How do I update my iPad’s software?

It’s always good to stay current with the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system for the most up to date features and fixes, so make sure you update it every now and again.¬†In this video, systems engineer and all-round iPad expert Dave gives a quick overview of updating your iPad iOS and applications in order to get the most from your device.

How do I use Target Disk, Boot and Display modes on a Mac?

If you’re trying to troubleshoot a hard drive which you’re not sure is faulty, it’s Target Disk Mode you need, if there’s a potential hardware issue, you’ll be after Target Boot Mode or if you want to use a compatible iMac as an external display, it be Target Display Mode you seek. Still confused? Tech support pro Steven explains it all in this video.

How do I troubleshoot my Mac’s RAM?

Common problems you can put down to faulty RAM in a Mac include power but no video or chime on startup, vertical or horizontal lines in video, kernel panics, system-wide freezes, failure to wake from sleep and beeping on start-up. Luckily, our techie Johanna has the answers to what those beeps and failures mean for your RAM. Watch the video below for more.