Magma Roben-3 expansion specs revealed at Createasphere

Magma will be dropping by Burbank’s annual Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo today to reveal the specs of their Roben-3 Thunderbolt expansion chassis, the ‘ultimate sidekick for the creative professional.’

Magma Roben 3 expansion chassis

As well as giving you the complete spec list, Magma will be teaming up with Lunaforge to demo the Roben-3 as part of a fully functional 4K workflow. (For those of us who aren’t in Burbank, a similar demo from SMPTE is archived on YouTube.)

Roben-3 is set to start shipping in the next few days, so we’re excited to see what must be a pretty final model in action. We know that Roben-3 will have three slots available for PCIe expansion (the clue is in the name) and a high speed backplane, and Magma tell us that it’s got room for up to eight hot-pluggable 2.5″ SSDs, or SAS or SATA hard drives. Though Roben-3 is currently a Thunderbolt device, you’ll be given the option of 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 connectivity once that’s rolled out by Intel and Apple.

One of Roben-3’s more intriguing features is the ability to host a Mac mini within the chassis itself, giving you an integrated rack mount server with direct access to your expansion slots via Thunderbolt. (It also comes with iLok casing, if you’re worried about someone running off with your kit.)

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