Avid welcome ISIS 7500 with ISIS v4.6 software

Mark 9th December in your diaries: it’s the date Avid will roll out the Avid ISIS 7500, complete with ISIS v4.6 software. According to their official statement, the 7500 is going to streamline and accelerate your production, double your storage capacity and offer fantastic value money. All sounds great, doesn’t it?

ISIS 7500

“The ISIS 7500 is the latest addition to the award winning, most dependable, collaborative storage for media and entertainment workflows,” Avid continue. “We’re raising the bar on capacity, introducing an i8000 ISIS Storage Blade (ISB) with two 4TB drives, delivering 128TB capacity per engine.”

These higher-capacity engines will obviously be a huge help to anyone who has found themselves working in higher resolutions and frame rates of late, as they give you more overall storage space and allow you to deliver more streams of footage to more editors faster, which in turn helps you turn around a project in less time, even if the files involved are mahoosive.

The ISIS 7500 will come in three sizes: an entry-level 7500-32TB, a 7500-64TB module for anyone looking to expand a basic setup, and an ISIS 7500-128TB module for anyone who needs as much space as they can get their hands on. You can combine and scale these modules to create an ISIS system with up to 24 engines, and they’re fully compatible with the previous generation of ISIS engines, so will work with your existing ISIS storage. (As a side note, Avid are withdrawing the ISIS 7000 range from sale in January, but will continue to honour support contracts until January 2019.)

You’re currently able to expand these scalable ISIS systems all the way up to 3 Petabytes, and as Avid tell us: “ISIS 7500 i2000 (2TB), i4000 (4TB) and the new i8000 (8TB) ISBs can be used to upgrade existing ISIS 7000 systems. This provides huge capacity increase without increased power, space or cooling needs. Users are constantly looking for economical ways to expand the hours of footage available to the whole production team, ISIS 7500 delivers.”

ISIS 7500: the official key features
  • Built for media production – Seamless integrated workflows with benchmark performance, reliability and manageability.
  • Enables collaboration – Unsurpassed user experience with reliability, scale, and predictability that enables and accelerates creative collaboration.
  • Workflow connected – Tightest integration with asset management, editing, ingest, and playout devices while supporting 3rd party applications.
  • Ease of use – Suite of powerful and intuitive system management tools that save time and effort.
  • Open architecture – File Gateway, Avid clients, Final Cut Pro, Adobe….
  • Elegant simplicity, with exceptional power – Thanks to its self-balancing distributed architecture and metadata management, you gain more time to focus on creative work.
  • Proven and trusted – Over 3,000 broadcast and post-production customers worldwide have made ISIS their storage solution of choice.
ISIS 4.6 software

To support your new 7500 engines and ISBs, you’ll need to update your ISIS software to v4.6. This will also allow you to access, edit and share ISIS-based media on OS X Mavericks or Windows 8.1, if that’s your thing.

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