NAMM 2015 news: Apple release Logic Pro X 10.1 update

NAMM 2015 news: Apple release Logic Pro X 10.1 update

OK, this might not technically be news from Anaheim itself, but Apple have dropped a major update to Logic Pro which conveniently coincides with the NAMM 2015 expo – their Logic Pro X 10.1 update.

It’s a huge update as well, including ten new Drummers, a redesigned Compressor plug-in (which has been long overdue!). Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio. Automation can be locked to a region rather than just a track. There are new VCA Faders to help manage large mixes. AirDrop and Mail Drop are supported for sharing large sessions. There’s a new Drum Machine Designer for creating custom electronic kits.

In fact, there are more than 40 new features listed on the Apple website here, including stability and performance improvements, as well as user interface updates, all of which represent another big step forward for Logic Pro. 10.1 is a free update for users of Logic Pro X and is available now.

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Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 10 and KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards

Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 10 and KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards

Native Instruments have unveiled KOMPLETE 10, the latest update to their hugely popular suite of plug-in virtual instruments and processing effects. KOMPLETE 10 builds on KOMPLETE 9’s collection of virtual instruments with updated versions and even more content.


(We advise that you play their video now and soak up the dramatic music.)

What do we have to look forward to?

KOMPLETE 10 includes 39 separate products and 130GB of content. There’s also some cool new features like ROUNDS, POLYPLEX and PIANO COLLECTION. Click the titles below to find out more about them – but for now, here’s a quick run-down of what’s new:

– ROUNDS – A ‘ground-breaking’ instrument combining digital and analog synth engines with complex, sequenced sound shifting capabilities. Play melodies, chords and arpeggios while sequencing your sound palette in realtime.

– POLYPLEX – Design your own drum kits. Roll the dice to randomise sounds on the global, sound or sample level. Layer up to four samples per sound slot. Then apply dynamics, reverb, glitch and more for additional sound shaping.

– PIANO COLLECTION – Three sampled pianos with 18 velocity zones, extra resonance and overtone samples, half pedal and re-pedal functions.

…and updates to the ever-popular favourites: KONTAKT, REAKTOR, BATTERY, ABSYNTH and MASSIVE.

KOMPLETE ULTIMATE has updates too!

KOMPLETE ULTIMATE has also been updated to version 10. This update includes every product currently available from Native Instruments. The list has over 77 titles and includes:

– Everything in the KOMPLETE 10 collection (as mentioned above).

– Sound libraries.

– ACTION STRIKES – An ‘innovative instrument’ for huge cinematic percussion.

– SESSION HORNS – To build your own contemporary horn section.

– ABBEY ROAD DRUMS – the highest quality collections of drum sounds from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, modern, vintage and studio collections.

– EVOLVE – The premier cinematic sound resource that brings you a definitive selection of extraordinary sounds, rhythms and FX.

KOMPLETE ULTIMATE comes with 440GB of content, supplied on its own hard drive. The KOMPLETE range really does offer near-limitless production possibilities, and it’s no wonder each version is a Jigsaw24 best-seller! If you’re an existing KOMPLETE or KOMPLETE ULTIMATE user, you can upgrade to the latest version from as little as £140 ex VAT.

KOMPLETE keyboards

Also new from Native Instruments is the KOMPLETE KONTROL range of USB MIDI controller keyboards, the S25, S49 and S61.

These exceptional keyboards offer tight integration with KOMPLETE products, with controllers mapping directly to parameters in KOMPLETE instruments. The unique KeyLights show you ranges, splits, chords and arpegiattor patterns (this isn’t restricted to KOMPLETE – controls can be freely mapped within your DAW software too).

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Save on Genelec when you trade in your old speakers!

Save on Genelec when you trade in your old speakers!

Got some old speakers knocking about that you’d rather see the back of? Until 30th September, we’re offering a trade-in promotion whereby you can exchange your old speakers for a flashy new pair from Genelec.

The deal could see you save up to £465 on the price of new Genelec speakers, including the 8010, 8020, 8030, 8040 and 8050 models. And as long as your old speakers are in decent working nick, it doesn’t matter what brand they are, or whether they’re passive or active.

Check out the offers below for more details:

Save £117 on Genelec 8010 active studio monitor speakers (pair). Trade-in promo price: £149 ex VAT (each).

Save £100 on Genelec 8020C CPM compact 2-way active monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £215 ex VAT (each).

Save £165 on Genelec 8030 BPM compact 2-way active monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £307.50 ex VAT (each).

Save £282 on Genelec 8040 BPM active studio monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £499 ex VAT (each).

– Save £465 on Genelec 8050 active studio monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £807.50 ex VAT (each).

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Our top 3 audio interfaces for the classroom

Our top 3 audio interfaces for the classroom

Audio interfaces are one of the most important elements of the music classroom, letting you actually record to a computer from any instrument or microphone input. But there are so many options on the market it’s often difficult to know where to look. 

Before you make a choice, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Aside from the factors of price and sound quality, other features you might want to consider are: how tough is it (classrooms can put quite some strain on equipment!)? Has it got the right inputs  for your needs? What computers do you need to connect it to? (Most are Mac or PC but increasingly there’s a need to connect to iPad as well.) And does it have MIDI on it, in case you need to connect to older keyboards or sound modules, or is it USB only? Here we’ve picked out three of our top audio interfaces that are especially popular in education.

The affordable and tough option – Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface on Jigsaw24

Our most popular audio interface for schools has to be the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. With a tough metal chassis, it’s perfect for withstanding the rigours of the classroom, and it comes with some great features too. You get two inputs which can accept microphones or instruments, clever ‘gain halo’ LEDs which show you when your inputs are too loud and, perhaps best of all, it’s priced at just £99 ex VAT. Also worth considering is its bigger brother, the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 which additionally offers 1×1 MIDI I/O, two separate headphone outputs (ideal if you have two students to every workstation) and  iPad compatibility.

– Find out more about the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface here.

The interface for teaching Pro Tools – Avid Fast Track Duo

Avid Fast Track Duo on Jigsaw24

The Avid Fast Track Duo is a great option if you’re looking to teach with Avid Pro Tools in the classroom, as it comes bundled with Pro Tools Express software. With two inputs with mic preamps, it offers great sound and a tough enclosure that’s classroom ready. If you’re using iPad for music, you’ll be happy to see the Fast Track is ready to connect to iPad with a designated tablet socket and included 30-pin cable. An optional adapter will also let you connect to a newer Lightning-equipped iPad.

– Find out more about the Avid Fast Track Duo audio interface here.

The best-sounding interface for the classroom – Apogee Duet 2

Apogee Duet 2 audio interface on Jigsaw24

For higher level or more demanding classes sometimes its imperative that you have the best sound quality possible and thats where the Apogee Duet 2 audio interface comes in. Apogee are one of the top names in digital audio converters and the Duet 2 is a fully professional interface offering up to 192khz recording. It works with both Mac and iOS devices, so is perfect if you’re using iPad as part of your music lessons (just note, it isn’t PC-compatible).
– Find out more about the Apogee Duet 2 audio interface here.
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MOTU’s 828 interface gets Thunderbolt makeover

MOTU’s 828 interface gets Thunderbolt makeover

The MOTU 828 – one of the industry’s most popular and respected interfaces – has now been updated with Thunderbolt connectivity, as MOTU announce their brand new MOTU 828x interface.

The original 828 was in fact the first ever Firewire audio interface, and since its arrival it’s been through numerous revisions over the years to maintain its position as one of the best specced and best sounding interfaces. The latest incarnation drops that Firewire port in favour of adding Thunderbolt to the existing USB 2.0 connection.

That means you get the high bandwidth and low latency of Thunderbolt, with the added boon of being able to connect up to six devices, including displays, hard drives, and other peripherals, to your computer, with the 828x at the end of the chain.

The 828x gives you 28 inputs and 30 outputs, including two mic preamps, eight balanced ins and outs, 16 ADAT-optical format ins and outs, two S/PDIF ins and outs, two main outs, timecode in and out, MIDI in and out, word clock in and out, footswitch input, stereo headphone out and two send outs. It also features onboard hardware DSP-based effects and mixing, and can even be used as a standalone mixer.

Check out the full feature list and the 828x in action in MOTU’s rather up-tempo video below, then get in touch to find out more on the details below.

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Our favourite iPad-compatible audio kit for the classroom

Our favourite iPad-compatible audio kit for the classroom

Since its introduction into the classroom, we’ve seen iPad becoming a major fixture of subjects across the curriculum, and this is particularly evident in music. So without further ado, here are the top hardware picks that we recommend to partner up with your classroom iPad for audio recording and production.

Now, of course iPad can’t actually be used to teach the full music curriculum in all its glory (we’re still yet to find that killer glockenspiel app…), and students are never going to get the full experience and skills of working with keyboards and mixers on a touchscreen. However, if you have iPad in your school and you’re looking for some new kit for your classroom, it makes sense to strongly consider devices which can be used on both iPad and your classroom computers, so you can get as much out of your technology as you can.


iPad has its own built-in mic, but for actual audio recording, we’d advise adding an external microphone. Tascam’s iM2 stereo mic plugs into the dock of you iPad, iPod touch or iPhone to turn it into a professional quality location recorder. With two 180-degree-adjustable mics, and uni-directional elements, you get great quality sound placement, for a low price of £57.50 ex VAT. It’s important to note though, that it uses the 30-pin dock connector, so you’ll need an adaptor to connect it if you’re on the latest iOS devices.

If you’re using iPad in the classroom to make videos, RODE’s SmartLav is a great option. This tiny lavalier mic plugs straight into your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone’s headphone socket and can be clipped to your clothing discreetly. This makes it great for recording interviews and the like.

 Keyboards and MIDI controllers

We’ve already run down a list of our top 3 keyboards and MIDI controllers for the classroom, but there are a couple which are ideally suited to working with iPad. That means you still get the feedback from using actual keys, but with the benefit of working in iPad apps.

Novation’s Launchkey Range are full sized, professionally specced keyboards that are an ideal match for iPad. The included Novation Launchpad app will have you making beats and triggering loops instantly, with high quality synths, loops and sounds that can be combined in the multi-colour 8×6 Launchpad grid to make and remix music.

If you need something really portable, the M-Audio Keystation Mini is perfect. Featuring 32 mini keys, it’s ideal for doing any composing on the move (it even comes with Avid’s Sibelius First notation software pre-loaded).

Audio interfaces
Using an audio interface, you can even turn iPad into a portable, easy-to-use songwriting and audio recording system. Avid’s Fast Track Solo and Duo are great sounding interfaces, that include direct connection ports for iPad and even come with a copy of Avid Pro Tools or Pro Tools Express digital audio workstation software included.

Also of great interest – but more at the top end of the iPad-compatible audio interface scale – are the RME Fireface UFX and RME Fireface UCX. The UFX offers up to 22 channels of audio in and out of an iPad, and their TotalMix remote control software is now available for iOS too, so you have full control over the internal routing and effects.

If you’re looking to give your students experience working with a mixing desk for recording or live performance, then the Presonus StudioLive desk can be fully remote controlled for Presonus’s free apps via iPad.

Do you want to know more about the audio hardware we recommend for working with iPad in the classroom? Get in touch with the team who will be happy to run through your requirements and options with you.

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