NAB 2014: Livestream launch new switchers and control surface (and a Google Glass app)

Livestream have been incredibly busy at NAB 2014, releasing new software updates and the first ever Google Glass app for live video broadcast. What’s really caught our eye, though, that they’ve channeled all the power of their huge live streaming network into two new production switchers, the Studio HD510 and Studio HD1710, plus a control surface.

Studio HD1710

While NewTek were focusing on the latest incarnation of their replay system, 3Play, Livestream have put live streaming front and centre this year, releasing switchers and a modular control surface that are going to help you tackle any live event. The headline here is the HD1710, a rackmount switcher with control surface that’s designed to handle the most strenuous of productions.

Livestream say the Studio HD1710 is “perfect for control rooms, production trucks, venue and studios where a rack mountable form factor is a must. Studio HD1710 combines big switcher production capability with an affordable price.” (That price is $29,999, with UK pricing to follow.) The most connected of the Studio range, it includes 17 HD-SDI inputs, 1 SDI/HDMI output and a dedicated analogue audio in, alongside two 2TB HDDs, 64GB DDR3 RAM and support for two remote camera tacks, two media tracks, three effects tracks and up to four screens.

Studio HD510

The HD1710’s portable counterpart, the HD510, is a smaller, lighter affair with an integrated touchscreen for easy onsite control. “Studio HD510 is the ultimate portable live production switcher,” Livestream’s press team explained. “With a built-in touchscreen display and unique form factor, the HD510 will give you flexibility and performance on the go. Studio HD510 can even be carried on a plane using the provided carry bag.”

The HD510 has five HD-SDI inputs and one SDI/HDMI out. It’ll support two remote camera tracks, two media tracks and three effects tracks, analogue audio in and is capable of recording up to 20 hours’ worth of broadcast quality footage. You can run one additional screen along with the integrated touchscreen.

Studio Surface

In addition to the Studio units proper, Livestream have announced Studio Surface, a modular control surface for use at live events. Studio Surface is made up of a Track Module and a Core Module, both of which are priced at $5999. They’re both made of sturdy yet attractive machined aluminium and connect to any of the Livestream Studio range by USB. The units themselves are held in place by magnetic guides, and there’s an additional track expansion unit available that will take your assignable track count from five to twenty.

Here is a neat visual representation that we stole from Livestream’s site (click to head over there and see it in full):

“Surface encompasses all of Studio’s broad functionality in an intuitive and familiar layout that you can take with you on the road,” explain Livestream. “Tactile controls give you quick access to critical functions, including full motorized audio mixing and assignable triggers for current and future Studio features. Modular by design, Surface can be expanded as your production needs grow. Studio Surface is compatible with any hardware or software edition of Studio.”

See the Studio Surface at work in this video from Livestream.

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