Free education textbooks available for limited time on iTunes

Apple have made a range of education textbooks available on iTunes for free until Sunday 2nd February. With freebie titles including AQA-suitable GCSE publications from the likes of Collins on offer, it’s the perfect chance to get your students stocked up on a few textbook essentials – from science to Shakespeare.

The free iPad textbooks are intended for personal use, rather than teaching to your class, so you can advise students to download them while they’re currently available free. To get your hands on them, just follow the links below:

GCSE Biology: Influences on the living world

GCSE English Companions: Romeo and Juliet

GCSE French: Leisure

New GCSE Maths AQA Linear 1

AQA GCSE Chemistry Essentials

AQA GCSE Biology Essentials

AQA GCSE Physics Essentials

AQA GCSE Science A Essentials

AQA GCSE Additional Science Essentials

Oxford Read & Discover: All About Space

Oxford Read & Discover: Great Migrations

Much Ado About Nothing

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