Lexar’s Workflow Reader: the stuff of DIT dreams

Lexar’s Workflow Reader: the stuff of DIT dreams

Need to offload hundreds of GBs of RAW, 4K, HD and 3D files all at the same time? Lexar have answered your prayers with the Professional Workflow Reader Solution – a four-bay reader hub that speeds up your workflow by letting you transfer from up to four memory cards simultaneously while using just one USB 3.0 port!

The Lexar Professional Workflow Reader Solution is made up of a four-bay reader hub plus your choice of readers, supporting the most popular file formats – SDHC, SDXC, UHS-I, UDMA 7 CompactFlash and XQD. Already dubbed the ‘DIT’s dream’ in the Jigsaw24 offices, team it up with a new MacBook Pro and some Thunderbolt storage, and we reckon you’ll have yourself the perfect solution for field work.

Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 Hub

“We designed the Lexar Professional Workflow Reader Solution to allow users to build a completely unique system that suits their needs so they can get to editing and shooting sooner,” said Adam Kaufman, product marketing manager, Lexar.

“Whether photographers or videographers are shooting on four cards of the same format, or four different types of cards, the Lexar Professional Workflow Reader Solution lets them offload work faster, greatly reducing the time spent moving content from a card to a computer.”

The solutions

– Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 (Four-Bay USB 3.0 Reader Hub).

– Lexar Professional Workflow SR1 (SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I USB 3.0 Reader).

– Lexar Professional Workflow CFR1 (UDMA 7 CompactFlash USB 3.0 Reader).

– Lexar Professional Workflow XR1 (XQD USB 3.0 Reader).

Lexar Professional Workflow CFR1 Card Reader

The highlights

– Transfers images from up to four memory cards at once.

– Supports today’s latest card formats: SDHCTM/SDXCTM UHS-I, UDMA 7 CompactFlash and XQDTM.

– Innovative, modular design.

– Use the readers with the hub or on the go.

– USB 3.0 transfer speeds.

– Two-year limited warranty on hub and readers.

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MOTU’s MachFive gets an update to version 3.2

MOTU’s MachFive gets an update to version 3.2

Virtual instrument fiends, prepare to go gaga for wah wah, as MOTU have just released the latest update for their MachFive 3 instrument software. Version 3.2 sees MachFive getting AAX plug-in support for Pro Tools and a new WahWah filter effect.

Performance has also been enhanced and soundbank libraries expanded in the new update. You can download 3.2 from MOTU’s website, or if you don’t already have MachFive 3, you can purchase it from us here. Either way, enjoy MOTU’s flash MachFive 3.2 video below…

What’s new in MachFive 3.2?

AAX plug-in support for Pro Tools. MachFive 3.2 is now fully compatible with Avid’s new AAX plug-in format for Pro Tools 11 and above. MachFive 3.2 includes legacy RTAS support for earlier versions of Pro Tools.

New WahWah filter effect. The new WahWah Filter emulates the sound of a classic wah wah pedal. Right-click any of the parameters, including amount (Wah), Drive, Model and Master to modulate them or assign remote control (via MIDI or OSC).

Enhanced performance. You can now work faster thanks to MachFive 3.2 providing improved memory efficiency, much less RAM usage, and improved CPU performance.

Updated soundbank libraries. MachFive 3’s included soundbank libraries have been updated to provide better scripting and smaller, more efficient file sizes. They are backward compatible with your existing projects.

MOTU MachFive 3 on Jigsaw24

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Canon release new firmware update for the C100

Canon release new firmware update for the C100

Hot on the heels of news of a paid upgrade for the C100, Canon have now announced brand new and completely free C100 firmware. The update gives your Canon C100 camcorder a whole host of super added features, including new magnification functionality and ISO up to 80,000.

You also get a new Key Lock Menu setting, Peripheral Illumination Correction Data for Canon lenses, better camera menu controls and improved focus and aperture functions. The firmware update (version, for anyone counting) is free, and can be downloaded now from Canon’s website, where you’ll also find the lowdown on preparing your camera for a firmware update.

Here’s the full list of new features:

1. Ability to move the magnification viewing area around the LCD using the MAGN Function.

2. ISO up to 80,000 has been added.

3. A Key Lock menu setting has been added which now makes it possible to lock all operations, including the START/STOP button.

4. Peripheral Illumination Correction Data has been added for seven Canon Cinema lenses (EF mount) and eleven Canon EF Lenses.

5. Internal camera menus are now controllable from buttons on the camera body. Previously, they were only controllable from the joystick grip unit.

6. In addition to the [EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM], the function to enable continuous focusing and correct aperture on a subject in the middle of the screen when one of the two EF STM lenses is attached, has been extended to include the [EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM] lens.

[UPDATE, 28/11/2013] – Continuous Auto Focus/Auto Iris
The EOS C100 is also capable of continuous auto focus and auto iris control when fitted with the 18 – 55mm f/3.5 -5.6 IS STM or 18 – 135mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS STM lens. These lenses, which feature a new Stepper Motor system for focusing, give a smoother focus action which is ideally suited to video shooting. This feature is activated via the camera menu and requires the latest firmware to be installed. It is anticipated that this feature will work on all future EF-S STM lenses.
Need to get your hands on Canon’s C100?

You’re in luck, friend. We’re currently offering a huge £100 off the Canon C100 camcorder, plus a free battery and charger kit. All you have to do to get this brilliant discount is enter promo code ‘SAVE100C100′ when you head to our shop to order your Canon C100 camcorder.

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Universal Audio’s UAD-1 goes into retirement

Universal Audio’s UAD-1 goes into retirement

After 12 years, Universal Audio have announced they’re putting their UAD-1 DSP Accelerator Card into retirement on 31st December. It will live out the remainder of its quiet years functioning as normal, with plug-ins still fully in use, but not receiving support from Universal Audio.

The spirit of the UAD-1 will live on in Universal Audio’s subsequent hardware – the UAD-2 platform, released in 2008, and the brilliant Apollo interface, launched in 2012. But the company will be shutting down their UAD-1 registration/authorisation servers, card transfer functions, and support.

They’ll also be discontinuing the sale of UAD-1 plug-ins (which haven’t seen a new release since 2009) in their online store. The planned deactivation of the 12-year-old UAD-1 servers is, they say, “a necessary step for us to move the UAD platform forward into 2014 and beyond.”

Where do we go from here?

Universal Audio assure UAD-1 users that their hardware and plug-ins will continue to work exactly as they always have, and after December 31st, you’ll still be able to download your final UAD-1 authorisation file. You just won’t be able to make any changes to it — including adding plug-ins and/or transferring card ownership.

Universal Audio UAD-2 on Jigsaw24

If you’ve decided it’s time to move on, the UAD-2 platform is a more than worthy successor, and Universal Audio are even offering a huge $200 off plug-ins for anyone upgrading. All you have to do is buy a Universal Audio UAD-2 card or Apollo interface from us before 31st December, register your new hardware, and then you’ll receive the ‘Last Chance’ voucher in your account, allowing you to redeem it against any UAD plug-ins up until 28th February 2014.

Universal Audio UAD-2 on Jigsaw24

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New iPad Air ready to hit classrooms

New iPad Air ready to hit classrooms

It’s all change on the iPad front, with Apple releasing a new thinner and smaller iPad Air. But what do the new specifications actually mean for the practicalities of using them in the classroom (and the battery life!)? We get hands-on for a first look…

New form factor

iPad Air is 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the 4th gen iPad. It weighs in at around just half a kilo, and you can really feel that difference when you hold the two together. That means it’s a tad more portable, and isn’t going to weigh down school bags as much.

Amazing visuals

The Retina display on iPad Air packs in an incredible 326 pixels per inch. At 2048×1536, the resolution is higher than that of an HD TV, but in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Photos are noticeably more vibrant and text is really crisp and clear, so reading iBooks and other course materials will be a much better experience.

More powerful performance

Internally, iPad Air boasts the latest A7 processor and 64-bit architecture. Without getting too spec-heavy, Apple claim that will make response times twice as fast on iPad Air compared to the previous model. This means multitasking with various different apps running in iOS 7 is going to be a lot smoother.

Stronger WiFi

iPad Air has doubled up on wireless capabilities too. With two antennas and MIMO technology for connecting to the school’s wireless network, you should get stronger, faster WiFi connectivity. WiFi + Cellular models also apparently support even more networks for better connections on the move.

Better battery

This is the killer – how long does the battery on the new iPad Air actually last? Even with more powerful performance and improved visuals, Apple claim the battery will keep going for up to ten hours from a single full charge. We’re yet to benchmark the figures, but that should definitely cover a school day!

The new Apple iPad Air is available now, with education exclusive pricing from £303.50 (£364.20 inc VAT).
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Apple iWork and iLife now free for new Macs and iPad

Apple iWork and iLife now free for new Macs and iPad

For the first time ever, Apple have taken the new step of making their full range of productivity and creativity tools – iWork and iLife – completely free. That means anyone buying a new Mac or iPad with iOS 7 will automatically get apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie and iPhoto for nothing.

And if you already use iWork and iLife, you’ll be happy to know that Apple have also updated the full range of apps with new features for everyone, regardless of whether you’re buying a new iPad or not. All apps have been updated to 64-bit, are integrated with iCloud, and there’s now much greater cross-compatibility between iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, with unified file formats in iWork that make sharing documents much easier.

There’s good news for anyone currently using Mac or iPad, as GarageBand is now free of charge for all devices too. It’s also been given a new look, an all new Sound Library, and new features like Drummer and Smart Controls which let you start making music straight away.

iWork and iLife savings

The big news here really though is how you can now get both iWork and iLife for nothing when you buy a new Mac or iPad (it does need to be a new model running iOS 7 or Mavericks to qualify). For example, pricing for iOS versions of iLife was formerly:

– iPhoto, £2.99.

iMovie, £2.99).

GarageBand, £2.99.

– Total: £8.97.

The iWork suite of productivity apps cost:

– Pages, £6.99.

– Keynote, £6.99.

– Numbers, £6.99.

– Total: £20.97.

So getting all this free with every new purchase of an iOS device running iOS 7 means your total saving per iPad is now £29.94.

For the Mac OS X versions of iLife apps, pricing was:

– iPhoto, £10.49.

– iMovie, £10.49.

– GarageBand, £10.49.

– Total: £31.47.

iWork worked out at:

– Pages, £13.99.

– Keynote, £13.99.

– Numbers, £13.99.

– Total: £41.97.

So your total saving on these apps per Mac is now a huge £73.44. It certainly makes a difference!

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All your design and publishing needs in one place

All your design and publishing needs in one place

Looking for a new Mac? The latest Adobe Creative Cloud for teams promotion? Or has your Wacom just gone kaput? Try our all-encompassing design and publishing shop, for all the essentials you need plus some of the best ex-demo deals and clearance offers around.

As well as the full Apple hardware family, Adobe Creative Cloud for teams and other top design software, here’s where you’ll find colour critical displays, colour management solutions, printers and a huge range of desktop and mobile storage solutions for your every need.

If you’re looking to get into video production, the design and publishing shop has got everything you need for that too, from video cameras and audio equipment to animation and editing software. We’re hoping the redesign has also made it much easier and quicker to find what you’re looking for, leaving you time to shop for more important things like Star Wars Lego and massage tables (or is that just us?).

Head over to the design and publishing shop now and, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch… Jigsaw24's design and publishing shop

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PROMISE unleash world-first Thunderbolt 2 storage

PROMISE unleash world-first Thunderbolt 2 storage

Now that you’ve lined up your new Mac Pro or MacBook Pro with Retina display, it’s time to think about what’s on offer to use up those Thunderbolt 2 ports. Luckily, PROMISE have the answer, with the world’s first Thunderbolt 2-enabled storage – the Pegasus2 and SANLink2.

The Thunderbolt 2 standard is currently the fastest I/O connection out there, with a top speed of 20Gbps (twice that of the original Thunderbolt) and both the PROMISE Pegasus2 and PROMISE SANLink 2 storage solutions have been built specifically with Thunderbolt 2 in mind. That’s great news for anyone looking to edit 4K on the new Mac line-up, as it’ll let them fly through data transfers and keep their workflow as speedy as possible.

“SANLink2 and Pegasus2 have set new standards for performance and flexibility, creating a whole new realm of possibilities for multimedia pros and power users,” said James Lee, CEO, PROMISE Technology. “Being the first company to bring to market storage solutions with Thunderbolt 2 technology further validates PROMISE’s position as the leader in designing high-performance devices for the media and entertainment market – which revolutionizes the creative workflows of our customers so they can be ready for creating, editing, and delivering HD and 4K and beyond content.”
PROMISE Pegasus2 R8
PROMISE Pegasus2

The Pegasus2 is a RAID system that comes in three tiers: R4, R6, and R8, offering four, six, and eight drive bays respectively, thus providing up to 32TB of storage. Highlights include:

– Support for the maximum throughput allowed by Thunderbolt 2 interface.

– Support for simultaneous streaming, editing, and backup of 4K video.

– Dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining.

– Hot-swappable drive bays for effortless drive access.

– Portable hardware RAID protection for offsite shoots.

– Massive storage capacity for backing up creative projects and digital libraries.

– Thunderbolt cable included.


The new SANLink2 is a Thunderbolt 2 to 8Gbps Fibre Channel bridge storage device that provides direct connectivity to an external Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) such as a VTrak x30 RAID storage system or a VTrak A-Class shared SAN filesystem. Highlights include:

– Enables Fibre Channel connectivity on systems with a Thunderbolt 2 port.

– Dual 8Gbps Fibre Channel ports.

– Dual 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 ports with DisplayPort and device daisy-chain support.

– Supports OS X and OS X Server.

– Supports Xsan and StorNext filesystems.

– Supports all VTrak storage subsystems (4 and 8 Gbps Fibre Channel).

– Thunderbolt cable included.

The PROMISE Pegasus2 and PROMISE SANLink2 are now shipping! Give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email broadcast@Jigsaw24.com for more information. For all the latest news, follow @Jigsaw24Video on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.


Welcome to our Wicked Week of Halloween deals and prizes

Welcome to our Wicked Week of Halloween deals and prizes

Offers and deals and prizes, oh my! To celebrate Halloween this year, we’re taking to Twitter to bring you a whole five days of the deadliest deals and most chilling competitions, snappily titled Wicked Week.

Whatever your tech persuasion, we’ve got an incredible offer that’s guaranteed to put the willies up you. These deals are limited time, and exclusive to Twitter, so we don’t want to give too much away, but if we say the words Canon, Wacom, HP, Avid, Quark and ‘massive savings’, you might get the idea.

We’re also running a competition where you can bag yourself a ‘mystery Apple device’ just by tweeting us your best Halloween pics. So get dressed up in your most terrifying finery and practise your best demonic gurn for a chance to win. Of course, the only way you’ll be able to keep up with all our Wicked Week deals and competitions will be to follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter. You can also find the competition details and Ts & Cs here.

Take care now. Mwahahaha…

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Why your fonts deserve professional font management

Why your fonts deserve professional font management

Frustrated by your fonts? If you’re working with Adobe Creative Cloud or QuarkXPress, and your basic font manager just isn’t up to the job, it’s time you looked into a professional font management solution. Because your fonts are worth it.

Keeping on top of font compatibility is essential to any design group, pre-press and printing team, marketing team or anyone with a font-intensive workflow and professional needs. If your team uses Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, or QuarkXPress, you really want to remain as creative and productive as possible, rather than having downtime caused by font issues.

Identifying font problems

Some of the major problems you might experience with fonts include: opening a document and seeing the dreaded ‘missing fonts’ dialogue, using an incorrect version of a font that reflows the text in a document, spending time resolving font conflicts or duplicate font issues, trying to locate fonts for use on the web as well as on your desktop, corrupt fonts keep crashing your system, time consuming scrolling through incredibly long font lists and the need to find a font when you just can’t remember the name.

As well as being very frustrating, these issues can ultimately lose you – and your clients – valuable time.

Achieving font management bliss

What you really need is a solution that will activate exact versions of fonts, predictably, every time, auto-activate (and deactivate) fonts in the latest professional creative applications you’re using such as Adobe Creative Cloud, and activate fonts in embedded PDF or EPS files. Ideally you want to store your fonts in a secure location, easily address missing fonts and font conflicts, scan for and repair corrupt fonts, and clean font caches, and get uninterrupted font management even when the application isn’t running. It helps if your solution is compatible with the latest versions of OS X and Windows too.

A professional font management solution should be able to do all this, thus overcoming any of the outlined issues you may be having, and achieving font management bliss. Our design team use font management solutions from Extensis and you should see them – zen-like font users, one and all. Recently, they’ve been recommending Extensis Universal Type Server 4 to customers, a professional, scalable font management solution that’s perfect for design, print, and in-house creative teams of all sizes.

Introducing Universal Type Server

Extensis Universal Type Server 4 keeps your entire creative team’s font collection in sync, and provides exceptional font access and licence compliance. Most importantly, it fully integrates with the new Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service. With plug-ins designed to work on Mac and PC, the Universal Type Client supports the newest Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InCopy.

Universal Type Server includes QuickComp and QuickMatch tools, which make it easy for designers to test, experiment and select font pairings, quickly creating samples right within the Universal Type Client. It’s really easy to set up too – users can quickly be added or updated through a simple, web-based interface, and team members get the fonts they need delivered to them from a centralised database and don’t have to worry about missing or corrupt fonts, conflicts or substitutions.

It comes in three flavours: Universal Type Server Lite, which is great for keeping small teams or workgroups with up to ten users in sync, Professional, which provides font distribution and control for groups of any size, and Enterprise, which gives you total control over your font management and features like SQL database, and advanced font usage reporting and enforcement.

– You can find out more about Extensis Universal Type Server 4 here.

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