NAB 2014: AJA release Cion camera, FS1-X and more

AJA have taken a page from the Blackmagic playbook and rolled out their own camera at NAB 2014. Here’s what we know about the Cion, and the rest of their releases. 

The AJA Cion

AJA’s first camera shoots DCI 4K and HFR 60p 4K, has a Thunderbolt out and is probably going to be the product that breaks the internet at this year’s show. Weighing in at a retrained 6lb, AJA’s PL-mount offering boasts a  it boasts a APSC sensor with 12 stops of exposure and global shutter, and a combined optical low pass and IR cut filter. It records all flavours of ProRes to Ki Pak media, and can deliver AJA RAW footage over Thunderbolt or 4K over 3G-SDI.

While obviously aimed at those working with 4K, the Cion does allow you to over sample and scale images down to 2K and HD while maintaining focal length to give frankly amazing HD footage. (Lewis, pictured above wielding the Cion with his own two hands, describes this as “frankly an amazing camera that we love and will be ordering straight away.”)

Connectivity-wise, you get two LANC connections (start-stp over LANC is confirmed) and can watch realtime previews via Ethernet, as well as four 3G-SDI ports, HDMI 2.0b, two channels of XLR audio, and support for an SDI monitor. You can output straight to a HD HDMI monitor if you so wish, but there’s also a built-in confidence monitor.

LAN control comes from an embedded web server that mirrors the UI of the camera, and video is streamed to the web browser for review. As with the Ki Pro, this interface can control multiple cameras.

The Cion has an aluminium body with magnesium sides, an aluminium and wood handle (optional but supplied with the camera) and a contoured suede shoulder pad, which all sounds very nice, plus the top and bottom cheese plates are removable and there’s a two pin base for your choice of plate. Most importantly, all of this is covered by an out of the box two year warranty.

This universal frame sync and convertor is tuned for motion, and will connect to MADI devices via Fibre or coaxial. It has an internal 224×224 audio matrix (which we’re sure will be a massive selling point for many users), LAN control, SNMP integration and support for up, down and cross-coversion of frame rates as an optional – but not field upgradable – feature. The convertor model will ship with an asking price of $5995, while the non-convertor model will set you back $3995. Both some with a five year warranty.

12-bit LUT box supports 3D colour correction for accurate video monitoring
Users can load 17x17x17 3D LUTs via USB using the free MiniConfig software on either Mac or Windows. Simultaneous outputs allow you to utilise both HDMI and SDI monitors from a single LUT-box. Embedded audio is passed through to the outputs and a two channel RCA analog output allows easy audio monitoring of embedded audio. You can run dual link or 3G in and HDMI or 3G out simultaneously. Due to ship next month, it’s got a US price of $695.
Kona 4
The fourth generation of Kona cards offers 10-bit up, down and cross-coversion, although it will currently only work with Windows and Linux machines. It’ll handle high frame rate and ultra high def footage and will support realtime h265 UHD streaming thanks to some canny Cisco integration. The unit, which is equipped with 2.0b HDMI, will sell at $1995.

Corvid 88
The new Corvid 88 is an eight channel PCIe 2 card that will be available at full or half height, and supports simultaneous 8 in or 8 out for dealing with UHD footage. The configuration can be 8 in or 8 out or 4 in / 4 out and so on, and each channel is rastered independently.

Hi5 Plus arrives and brings a free 4K upgrade with it
If you’ve already got a Hi5, AJA have announced that they’ll be making a free 4K upgrade available to you. If, however, you want something shiny and new, try the Hi5 Plus. This 3G-SDI to HDMI box allows for SPF to p conversion with under seven frames of audio delay, and is shipping as of now at the extremely reasonable price of $395. The Ha5, which is the same price, will convert everything back the other way for you. Download the official AJA Hi5 Plus fact sheet.

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