NAMM 2015 news: Apple release Logic Pro X 10.1 update

NAMM 2015 news: Apple release Logic Pro X 10.1 update

OK, this might not technically be news from Anaheim itself, but Apple have dropped a major update to Logic Pro which conveniently coincides with the NAMM 2015 expo – their Logic Pro X 10.1 update.

It’s a huge update as well, including ten new Drummers, a redesigned Compressor plug-in (which has been long overdue!). Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio. Automation can be locked to a region rather than just a track. There are new VCA Faders to help manage large mixes. AirDrop and Mail Drop are supported for sharing large sessions. There’s a new Drum Machine Designer for creating custom electronic kits.

In fact, there are more than 40 new features listed on the Apple website here, including stability and performance improvements, as well as user interface updates, all of which represent another big step forward for Logic Pro. 10.1 is a free update for users of Logic Pro X and is available now.

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Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 10 and KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards

Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 10 and KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards

Native Instruments have unveiled KOMPLETE 10, the latest update to their hugely popular suite of plug-in virtual instruments and processing effects. KOMPLETE 10 builds on KOMPLETE 9’s collection of virtual instruments with updated versions and even more content.


(We advise that you play their video now and soak up the dramatic music.)

What do we have to look forward to?

KOMPLETE 10 includes 39 separate products and 130GB of content. There’s also some cool new features like ROUNDS, POLYPLEX and PIANO COLLECTION. Click the titles below to find out more about them – but for now, here’s a quick run-down of what’s new:

– ROUNDS – A ‘ground-breaking’ instrument combining digital and analog synth engines with complex, sequenced sound shifting capabilities. Play melodies, chords and arpeggios while sequencing your sound palette in realtime.

– POLYPLEX – Design your own drum kits. Roll the dice to randomise sounds on the global, sound or sample level. Layer up to four samples per sound slot. Then apply dynamics, reverb, glitch and more for additional sound shaping.

– PIANO COLLECTION – Three sampled pianos with 18 velocity zones, extra resonance and overtone samples, half pedal and re-pedal functions.

…and updates to the ever-popular favourites: KONTAKT, REAKTOR, BATTERY, ABSYNTH and MASSIVE.

KOMPLETE ULTIMATE has updates too!

KOMPLETE ULTIMATE has also been updated to version 10. This update includes every product currently available from Native Instruments. The list has over 77 titles and includes:

– Everything in the KOMPLETE 10 collection (as mentioned above).

– Sound libraries.

– ACTION STRIKES – An ‘innovative instrument’ for huge cinematic percussion.

– SESSION HORNS – To build your own contemporary horn section.

– ABBEY ROAD DRUMS – the highest quality collections of drum sounds from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, modern, vintage and studio collections.

– EVOLVE – The premier cinematic sound resource that brings you a definitive selection of extraordinary sounds, rhythms and FX.

KOMPLETE ULTIMATE comes with 440GB of content, supplied on its own hard drive. The KOMPLETE range really does offer near-limitless production possibilities, and it’s no wonder each version is a Jigsaw24 best-seller! If you’re an existing KOMPLETE or KOMPLETE ULTIMATE user, you can upgrade to the latest version from as little as £140 ex VAT.

KOMPLETE keyboards

Also new from Native Instruments is the KOMPLETE KONTROL range of USB MIDI controller keyboards, the S25, S49 and S61.

These exceptional keyboards offer tight integration with KOMPLETE products, with controllers mapping directly to parameters in KOMPLETE instruments. The unique KeyLights show you ranges, splits, chords and arpegiattor patterns (this isn’t restricted to KOMPLETE – controls can be freely mapped within your DAW software too).

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Save on Genelec when you trade in your old speakers!

Save on Genelec when you trade in your old speakers!

Got some old speakers knocking about that you’d rather see the back of? Until 30th September, we’re offering a trade-in promotion whereby you can exchange your old speakers for a flashy new pair from Genelec.

The deal could see you save up to £465 on the price of new Genelec speakers, including the 8010, 8020, 8030, 8040 and 8050 models. And as long as your old speakers are in decent working nick, it doesn’t matter what brand they are, or whether they’re passive or active.

Check out the offers below for more details:

Save £117 on Genelec 8010 active studio monitor speakers (pair). Trade-in promo price: £149 ex VAT (each).

Save £100 on Genelec 8020C CPM compact 2-way active monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £215 ex VAT (each).

Save £165 on Genelec 8030 BPM compact 2-way active monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £307.50 ex VAT (each).

Save £282 on Genelec 8040 BPM active studio monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £499 ex VAT (each).

– Save £465 on Genelec 8050 active studio monitors (pair). Trade-in promo price: £807.50 ex VAT (each).

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MOTU’s 828 interface gets Thunderbolt makeover

MOTU’s 828 interface gets Thunderbolt makeover

The MOTU 828 – one of the industry’s most popular and respected interfaces – has now been updated with Thunderbolt connectivity, as MOTU announce their brand new MOTU 828x interface.

The original 828 was in fact the first ever Firewire audio interface, and since its arrival it’s been through numerous revisions over the years to maintain its position as one of the best specced and best sounding interfaces. The latest incarnation drops that Firewire port in favour of adding Thunderbolt to the existing USB 2.0 connection.

That means you get the high bandwidth and low latency of Thunderbolt, with the added boon of being able to connect up to six devices, including displays, hard drives, and other peripherals, to your computer, with the 828x at the end of the chain.

The 828x gives you 28 inputs and 30 outputs, including two mic preamps, eight balanced ins and outs, 16 ADAT-optical format ins and outs, two S/PDIF ins and outs, two main outs, timecode in and out, MIDI in and out, word clock in and out, footswitch input, stereo headphone out and two send outs. It also features onboard hardware DSP-based effects and mixing, and can even be used as a standalone mixer.

Check out the full feature list and the 828x in action in MOTU’s rather up-tempo video below, then get in touch to find out more on the details below.

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‘Tis the season for incredible Pro Tools and interface bundles

‘Tis the season for incredible Pro Tools and interface bundles

Are you thinking of buying Pro Tools 11? ‘Tis the season to make savings, so we’ve cooked up three great deals on Avid Pro Tools 11 with free Mbox or Fast Track interfaces that’ll help your money go further (and not a turkey in sight…)!

We’ve managed to get some great prices on Avid’s Mbox and Fast Track audio interfaces, and by bundling these together with a crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11, you can save money compared to buying a boxed copy of Pro Tools 11, and get a free audio interface thrown in too. These deals are strictly only available while stocks last though, so get clicking below now…

Pro Tools 11 with Fast Track Solo on Jigsaw24

1. Avid Fast Track Solo bundled with a crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11. Save £30 compared with buying Pro Tools 11 software on its own, and get a free audio interface! Just £399 ex VAT!

Pro Tools 11 with Fast Track Duo on Jigsaw24

2. Avid Fast Track Duo bundled with a crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11. This is the same price as buying a boxed copy of Pro Tools 11, and you’re getting a free audio interface! Just £419 ex VAT!

Pro Tools 11 with Mbox 3 bundle on Jigsaw24

3. Avid Mbox 3 bundled with a crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11. Save yourself over £200 off RRP with this fantastic deal! Just £489 ex VAT! 

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Introducing the Avid S6

Introducing the Avid S6

One of the headliners in Amsterdam was undoubtedly Avid’s new S6 control surface, the replacement for the Euphonics System 5 and the recently decommissioned ICON range. Able to control up to eight different EUCON-based DAWs at once and completely modular in design, the S6 allows you to build a powerful control surface that’s completely tailored to your workflow.

Which DAWs are supported?

Basically, anything that is EUCON-based and can be connected to the S6 via Ethernet. A fairly comprehensive list includes:


Where do I start?

The S6 is modular in design, so you can tailor it to fit your needs. You start out with one of two “Master Modules” – these are basically the main processors which drive the whole thing and provide the touch screen for control. You can then attach “Channel Modules” to these to add extra functionality. The larger Master Module is the S6 M40, which can support up to 41 modules and is good for 64 faders, while the smaller S6 M10 is good for up to 24 faders and a total of nine modules. The S6 M40 con control up to eight DAWs, while the S6 M10 can control up to two.

Adding custom modules to your S6

Additional modules available for the Avid S6 M40 and S6 M10

Additional modules available for the Avid S6 M40 and S6 M10

There are four Channel Modules, each of which houses controls for eight channels – a Fader Module (contains eight faders),  a Knob Module (32 rotary encoders, all with four multicoloured LEDs per channel for channel identification, and 11 function switches), a Process Module (eight rotary encoders – one per channel, 22 function select  switches per channel and an OLED display for track name/function for each channel), and finally the Display Module (M40 only) which handles things like audio metering, waveform display (though this is only available in Pro Tools), routing and more.

In terms of a normal desk, the Fader Module is your faders, the Process Module houses your controls for panning, activating sends, automation modes and inserts, the Knob Module gives you hands-on control of EQ, plug-ins and similar, and the Display Module stands in for your meter bridge. The additional Automation Module includes transport control, focus fader, shortcut (function) switches and a numeric keypad. This equates to the master section on previous consoles.

The S6 system also uses the XMON monitor controller from the previous ICON range, which lets you control speaker volumes, switch between speaker sets and audio sources and provide talkback functions.

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Our guide to audio monitoring solutions

Our guide to audio monitoring solutions

Making sure you’re compliant with loudness standards has now become just as important as the quality of your output. Whatever medium you work in – from audio for post-production to broadcast TV – it’s essential you have an audio monitoring and metering solution in place. Bearing that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to monitoring hardware, software and speakers, picking out a range of products from top manufacturers like TC Electronic, Waves, DK, Yamaha and Genelec that will suit all workflows and budgets.

If you’re new to the noisy subject of acceptable loudness standards for broadcast audio, this article on why ‘PPMs are not enough‘ gives background on why it’s now a must for broadcasters to maintain consistent volume. Essentially, watchdogs have clamped down on jumps between levels, especially on TV, which has led to the introduction of loudness level metadata (dialnorm) and an international standard for loudness measurement (ITU-R BS.1770).

Most studios will now have a solution in place to monitor loudness levels, and these can range from low-cost software plug-ins that complement your DAW to high-end external hardware. Either way, you also need to couple these with decent quality reference monitors to hear your content back. Here are the top solutions we recommend to fit in with your workflow, from outside broadcast to small studios.

Loudness monitoring hardware

TC Electronic DB6 Broadcast Loudness Monitor

TC Electronic DB6 Broadcast Loudness Processor. A TV and OB Broadcast processor that allows you to handle every aspect of loudness management, from monitoring to processing, to ensure complete compliance. Up- or down-convert to output both stereo or 5.1 streams simultaneously and deliver to any platform and any codec, be it HDTV, Mobile TV, Digital Radio or Podcast using AAC, Dolby, Ogg Vorbis, Lossless or Linear. £5995 ex VAT. Learn more.

TC Electronic TM7 Loudness Meter

TC Electronic TM7 TouchMonitor. Our most popular solution, this is a fully configurable standalone monitor, compatible with all major broadcast standards  including ITU-R BS.1770, EBU R128 and ATSC A/85. Optional Loudness Radar software lets you see how loudness varies over time, which is vital for long programme material. The TM7 is suitable for both surround and stereo material. £2735 ex VAT. Learn more.

RTW TM3 TouchMonitor Loudness Meter

RTW TM3 TouchMonitorA 4.3″ touchscreen stereo loudness audio meter which is ideal for smaller edit suites, offering loudness metering to the following standards:  EBU R128, ITU BS.1770-2/1771, ATSC A/85, and ARIB, with bar graphs and numerical readouts. A 6 channel version is also available and all models feature analogue and digital inputs. £1155 ex VAT. Learn more.

DK Technologies DK1 Master Stereo Loudness Meter

DK Technologies DK1 Master Stereo loudness meter. Simple, compact and expandable, the DK1 is about the size of a smartphone and is easily positioned to show you a realtime loudness readout, via Horizontal/Vertical Bargraph, FFT, Vectorscope, Phase correlation, StarFish, JellyFish and Horizontal/Vertical Moving Coil Emulation. The DK1 is compliant with all major loudness standards (BS1770-2. A/85, R128, ARIB and more). £929 ex VAT. Learn more.

Loudness monitoring software

Dolby Media MeterFeaturing Dialogue Intelligence technology and conforming to ITU-R BS.1770-1, the Dolby Media Meter is an ideal tool for monitoring loudness in dialogue-heavy transmissions. £599 ex VAT. Learn more.

TC Electronic LM6 Loudness Meter. The LM6 plug-in brings TC’s cutting edge Loudness Radar Meter technology to any DAW or NLE edit station, making it perfect for anyone creating output in Avid Pro Tools or Media Composer. £429 ex VAT. Learn more.

Waves WLM Loudness Meter. The WLM Loudness Meter from plug-in makers Waves provides ITU, EBU, and ATSC compliant loudness measurement and metering for broadcast, movie trailers, games and packaged media. £279 ex VAT. Learn more.

Nugen Audio LM-Correct Loudness Correction. This plug-in shows true-peak, Integrated Program Loudness and Short Term Loudness and support EBU R128, ITU B.S 1770-2 and more. £229 ex VAT. Learn more.

Monitor speakers

We offer a huge range of studio monitors from the likes of Focal, Genelec and Yamaha, so get in touch if you’re looking for something specific, but by far our best selling speaker bundles for loudness monitoring are the following. All of them are available in either stereo or surround setups.

Focal Full Surround Monitoring Bundle – £3699 ex VAT

Genelec 8030B Surround Bundle with 5.1 controller – £3139 ex VAT

Genelec 8030 Pair and Presonus Monitor Station – £899 ex VAT

Yamaha HS5 5.1 Monitoring Bundle – £1145 ex VAT

Yamaha HS5 Stereo Monitoring Bundle – £299 ex VAT

Why Jigsaw24?

We provide a whole range of solutions to give your production professional sound, from recording right through to the final edit. As an Avid HD Dealer, we can offer their full ‘One Avid’ production line-up, so you can seamlessly integrate your audio (Pro Tools) with video (Media Composer and Symphony). We also provide a range of shotgun mics, radio mics, wireless field recorders, full voiceover kits, and metering and loudness monitoring solutions – as well as consultancy, installations and preflights.

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Apple release Logic Pro X

Apple release Logic Pro X

For the first time since Logic Pro 9 four years ago, Apple have released a major update to their professional music recording and production software for Mac, with Logic Pro X. The numeral-savvy among you may have noticed that Apple have gone with an X rather than ’10’, mirroring video-editing app Final Cut Pro’s name change to FCPX.

As with Final Cut Pro X, it looks like this time round Apple have revamped the user interface of Logic Pro X, making it a bit more intuitive and user-friendly (think a more advanced version of GarageBand). It’s not just a cosmetic change though – new tools and a broader collection of virtual instruments and effects make Logic Pro X the most advanced and feature-packed version of Apple’s DAW to date. Here are a few of the standout features we’ll be most looking forward to…

Drummer. Logic Pro X now comes with its own virtual session drum player that will play along with you in a range of styles and techniques. Apple say, of the 15 drummers from the rock, alternative, songwriter and R&B genres, “each drummer has a custom kit, delivers his or her own signature sound, and can perform over a million unique groove and fill combinations”. There’s also Drum Kit Designer for creating your own deeply sampled, realistic-sounding drum kits.

MIDI Plug-ins. Logic Pro X features a number of MIDI plug-ins that can be applied to software instrument tracks, including a chord trigger, arpeggiator, transposer, randomiser and modulator. The MIDI plug-in engine is also scriptable which opens up a whole wealth of possibilities for the ardent programmer.

Track Stacks. Helping you manage complex sessions, Track Stacks allow you to consolidate tracks together either as a simple folder or summed to an Aux bus for sub mixing

Arrangement Track. Now you can use markers in the Arrangement Track to define sections such as verse, bridge and chorus, and then easily move or delete sections from your arrangement.

Flex Pitch. The Flex Pitch plug-in means you can now fine-tune pitch when you’re tuning instruments or vocals, and manipulate melodic content in pitch and time domains. Roll over each note so the parameters show up, then you can adjust the gain of individual notes without excessive compression or time-consuming automation editing.

Logic Remote. Now you can control your Logic Pro workflow wirelessly from anywhere using iPad, and even play instruments directly on iPad using the multitouch interface.

One of the caveats of Logic Pro X is that it is now exclusively 64-bit, and compatibility with third party plug-ins is limited to those which have 64-bit versions. While Logic Pro X is backwardly compatible with sessions made using 32-bit versions, and plug-ins that are 32-bit only won’t run, tread carefully if you have a lot of older plug-ins. This might be a short term bugbear, but hopefully it will prompt developers to update their plug-ins to 64-bit sooner rather than later.

We’re going to be taking a more in-depth look at how Apple’s Logic Pro X really performs soon, but in the meantime don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions in the box below, or get in touch with one of the team…

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RME announce Fireface and Babyface compatibility with iPad

RME announce Fireface and Babyface compatibility with iPad

In interesting audio interface news, RME have announced that they have made their Fireface UFX, UCX and Babyface class compliant with a new firmware update, meaning they’re all now compatible with iPad.

When operating under class compliant mode, the Fireface UFX supports 22 inputs and outputs from an iPad – that’s the highest IO count of any iPad-compatible audio interface! So you get the UFX’s quality microphone preamps with EQ, dynamics, professional balanced line outputs, and a high power headphone output, level and gain adjustments, SPDIF and ADAT I/O, reverb, echo and zero latency monitoring, in addition to all the multitouch goodness of Apple’s iPad.

RME have also added class compliant mode to their more portable interface option, the Babyface, making it a very flexible option for any iPad musicians on the move. You simply hold down the Select and Recall button while powering up the Babyface to switch it to class compliant mode.

You can find out more and download the new firmware here.

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NAB 2013 news: Genelec add Intelligent Signal Sensing to speakers

No massive hardware updates from Genelec at NAB 2013, but they have announced that a new eco-friendly power saving mode will now be rolled out across the whole of their 8000 series speakers – their Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) system.

The new Genelec speaker models are exactly the same as the old ones, performance wise, it’s just that they now incorporate a standby mode which is engaged when no audio has been passed through the speaker for an hour, causing them to go into a low power mode (1/2 a watt) to ensure we all stay green, and in pocket too!

“The typical idle state power consumption of an active loudspeaker, or any other audio amplifier system, is between 10 and 20 watts,” said Lars-Olof Janflod, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Genelec. “If left in standby, this level of consumption is maintained by the amplifier system and released as heat. Over time this can total a significant amount which results in both negative fiscal and environmental costs.”

Genelec aren’t actually unveiling the Intelligent Signal Sensing feature until the ISE show later this month, but if you’re in Vegas, you could probably go and bug them about it at NAB 2013, stand C1633.

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