Autodesk subscriptions: What do I need to do?

By now, you should know that Autodesk subscriptions are the best way of keeping your software current. As well as saving a packet by getting free automatic upgrades (typically 25-30% on the price of a full software upgrade), you also get the benefits of flexible licensing and tech support too.

But maybe you think you don’t qualify for an Autodesk subscription, or they’re not right for you? Well here are four scenarios where subs can save you, no matter what product you’re currently on…

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I don’t even have any Autodesk products yet – If you’re only just looking into purchasing your Autodesk products now, you can take out a subscription at the same time. That way you can make sure your licence is always current and you never have to worry about upgrading!

I’m on a current product but don’t have subs – If you’re on a current version of an Autodesk product but didn’t take out a subscription at the same time, there may still be time for you to add a subscription. Late fees may be applicable, and it will be backdated to the original purchase date. Drop us a line and we can take a look for you.

My subscription has expired – If it expired in the last 364 days, there may still be time for you to renew. Late fees may be applicable, and it will be backdated to the original expiration date. Again, get in touch and we can find out for you.

I’m on an old version of Autodesk – If it’s up to six releases back from the current release, you’ll need to buy an upgrade to the newest release, and make sure to take out a subscription with it. Upgrades cost 70% of the new licence price, and if you act now you can take advantage of up to 30% off this cost until April 24th!

– I maintain an Autodesk subscription – In which case none of these changes will affect you and you have nothing to do but renew when the time comes. Remember multi-year renewals are available, and renewing for three years saves you 5%!

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