Feature your work in the Autodesk 2014 Game Show Reel

Feature your work in the Autodesk 2014 Game Show Reel

Just knocked up the next GTA V or Beyond: Two Souls? Autodesk are calling for the cream of video game design to submit their work to be added to their 2014 Game Show Reel. Just fire over images or video of your best work before 18th November.

For some major bragging rites, submit your recent video game cinematics, trailers, in-game sequences, and animations created using any or a combination of the following Autodesk software: Autodesk 3ds MaxAutodesk Entertainment Creation SuitesAutodesk MayaAutodesk MotionBuilderAutodesk MudboxAutodesk Softimage, Autodesk Scaleform, Autodesk Beast, Autodesk Kynapse, Autodesk Gameware Navigation and Autodesk HumanIK.

The Autodesk 2014 Game Show Reel will be featured on AREA, the Autodesk website, on the Autodesk You Tube Channel, and in marketing materials and at events throughout the year. The deadline for imagery submissions is Monday 4th November, and for video submissions it’s Monday 18th November.

Buy Autodesk software from Jigsaw24

Buy Autodesk software from Jigsaw24

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A managed 1:1 iPad deployment at Yew Tree Primary

A managed 1:1 iPad deployment at Yew Tree Primary

Yew Tree Primary School, in Sandwell, became an Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC), offering training courses on how Mac and iPad can enhance the curriculum. When they decided it was time to move to a 1:1 iPad deployment for KS2, they tendered for an IT provider.

Thanks to our iPad expertise and successful e7 Project, Yew Tree decided we were the best partner to help them get the full benefit of iPad. We now help them with all of their IT solutions and services. As long-standing Apple users, Yew Tree knew that Mac and iPad would get pupils working creatively, and both collaboratively and independently, to achieve their aim of pupils becoming ‘self-organised, independent creative learners.’

The logical way to go from there, headteacher Howard Martin thought, would be a 1:1 rollout: “giving access 24/7 and 365 days a year was a natural progression – it is about totally taking the lid off pupils’ opportunities to learn and at the same time opening their eyes to the world and raising their aspirations.”

Engaging pupils, raising teaching standards

Howard wanted to engage pupils, enrich the curriculum and raise teaching standards, and chose us to help implement a 1:1 iPad mini deployment at Yew Tree, winning a bid over other IT providers. “Deploying 270 iPad devices to our KS2 pupils with 24/7 access was a brave step,” he explained, “but we had the confidence in our staff, our parents and pupils to make it a success. The fact that we had the support of, and confidence in Jigsaw24 was comforting.”

We provided Yew Tree with all of their 270 iPad mini devices, pre-loaded them with the apps, pre-configured them to the school’s network and asset tagged everything for easier management. Doing all of this at our end meant Yew Tree could start using iPad in lessons straight away, without any awkward in-class setup time. We then repackaged them so staff and pupils could open them for themselves. “Issuing the iPad devices to pupils and letting them experience the unboxing of their own iPad mini was a bit like Christmas day – almost an emotional experience,” Howard said.

Pupils using the iPad deployment at Yew Tree Primary School

Pupils using the iPad deployment at Yew Tree Primary School

A secure, managed deployment

We then suggested Yew Tree consider security options and some form of mobile device management (MDM). We recommended Lightspeed Systems’ Bottle Rocket, Web Filter and MDM solutions to tackle both of these, and Howard was impressed by the granular control, which enabled the monitoring of iPad usage, web filtering for home use, reporting on inappropriate searches, teacher-controlled restrictions and ease of use it would all give the school. The Web Filter tool was particularly important for keeping pupils safe online and making sure they weren’t accessing anything inappropriate, both on and off the school network.

“Since the iPad devices were going home [with pupils], we needed to be sure that any filtering device would be robust and secure, and Lightspeed’s track record gave us that confidence to choose Bottle Rocket – an extremely effective filter,” he said.

Both pupils and parents have reacted in a very positive way since the 1:1 iPad mini deployment, according to Lisa Hollan, RTC manager at Yew Tree, and have readily signed a user agreement respecting what Yew Tree is trying to achieve by giving each KS2 pupil their own iPad. She said: “Parents’ meetings explained the iPad devices’ purpose, the e-safety precautions we were putting in place, and also how to take care of the devices.”

Enhancing teaching with iPad

Staff, after having used iPad for teaching for some time, have also reacted well to the 1:1 deployment. “Staff had been used to using iPad to deliver aspects of the curriculum, so when we announced the 1:1 rollout, they were delighted. They knew the value they would bring to enhancing their teaching. Over time, iPad has become indispensible to them.”

Engaging learners, empowering teachers

The 1:1 programme has let Howard offer pupils greater personalisation, creativity and choice, facilitate independence and collaboration, engage the most reluctant learners and empower teachers, all of which supports any time, any where learning (he now aims to roll out to KS1 pupils soon). And Jigsaw24’s services have made him confident in achieving that:

“We would recommend Jigsaw24 wholeheartedly,” said Howard. Their pre-delivery service was excellent, even down to all the iPad devices being pre-configured to our network and the apps being deployed. It was excellent. All the sales, technical and support staff have been extremely helpful and always very professional.”

For more information about iPad for your classroom, get in touch with us on 03332 409 333, email learning@Jigsaw24.com or take a look at our education site for the latest education news, tips and resources.


New TriCasters get new SSD system and media drives

New TriCasters get new SSD system and media drives

The NewTek presses had barely had the chance to cool when more hot news on the new TriCaster 860, 410 and 460 came out – new system and media drive configurations! Each model has now been boosted by a 128GB SSD system drive and a 3TB internal media drive. Oh, and you can try the whole lot out in our exclusive hands-on one-to-one TriCaster demos too!

That 128GB of solid state memory means a whole host of performance enhancements for the new TriCaster range. For a start, there’ll be higher performance driven by faster drive-to-system media access, faster boot times, restore times could be halved, and much easier access for repair and replacement too (the new SSDs are simply attached with four screws for easy removal).

Then there’s the media drives. In each of the new TriCaster professional line models (860, 460 and 410), NewTek are introducing a huge new 3TB internal media drive within the hardware that will also provide more flexible storage options. If you’re working on the current TriCaster 8000, no changes have been made to the drive configuration.

So what’s in the box?

TriCaster 860

TriCaster 860 (4RU)

  • 128GB SSD system drive
  • 3TB internal media drive (includes NewTek-provided content)
  • 4 removable drive bays (no additional drives included)
  • 128GB SSD system drive
  • 3TB internal media drive (includes NewTek-provided content)
  • 1 removable drive bay for TriCaster 460 (no additional drive included)

Want to see TriCaster in action?

Get a hands-on, one-to-one demo of the new TriCaster range! Just come along to our MediaCityUK office on Wednesday, 9th October 2013 or NewTek’s premises in Windsor on Thursday, 10th October for a one-on-one TriCaster demo with a NewTek specialist. As well as showing you your way around this amazing live production hub, they’ll be showcasing the new 410, 460 and 860, and answering any workflow questions you have, and JVC will also be on-hand to take you through recommended cameras for TriCaster too. Register your place here!
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RME launch huge 5 year warranty on interfaces

RME launch huge 5 year warranty on interfaces

RME certainly have confidence in the quality and performance of their audio interfaces. Now, any RME product you buy comes with an automatic five year warranty, so you can join them (and us!) in knowing you’re working with reliable hardware. 

With a reputation within the audio industry for quality interfaces like the Fireface and Babyface ranges, a five year warranty means you can now depend on their rock-solid stability for even longer. So whether you’re nipping about town with one of their portable interfaces, or using a rack mounted interface in an outside broadcast van, you’ve now got guaranteed peace of mind that your gear won’t compromise your work. All for a very lengthy five years, which no other manufacturer can match.

RME Babyface

The RME Babyface – one of the audio interfaces that qualifies for a 5 year warranty

How do I get my RME warranty?

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Five Year Warranty is only available on RME Audio products purchased from an authorised UK dealer (don’t worry, as an RMExpert Dealer, that’s us!). Once you’ve purchased your unit, simply go to RME’s Warranty Support Area and complete the form. You’ll then receive confirmation that you’ve been registered. Easy peasy.

– Find out more about RME’s full range of audio interfaces, preamps and convertors here.

Visit our RME shop

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Adobe at IBC 2013: New Creative Cloud features and updates

Adobe at IBC 2013: New Creative Cloud features and updates

Didn’t make it to IBC 2013 and want to catch up on all the announcements and updates in Adobe Creative Cloud? This series of videos from Adobe contains everything you need to know about the significant new features in Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, SpeedGrade CC, Media Encoder CC, Prelude CC and Story CC Plus.

As well as new features, there are interviews with filmmakers and effects artists about making the move to Creative Cloud and creating a micro-budget film with Hollywood production using only the tools in Adobe Creative Cloud. Kick back and enjoy…

Working bigger, better and smarter.

Bill Roberts, Director of Product Management for Video at Adobe, talks about 4K and beyond, seamless visual effects and motion graphics, and why Adobe Creative Cloud had the whole industry buzzing at this year’s event.

Making the switch to Premiere Pro and Creative Cloud. 

Filmmaker and visual effects guru, HaZ Dulull, explains how moving to a seamless Adobe Premiere Pro workflow has made his editing process so much more intuitive, and enabled him to take his creativity to a whole new level.

Moving to an all Adobe workflow.

See how filmmaker Richard Jobson used the video tools in Adobe Creative Cloud to accelerate his end-to-end workflow and make a small budget movie look like it was created with a Hollywood budget.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams

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Video: Office for Mac 2011 Home and Business in action

Video: Office for Mac 2011 Home and Business in action

In this video, Microsoft run down some of the great features in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011: Home and Business. Create easier to interpret spreadsheets in Excel, edits documents from multiple locations in realtime, preview slides and take notes in PowerPoint and then broadcast your presentation virtually to computers and phones if you can’t deliver it in person.

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Microsoft Office for Mac


Adobe add a ton of new video and Photoshop tools to Creative Cloud

Adobe add a ton of new video and Photoshop tools to Creative Cloud

Adobe’s latest round of updates to their Creative Cloud applications will delight video and web design professionals alike. As well as improving Premiere Pro/SpeedGrade integration, adding Generator for Photoshop CC and Edge Reflow, there’s a whole list of improvements as long as your arm.

Major video tool updates

The headliner among Adobe’s video app updates has to be the new Direct Link Color Pipeline between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and SpeedGrade CC, which we think will see SpeedGrade become a real competitor to a Resolve colour grading workflow for one-man bands. Providing an integrated workflow between the two, it allows users to move multi-track timelines seamlessly back and forth, open Adobe Premiere Pro CC sequences in SpeedGrade quickly, and see the results as effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC that are managed by the Lumetri Deep Color Engine. Here’s what else is new, according to Adobe:

Expanded native support for UltraHD, 4K and higher resolutionshigh frame rates and RAW formats, enables editors to work with footage from the hottest new high-res cameras natively – without having to wait to transcode and re-wrap files.

The Mask Tracker in After Effects enables video professionals to create masks and apply effects that track automatically frame-by-frame throughout a composition to save countless hours of tedious work.

Editing is streamlined in Premiere Pro CC, with improved multicam, enhanced closed captioning capabilities, new monitor overlays and audio monitoring features, enabling editors to work faster.

Performance enhancements punctuate this release with support in Premiere Pro CC for OpenCL, providing editors with the speed and power they need for the most demanding projects; and new GPU debayering of the Cinema DNG file format for real time playback.

A preview of the upcoming Prelude CC Live Logger iPad app, which enables users to log notes, events, and other data on their iPad while shooting, including the ability to sync with timecode on set via supported wireless timecode generators, and then sync metadata to footage via Creative Cloud for faster editing.

Advanced colour grading with the new SpeedLooks in SpeedGrade CC offers dedicated camera patches. This allows users to match the colour spaces even across different camera formats. New multiple masks and linked mask layers capabilities also enable SpeedGrade users more control over complex looks.

New Sync Settings in Adobe Media Encoder CC let users now sync application preferences between multiple computers via Creative Cloud.

New production planning features in Adobe Story Plus provide powerful scheduling and reporting tools for managing productions efficiently, making it easy to modify and share lists between productions and users.

Generator for Photoshop CC and Edge Reflow


For design and web professionals on Creative Cloud, Adobe have also released the new Generator platform, designed to streamline web production and mobile design workflows by taking Photoshop assets directly into Edge Reflow with just one click. Winston Hendrickson, vice president of products, Creative Media Solutions, Adobe, said: “Now with Generator, customers can skip the hassles of slicing and exporting from Photoshop and speed up day-to-day web and mobile app production through an intelligent and customizable workflow.” Other key features include:
Real-time image asset generation gives Photoshop CC users the power to eliminate time-consuming production steps while ensuring their designs are properly implemented both on the desktop and mobile screens.
Tagged layers and groups in Photoshop CC are automatically saved and updated in real-time as individual files, in the format selected.
Layers can now be exported as JPEG, GIF, or PNG with a variety of options, including scaling for Retina displays and varying levels of compression.
In one click, Edge Reflow CC can import Photoshop CC assets, including images and text directly into Edge Reflow, allowing designers to immediately begin their responsive design process and reduce manual production steps.
An easy-to-use JavaScript API, paving the way for third-party apps and services developers to create similar tools that integrate with Photoshop CC.
– Attending IBC 2013? If you find yourself knocking around Amsterdam, head over to Adobe’s stand (7.G27) to check out their new video and Photoshop tools in action!

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NewTek introduce new professional TriCaster series ahead of IBC

NewTek introduce new professional TriCaster series ahead of IBC

NewTek have unveiled three new TriCaster models – the 410, 460, 860 and the 8000 v2 upgrade – featuring all the great graphics, sets and social media integration which previously only featured in the top 8000 model, as well as a load of hot new extras like holographic sets. And they reckon they’ll all be shipping the day before IBC 2013 too!

The new NewTek TriCaster models are packed full of features to make those in live production and outside broadcast drool, with most of the headline-grabbing attention going to the enhanced virtual sets across the entire line, including holographic virtual sets! Yes, as well as new, more lifelike template sets, you can now use TriCaster to create holographic, panoramic live virtual sets based on your own custom images. “One of the most amazing things I’ve seen,” according to our head of media and entertainment.

All the 410, 460, 860 systems – which will replace the 455 and 855 – now offer full mix/effects (M/E) channels, ranging from 4 to 8 based on the specific models,  with each channel providing complete switcher behaviours, transitions, overlays and virtual sets. And you can now even have a bank of up to 15 additional media sources that act as virtual DDRs!

Greater publishing and streaming options

Whereas streaming to social media was once just the preserve of the TriCaster 8000, the whole new line allows you to instantly publish or stream to more destinations, including YouTube and other websites, FTP servers, and integrate with platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Extended outputs and monitoring also allow for simulcast programming and parallel content creation, with enhanced network output to other TriCasters or third-party applications and devices.

Also new across the line is the ability to control remote pan-tilt-zoom cameras, extensive control and automation features including Hot Spots for triggering automated sequences with on-camera gestures, and new options for sound configuration and delivery.

Here’s how the new TriCaster line (and all-important pricing) breaks down:

TriCaster 410. This streamlined, compact system is ideal for anyone producing small to medium-sized live shows or webcasts, featuring as it does a full 4 M/E production switcher, HD-SDI-only connectivity and tools for live-only delivery. There’s no isocording, independent channel recording or animation buffers (only still images). Price: £8499 ex VAT (without control surface)

TriCaster 460. More versatile than the 410, the 460 offers greater connectivity, full isocording, full animation buffers, HD-SDI, component and composite. This would be great for any small or medium-sized production where you want to touch up, repackage or repurpose live video content for post-production or supplemental programming. Price: £11,999 ex VAT (without control surface)

TriCaster 860. Ideal for full-sized live production, TriCaster 860 features a full 8 M/E production switcher, more channels. sources, I/O, graphics and effects, as well as a greater capacity for media storage than TriCaster 460. Price: £19499 ex VAT (without control surface)

TriCaster 8000 v2. This upgrade to the top-end TriCaster 8000 is perfect for enhanced broadcast integration, massive multi-cam coverage and mission-critical high-end productions, featuring a full 8 M/E production switcher, built-in failsafe redundancy and extensive router support. Price: £29,999 (including control surface)

– TriCaster 410, 460, 860 and 8000 will be shipping on 12th September (the day before IBC begins!), with the new line set to replace the 455 and 855. To celebrate the launch, NewTek are offering a huge 33% off any upgrade to the new models until 25th October!

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Master colour management with EIZO’s easy handbook

Master colour management with EIZO’s easy handbook

Creators of some of the best displays around for colour critical workflows, EIZO have now put together this really simple guide to colour management. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, retoucher or printer, there’s a section devoted to your workflow, with top tips on monitors, calibration and more.

Click the image below to download EIZO’s Colour Management Handbook.

EIZO's Colour Management Handbook

For more information on EIZO’s ColorEdge monitors, or to find out more about Jigsaw24’s colour management services and solutions, email colour@Jigsaw24.com or drop us a line on 03332 400 888.


Education app of the week: Timeline Eons for iPad

Education app of the week: Timeline Eons for iPad

This week Hannah Bullock has written the education app of the week article. She is on work experience here at Jigsaw24 and is working in the marketing department. Hannah is 16 years old and is about to start A levels at West Bridgford School sixth form.

With our app of the week, key events in history can be condensed into a single app on an iPad. 34,984,804,900 years in only 17cm to be precise. Timeline Eons is lighter, cheaper and easier to use than any history book and provides eons of really interesting information.

What is Timeline Eons?

Timeline Eons is an interactive timeline, which starts at the beginning of time and shows almost every event in history. This makes it easy and fun to learn about history as it documents everything from wars to the extinction of the Pinta Island Tortoise, Lonesome George. A direct link to Google through the app allows pupils to research events further.

How does it work?

When you open the app, you are on the present day. The app is really user friendly after a quick read of the instructions. Each event comes with a title, a brief description and an appropriate picture of the event so that the pupil can see what was happening.

By tapping on the picture then on the link button in the bottom right hand corner, you automatically search the event’s title in the Google searchbar which allows pupils to dig much deeper into the desired events. Double tap the blue bar that runs along the top to make the entire timeline fill the screen, with the beginning of time on the left and the estimated ending on the right, allowing pupils to see when the events happened in relation to the present day. 34,984,804,900 years spread across 17cm – now that’s a lot of information! You can make it play through the events in chronological order then pause whenever you need to, or just scroll through the events as you wish.

How could it benefit the classroom?

Timeline Eons can benefit pupils by simply allowing them to easily step back in time to research events. Comparing the app to a history book, the app is cheaper, easier and lighter to use (being on an iPad). Pupils can add in events to their timeline and they can also group events into categories, which can be useful for organising information. They can also search specific dates so that they don’t have to waste important lesson time scrolling through the whole of time.

What’s the most useful feature?

I think that the most useful feature is probably the link to the internet meaning that pupils can easily and quickly search the desired event, which would be really useful in creating projects and expanding knowledge. Editing and adding to the timeline could be a really useful feature too, if the desired event isn’t there you can just add it in or add more detail to the events that are already on the timeline.

How can I see myself using it?

Being a student that has recently studied history I think that this app would have been really useful during revision as it comes with a few events from the course but not all therefore all the others could be added in to fill areas of the timeline with revision notes. This could be done from memory to test your knowledge or from the textbook for use later with revision.

Where can I get it?

Timeline Eons (maani.us, free) can be found in the App store or via iTunes. You can get the app free but after 15 days you are only able to see from 1950-2050 and can only add in up to three events. For just £4.99 you can buy the full version and you have unlimited access to every year and can add in any number of events. It’s also available under Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme (VPP), which means you can get it half price (£2.49) if you buy in bulk of more than 20 app licenses.

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