8 of the best design apps for iOS and Android

8 of the best design apps for iOS and Android

It’s been a little while since we rounded up our favourite apps for iOS and Android, and we’ve been through the doors at the App Store and Google Play quite a few times since then. So here we present the top photography, colour and time tracking apps that have had us tapping away recently. (We may have chucked a non-productive but pretty addictive design-related game in there for good measure – we’re only human after all)…

Time and project management

Even creatives need to knuckle down to the business end of things every now and again, so it’s handy to have a bit of help when you’re working out what to charge clients. Freelance designers could really benefit from MyPrice (MD Interaktiv, free), an app that calculates what to charge either by hour worked or by project. It handles all your work history, and also syncs up between all your iOS devices, so you can work out what to charge whether you’re on your iPad or iPhone. If you’re working on multiple projects at once, Harvest also looks interesting. We’re yet to actually give it a thorough test (there’s a monthly sign-up fee, although you can try it free for 30 days), but the fact there’s a web version as well as the app marks it out as a proper all-round time tracking solution.

If you’re working with web, Diet Coda (Panic Inc, £13.99) is a really handy app for editing code and making quick fixes to websites when you’re out and about. More than just a great name, Diet Coda justifies its price tag by letting you access FTP/SFTP servers and edit them pretty much as you would on a desktop with Coda on the Mac

Also, for showing off your portfolio to clients and employers, we’d recommend Minimal Folio (Simon Heys, £1.99) – a simple app that lets you organise your design, photo and video portfolio in an easy to view and use way on iPad.

Drawing, colour and photography

Hailed as the “Illustrator for iPad”, iDraw (Indeeo Inc, £5.99) lets you create vector artwork when you’re on the move. What’s handy is that your illustrations can be opened in other vector programs by saving as a PDF or SVG file, ready to work on when you’re back in the studio. Need some colour inspiration? ColorSchemer (CHROMAom, free) is a fantastic app that lets you browse over one million different colour palettes on your iOS device.

Your device is probably already bulging with photo apps, but photoCalculator (Yan Li, free) is a different proposition. Made for photographers who are out on shoots, it lets you work out how many raw captures you can fit on a card, timelapse settings, hyperfocal distances and more. Over HD (Potluck, £1.49) was also recommended to us – a great little app that lets you add custom text to photos. With over 200 fonts, your Instagram photos of your lunch will look even more appetising!

…and a little extra app just for fun

What better way to spend your down time than rapid-fire typeface-identifying game for iPhone, The Font Game (Justin Stahl, £1.49)? There are over 1000 fonts to guess, with a spot in the Hall of Fame for the truly geeky. We must warn you though: this is pretty addictive.

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