for every job, instance or frame, giving operators an easy way to maintain integration with other software and scripts.

– Flight Checks – Register scripts that will be executed on a worker immediately before or after a job or task runs. This includes ensuring assets that are essential to the job exist, pushing or pulling data from a production tracking system for targeted jobs or tasks, and/or transferring the results of a render job to a studio’s dailies system. “The Flight Checks feature will definitely save time by lessening the likelihood of rendering errors by running scripts to check whether something will render correctly before the farm even begins rendering,” adds Josh.

– ArtistView – Improvements include centralised preferences and plug-ins, job, frame, and instance filters (similar to WranglerView), OpenEXR image support in the preview window, as well as a new “thumbnails” tab with mouseover information.

– New platform support – All Autodesk 2015 products and Ubantu 12.04 Linux are fully supported. Python 2.7 is supported on applicable OS platforms. Windows platform improvements include an upgraded version of MySQL server (5.5.37), bundled to significantly improve supervisor performance and Python “load once” jobs are now fully supported.

How do I get it?

Current subscribing customers can download version 6.6 now. Get in touch with support@pipelinefx.com to request a 6.6 license.

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