Connecting to AutoCAD WS with Buzzsaw

Connecting to AutoCAD WS with Buzzsaw

With the release of version 1.2 in February, AutoCAD WS showed it had matured into an important tool for business, offering instant model updates for collaborative working. One of the best features to emerge was ‘Connect To Service’, which allows businesses to access all of the great features of AutoCAD WS (such as live markup and viewing of DWG documents on iPads and iPhones) without having to upload their data to Autodesk servers.

Instead, you can use file sharing applications such as Buzzsaw, Sharepoint and Dropbox and maintain more control over your work. Connecting to these applications is very straightforward; below we’ve provided a guide to connecting to Buzzsaw.

You can find more tutorials on how to connect with other services (including Dropbox,, Egnyte and Sharepoint) on Autodesk’s dedicated AutoCAD WS website.

Connect To Service
Connect To Service is a new feature that has been added to the AutoCAD WS web app that allows you to store the contents of your AutoCAD WS online account anywhere you choose. It takes advantage of the WebDAV protocol to read and write content from and to a wide variety of online or privately hosted storage solutions including Buzzsaw,, Dropbox, MobileMe, Egnyte and any file server or SharePoint portal.

The Connect To Service feature was designed to be as transparent as possible. This means that regardless of where your content is held, you will be able to reach it from the following apps:

•    AutoCAD WS web app through your PC or Mac’s web browser
•    AutoCAD WS mobile app available on all iOS and Android phones and tablets

Making a Connection
To connect to your Buzzsaw account, you need to log in to the AutoCAD WS web app. A new Connect button has been added to the Drawings ribbon in the web app.
Auto CAD WS - Connecting To Buzzsaw 1

When you click on the Connect button, the following dialogue box will open:

Auto CAD WS - Connecting To Buzzsaw 2

In order to connect AutoCAD WS to your Buzzsaw account, you must define the URL and enter your Buzzsaw username and password. Clicking on the star dropdown button offers a list of the most popular services.

Auto CAD WS - Connecting To Buzzsaw 3

Connect to Buzzsaw
When you select Buzzsaw from the list, the URL will be partially completed for you. Enter the name of your Buzzsaw site in place of the <Site Name> prompt and fill in your username and password. You can overwrite the New Folder Name or leave it and click Connect.

Successful Connection
This folder will also be visible and accessible under the same name from the AutoCAD WS mobile app for iOS and Android. The contents of your Buzzsaw folder will sync with your mobile device when it is connected to the internet and be available offline just like your other work. You will now see a new folder with a globe icon indicating that it points to your Buzzsaw account.

Any changes you make to the files stored in your Buzzsaw account will be applied in that account, so be aware that if you delete a file using AutoCAD WS it will also be deleted from your Buzzsaw account. DWG files that you upload to this account will not be stored on AutoCAD WS servers.

Auto CAD WS - Connecting To Buzzsaw 4
Rules and Permissions
Any rules or file permissions that were in effect for your Buzzsaw account will continue to be applied when you access it through AutoCAD WS. You cannot share either a folder or the contents of a folder that was linked to using the Connect To Service feature.

To disconnect from a storage destination, you can simply delete the folder from the AutoCAD WS web app. This will close the connection without affecting the contents of your Buzzsaw account.

Our CAD consultants can offer advice on integrating AutoCAD WS with your Buzzsaw and provide all the advice and hardware to set up a Buzzsaw environment. If you’d like to learn more give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email

Video: Five minutes with the Sony FS700

Video: Five minutes with the Sony FS700

Ever since seeing Sony’s super slow motion FS700 at NAB, we’ve wanted a go. Today, video consultant James Graham finally got his chance, managing to give Sony’s product specialists the slip and make off with their pre-production model for five glorious minutes.

The result? A “contemplative” study of moving water at 200, 400 and 800 frames per second. It’s not a full demo in that we didn’t have time to try out all the features and really put the camera through its paces, but if you’ve been hankering for a look at the headline feature, hanker no longer.

“It’s clear from this footage that no matter what speed you want to shoot at, if you work hard, you can make the frame rate work for you,” said James afterward. “Granted, you take a hit in quality when you get up to 400 fps and then more so when you hit 800 fps, but if you play to the camera’s strengths and stylise your work, you can make even the top end work for you. Where the camera really lights up is at 200 fps, and I think that’s the sweet spot we’ll see a lot of slow motion shots coming in at in the coming year.

“I think where the FS700 excels over some of the other 35mm digital cameras around its price point is the fact that it lets you use all your imagination to achieve your goals; it doesn’t hem you in at all. You can use almost any lens, almost any modern external recorder and now, shoot at a much wider range of frame rates.”

Those of you who’ve pre-ordered an FS700 will be happy to hear it’ll be with you in a couple of weeks, and on our shelves from mid-July. You can order yours here on our website.

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Need a mobile workstation? Take a look at HP’s new EliteBooks

Need a mobile workstation? Take a look at HP’s new EliteBooks

For anyone who’s after workstation performance on the go, HP think they may have the answer. Their w-series EliteBooks have just been announced over in the US, where they’ll be available later this month, and according to HP their “highest-performing professional graphics and extreme processing power” make them ideal for VFX artists on the move.

There are three models due to hit our shelves: the high-powered EliteBook 8770w, the EliteBook 8570w and the most portable option, the EliteBook 8470w. Our 3D consultant Ben Kitching is pretty impressed with what he’s seen so far: “The new EliteBooks are powerful enough to run most 3D apps – some at a reduced level compared to a full workstation, but much better than nothing if you’re on the move. The important thing is that they support NVIDIA Quadro cards, allowing them to accelerate the pro apps much better than your standard laptops, which only have gaming class GPUs.”

EliteBook 8770w

“HP’s most powerful mobile workstation, the HP EliteBook 8770w, offers the highest-performing professional graphics and extreme processing power, and is highly configurable with a 17.3-inch diagonal display,” HP’s press release informs us. It’s available with DreamColour technology as an optional extra, so you can ensure colour consistency with an IPS display, and the AMD FirePro graphics engine and optional i7 processor mean you’ll have plenty of power. The basic model comes in at $1699, but expect to pay more if you go for the i7 model.

Img _gallery -8770w _one

EliteBook 8570w

This “versatile and portable” model cuts down your screen real estate to 15.6″, but comes in at a slightly more affordable $1499. Like the larger 8770w, you can opt for DreamColour as an extra if you’re taking on colour critical work, and get your choice of FirePro or Quadro GPUs.

Hp _8570w

EliteBook 8470w

HP claim their $1329, 14″ model comes with “workstation-caliber graphics and powerful processing along with a business-rugged design”, although like the other models we have no exact specs for the graphics card or processor. One key thing to bear in mind is that this size isn’t available with DreamColour, so steer clear if you’re doing mostly colour critical work, and it only supports AMD’s FIrePro GPUs, not NVIDIA’s CUDA-enabled Quadros.

Hp _8470w

For anyone worried about the durability of their EliteBook, HP have this to say: “Designed specifically for the needs of professionals on the go, the HP EliteBook w-series features a magnesium aluminum chassis, a radial-brushed display cover that resists fingerprints, glass touchpads and precision aluminum-alloy hinges and HP Easy Access Doors to make them easy to open and keep them secure when closed. They meet stringent military standards (MIL-STD-810G) for dust, vibration, shock, altitude, drop, high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock.” (Sadly, we’ve not been able to persuade one of our 3D team to head off into the desert to test this claim yet, but we’re working on it.)

The w-series EliteBooks also include all HP’s usual business-friendly features: Smart Response Technology for faster startup, SRS Premium Sound PRO and Performance Advisor are all present and correct.

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Jammin’ at Djanogly: Silent music practice in the classroom

Jammin’ at Djanogly: Silent music practice in the classroom

We were recently at Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham, to rig up a JamHub silent music practice mixer. After running through the simple set-up, the students were able to plug in, turn up and rock out without disturbing others working around them.

Visit our shop to find out more about JamHub silent practice mixers. You can also get in touch with the team on 03332 409 333 or email You can also keep up with all our latest education news and reviews by following @Jigsaw24Edu on Twitter or ‘Like’-ing our Jigsaw24 Education Facebook page.

Boris Continuum Complete v8.0.2 now available for CS6

Boris Continuum Complete v8.0.2 now available for CS6

BorisFX logoBefore the new-app smell has even worn off After Effects CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6, Boris have rolled out a CS6-compatibility update for Boris Continuum Complete.

“Boris Continuum Complete 8 AE delivers the most comprehensive VFX plug-in suite ever created for Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CS5.5, CS5, and CS4,” says their amazingly confident press release. Admittedly, with over 200 filters, particle effects, restoration tools, flares, lights, mattes, a three-way colour corrector  and stabilisation tools under the hood they may have a point but still, nobody likes a show-off.

Headline features for v8 include flicker reduction, 32-bit float support, tighter integration with After Effects (feel free to drop us a comment and let us know your verdict on this) and support for OpenGL hardware acceleration, a feature that’s also cropped up in OS X 10.7.4. It’s a good day to be a Premiere editor, no?

Boris Continuum Complete v8.0.2 is a free update for existing users, and is available now from Boris’s website.

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Video: Wacom Intuos 5 – Jigsaw24’s hands-on review

Tom and Liana from the Jigsaw24 design team take a first look at the new features of the Wacom Intuos5 tablet, including the new design, multitouch gestures and the possibilities for creative workflows.

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AJA Presents the FS2

AJA Presents the FS2

Meet the FS2 3G/HD/SD Up/Down/Cross convertor and synchroniser: AJA’s first product that’s easier to use than say. AJA have put together a promo video to whet everyone’s appetite post-NAB – Here are all the key specs and functions in one zippy 52 second short.

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NAB 2012: WD and Blackmagic Design speed test My Book Thunderbolt Duos

Western Digital were showcasing their recently-launched Thunderbolt drives at NAB 2012, and daisy chained four of them together for a quick speed test using Blackmagic Design’s Disk Speed Test software.

Our photos may be a bit blurry (there was a bit of a scrum on the WD stand – click on the thumbnails below to get a closer look), but if you squint, you’ll see that they’re clocking up a write speed of 524.7 MBps and a read speed of 893.9 MBps, which ain’t too shabby.

Speed testing four Thunderbolt drives

Speed testing four Thunderbolt drives


Four Western Digital Thunderbolt drives daisy chained

Four Western Digital Thunderbolt drives daisy chained

The drives themselves are My Book Thunderbolt Duos, which are available in 4TB and 6TB versions (priced around £415 and £475 respectively). They each contain two drives, which can be configured to RAID 0 or RAID 1 as needed. Mac fans will also be pleased to hear that they’re Time Machine compatible straight out of the box. You can get the full spec list on our site.

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NAB 2012 news: CalDigit announce T1 and T2 Thunderbolt drives

CalDigit have brought their two new Thunderbolt drives to NAB 2012 – the T1 and T2, both of which can handle SSD and HDD drives and offer you the chance to edit uncompressed 2K HD or RED 2K and 4K at full res. Win!

The T1

Sadly not in any way connected to the Terminator, the T1 “is the world’s first removable and fastest Thunderbolt single drive solution with two Thunderbolt ports, perfect for audio/visual professionals seeking a sleek, fast and portable storage unit,” according to CalDigit’s press release. It comes with two Thunderbolt ports so you can daisy chain it to your heart’s content, and you can switch between storing on a 2.5″ SSD (which will offer you speeds of up to 430MBps) or a 3.5″ HDD (which we’ve not got figures for but which is presumably faster).

The T2

CalDigit T2The T2 is an equally speedy dual drive (hence the name), which also comes with two Thunderbolt ports. The drives are removable, and can be configured to RAID 0 or 1, or for JBOD capability if that’s how you roll.

“CalDigit T2 offers users the option of even more performance with support for a 2.5″ SSD drive or the standard 3.5″ HHD drive for already unbeatable Thunderbolt speeds.Whether you’re into video editing, motion graphics, photography, sound design or someone who just needs reliable storage, the CalDigit T2 is an ideal compromise between speed and security,” says the press release. It can reach speeds of up to 630 MBps using SSDs, presumably when in RAID 0.

…they even have their own app

CalDigit’s iPhone app and accompanying Mac OX software allow you ti use the Thunderbolt Drive Utility in Mac OS X to check the status of your drives at any time. You can monitor their status, look up RAID information, view event logs and set up email and voice notifications.

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NAB 2012 news: PROMISE Pegasus, J4 JBOD and VTrak JX30 chassis on show

NAB 2012 news: PROMISE Pegasus, J4 JBOD and VTrak JX30 chassis on show

Pegasus J4 JBODPROMISE are a bit of a Thunderbolt favourite, and have been offering excellent storage options pretty much since the interface was announced. At NAB 2012, they’re showing off their Pegasus J4 and J2 JBODs and VTrak Jx30 Expansion Chassis.

Although they were announced earlier in the year, this has been the first chance most people have had to see them live, and feedback so far has been positive – not surprising when you take a look at the specs.

The VTrak J930s series

“The new PROMISE VTrak Jx30s is an ultra-dense 6Gbps SAS 4U/60-bay expansion chassis that enables data hungry applications to scale to petabytes without having to sacrifice valuable server rack real estate,” PROMISE’s NAB press release reminds us. The new chassis can be connected to SAS enabled servers, or connected into VTrak x30 Series RAID subsystems. Its architecture is flexible enough to connect to 6G and 3G hard drives and SSDs, and you can add a redundant active-active interface module if need be (we don’t have any pricing or info for this module, though).

As PROMISE explain, “The VTrak Jx30 series allows storage applications to access their data at blistering speeds using multi-lane 6G SAS architectures. The 6G SAS connectivity paves the way for large multi-land bandwidth to support the flood of unstructured data now flowing across networks today. Fully backward compatible with 3G SAS/SATA devices, users have the ability to deploy 3G and 6G SAS/SATA hard drives and solid state devices (SSD) in the Jx30 series.”

Anyone looking to lower their carbon footprint (or take a chunk out of their power bill) will be happy to hear that they include hot-swappable power and cooling units that PROMISE say operate at up to 90% power efficiency.

The Pegasus J4 JBOD

Despite its small form factor, the J4 JBOD packs in four bays, and supports SSd and HDD. Like all Thunderbolt devices, it offers two channels with a 10Gbps data rate, but also gives you I/O rates of over 500MBps – great numbers for a portable device.

The Pegasus J2 JBOD

Being sold as the smallest Thunderbolt-enabled external drive out there, the J2 JBOD is powered by 6G mSATA flash and can deliver over 700 MBps throughput – even when supporting volume encryption.

Both JBOD models are supposedly noiseless – to not-hear them in action, drop by booth SL5327 at NAB.

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