e7 explained: 1:1 teacher preparation

So you’ve realised that iPad is for you, but you need a surefire way to get staff on board with a 1:1 scheme and make certain that they’re comfortable using the device in front of the class. Welcome to phase 2: teacher preparation. 

We’ll work with you to make sure that all of your staff are comfortable using iPad before you embark on a full scale 1:1 rollout to students. For a full term, we’ll provide your teachers with iPad so that when it comes to students receiving them, staff are completely up to speed – and you don’t have to pay until launch day!

We know that, with tight budgets and most schools opting for parental contribution schemes, iPad for teaching staff can only be financed once contributions have been collected. Through our exclusive deferred payment scheme, Jigsaw24 will provide iPad for your staff for a full term before any contributions are collected. That means your teachers get access to iPad now, and will be comfortable, trained and using the devices for a full term before student launch day – without paying a penny on hardware costs!

To be eligible for the deferred payment scheme, you must…

•  Work with us to build an iPad training programme for your staff to maximise outcomes with your teaching staff.

•  Commit to a number of training sessions during the term.

•  Sign up for a full 1:1 programme with Jigsaw24 for staff and students at an agreed price per iPad before delivery of your staff devices.

You should also ask us about…

•  Next-level teacher training, including curricular specialist sessions for defining how iPad can be used to enhance lessons.

•  Consultation on classroom setup, including presentation tools, file management within the Apple ecosystem and general workflow. Can also include a network and infrastructure review, along with solution design and proposal.

•  Flexible and extended warranties and support options to ensure your new hardware is covered.

•  Supply and installation of additional kit, including Macs, Apple TV, interactive classroom touchscreens, charging solutions and more.

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