Canon release new 4K display and C100 upgrade

Two big stories from the Canon camp today: the release of a new 4K display and a paid firmware upgrade for the C100. Details about the display – memorably named the DP-V3010 – are still thin on the ground, but based on what’s currently available, we’re advising C500 users to get excited. 

Canon’s DP-V3010 display

Canon's new 4K display, the DP-V3010

This 4K UHD display weighs in at 4096 x 2560 pixels, and boasts a DCI-compliant contrast ratio of 2000:1. The panel itself is 10-bit and processing is done in at least 12-bit – we believe the firmware is still being finalised and actually expect the final number to be higher. Canon certainly seem to think it’s going to be the dog’s proverbials, telling us: “The Canon DP-V3010 4K Reference Display is designed to support image quality reviewing of 4K digital cinema or 4K UHD program material during all phases of origination and post-production. Outstanding picture sharpness, high dynamic range, and a wide DCI compliant colour gamut facilitate exacting evaluation of this content.

“Uniform brightness across the entire screen, a DCI compliant contrast ratio of 2000:1, and exceptionally wide angle viewing supports collaborative creativity among a number of viewers. The display has a 16:10 aspect ratio and 4096 x 2560 pixels in a 10-bit panel supported by a powerful high bit depth image processing engine. The 30-inch display is only 7.4-inches deep and has convenient carrying handles that allow easy transportation on location, in the studio, or in a post-production suite. Applications of the reference display include on-set image evaluation, on-location “video villages”, editorial, color grading, computer generated imaging (CGI), visual effects and animation.”

With eight 3G-SDI inputs, this is obviously an ideal accessory for anyone on a C500 workflow, as you can plug in your Ki Pro Quad to review footage in full 4K. The full list of inputs and outputs includes:
Input 3G/HD-SDI 8 (2 systems) BNC (75Ω) receptacle terminals
DisplayPort 4 (1 system, version 1.1a compliant)
Output 3G/HD-SDI 8 (2 pass-thru systems)
Control USB 1 (revision 2.0 compliant High Speed mode compatible) USB A receptacle port
LAN 1 RJ-45 terminal

While we don’t have pricing yet, we can tell you that the DP-V3010 is due to hit shelves in March next year.

Paid upgrade for Canon C100 users

If you can’t wait til March to update your Canon setup, you can always update your C100 in February, when a paid firmware upgrade becomes available. Costing £339 ex VAT, the upgrade enables dual pixel autofocus (DAF) with 103 different lenses and speeds up one-shot autofocus speed and accuracy – this is the same technology as is used in the 70D, so check out its autofocus if you want an idea of what you’re getting.

To get the upgrade, you have to make an appointment with Canon’s Regional Competence Centre in Elstree, who are the only ones carrying out the work. You can reach them on 0844 369 0100.

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