NAB 2014: Sony showcases end-to-end 4K solutions

Las Vegas, NV 6th April 2014: At NAB 2014, Sony is expanding its theme of “Beyond Definition,” highlighting new and enhanced professional A/V solutions that deliver the highest performance and most dynamic viewing experiences. Sony is showcasing its latest developments in 4K technology, including new technologies that address the needs of content creators and unite its vast network of products, systems, services and expertise.

Sony’s NAB exhibit features two zones. The “Product Zone” features cameras, camcorders, switchers, professional audio equipment and monitors. The “Solution Zone” illustrates a range of customer applications from shooting to production to archive.


Sony offers filmmakers the widest selection of 4K cameras from the F65 used for major motion picture production, to the F5 and F55 cameras, to the new PXW-Z100 4K handheld camcorder. Many of the most popular television series currently airing are shot with Sony 4K cameras including: “The Blacklist,” “Masters of Sex,” “Community,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Trophy Wife,” “Mom,” “Rake,” and others.

4K technology – for content creation and live production – is advancing rapidly, from 4K live trials at the Confederations Cup and X Games. Sony 4K technology, like picture stitching, is also successfully being tested in sports applications – not only to produce a better resolution HD image now, but to create a more efficient 4K distribution pipeline for the future.

Broadcasters world-wide are conducting 4K production trials in an effort to make 4K broadcasting a reality in the near future. For example, in Japan, Sony is a member of the NexTV Forum that promotes next-generation high picture quality broadcasting such as 4K and 8K, with the support of the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. Sony has also developed complete 4K production systems that have already been widely used for motion picture, TV, and live production, documentaries, and commercial production. At NAB, Sony is showcasing variations of 4K systems that offer easier set-up, HD-to-4K migration, and HD shooting based on 4K technology.


New Products

Sony’s F65-based 4K Live Camera System with the combination of the PWS-4400, 4K/HD live server adds a new level of expression to live production, with its high-frame ability to shoot and record 4K 120p slow-motion images. To make use of a 4K Live Camera System based on the F55 launched last year, a new adapter exclusively for the F65 was designed.


Sony’s new multi-port AV storage unit, model PWS-4400, is a 4K/HD live server system capable of supporting 4K/HD live production. It is XAVC ready and has four-channel 4K switchable inputs and outputs. It enables to 4K 120 fps recoding and HD 360 fps slow-motion image shot by the 4K live camera system. New HD functions are also added, such as the capability to do HD cut-outs from a 4K images recorded and zooming in on a goal scene and cutting it out in HD for replay. Dynamic image expression is available for live production.


To handle the increased bandwidth of 4K, efficient encoding and decoding technologies are required. In 2012, Sony developed the high-picture quality video format “XAVC” that supports from 4K to HD. XAVC is a flexible video format making it possible to reproduce high resolution and high frame rate content while keeping constant levels of data volume. In 2013, the XAVC S format was added, ideal for consumer 4K applications and furthering overall growth of the 4K market.

The XAVC format and production workflow has been widely adopted as the standard video format in the industry. Up to date, XAVC format supporters rose to over 50 including editing software and hardware manufacturers.


The expansion of 4K has created the need for more robust archiving of high-bandwidth image data. Sony’s “Optical Disc Archive” data storage system has the longevity, robustness and intergenerational compatibility needed for image data archiving, and the line-up also has expandable Petasite library units with a maximum capacity of one unit up to 1.5 TB. The capacity of one rack which is composed of the 6 library is up to 800 TB.


Technology Exhibition

To further the expansion of 4K, reliable and cost efficient transmission systems are required. The volume of information transferred by 4K video production is four times that of HD, meaning that as many as four times the amount of cabling may be necessary in comparison to HD (60p) production, adding significant costs and time to a production. Sony’s “AV over IP Interface ” can transfer and switch in real-time 4K and HD video, audio meta data and control signals and reference signals using a single network cable. This technology supports direct network connection of numerous types of production devices. It implements synchronous transmission to multiple points and noiseless source switching, and handles both HD and 4D video. Sony’s IP Live Production system, using an AV over IP Interface, is under development and planned to be available by the end of 2014.


Technology Exhibition

Sony is demonstrating a technology exhibition of a 30-inch professional 4K OLED monitor. The monitor boasts 4096×2160 pixel resolution and color reproduction with wide color space under the Ultra High Definition standard, ITU-R BT.2020. The monitor is planned to be available in spring, 2015.

Technology Exhibition

Sony is showing entertainment contents shot by F65 in RAW to produce 8K x 2K panoramic images and projected by two sets of 4K projectors using 4K edge-blending technology, to give viewers immersive reality and excitement.

New Expression added to HD production by 4K technology


The 4K live camera system based on the F55 is now capable of high-frame rate HD capture at up to 360 fps from conventional 240fps. At 60fps, 6x slow-motion can be replayed.

Evolution of the F55 & F5 Cameras

Technology Exhibition

The F55 and F5 cameras continue to evolve, enabling wider applications. In addition to XAVC, RAW, MPEG-4 SStP, and XDCAM HD capabilities, development of an option board implementing major HD Non Linear Editing codecs is in progress.

A prototype of an EFP style shoulder buildup kit planned to be available in autumn, 2014 will be showcased that makes the cameras optimized for single-person documentary and live production work.

With collaborative support provided by Apple, the F55 and F5 choose employing ProRes codec to expand the cameras’ creative potentiality and workflow flexibility. Advantage is taken of here so the F55 and F5 can become a straightforward choice for Apple Final Cut Pro X users. This will provide content creators with more freedom to design their workflow and express their creativity.

Also, the F55 and F5 implement Avid DNxHD format. The two companies’ collaboration has so far proved workflow integrity with a successful track record of XAVC and XDCAM workflow development. By Sony’s implementing DNxHD, the collaboration enters into a next level.

Up to date, over 3500 sets of PMW-F55 and F5 have been shipped worldwide.

4K Stitching

Sony’s PWA-TS4 4K stitching software works with PWA-TS1 Telestrator software to add a wider range of graphics to HD cut-out views.

New Products in two way HD/4K

HDCE-200 Camera Extension Adapter

For further flexible live production operation, Sony’s HDCE-200 addresses the issue of supplying power to a camera when the camera control unit (CCU) is not used. By connecting the HDCE-200 to a baseband processor, users can supply power to the camera and transmit video signals between equipment using by a single SMPTE fiber cable. In addition, the HDCE-200 is capable of HD remote production when used with a third-party’s signal router.

CNA-1 Camera ControlAdapter

Through a software upgrade, Sony’s CNA-1 camera control adapter is capable of remote control over 4K and HD camera systems, giving users centralized control of brightness and color adjustment from a remote control panel located in a broadcast station. This remote production operation can also be used for new applications such as controlling BRC series PTZ cameras.

MVS-8000X and MVS-7000X Multi-format switchers -4K options for MVS-8000X and MVS-7000X

A 4K software upgrade (BZS-7570X and BZS-8570X) adds real-time 4K processing capability to existing Sony MVS-8000X and MVS-7000X multi format switchers. Available effects include various wipe transitions, 2.5D key resizer, chroma key, MIX transition by aux bus and more. The MKS-8460X format converter board can up-convert HD video to 4K with Sony’s original data-base driven super resolution technology.

Newly developed Control Panel for MVS-8000X and MVS-7000X

The switcher control panel for the MVS-8000X and MVS-7000X is redesigned with a flexible modular design and includes RGB indicators on the cross-point buttons, and OLED displays for better visibility. In addition, a newly developed LCD legendable button provides more flexibility for function to button assignments. Networked data management is another new feature which allows data to be easily shared among connected MVS-8000Xs and MVS-7000Xs models. Sony is also demonstrating a new operation capabilities using Tablet PC. The new panel is planned to be launched by the end of year, 2014.

Vision Presenter

Sony’s Vision Presenter 4K viewing system can simultaneously display multiple sources of information such as videos, still images, presentation slides, websites, and video conferencing. It is also extremely easy to operate using either a conventional wireless mouse or tablet device. Sony’s Vision Presenter can handle diverse information faster and easier to provide effective presentation and collaboration.

New Workflow, New Products

PDW-850 and PDW-HD1550
Sony’s XDCAM Professional Disc lineup is strengthened with the addition of two new products. ThePDW 850 XDCAM HD422 camcorder has a new 2/3-inch CCD; and the PDW-HD1550 XDCAM HDE 422 recorder can record to both 100-GB (3-layer) and 128-GB (4-layer) high-capacity Professional Discs.

7inch Full HD LCD Viewfinder

Sony adds two versions of a 7-inch Full HD LCD color viewfinder, both using a high-definition LCD panel with 1920 x 1080 full HD high-resolution to its line-up under the flagship HDVF-EL75, 7.4-inch OLED viewfinder. TheHDVF-L770 offers a flexible position adjustment mechanism and large handle incorporating 6 assignable switches. The HDVF-L750 is a basic, easy-to use viewfinder, and various interfaces are available for multi-use of both viewfinders. Using a VF cable and V plate converter, the viewfinders can be attached onto XDCAM camcorders as in a studio configuration, with the ability to switch return between video and camera image. The viewfinders can also be used with Sony’s 4K live camera system.

Workflow Solution

Sony XDCAM systems have emerged as the de facto standard for news production by broadcasters throughout the world. Sony XDCAM products have continuously promoted the development of file-based workflows, employing highly efficient MPEG-2 Long GOP encoding to enable rapid production and prolonged recording even at low bit rates. Now, Sony is also actively bringing its XAVC format corresponding MPEG-4 / H.264 Intra Frame and Long GOP encoding into the XDCAM product line—covering high resolution high-bit-rate high-frame-rate capabilities and low bit rate production extending the line’s usage into not only news production but also to TV program and commercial production. A new firmware upgrade adds XAVC support to the PMW-400 and PMW-300 memory camcorders, Sony is also working to further streamline XDCAM workflows in concert with the accelerated move toward file-based and networked-based implementations. Sony’s CBK-WA100 and WA101 wireless adapters enable network transfer and mobile viewing of proxy files, significantly reducing the time required to get time-critical location work on air. As its effort to offer a viable wireless workflow,Sony Media Cloud Services has built “Ci” a cloud-based video production and collaboration platform for professional content creators. Furthermore, Sony collaborates with Aframe and Forbidden Technologies, to accelerate fast, efficient, trust-worthy new workflow.

And Sony’s Media Backbone Conductor boosts the efficiency of the entire workflow, with comprehensive support for ingestion, editing, and distribution processes.

New Products


As a new addition to the XDCAM line-up, Sony is introducing the 1/3-type Exmor 3CMOS camcorder PXW-X180. The PXW-X180is equipped with the newly developed Sony G lens which boasts 26mm wide angle and 25 times zoom capability. The new variable ND filter system enables the wide range and linear ND control from 1/4ND to 1/128ND. The PXW-X180 has the XAVC Intra and XAVC Long-GOP recording capability as well as MPEG HD422, AVCHD and DV. As a workflow solution, a wireless LAN module is included to enable the use of Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) functions for file transfer, monitoring and operate the camcorder by remote.

Multi-interface shoe adaptor for UWP-D series

The wireless receiver of UWP-D series wireless microphones can be attached to camcorders or interchangeable-lens cameras that have an MI (Multi-Interface) Shoe using the MI shoe adaptor, eliminating the need for connecting cables. By using the MI shoe adapter, the audio signal can be transmitted from a wireless receiver to a camera. In addition, the wireless receiver can get power from the camera, and power ON/OFF can be controlled by the camera for unifying the power management.

Wireless Studio Mobile

Offering easy and casual usage of DWX series -Digital Wireless Microphone System without PC, Sony launches Wireless Studio Mobile is an Android application capable to operate the transmitter or receiver by Wi-Fi remote control from mobile device such as smart phones and tablets.


Sony’s Optical Disc Archive System, launched in 2013, now offers a growing line of powerful devices that deliver reliable file-based solutions. Using 12-disc cartridges for storage, the system supports high-capacity volumes while leveraging the technology and reliability of optical discs. The system is an ideal solution for video archiving, offering high capacity and low-cost, eliminating hassles with tape and HDD assets, and ensuring long-term playback compatibility.

Sony is collaborating with Dalet and Front Porch Digital to provide an enterprise MAM (media asset management) solution for TV Globo, Brazil’s major terrestrial broadcaster, who is deploying Optical Disc Archive as their main archive storage format. Plans call for expanding the system to additional TV Globo operations in coming years. Sony looks forward to delivering comprehensive solutions that meet TV Globo’s long term archive requirements. TV Globo was looking for a reliable and long lifetime media to archive their valuable entertainment programs such as novellas, series and shows.

The US satellite and cable station owned by NBC Sports Group, “The Golf Channel” is also looking at Sony solutions. The station has already deployed a hybrid solution combining LTO (linear tape-open) tape storage with Optical Disc Archive. The station is planning a gradual migration to a full Optical Disc Archive system, to gain the benefits of superior long-term storage.

In a similar development, The Weather Channel—another US satellite and cable station—has accepted and signed on to a proposal for an archive solution consisting of Optical Disc Archive library system with SGL software.

Optical Disc Archive system has also been adopted by more than 100 customers worldwide and rapidly spreading into various industries like sports, finance, education, and government on top of broadcast and production.

Sony’s new PWS-100TD1 tape digitizing server can facilitate the conversion of tape based assets into optical disc files. This server, powered by Sony’s original analytic software, monitors for errors during ingestion of VTR assets, and generates listings that enable efficient error resolution. The server enables easy conversion, and requires no specialized knowledge for setup or operation. It offers an effective and flexible solution for customers looking to move their assets into an optical disc archive.

To achieve higher capacity and faster transfer speed in the 4K era, Sony is establishing a format roadmap of the Optical Disc Archive system. Utilizing the technology of “Archival Disc”, a new standard for professional-use, next-generation optical discs, the 2nd generation of Optical Disc Archive will achieve 3.6TB capacity, with the 3rd generation achieving high capacity of 6TB. Faster transfer speeds, are planned due to the development of multi-channel laser heads. Optical Disc Archive guarantees inter-generational compatibility for long-term preservation of their asset.


Sony’s professional monitor line up, OLED PVM-A series and LCD LMD-A series are lightweight, slim and robust, and now upgraded by a new free firmware version 1.1, enabling better camera connectivity and easy recall of user presets and reset. At NAB, camera metadata display and a picture-and-picture function will be demonstrated.

Sony’s TRIMASTER EL monitors have been well received by critical users who demand professional-quality picture performance, resulting in total global shipments of more than 30,000 units to date.

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