Autodesk are saying adios to upgrades come 2015

Autodesk are saying adios to upgrades come 2015

So. Farewell then Autodesk upgrades. On 1 February 2015, Autodesk will discontinue upgrade purchase options for all non-current product versions. So if you want to stay on the most current releases, you’ll need to make sure you’re up to date with an Autodesk subscription.

Purchasing one of these is the most cost-effective way to stay current and competitive in today’s market – as a subscription customer, you’ll continue to receive enhanced value and services, including automatic upgrades to new releases, support, flexible licensing and access to select additional Autodesk 360 cloud services. Sounds alright, doesn’t it?

Autodesk on Jigsaw24

This change will affect all Autodesk products (excluding creative Finishing Products). Currently, you can upgrade up to six releases back to the newest version but, after 1 February 2015, this option will no longer be available. You will still be able to crossgrade to a higher value product from a current release – for example cross grade to Maya to an Entertainment Creation Suite or from AutoCAD to Design Suite. After this deadline, anyone with a non-current perpetual licence will be able to keep using it indefinitely (however it will not be upgradeable).

So what do I need to do?

If you have a perpetual licence and keep your subscription up to date, then this change will not affect you. If you’ve let your subscription lapse or you’ve purchased within the last year and didn’t take out a subscription, then adding or doing a late renewal to get it back up to date will usually be the best option for you.

If you’re running a previous version (up to six releases back) then it maybe time to start budgeting for and upgrade with a subscription. Also, if you’re adding any new seats, we’d strongly recommend taking out your subscription at the same time to ensure you get access to future releases.

The change won’t come into effect until Feb 2015, so there’s still time to consider options and budget for any necessary upgrades or subscription add-ons. To aid you in this, Autodesk are offering customers up to 30% off the cost of upgrades until 24 April. For customers who find that a perpetual licence with subscription isn’t right for them, Autodesk do now offer rental licences on both a quarterly and annual basis.

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Apple make big improvements to iOS management tools for schools

Apple make big improvements to iOS management tools for schools

Thinking of embarking on a large scale iPad rollout at your school, but worried about managing all those devices? Well now Apple have taken huge steps to allay any fears, with some big improvements to their iOS management and enrolment tools. (Our onsite engineers’ collective assessment of this: “Whoop!”)

The biggest improvement for schools, especially larger ones, looking at rolling out iPad are the changes to the Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature. This is now tighter than ever, forcing all devices to be configured according to each school’s requirements, and making it far more difficult for students to remove installed profiles and enable access to blocked content on the devices.

Another important update is Cache Server which allows schools to have students download any updates for apps locally. That will take a huge strain off the school’s internet bandwidth!

The full list of changes, as well as some location updates to the Volume Purchase Programme, are outlined in a series of documents Apple have posted on their IT deployment page. There are a few guides and cheat sheets aimed at IT teams looking to roll out devices too, but we would always recommend getting an engineer to come and sort this for you.

Whether you’re deploying 10 iPad or 1000, our Apple-certified onsite engineers can help set up and enrol every device, and also train IT teams in how to use Apple’s management tools efficiently. They can come at a time that suits your school and will be on hand to answer any question you may have at every stage of your deployment (in return for the odd cuppa).

To find out more about our Apple deployment services, get in touch with us on 03332 409 333 or email



4 top tips for mastering Microsoft Office

4 top tips for mastering Microsoft Office

We all love Microsoft Office – from everyday word processing in Word to creating dazzling presentations in PowerPoint (give us a good wipe with a gunshot sound effect and we’re yours). There’s more to Office than meets the eye though, and here we’ve picked out some of our favourite little tricks and hacks that’ll turn you into a Microsoft Office ninja.

These tutorials come courtesy of Microsoft’s Help and How-Tos blog, and you can also pick up some great tips over at the Office Blogs. If you’re looking to buy Microsoft Office, you can now get 15% off Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. See here for some great Mac bundle offers.

Retouch your photos in PowerPoint

Did you know that you can actually retouch photos directly in PowerPoint? Check out this video to see how you can edit your photos right in a presentation.

Spot trends with sparklines in Excel

Possibly the greatest addition to Excel of all time, sparklines are handy little charts that sit in cells and help you spot trends in your data. Here’s how they work…

Maximise your space for reading and writing in Word

Word now has a full screen mode, which makes reading and editing documents a lot easier. This video shows you how to activate it.

Organise messages by conversation in Outlook

You can now organise emails in Outlook more easily by grouping them into threads or conversations. Here’s how…

Microsoft Office and Mac bundles on Jigsaw24

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New firmware updates available for Sony PMW camcorders

New firmware updates available for Sony PMW camcorders

Sony XDCAM camcorder users, here’s a little update just for you. Sony have released a few firmware upgrades for their excellent PMW-300K1, PMW-200 and PMW-EX3 camcorders. And just to top it off, they’re all free of charge too.

Details of the new and improved functionality on offer in the free firmware updates for Sony camcorders, plus the all-important links to where to download them, are below. Enjoy:

New firmware version 1.12 for PMW-300K1

For the PMW-300K1, Sony have now added an ALAC (Auto Lens Aberration Compensation) feature improvement. Compensation in vertical direction is now available in addition to the horizontal direction. Download Sony’s PMW-300K1 v1.12 firmware here.

New firmware version 1.32 for PMW-200

With this latest firmware, the lens aberration compensation function on the Sony PMW-200 is now improved by optimising the standard setting. Download Sony’s PMW-200 v1.32 firmware here.

New firmware version 1.30 for PMW-EX3

The slow zoom function with the lens which is supplied with the PMW-300K1/300K2 has been improved. Compared to the lens which is supplied with the PMW-EX3, the new lenses which are supplied with the PMW-300K1 and 300K2 have been improved electrically and the slower servo zoom is possible. If the PMW-EX3 is used with the new lens, the slow zoom is also possible with this firmware upgrade. Download Sony’s PMW-EX3 v1.30 firmware here.

Sony camcorders

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Telestream Episode v6.4.2 free update is available now!

Telestream Episode v6.4.2 free update is available now!

Telestream have released a brand new free update for their media encoding application, Episode. The big talking points in Episode v6.4.2 are support for x264 encoding in every version (the previous x264 option is no longer required), support for Apple’s OS X Mavericks (10.9) and a few other welcome fixes and enhancements.

Features previously available in the Advanced API integration are now available in every version too, although Telestream do point out that these features still require API integration to access them, but will no longer require a separate licence to enable them. Here’s everything else that’s new in Telestream Episode 6.4.2, for both the Mac OS X and Windows versions:

Telestream Episode 6.4.2 updates

– Added new ‘manual’ connection method for connecting to clusters on different subnets (Mac OS X & Windows).

– x264 encoding included on all Episode licence levels (Mac OS X & Windows).

– Added support for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) (Mac OS X).

– Added a checkmark to the Preview menu to indicate size selected (Mac OS X).

– “CHANGED” banner now disappears after saving modified workflow (Mac OS X).

– Fixed encoder inspector scrolling issue (Mac OS X).

– Fixed issue causing a green line to appear after transcoding from AVC Intra 100 progressive source files (Mac OS X & Windows).

– Fixed priority slider in Status window not drawing correctly in OSX 10.9 (Mac OS X).

– Fixed intermittent stop button failure in cluster configuration (Mac OS X & Windows).

– Task history now loads on re-launch when status window is in task-only view (Mac OS X).

– The cluster browser will no longer be displayed on top of other applications and windows if it is left open (Windows).

– Fixed issue causing an error re-installing after removing Episode using the procedures outlined in the manual (Mac OS X & Windows).

If you already have Telestream Episode 6, it’s easy to get the free Episode 6.4.2 update. Just head to Episode Preferences License in Episode, click on ‘+’ and then click the Purchase button.

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Video: New Mac Pro and Resolve performance test

Video: New Mac Pro and Resolve performance test


We recently helped post house and close pals Mytherapy get their hands on one of the first new Mac Pros in the UK. The first thing expert colourist Dado Valentic wanted to do was test how it performed under the stresses of realtime 4K colour grading and multiple layer effects playback, using DaVinci Resolve.

The Mac Pro in question is a brand new 3.5GHz 6 Core Intel Xeon E5 64GB RAM model, sporting a Dual AMD Firepro D500 graphics card with 3GB RAM. Dado kindly captured his test on video, so click below to see how his Mac Pro got on with HD playback, multiple layer blur effects, render speeds and 4K playback and grading.

– You can browse our full range of Mac Pros and order your ideal config here.

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What’s new in Adobe Creative Cloud’s 2014 Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign updates?

What’s new in Adobe Creative Cloud’s 2014 Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign updates?

Undoubtedly the best thing about subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is getting instant, automatic access to updates and new releases, without having to lift a finger to buy a new physical version. Now the first raft of Adobe Creative Cloud updates for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign of 2014 is here…

So what’s new in the Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 updates? With designers clearly in mind, Adobe have updated their core set of essential design tools, releasing the biggest set of major new features in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC since Adobe Creative Suite 6, including support for 3D printing in Photoshop CC!

If you’re a Creative Cloud member, just go to the desktop using your Adobe Creative Cloud login and update your installed version of Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign CC to access Adobe Creative Cloud 2014’s latest updates and features. If you’re not a Creative Cloud member, you can find out more about how to subscribe and stay up to date with Adobe downloads here.

Here’s the official line on exactly what’s new in the latest Adobe Creative Cloud updates download, but if you’d like to see the new features in action, sign up for our free expert webinars with Adobe by clicking the image below…

Photoshop CC expands creative possibilities

“New 3D printing capabilities in Adobe Photoshop CC tap into the creative and commercial possibilities of 3D printing with the ability to reliably build, refine, preview, prepare and print 3D designs using familiar Photoshop tools. The groundbreaking Perspective Warp feature makes it easy to alter the viewpoint from which an object is seen, and manipulate perspective in an image, while keeping the rest of the image intact.  Linked Smart Objects save time and improve collaboration by enabling objects to be used and updated simultaneously across multiple Photoshop documents.

Adobe Photoshop CC on Jigsaw24

Typekit revolutionises how designers work with type

Now that you can sync fonts from Adobe Typekit to your computer for use in any desktop application, we’ve made updates to Illustrator CC and InDesign CC to make for an even more intuitive integration; for example, InDesign CC will now automatically search the Typekit desktop font library for missing fonts and offer the option to use those fonts, or similar fonts, if it finds a match. Using fonts in your PDFs and print files just got a lot easier.

Illustrator CC gets powerful new functionality

The latest version of Illustrator CC simplifies creating perfect, editable, rounded corners with the new Live Corners controls; offers more intuitive drawing with the rebuilt Pencil Tool; gives the ability to quickly modify existing objects and change the view of perspective drawings with Path Segment Reshape and export responsive SVG code and graphics.

Adobe Illustrator CC on Jigsaw24

InDesign CC simplifies ways to add interactivity

InDesign CC includes new support for the EPUB 3.0 specification, including new ways to add interactivity to eBooks, the ability to add pop-up footnotes that streamline the EPUB reading experience, and support for Japanese Vertical Composition and Hebrew and Arabic text. InDesign also offers simplified hyperlink creation and management.

Adobe Muse CC gets more engaging

Adobe Muse CC released a set of new features in November 2013 that included scroll effect enhancements that make it easy to create subtle or dramatic scrolling web pages; a new Library panel that stores frequently used design elements; and a dozen new social widgets that make connecting to social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, a snap. Also added was Adobe Muse Exchange, a community-based exchange where custom widgets and templates can be borrowed and shared.”

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams on Jigsaw24

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Video: Unboxing the Wacom Cintiq Companion

Video: Unboxing the Wacom Cintiq Companion

When the first Wacom Cintiq Companions arrived at Jigsaw24, our marketing team couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. After all, it’s an all-in-one graphics tablet that comes in its own neoprene sleeping bag – what’s not to get excited about?

So this isn’t your conventional unboxing video. If you’d like to know more about the differences between the different Windows 8-based and Android-based Hybrid versions, storage options and pressure sensitivity, have a read of our bitesize guide to Wacom Cintiq, Companion, Intuos and stylus options. If you’d like to see the team get a bit too touchy-feely, and senior designer Paul seriously putting the Companion through its paces by drawing a smiley face in MS Paint, this is the video for you…

Wacom Cintiq Companion on Jigsaw24

Want to know more about the Wacom Cintiq Companion? Call us on 03332 409 306 or email to find out more about the different models from Wacom available or the best graphics tablet for your creative workflow.


Can’t control your Companion? Your Wacom questions answered…

Can’t control your Companion? Your Wacom questions answered…

So you’ve just taken delivery of your Wacom Cintiq Companion, or are hooking up your brand new Wacom Intuos Pro tablet when you hit a snag. How do I plug that into here? Why won’t this show up on there? Or perhaps you’re just doing a bit of pre-purchase Wacom graphics tablet research.

We’ve rounded up some frequently asked questions about Wacom’s range of tablets, from specific product and accessory questions to your Wacom purchasing options. So if you do have a Wacom question, you might be able to find it below or, alternatively,  get in touch with the friendly folk at Wacom tech support on 0207 744 0831!

Wacom Cintiq Companion/Cintiq Companion Hybrid

Q. Can the Cintiq Companion be connected to other desktop Cintiq tablets or computers?

A. It certainly can. Using the Cintiq Companion’s mini DisplayPort and two USB 3.0 ports, you can easily connect it to other devices, including an interactive Cintiq display like the Cintiq 24HD. If you do want to connect it to other monitors, you might need a separate adaptor, which you can pick up easily and cheaply.

Q. Am I able to map the Cintiq Companion Hybrid’s Express Keys to specific Android apps?

A.  Express Keys need to be set by the application itself, so if you want to use shortcuts in those apps that you find yourself working in most regularly, you’ll need to check with the developer of the application whether they’re able to implement this support.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Q. Can the Wacom Cintiq 13HD be properly colour calibrated using a colourimeter?

A. In terms of colour calibration, the Cintiq 13HD can, as the screen is a lot brighter and has a higher resolution compared to previous Wacom tablets.

Q. How do I get to the display settings on the Cintiq 13HD?

A. You can access the settings for brightness, contrast etc through the Wacom display settings application on your computer, which you should be able to see in the applications folder on a Mac or in the program files on Windows.

Wacom Cintiq 22HD/24HD/24HD Touch

Q. What’s the difference between the Wacom Cintiq 24HD and the Cintiq 24HD touch?

A.  The only differences between the 24HD and the 24HD touch are that the touch model has now upped the colour space to 97%, and added multitouch capability to the feature set so you can navigate and manipulate designs using your fingers (think the same kind of gestures you’d use on a MacBook Pro trackpad).

Q. Video editing on the Cintiq 24HD touch is an intriguing idea. What about music production?

A. Unless the music production software can detect different levels of pressure using the pen input, we wouldn’t see the need for it. The Wacom Cintiq is designed for digital visual design work that can take advantage of the software’s ability to detect the different levels of pressure while working directly on the screen. It may help your workflow to use a tablet as it’s ergonomically designed for comfort, though.

Q. Does the Cintiq 24HD touch have an option to disable multitouch to be able to rest your hand on the screen without it affecting drawing?

A. There’s actually an additional button on the touch model at the top right of the display that lets you turn the functionality on and off. If you take a look at the 24HD touch review video here, and skip to 2:25, you can see what we mean.

Wacom Intuos Pro/Intuos 5

Q. How do I set up custom functions on Wacom’s Intuos graphics tablets?

A. It’s actually incredibly easy to set up your own custom functions on Wacom’s Intuos tablets. This tutorial video we’ve put together shows how the Wacom Intuos5 tablet’s customisation features for Express Keys and multitouch gestures work.


Q. Is this pen compatible with that tablet?

A. Wacom offer an extensive range of accessories and we can get our hands on most of them. Typically, the clue is in the title, e.g, Intuos3 pens work on Intuos3 tablets, and will not work on newer Intuos4, 5 or old Intuos2 tablets. But since Wacom launched Intuos4, they’ve used the same technology in those pens and tablets on Intuos5, Intuos Pro and Cintiq 24HD, 22HD and 13HD – so all pens that work on Intuos4 or 5 will work on the newer Intuos Pro and Cintiq tablets (2013 models). However, Bamboo/Intuos (2013) pens will not work on Intuos Pro or Cinitq tablets. It can be a little confusing now since some of the product names are similar (Intuos (2013) is now a Bamboo and used to refer to the pro range!), so best thing is to contact us if in doubt.

Purchasing options

Q. Can we get a loan unit to demo or ‘try before we buy’?

 A. We do have certain units available for demo and short term loan basis. For a demo from our in-house Wacom expert, contact us to arrange an appointment (we tend to only do demos on the Cintiq range). If that’s not possible, we can arrange a short term loan of one of our demo units.

Q. Can I lease Wacom tablets?

A. You can! We offer leasing options on a range of Wacom tablets – get in touch with us on the details below to find out the best option for you.

Q. Is there education pricing available on any Wacom tablets? 

A. Yes, we do offer education pricing on the full Intuos and Intuos Pro ranges, but unfortunately not on the Cintiq range.

Q. Can we get quantity discounts on Wacom tablets?

A. If you want to get the latest and best prices, the best thing to do is give the sales team a call on the details below, and see how they can help.


– Got a burning Wacom question that’s not covered here? Get in touch with Wacom tech support on 0207 744 0831!

Want to know more about purchasing from Wacom’s range of graphics tablets? Call us on 03332 409 306 or email to find out more about the different models from Wacom available or the best graphics tablet for your creative workflow.

Which iPad is for you? Jigsaw24’s iPad buyer’s guide

Which iPad is for you? Jigsaw24’s iPad buyer’s guide

iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad 2, what features you can expect from each, what uses we’d recommend them for, and a little on the all-important price factor too.

It was only in 2010 that Apple first introduced iPad, and since then the device has evolved in every way, becoming the biggest selling tablet in the process. iPad Air, the most recent addition to the line-up (from late 2013), is at the top end of the spectrum, with a great-looking Retina display, while iPad mini and its iPad mini with Retina display sibling are slightly smaller versions. You can also still get hold of the slightly older Apple iPad 2, which is a great option if you want to keep your costs down.

That’s a lot of tablets to choose from, and that’s before you even think about whether you need Cellular data support or are happy with just WiFi, or had a think about what storage capacity you’ll need (iPad storage ranges from 16GB to 128GB). Oh, and the most important consideration of all: what colour should you go for?

To find out which is right for you, have a read of our comparison below, or alternatively get in touch with us for advice, or just have a click around on our site to compare different iPad models.

Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air

iPad Air is Apple’s lightest and most powerful of the larger devices, and is where the Retina display and speedy processor really come into their own. 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the 4th gen iPad (weighing in at half a kilo), iPad Air is more portable, and its A7 processor and 64-bit architecture give it a significant performance boost. The Retina display’s 2048×1536 pixel resolution (264 pixels per inch) is higher than that of an HD TV, which makes for crisp photos and text. And all with a ten hour battery life!

We’d recommend for… Multimedia content. Consuming high quality HD video and images are where iPad Air’s Retina display and speedy processor really come into their own.


Buy iPad Air 16GB here – From £317 (£380.40 inc VAT)

Buy iPad Air 32GB here – From £384.50 (£461.40 inc VAT)

Buy iPad Air 64GB here – From £448.50 (£538.20 inc VAT)

Buy iPad Air 128GB here – From £513 (£615.60 inc VAT)

 Apple iPad Air on Jigsaw24
Apple iPad mini
Apple iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display

If you’re after something even more portable, you’ll want to look at Apple’s iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display. These measure just 7.85″ compared to the 9.7″ screen size of iPad Air and iPad 2, so they’re both more portable and a bit more comfortable for one-handed use (reading iBooks and using FaceTime, in particular). The iPad mini with Retina display, for a slightly higher price tag (for the 16GB base model you’re looking at a difference of about £70), ramps up the resolution from 1024×768 pixels to the same 2048×1536 pixels you get from iPad Air too, for a better reading and viewing experience.

We’d recommend for… Portability. With its smaller size, Apple iPad mini is perfect for using on the go, and especially reading iBooks.


– Buy iPad mini 16GB here – From £203 (£243.60 inc VAT)

– Buy iPad mini with Retina display here – From £265.83 (£319 inc VAT)

Apple iPad mini on Jigsaw24

Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 comes with a 9.7″ display with 1024×768 pixel resolution and an A5 processor chip, packing in great features for consuming and creating content. You get back and front-facing iSight and FaceTime cameras for capturing photos and video, and it’s ready for Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7, which includes tons of useful creativity and productivity apps. You can also pick up some great deals on iPad 2 (see below!).

N.B. One thing to note is that iPad 2 uses Apple’s 30-pin USB cable and charger, rather than the Lightning port that you get with iPad Air and iPad mini, so this could be something you’d like to think about if you’re looking at peripherals to use with it.

We’d recommend for… All uses. Apple iPad 2 is the most affordable option for any buyer who wants a 9.7″ tablet, but also wants to keep costs down. It can easily handle most tasks and is packed with features.


– Buy iPad 2 16GB WiFi here – From £261.50 (£313.80 inc VAT)

– Buy iPad 2 16GB WiFi and cellular here – From £344.50 (£413.40 inc VAT)

Next, you’ll need to think about…

Storage capacity

iPad comes with storage iterations of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB (iPad mini without a Retina display only comes in 16GB variations), and which you should opt for really depends on what you’re going to be using iPad for. Note that iPad doesn’t support SD cards or expandable storage. If you’re a musician or music aficionado, working with or viewing lots of HD video, or just an app buff and think you’ll need access to large numbers of storage-intensive apps, your media and content is soon going to start taking up a lot of space.

The size of content can vary a bit, but generally an HD movie can be around 3-4GB for HD quality or 1-2GB for standard definition, a TV episode could be anything up to about 2GB in HD (around 1GB in SD), and a standard audio LP around 500-600MB. A few examples of apps could vary from Angry Birds (35.5MB) to Facebook (52.7MB) to Apple’s iMovie video app (635MB).

Of course, once you’ve bought your content from Apple’s iTunes or the App Store, you can save everything to the cloud for backup. That means you don’t have to have all your content on your device at once, and can sync certain content with your iPad as you choose.

WiFi or WiFi + Cellular

The Cellular models are a little more expensive as they let you connect to WiFi and also use data wirelessly on a SIM card in the same way as you do with a smartphone. The WiFi model, as you would imagine, needs to be in range of a WiFi network to be able to access the internet. As a very rough guide, there can be around £80-£100 difference between the two models, so it’s worth thinking about when you’ll need to be using data. The Cellular version will also come with the additional cost of a data plan or a pre-paid SIM, which are usually upwards of £10 per month.


Last but not least, colour. iPad 2 comes in white or black varieties, iPad mini in white and silver or black and slate, and iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display are available in the more futuristic-sounding space grey or silver. What you choose ultimately boils down to personal taste. If you’re a beige fanatic, or simply must have a device to match your stylish hot pink upholstery, there’s always a wide range of iPad cases and covers to suit you too.

That’s about the long and short of it, but if you still can’t make up your mind as to which iPad is right for you, please do feel free to get in touch! Give the team a call on 03332 409 306 or email For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24  on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook


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