Apple make big improvements to iOS management tools for schools

Thinking of embarking on a large scale iPad rollout at your school, but worried about managing all those devices? Well now Apple have taken huge steps to allay any fears, with some big improvements to their iOS management and enrolment tools. (Our onsite engineers’ collective assessment of this: “Whoop!”)

The biggest improvement for schools, especially larger ones, looking at rolling out iPad are the changes to the Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature. This is now tighter than ever, forcing all devices to be configured according to each school’s requirements, and making it far more difficult for students to remove installed profiles and enable access to blocked content on the devices.

Another important update is Cache Server which allows schools to have students download any updates for apps locally. That will take a huge strain off the school’s internet bandwidth!

The full list of changes, as well as some location updates to the Volume Purchase Programme, are outlined in a series of documents Apple have posted on their IT deployment page. There are a few guides and cheat sheets aimed at IT teams looking to roll out devices too, but we would always recommend getting an engineer to come and sort this for you.

Whether you’re deploying 10 iPad or 1000, our Apple-certified onsite engineers can help set up and enrol every device, and also train IT teams in how to use Apple’s management tools efficiently. They can come at a time that suits your school and will be on hand to answer any question you may have at every stage of your deployment (in return for the odd cuppa).

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