Adobe 2014 update brings open SDK to excited app devs

At Jigsaw24, we’re all about iOS and Adobe, and with Adobe’s latest round of 2014 updates and new Creative SDK, we’ve now got a great excuse to play with them together.

Creating an open SDK presents a fundamental shift for Adobe, but a change that’s very welcome for us app developers. The iOS SDK gives developers access to files held in Creative Cloud, and also allows working in apps with colour palettes, layers and groups.

One really big thing for creatives is going to be how the SDK is fully compatible with Photoshop files (many apps previously didn’t support PSD format), so you can pull all your layers into the app, edit them and then save the whole thing back to Creative Cloud as a PSD.

The possibilities for this are already huge, but with the addition of Ink and Slide, Adobe’s newly announced pen and digital ruler hardware devices for iOS, app development can be taken to a new level. The term ‘connected creativity’ gets bandied around a lot, but the Adobe Creative SDK really looks like it’s the future of it.

If you want to request access to the Adobe Creative SDK, or get some more information, head over to Adobe’s site here. Access is currently limited to select app developers, but if you want to be an early part of the programme and you have an existing app or are creating a new one, let them know.

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