Panasonic release AJ-PX270 ahead of BVE

Not to be outdone by JVC’s launch of their new GY-HM800 series, Panasonic have launched a new camera of their own ahead of BVE 2014. The AJ-PX270 introduces Micro P2 to Panasonic’s lineup, which will be smaller and lighter than a P2 card but just as reliable.

The AJ-PX270 records high quality 10-bit 4:2:2 at 100, 50 or 25 Mbps, supporting both AVC-Intra 100/150 and AVC-LongG50/25, and comes with a lightweight 22x zoom 28mm – 616mm lens. Here’s the official statement:

“The AJ-PX270 is the first P2 HD handheld camera recorder with AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots. In addition to the established AVC-Intra100, it has AVC-LongG for extended recording and AVC-Intra200 for master level recording. AVC-LongG25 enables extended 1920 x 1080 10 bit 4:2:2 broadcast-quality recording (four times longer than AVC-Intra100). A newly designed, built-in, compact 22x zoom lens covers a wide range from 28 mm to 616 mm. Three lens rings (Cam-Type Zoom, Focus, Iris) provide comfortable manual control similar to interchangeable lenses. The newly developed high-sensitivity and low-noise 1/3 type 3MOS sensors produce superb image, even in dim light.

“Two microP2 card slots enable the ultimate cost-effective operation. The microP2 card, with the same reliability of the P2 card, can be used without an adapter. Simultaneous recording is also possible for backup use. A wireless LAN dongle is available (a 3G/4G/LTE dongle is scheduled for use in the near future). These network functions make workflows more efficient. For example, low-bit-rate proxy and metadata are quickly and easily transmitted.”

Find out more and see the full spec sheet here.

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