Thanks for coming to our #GrowSocial event

Thanks for coming to our #GrowSocial event

The second in our series of Digital Creatives events, #GrowSocial, went down at our Soho service and customer experience centre at the end of April, and it was another big success. This time round, we were looking at how to grow brands using digital tools and social media, and had some great speakers on hand imparting their wisdom.

To everyone who made it down, we just wanted to say a big thank you! We’d love it if you could let us know how you found the evening by filling in this feedback form. To anyone who didn’t, we’ve given a quick rundown of some of the highlights below. Keep an eye on our events page for the next Digital Creatives event!


Drop-in session with Apple, Adobe, Wacom, EIZO and Extensis. Before the presentations were underway, we held a drop-in session with demos from Apple, Adobe, Wacom, EIZO and Extensis – a great way for attendees to check out the latest kit and solutions.

An update from Jigsaw24 – Tariq Saied, CTO, Jigsaw24. Our CTO Tariq kicked off the talks with an insight into Jigsaw24’s solutions and services, and some of the great projects we’ve completed over the past few months. He also spoke about the new training packages we’re offering and our upcoming events in May.

Unleashing your audience – Adam Stamper, Founder and CEO, Hashtag’d. As a curation platform whose sole domain is social, Hashtag’d were able to give a fantastic and cutting edge insight into online marketing. They demonstrated how their product has been integral to many social campaigns, including realtime adverts for IMAX.

JAMF Nation: Growing an online community – Paul Gibbons, National Accounts, JAMF Software. Paul from JAMF Software explained how they’ve grown their JAMF Nation online community from zero to nearly 30k users in just five years. Their JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC), a series of community presentations, education sessions and expert insights, received 1750 registrations last year, showing how generating a community and getting the user base talking can be an extremely useful promotion tool and enhance your brand.

Generating content for social with Apple and Adobe – Ed Reisner, Marketing Manager, Jigsaw24. One presentation that really got people talking was Ed’s look at designing for social media campaigns with Apple and Adobe, across both mobile and desktop workflows. He showed how you can use the Adobe Capture app for iOS to take inspiration and create while on the move, before taking designs to Adobe’s desktop apps for editing and delivery. You can see Adobe Capture and Adobe Draw in action in our short video here.

The move to digital media – Iain Seers, Managing Director, Watershed Consulting. Our final talk of the evening saw Iain Seers from Watershed Consulting explaining how prolific social and online marketing campaigns are becoming. It was a really great talk that included some interesting (and one particularly hilarious) videos on social methods.

“Good session with some useful insights. It was well judged, the speakers were given the right amount of time to keep it lively. We came down from Leeds, it was worth the trip. Thanks for organising it.” – Pete Camponi, Creative Partner, Us And Them Ideas

Jigsaw24 Events

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Infographic: The power of producing video content

Infographic: The power of producing video content

Not quite sure that video content is right for you? This infographic might just change your mind, exploring just how valuable in-house video production is in expanding your brand. Speed up your production time, lower your costs, be more flexible and take out the middle man by taking video in-house.


We’re holding a free event all about the benefits of taking video production in-house on Wednesday 6th July in Soho. If it sounds like something you’d like to attend, get in touch with the events team on, call 03332 409 284 or pop your details in the form below to register your interest and we’ll keep you updated.

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Apple MacBook Air now comes with 8GB RAM as standard

Apple MacBook Air now comes with 8GB RAM as standard

It wasn’t just the 12″ MacBook receiving updates today: Apple have also tweaked their 13″ MacBook Air, bestowing it with 8GB RAM as standard, rather than the 4GB their base model previously shipped with (8GB was only available as a chargeable upgrade).

8GB makes the MacBook Air an even more formidable notebook, with more power to breeze through demanding tasks (8GB is the minimum requirement for most pro creative apps). Other than the RAM, it’s business as usual with the 13″ MacBook Air – there’s no change on the Broadwell CPU front, and looks-wise it keeps exactly the same classic design you’re used to. Which means, if your heart’s set on rose gold, it’s the 12″ MacBook for you…

New 13″ MacBook Air specs

– 13.3″ (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colours.

– 8GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory.

– 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache.

– 128 to 256GB PCIe-based flash storage.

– 12 hours’ battery life.

– Intel HD Graphics 6000.

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New faster Apple 12″ MacBook with better battery and rose gold!

New faster Apple 12″ MacBook with better battery and rose gold!

iPhone and iPad both got new models at Apple’s Spring Event, so it was only fair they gave their notebooks some time in the sun too. Step in Apple’s newly refreshed 12″ Retina MacBook, with new faster Skylake processors and improved battery life. Oh, and a new rose gold colour option to match up nicely with your iPhone.

Faster processors

Processor-wise, the new 12″ MacBook now sports Intel’s sixth-generation Skylake Core M, and range from 1.1GHz to 1.3GHz. It’s only the second Mac to benefit from Skylake after the 27″ 5K iMac last year. The memory’s had a bit of a bump too, from 1600MHz modules in the 2015 edition to 1866MHz, and the integrated graphics have also been upgraded to Intel’s more powerful 515 module for what Apple say will give 25% better performance.

Better battery

The new 12″ MacBook also promises improved battery performance, supposedly lasting up to 10 hours while browsing the web and 11 hours of continuous movie playback (this is about an hour more than the estimates for the 2015 model). That’s more than enough for the average work day or long journey!

Now in rose gold

For many customers, this is the real biggie: the 12″ MacBook is now available in the rose gold colour option to go along with the previous silver, grey and gold.

Your options

The new 2016 12″ MacBook comes with 8GB RAM as standard, 1.1-1.2GHz (1.3GHz built to order), between 256-512GB storage, and in the aforementioned range of colour options. You can order yours from now!

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NAB 2016: Symply slip StorNext 5 into storage

NAB 2016: Symply slip StorNext 5 into storage

The team haven’t even touched down in Vegas for NAB 2016 yet, but big news is already filtering in. First of all, we’re hearing Symply Inc have announced they’re embedding the StorNext 5 storage management platform into their hard drive lineup. This is big news for the portable and shared storage market, giving content creators powerful low-cost collaboration. 

Check out the press release from Symply below. We’ll have more Symply news from the guys on the ground in Vegas over the weekend, so check back in for the latest. Symples!


“TORRANCE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Symply, Inc. today announced it has partnered with Quantum (NYSE:QTM) to embed the StorNext® 5 storage management platform into the company’s products. StorNext will bring industry leading user collaboration to Symply’s upcoming portfolio of easy-to-use storage solutions designed for rich media workgroups and collaborative teams, especially those working with 4K and higher resolutions.

The recently announced company, Symply, Inc. aims to create exceptional storage solutions that are “made for media,” offering excellent performance and functionality in rapidly deployed configurations. The combination of Quantum’s StorNext 5 storage management system with Symply’s ease-of-use, intelligent design and intuitive management tools delivers unmatched capabilities to even the smallest content creation workgroups.

“Symply is a different kind of startup, and we’re using StorNext in a different way,” explained Alex Grossman, CEO of Symply Inc. “With StorNext embedded into our systems, any user can take advantage of powerful high-speed sharing, while our intuitive software makes system deployment and management much friendlier for workgroup administrators.”

“StorNext 5 is the ‘go-to’ choice for high-performance file sharing and archiving,” said Geoff Stedman, senior vice president, Marketing and Scale-Out Storage Solutions at Quantum. “Our partnership with Symply will enable a broader range of customers to experience the power of StorNext, and we look forward to Symply’s innovative use of StorNext 5 within its product line.”

Symply will unveil its new products at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, in booth #SL9321.”

About Symply

“Symply, Inc. creates high-performance digital storage for media creators and content owners, from the single editor to an entire facility. As a privately-held, employee-owned company with locations in Los Angeles, New York, and London, Symply blends intuitive, user-friendly software with rock-solid engineering to move storage from a need, to a want.”

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Newsflash! JVC unveil GY-HM660 and GY-HM620

Newsflash! JVC unveil GY-HM660 and GY-HM620

This is the news! JVC have just released the industry’s first ever streaming camcorder, the GY-HM660, with an integrated IFB (interruptible foldback) audio channel, perfect for live broadcasts. In other news, they’ve also launched the GY-HM620, which rocks an improved CMOS sensor.

Whether you’re reporting in your wellies from a flood-ravaged coastal town or waiting on the latest big money movement for that Premier League prodigy, the integrated IFB in the GY-HM660 (a free firmware update available in June 2016), along with the live streaming capability, means reporters in the field can communicate directly with the studio through IFB while streaming live HD reports. Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) support means you can even connect directly to YouTube and the like, and it’s compatible with Streamstar’s range of streaming production tools too.

JVC GY-HM660: Perfect for news

Over to you, GY-HM620

Also new in the 600 series camp (the 660 and 620 replace the 650 and 600, respectively) are the sensors. Both the GY-HM660 and the GY-HM620 feature three new 12-bit CMOS sensors with improved F13 (50Hz) sensitivity for better performance in low light. As well as an upgraded 3.5″ LCD display, the integrated Fujinon 23x auto focus zoom lens offers a wide 29-667mm (35mm equivalent) focal range and includes three ND filters as well as manual zoom, focus and iris rings.

Craig Yanagi, Product Marketing Manager at JVC Professional Video, had this to say: “The new 600 Series camcorders are built to deliver the best performance for run-and-gun ENG and EFP shooters. They have all the tools you need in the field – a specially designed Fujinon lens with optical image stabilization, excellent low-light performance, and multiple native recording formats for the industry’s fastest shoot-to-edit workflow.”

– The JVC GY-HM660 will be available in April 2016, and the GY-HM620 is expected to ship in June 2016. We’ll have more as we know it!

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iPad in retail: Offer your customers point of sale finance

iPad in retail: Offer your customers point of sale finance

ePOS systems are a great way to quickly take transactions in-store, but what if you’re a retailer selling high ticket items like a sofa suite or the latest fancy 4K TV? Your customers may very well expect to pay on finance for a product with a high price tag, rather than in a one-off, upfront payment. With point of sale finance, you can run through the customer’s options right there with them on an iPad. 

Why point of sale finance?

Being able to discuss flexible buying options, and a range of rates and terms suited to different types of customer, means you can grow sales, increase order value and improve your cash flow. The opportunity to defer payment with a ‘buy now, pay later’ schedule and an attractive APR instantly makes those large purchases more affordable, meaning you can more easily convert casual window shoppers into real customers.

Another great thing about ePOS solutions in general is that sales assistants can provide a more consultative sales patter to the customer, being able to use their iPad to describe and compare different product options and specifications face to face, rather than having to return to the till. It provides a seamless, paperless transaction with all information captured quickly and documents electronically signed for, without reams of forms needing to be filled out and mailed.

If you’re not already using iPad as a POS system, finance can also make purchasing the hardware much more affordable, with iPad paying for itself after selling a certain number of additional products on finance. Sometimes only one or two high-ticket transactions would see off the ROI for the iPad.

How do we get into point of sale finance?

There are currently a few finance providers offering solutions specifically for point of sale, with one of the largest being Barclays Partner Finance (part of Barclays Bank PLC), who offer thousands of business partners a way to maximise their sales opportunities by helping their customers afford new purchases. With their solution currently being iOS-only, this is a great way to go if you’re a retailer who currently works with Barclays and uses iPad as ePOS.

On the ePOS side, we can kit you out with everything you need, as well as iPad services and apps:

– Apple-centric ePOS and mPOS. We can provide a complete Apple-centric ePOS system, no matter whether you’re a micro-retailer, or a national company with multiple stores. We’ll consult with you to understand your practices and customer journey, and develop a payment solution that works for you, whether that’s a completely new ePOS solution to replace your existing system, or us writing an app or middleware that can extend your existing till system to Mac or iPad.

– Managed iPad in-store. We offer services including design and consultancy around iPad to support your business needs, pre-flighting of devices with all your corporate apps and settings prior to supply. Our post-sales services cover employee training including tech bars and workshops, support contracts to ensure business continuity with next business day swapouts and replacement, and mobile device management.

– Custom apps and proximity tech. Our team of developers can create iOS, Android and web apps, purchasing protals or interactive brochures and presentations, and offer support throughout the lifecycle of your app and subsequent iterations. Our integrated mobility solutions have seen tremendous ROI.

– Missed our previous iPad in retail article? Read up on the omnipotence of omni-channel retail here.

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All the news from Apple’s spring event

All the news from Apple’s spring event

It’s not every spring that we see an iPhone launch, so Apple’s ‘Let Us Loop You In’ event from Cupertino took us a little by surprise, with not only the new iPhone SE on the agenda, but also a new smaller iPad Pro 9.7″. We’ve rounded up all the news on those, plus the latest on iOS 9.3, Apple TV and more below (as well as our over-excited live tweeting…)

Apple iPhone SE

First up, in terms of new product at least, was Apple’s new 4″ iPhone SE. Apple are positioning this as both an option for those users who prefer a smaller phone, and who want a more affordable option, coming in at a modest 4″ and $399. Having said that, it doesn’t skimp on features and specs, matching up to iPhone 6 in most departments, but being more akin to the old iPhone 5 in design.

iPhone SE at Jigsaw24

They’re calling it the most powerful 4-inch phone ever, with a 64-bit A9 chip that’s great for graphics-intensive games and their most advanced camera system – 12MP iSight, Focus Pixels, True Tone flash, Live Photos and 4K video capture, plus a front-facing cam with Retina flash to help you get the perfect selfie. Hey Siri, Touch ID and Apple Pay are all present and correct, with battery improvements and speedy LTE and WiFi.

Read more about Apple’s iPhone SE here.

iPad Pro 9.7″

The other headliner at the event was iPad Pro, with a new 9.7″ model that takes everything great about the larger 12″ iPad Pro and shrinks it down to a more portable form factor. As with the larger version, the main talking point here is the power-efficient oxide TFT display that’s 40% less reflective than iPad Air 2 and 25% brighter, with a wide colour gamut and 25% greater colour saturation. It now sports True Tone technology which measures colour temperature of ambient light and adjusts to match, becoming warmer for more comfortable working.

iPad Pro 9.7" at Jigsaw24

The A9X chip gives great processor and graphics performance, making it ideal for modelling and rendering, and it also features the most advanced iPad camera ever – a 12MP iSight cam with Focus Pixels, True Tone flash, Live Photos and a front-facing 5MP cam too. Then there’s the four built-in speakers which give it twice the audio performance of the iPad Air 2, and support for the excellent Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

Read more about Apple’s iPad Pro 9.7″ here.

And the rest…

Among the other, smaller announcements, we had new bands for Apple Watch (including a woven nylon strap and new colours), and incremental software releases. tvOS gets an update with improved Siri functionality and new folders system, while iOS 9.3 sees a new Education Preview suite designed for students, teachers and administrators, Night Shift mode which switches colours in the evening to the warmer end of the spectrum to help you sleep better, password-protected Notes and other updates in CarPlay, News and Health.

Apple also showed off a new addition to ResearchKit, with new CareKit, an open source scheme to build apps to enable people to take more active role in their care. And they were keen to stress their green credentials too, mentioning that they are operating with 100% renewable energy in 23 countries, using more and more recycled and sustainable packaging among other good stuff.

As it happened

It’s become a bit of a tradition to unleash our Core Operations Manager Charlotte Barton on our Twitter feed during Apple launches, and this time round was a real stream of consciousness belter, touching on iPad, iPhone, yaks and elbow patches…



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Catch Canon’s crazy cashback promo while you can

Catch Canon’s crazy cashback promo while you can

Copped a Canon cam you’re kinda craving? The crazy cats are currently offering up to £250 cashback on a crop of kit, so if you’re looking to upgrade your kit bag, you’ve got until 31st August to save on a new DSLR, lenses, accessories and more.

What’s included?

There’s a whole load of products eligible for cashback, including Canon’s range of DLSRs (including the 5DS, 5D Mk III, 7D etc), their C100 and XC10 video cameras (Jigsaw24 team faves), LEGRIA and PowerShot cameras, PIXMA printers and a massive range of EF lenses. All with cashback offers ranging from £30 up to £250. There’s too much to go into detail here, but you can see (and buy) the whole host of Canon cashback offers here.

Canon cashback promo at Jigsaw24

How does it work?

Claiming your cashback is really easy. Canon have broken it down into three steps:

1. You purchase the promotional product online at

2. You then redeem the offer online at, uploading your details including serial number and invoice. This needs to include bank details as it is BACS direct payment only (no cheques, soz).

3. We’ll then validate all the details and process your claim.

When do I have until?

The live sales dates only run until 31st August, so you’ll need to buy your eligible Canon product before then. You then have until 18th June to redeem your cashback claim.

Canon cashback promo at Jigsaw24

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Avid and Boris FX extend their free plug-in deal!

Avid and Boris FX extend their free plug-in deal!

Thought you’d missed out on the Avid and Boris FX Media Composer Subscription offer? Think again – you now have until the end of March to purchase a new Subscription to Media Composer and get the Boris FX Continuum Transitions Unit free!

The Boris FX Continuum Transitions Unit is a set of 34 realtime creative plug-ins designed to help editors create visually stunning transitions. You can choose from cutting-edge transition effects like Swish Pan, Lens Flares, Flutter Cut, Damaged TV, and many more. Who doesn’t love a bit of lens flare? Check out some of the effects in Boris’s video below…

BCC Transitions Unit from Boris FX for Avid Media Composer from Boris FX on Vimeo.

How do I take advantage of this awesome offer?

That’s easy. Purchase a new Subscription to Avid Media Composer from Jigsaw24 before 31st March 2016 and get the Boris FX Continuum Transitions Unit free! Terms and conditions below:

– Applies to new Subscriptions only (not renewals).

– The offer only runs until 31st March 2016 (so be quick!).

– Customers must redeem products in their Master Avid Account by 15th April 2016.

– A link to the installer will be provided to customers in their Master Avid Account upon redemption of their Activation Card.

– Registration with Boris FX is required.

Free event: Post with the Pros – Monday 21st March, Soho

Want to get hands-on with the latest plug-ins before they’re released? We’ve got an exclusive hands-on session with mocha for Avid before its NAB launch, plus speakers from Avid, Red Giant and Boris bringing their own demo kit and doling out their best workflow advice. Register now.

Buy Avid Media Composer Subscriptions at Jigsaw24

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