How do I publish InDesign projects for mobile devices?

Looking to get your Adobe InDesign layouts optimised for iPad and other mobile devices? James, a multimedia designer from Jigsaw24 gave us a quick tutorial on using some of the new features like Overlay Creator and Folio Builder in Adobe Creative Suite for digital publishing – particularly useful for those up/downloading to tablet devices.

How do I optimise my Adobe InDesign layouts for different screen sizes?

Multimedia designer Tom shows us how Adobe CS6’s Liquid Layout allows for scaling of projects between different screen sizes. As more and more devices in various sizes appear on the market, so it becomes more important to be able to scale your work to fit and adapt. Liquid Layout eliminates the need for creating different versions for Apple/Android devices or for putting up with unsightly black lines around the edge of pages.

How do I update my iPad’s software?

It’s always good to stay current with the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system for the most up to date features and fixes, so make sure you update it every now and again.¬†In this video, systems engineer and all-round iPad expert Dave gives a quick overview of updating your iPad iOS and applications in order to get the most from your device.