Could artificial intelligence (AI) help you boost field sales?

Could artificial intelligence (AI) help you boost field sales?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are no longer just the preserve of science fiction. They’re two of the biggest buzzwords in the tech industry right now, as a way of better utilising data to improve workflows. But what does it actually mean for field sales teams? 

Let’s start with the basics. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that enables machines to copy intelligent human behaviour, mimicking jobs that we humans find easy, but computers would find difficult. Machine learning is a further subfield of this whereby machines take lots of data and effectively ‘learn’ for themselves.

A combination of AI and mobile technology such as iPhone and iPad is currently transforming the sales industry, going from a buzzword to something that can actually be used by field salespeople to help hit targets, improve customer interactions, and keep sales managers happy. In fact, AI can contribute to every part of the sales pipeline; from logging call and email activity with customers and the AI platform ‘learning’ patterns for more valuable insights into sales data and customers, to automating admin and non-sales jobs so salespeople can focus on enhancing revenue-generating activities. It’s no surprise then that many real world companies are taking AI on board now, with solutions that have a positive trackable impact and enable digital transformation.

ForceManager Cognitive app

One of the best examples of this in action, giving real world benefits and immediate returns, is ForceManager’s new artificial intelligence (AI) sales tool for iOS, Cognitive. ForceManager – creators of the industry-leading all-in-one mobile CRM – reckon that, on average, salespeople waste 2hrs 45mins every single day driving between client meetings. They wanted a solution that would turn that lost time into actual sales, so incorporated AI into their existing solution to develop a tool that would enable salespeople to work more efficiently and boost sales.

Unprecedented insight into interactions

Step in Cognitive, a revolutionary new sales intelligence tool that, coupled with an iPhone or iPad, aims to help field sales be as productive as possible while on the road. Using natural language processing and speech recognition technology powered by IBM’s Watson technology, Cognitive analyses thousands of realtime data points to provide unprecedented insight into all customer interactions, find out where they should be concentrating their attention, and transform previously lost time into sales.

Ask your personal voice assistant Dana (think of her as a sales-obsessed Siri, just like on your iPhone) any sales query, and she’ll scan back through all your interactions to help plan your day and be better prepared for meetings, all from your iOS device. As the voice assistant can be operated hands-free on iPhone or iPad, it means sales reps can be more productive while driving, and focus on selling.

“The main problem that managers face is a lack of visibility throughout the sales process,” said Oscar Macia, co-founder and CEO of ForceManager. “However, by combining AI with a mobile sales platform we have been able to deliver a whole new level insight to field sales teams worldwide. We’re always looking to work with the latest technology. That’s why we were selected as an Apple Mobility Partner.”

All sounds very futuristic, right? Well, not really – ForceManager is already being used by huge international companies such as Ford, Volvo, Vauxhall, Hertz, Orange and many more, and the Cognitive app for iOS can simply integrate into salespeople’s existing workflow. So if you’d like to boost field sales through the use of AI, get in touch with us to talk about ForceManager, Cognitive and iOS device solutions, and head to the Cognitive launch event to find out more.

Why choose Apple for mobility apps

From sales tools to collaboration and productivity, across industries from retail to aviation, Apple and mobility apps help businesses grow and improve productivity and sales. With over 25 years’ experience, and the highest possible Apple accreditations, we are uniquely positioned to support your organsation, adding that extra level of service to ensure you get set up and can generate ROI immediately. We can help integrate apps into your business systems, provide bespoke, branded versions of apps, training and ongoing support. Find out more about Apple and our mobility partners here.

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Video: The benefits of an Apple Solution Expert for Education

Video: The benefits of an Apple Solution Expert for Education

As an Apple Solution Expert for Education, we love Apple technology, and helping customers enhance learning. Here’s more on the benefits we offer, including support and services from our expert team.

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Get 30% off a new Focusrite Red 4Pre when you trade in your old interface!

Get 30% off a new Focusrite Red 4Pre when you trade in your old interface!

If you’ve been holding out on upgrading to Focusrite’s Red 4Pre, a new time-limited promotion might just be the thing to spur you into action. Because you can now get a huge 30% off their flagship audio interface when you trade in your old one!

Swap any interface with eight or more inputs and/or outputs, be it from Focusrite or any other manufacturer, for a discount on the Focusrite 4Pre. You’ll have to be quick though – the promotion only runs until 30th April 2018, so give us a call today to take advantage of this awesome offer.

About the Focusrite Red 4Pre

The Focusrite Red 4Pre is a 58-in/64-out audio interface with Focusrite’s highest quality, digitally-controlled AIR mic preamps and connectivity for Thunderbolt, Dante and mini-Digilink. This allows the Red 4Pre to be directly connected to a Pro Tools HDX or HD|Native card as a Pro Tools interface. The Red 4Pre offers full 192kHz/24-bit operation and an exceptionally low round-trip latency.

Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports allow daisy-chaining of additional components such as hard drives and displays. The Red 4Pre is network audio-enabled right out of the box, with dual Ethernet ports for Dante audio-over-IP networking, letting you expand your recording capability over Ethernet for up to 64 additional channels anywhere on your network, with low latency – and lower cost. Additional Red or other Dante-compatible components can be connected to the Ethernet ports of the Red 4Pre to provide additional input and output channels, irrespective of the interface used to drive the Red 4Pre.

Find out more about the Focusrite Red 4Pre here.

Those all important Ts and Cs

– Promotional pricing applies to the Red 4Pre only when trading-in any Focusrite or third party audio interface with a minimum of 8 inputs and/or outputs.

– The trade-in promotion is valid until 30th April 2018.

– Trade-ins must always form part of a new order.

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Video: How to create a financially sustainable 1:1 iPad deployment

Video: How to create a financially sustainable 1:1 iPad deployment

In this video, we discuss how you can get the most out of your school’s 1:1 iPad deployment, with teaching and learning benefits that go way beyond the lifetime of a single device – all while keeping costs to a minimum and ensuring it’s sustainable from the very start!

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iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV news from the Apple Event 2017

iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV news from the Apple Event 2017

It’s been another bumper crop of announcements at the 2017 Apple Event. This year, the shiny new Steve Jobs Theater within the new Apple Park in Cupertino became the venue for what is now Apple’s traditional annual iPhone extravaganza. 

Unveilings included an expansion of their smartphone lineup with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and updates to Apple Watch and Apple TV. A breathless morning/evening of unveilings then – here are the highlights…

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

If you’re a huge fan of the current iPhone design and home button thank-you-very-much, you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple have launched a new tier of smartphone. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus keep a similar form factor to the previous iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but brings an all new glass casing which allows wireless charging, as well as an improved display, while adding increased water and dust resistance. A new A11 Bionic chip mean it’s faster than its predecessor, and sports Bluetooth 5.0, which gives up to 2x the speed of Bluetooth 4.2 and up to 4x the range of Bluetooth 4.2.



iOS 11

Whatever new features are announced in an iOS update, talk invariably turns to what new emoji are available, so let’s start there. iOS 11 comes with a new type of 3D animated emoji called Animoji, which can be created from face scans to reflect facial expressions in a whole host of animated characters including a monkey, robot, cat, dog, unicorn, smiley poo (we think this one’s going to get a lot of use) and others.

iOS 11 also integrates more advanced systems for iPhone’s camera, including augmented reality and the ability to combine images from multiple cameras. A new version of Apple’s Portrait mode with advanced lighting simulation also creates DSLR-like effects such as bokeh or shallow depth of focus.

Apple Watch Series 3

If you’ve been holding out on getting an Apple Watch, now’s the time to upgrade your wristwear. The new version of Apple’s smartwatch includes 4G connectivity so you don’t have to be paired with your iPhone to get those deathly important email updates and calls while out on your evening run. The Apple Watch Series 3 has a 70% faster processor than the previous version, 50% more power-efficient, and comes with a new barometric altimeter that assists with tracking activity, flights climbed and outdoor workouts, including elevation gain. There’s also a Series 3 version without the 4G connectivity.

Apple TV 4K

With 4K getting more widespread than ever, it was only a matter of time before Apple TV got onboard. The new version of their streaming box is capable of streaming 4K content, so you can appreciate films, TV and games in beautifully high resolution. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HEVC Dolby Vision for superior colour, improved hardware with the Siri Remote, HDMI 2.0 for 4K support and Gigabit Ethernet, and faster performance and graphics due to dramatically faster A10X Fusion processor. You also get improved Bluetooth 5.0, plus the ability to pair two devices to Apple TV, and support for Apple AirPlay 2 for multiple speakers in multi-room locations.

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Check out our new Creative Kit Configurator

Check out our new Creative Kit Configurator

Forking out for new kit for your creative team can often throw up a purchasing dilemma – go for the cheaper upfront costs, or plump for the very best kit that may give better value in the long run?

Using our Creative Kit Configurator, you can pick a setup that’s ideal for the needs of your end users, from powerful Mac workstations to essentials like desktop storage and Wacom graphics tablets, as well as warranties, to help you better manage your budget. Watch our video, then give it a go at the link below!


– Try our Creative Kit Configurator now!

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Jigsaw24, root6 and The Picture Exchange announce strategic partnership

Jigsaw24, root6 and The Picture Exchange announce strategic partnership

The UK’s two leading broadcast production and post-production solution providers have today announced that they have agreed to form a strategic partnership.

As two of the top players in the broadcast, production and post-production world over the past 20 years Jigsaw24/root6 and The Picture Exchange will combine to provide clients in Wales and the South West with unrivalled access to local technical expertise as well as extensive customer support and expanded product offerings from Jigsaw24/root6 (the largest, most experienced production and post-production services and solutions provider in Europe).

– This is a great opportunity for both companies and will enable them to combine forces in Wales and the South West to bring even more insanely great solutions to their customers through:

– Providing local, on the ground, technical expertise combined with support from Europe’s largest post-production technical support operation.

– Creating an organisation that is connected throughout the marketplace, to offer the widest range of products, services and solutions.

– Offering customers access to enhanced services and technical solutions with insanely great customer service.

– Enabling customers access to the market leading, next generation workflow automation and transcoding software, ContentAgent, developed in house by Jigsaw24/root6.

“We are very pleased that we have agreed to work in partnership with The Picture Exchange and look forward to working closely with Mike and Steve and the team in Wales and the South West of England. For Jigsaw24/root6 this is a natural fit which completes our geographical offering for the UK and gives both companies’ customers a much stronger service and product offering with local support.” Rupert Watson, Sales Director, root6, for Jigsaw24/root6.

According to The Picture Exchange Directors, Steve Ridge and Mike Fitchie: “Jigsaw24/root6 are the major player in the UK creative technology market and we are delighted that we can work together to give the customer base in Wales and the South West a truly great service and access to the extensive products and services that Jigsaw24/root6 have in their portfolio: it’s exciting times ahead”.

To find out more about Jigsaw24/root6 visit and, and for The Picture Exchange, visit If you have any questions, please contact Rupert Watson at


About Jigsaw24/root6

Jigsaw24 are the most magical IT company, providing an insanely great experience for more than 30,000 businesses, major organisations, education establishments, professionals and prosumers over the last 25 years. Our team includes some of the best Apple systems architects and integration specialists in the UK, and we pride ourselves on being passionate, open, innovative, creative and very different from your usual IT solutions provider.

root6 is a highly-experienced supplier of technology to the UK broadcast, film, post-production and media communities with a high level of technical competence and practical experience, many of the team have had proper jobs in post-production and understand the priorities and processes. root6 provides a range of services from workflow design and systems integration to training and technical support.

ROOT6 Technology, the product development arm of the company, develops innovative workflow productivity solutions including the extremely popular file-based workflow management and automation platform, ContentAgent.

About The Picture Exchange

The Picture Exchange is the number one provider of technology solutions to the broadcast, TV and film industry in Wales and the South West, with over 15 years’ experience providing a high level of technical competence with local, on the ground support to its customers.

Free premium plug-ins when you buy Pro Tools before the end of June

Free premium plug-ins when you buy Pro Tools before the end of June

Along with the upcoming release of Avid Pro Tools 12.8, we’re also excited to announce a new promotion. From now until 30th June, when you buy or subscribe to Pro Tools, you can claim a full licence of a Pro Series or other Tier 2 plug-in absolutely free!

So as well as the audio recording and precision editing tools to create your most professional-sounding mixes in Pro Tools, you can now take your mixes even further with Avid’s premium plug-ins, without having to fork out extra. Bring powerful mastering tools to your workflow with Pro Limiter or Pro Multi-band Dynamics, give your mix unmatched depth with Reverb One, and create beautifully detailed mixes with other premium Tier 2 plug-ins.

The full list of Tier 2 plug-ins available includes: Classic Compressors Bundle; Focusrite d2/d3; Impact; JOEMEEK Bundle; Moogerfooger Bundle; Pro Limiter; Pro Multiband Dynamics; Pro Subharmonic; Pultec Bundle; Reel Tape Suite; Reverb One; Smack!, and Sound Replacer.

Any new Pro Tools perpetual licence activations or new Pro Tools annual subscriptions are eligible for the offer, although educational and institution perpetual licences and subscriptions, and Pro Tools | HD perpeutial licences and subscriptions are not available for the offer. This promotion is automatically fulfilled electronically by Avid through your Avid Account.

You’ve only got till 30th June to take advantage of this great offer though, so act now and get a free perpetual licence of any Tier 2 plug-in of your choice when you buy or subscribe to Pro Tools.

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How to sort your Apple support strategy

How to sort your Apple support strategy

Last month, we looked at how to build an agile, multi-speed IT strategy based on Apple. And while implementing Apple devices into your business is great, introducing new tech and a mixed platform environment to IT teams who may traditionally only be familiar with PCs often calls for a little extra tech support. Luckily, we can provide comprehensive Apple support strategy for business, as we did with Hachette UK. 

The publishing group originally wanted to consolidate their existing Mac support contracts into one single support agreement that covered both day to day support and project-based work, including helping them transfer five offices to a new, central premises. “As a shared IT function, we’re always looking to improve support for all our end users, so in line with our consolidation into a single office, we decided to consolidate our Mac support as well,” explained Hachette UK’s Director of IT Support, Andy Cobb.

Onsite support at Hachette UK

We now provide a comprehensive support and repair service for Hachette UK, including onsite engineers to handle the Apple side of their service desk, phone and email support in case of escalations, installation and configuration of new machines, deployment to desk and more. This results in more comprehensive, better value support for Hachette’s Mac users, from onsite engineers embedded in the Hachette team. Our team of engineers are all familiar with the Hachette environment, providing a single point of contact for Hachette’s team, with additional resource available at peak times, and are available for staff cover and at times of high workload. Hachette now receive better second and third line support for Hachette’s team, with a managed repairs service for faulty units as well as strategic advice for key projects.

“The key thing for us was the depth of knowledge that Jigsaw24 showed,” said Andy. “We were impressed by the calibre of people who were involved in the [tender] process and their responses, and they already looked after customers who were in a similar position to us. The final thing that was particularly convincing was that the onsite personnel would be part of our team but also enjoy being part of the Jigsaw24 team, and the advantages that gave them in terms of technical expertise to support our users.”

Find out more about how we helped Hachette UK with their Apple support in the video below…

Comprehensive support at News UK

In addition to Hachette UK, we’ve provided Apple support for a large number of businesses over the years. At News UK, we supported over 1000 Macs and 500 iPad devices, as well as helping develop proof of concept schemes for initiatives such as desktop virtualisation and mobile device management. We provided 24-hour onsite and remote support, responding to any Mac query in under ten minutes. News UK received responsive, reliable support for all their technical queries, and were able to continue refining their workflow and incorporating new technologies without overtaxing their technical resources.

Book an Apple Support Strategy Workshop

If you’re currently reviewing and updating your IT strategy, and it includes Apple, talk to us about an Apple Support Strategy Workshop. You can book a meeting with our Chief Technology Officer to focus on your Apple strategy and how to support it, resulting in a bespoke proposal on areas to support your organisation’s growth and goals.

Our Apple Support Strategy Workshops include a discussion of your Apple experience to date, and best practice in Apple deployment and management. We’ll look at:

– Your current Apple estate.

– Your current in-house support employees and their capabilities.

– Your existing management tools.

– Your existing SLA/escalation processes.

– Any gaps in your support (ie not all devices in a management tool for remote access, or too many new starter config builds).

– Your intentions over the next period of Apple growth within the business; core business initiatives of that growth period (whether large-scale refreshes etc); and much more.

Want to find out more about our Apple support services, and booking an Apple Support Strategy Workshop? Give us a call on 03332 409 365 or email For all the latest news and reviews, follow us on Twitter @WeAreJigsaw24 and ‘like’ us on Facebook.