Apple iWork and iLife now free for new Macs and iPad

For the first time ever, Apple have taken the new step of making their full range of productivity and creativity tools – iWork and iLife – completely free. That means anyone buying a new Mac or iPad with iOS 7 will automatically get apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie and iPhoto for nothing.

And if you already use iWork and iLife, you’ll be happy to know that Apple have also updated the full range of apps with new features for everyone, regardless of whether you’re buying a new iPad or not. All apps have been updated to 64-bit, are integrated with iCloud, and there’s now much greater cross-compatibility between iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, with unified file formats in iWork that make sharing documents much easier.

There’s good news for anyone currently using Mac or iPad, as GarageBand is now free of charge for all devices too. It’s also been given a new look, an all new Sound Library, and new features like Drummer and Smart Controls which let you start making music straight away.

iWork and iLife savings

The big news here really though is how you can now get both iWork and iLife for nothing when you buy a new Mac or iPad (it does need to be a new model running iOS 7 or Mavericks to qualify). For example, pricing for iOS versions of iLife was formerly:

– iPhoto, £2.99.

iMovie, £2.99).

GarageBand, £2.99.

– Total: £8.97.

The iWork suite of productivity apps cost:

– Pages, £6.99.

– Keynote, £6.99.

– Numbers, £6.99.

– Total: £20.97.

So getting all this free with every new purchase of an iOS device running iOS 7 means your total saving per iPad is now £29.94.

For the Mac OS X versions of iLife apps, pricing was:

– iPhoto, £10.49.

– iMovie, £10.49.

– GarageBand, £10.49.

– Total: £31.47.

iWork worked out at:

– Pages, £13.99.

– Keynote, £13.99.

– Numbers, £13.99.

– Total: £41.97.

So your total saving on these apps per Mac is now a huge £73.44. It certainly makes a difference!

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