Autodesk Maya LT gets its first service pack!

Autodesk’s newest brainchild, Maya LT, is coming of age with its first ever extension pack. Available to rental and subscription customers, the update uncaps poly exports, adds a new retopology toolset and gives you a new library of Boolean operations. 

As you’re probably all aware, we’re fans of the new LT version of Maya, which is a great Autodesk starter platform for anyone working on social or mobile games. We’re also pretty vocal about our love of Autodesk Subscriptions and the extra features, free upgrades and easier licence management they get you, so this news is more or less making our day. (In case you’re missing the gentle subtext of this post, we think you should pick up Maya LT and an Autodesk Subscription. Your life will be better for it.)

What’s new in Maya LT Extension 1?

Well, Autodesk have kindly summed up the changes in this handy table:

Uncapped poly export and direct “Send to Unity” workflows When creating assets for Unity, artists can export from Maya LT with no polygon limit directly into the Unity asset folder of their project, enhancing the level of detail possible and streamlining workflows for Unity users.
Increased polygon count for export Maya LT has increased the number of polygons that can be exported in the FBX asset exchange format from 25,000 to 65,000.
New Retopology Toolset This has been further extended to offer a streamlined workflow for retopologizing meshes; the Quad Draw tool now has a new Relax and Tweak feature with Soft Selection and a new interactive Edge Extend tool is available
Better Booleans Maya LT now employs a robust and efficient new library for faster and more reliable Boolean operations on polygon geometry.
FBX Export Improvements Improved support for exporting geometry normals (binormals), enabling more consistent surface shading when assets are rendered in-engine.

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