NAB 2013 news: Sony and Convergent Design offer 4K NEX-FS700 solutions

Sony’s 4K-ready NEX-FS700 is about to become 4K capable with the release of Sony’s R5 recorder and Convergent Design’s Odyssey 7Q. As Sony’s Juan Martinez explains in this clip from NAB, Sony have finalised the specs and workflow for their own R5 recorder, and have also licenced technology to Convergent Design so that they can come up with an alternative solution.

NEX-FS700 Camcorder 4K Update from Sony Professional USA on Vimeo.

The Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q will record 4K at up to 30fps, and 2K at up to 240fps. It records to a pair of 2.5″ high performance SSDs, and can fit about 45 minutes’ worth of 2K footage on two 960GB SSDs. However, the most intriguing thing about it is that it actually ships as a 7.7″ OLED monitor, and you subsequently rent or purchase the ability to rent any codecs you need to record in from the Convergent Design website. You can hear more in this clip from newsshooter (thanks to FStopAcademy for the spot!)

FS700 4K and 2K RAW continuous high speed & more on the Odyssey 7Q from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

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NAB 2013 news: axle’s Gear wins Digital Video Magazine’s Black Diamond award

Hell yes! Our favourite on-set management geniuses (genii?), axle, have bagged themselves a Black Diamond award at NAB 2013. 

Handed out to Digital Video Magazine’s selection of the best products from the show, the Black Diamond went to axle’s Gear solution, which combines axle media management, Telestream’s transcoding abilities and a quad-core Mac mini into a 1U unit that delivers plug-and-play media management capabilities.

As axle’s team explain:

One of axle Gear’s Mac mini systems is the primary server for axle’s version 1.06 media management software included in the system, while the other runs a tuned version of Telestream’s Episode Pro version 6.31 transcode software, also included. The Telestream software is automatically launched and monitored to perform two key tasks in the system:

1) generating the H.264 streaming proxy files that are used in the axle user interface, and
2) outputting a user-selectable range of HD and SD video formats for mastering, broadcast and Web applications.

axle Gear’s two Mac mini systems are mounted side-by-side in a single 1U (1.75” high, 11” deep) rackmount enclosure, allowing efficient packaging in conjunction with high-density storage systems. axle Gear is compatible with nearly any networked storage, including SAN, NAS and LTO tape technologies. The system can support multiple tiers of storage; for instance, a SAN for shared HD video editing, a NAS for use as a parking area for media that are not currently being edited, and an LTO tape library for longer-term archiving.

The system I/O includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two Thunderbolt connections, two FireWire 800 connections, and eight USB 3.0 interfaces. Working storage is provided by dual Fusion drive subsystems, each 1 terabyte in size. Multiple options are available from axle’s resellers to expand both the system’s I/O and its working storage. axle Gear comes with a one-year warranty on all hardware, and a one-year software maintenance contract on all software.

Massive congratulations to all involved on the award!

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Video: How Canon’s EOS-1D C helps you take the perfect still

Video: How Canon’s EOS-1D C helps you take the perfect still

It’s all well and good having the fastest workflow around and the best Lightroom skills in the business, but you need to get great shots in the first place. To this end, we present the Canon 1D-C.

The standout feature of this camera is that it can record 4K video, allowing you to record short bursts of footage and then pull photo-quality stills from them. Never again will you miss the moment when the uncooperative child finally smiles, the monkey looks in the right direction or, as cinematographer and Canon test pilot Abraham Joffe experienced in the amazing clip below, the elephant stamps its feet.

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NAB 2013 news: Sonnet Announces Fully Featured Thunderbolt Dock

Echo™ 15 Thunderbolt Dock Includes Four USB 3.0 Ports, Four SATA Ports, Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire® 800, Pass-Through Thunderbolt Port, Optical Disc Drive, and 2.5/3.5-Inch Internal Drive Bay

IRVINE, Calif. — April 2, 2013 — Sonnet today announced the Echo™ 15 Thunderbolt™ Dock, a fully featured docking station for Mac® and Windows® computers with Thunderbolt ports. Sonnet’s latest Thunderbolt technology product features 15 ports: four USB 3.0, one Gigabit Ethernet, one FireWire® 800, one headphone, one microphone, one speaker, one audio in, one pass-through Thunderbolt (for either another Thunderbolt device or an external display), two eSATA, and two internal SATA (one port for included optical disc drive and one 6 Gb/s port for a user-installable 2.5-inch SSD or 3.5-inch hard drive). In addition, the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock includes an 8x DVD±RW drive, or optionally, a Blu-ray™ BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW drive with Blu-ray player software for OS X®.

“Today’s portable computers deliver great performance, enabling people to work and play almost anywhere. Moving between work or school and home can frequently mean attaching and disconnecting multiple devices such as hard drives, printers, keyboards, iPhone®/iPod® docks, mice, networks, speakers, headsets, optical disc drives, and external displays,” said Robert Farnsworth, CEO, Sonnet Technologies. “The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock gives users a simple way to attach to and disconnect from all these peripherals and more, using a single cable.”

With the introduction of new, thinner, lighter computers, manufacturers continue to remove interfaces and optical drives that were once standard. The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock offers a simple way to restore FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet, eSATA, audio, and add additional USB 3.0 connectivity plus an optical drive to load software, import CDs, burn CDs and DVD-ROMs, and play DVDs and even Blu-ray movies. Peripherals are left connected to the dock using standard cables, while the dock connects to the computer with a single Thunderbolt cable. When it is time to take the computer and go, the user needs only to disconnect the Thunderbolt cable.

With the purchase of the Sonnet dock with Blu-ray drive option, software to enable Blu-ray disc playback on Mac computers is included. All models support the installation of a standard SSD or hard drive for backing up data or hosting a media library. For Mac users, this means their Time Machine® backup drive can be installed inside the dock.

Sonnet designed the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock for maximum flexibility in use. The case may be set horizontally or vertically to save space on the desktop. Both the front and back of the enclosure include USB 3.0, audio input, and audio output connections to support the handy connection of devices such as a microphone, thumb drives, headphones, or a cell phone for synching and rapid charging. The internal drive bay supports the installation of either a 6 Gb/s SATA 2.5-inch SSD or 3.5-inch HDD, providing an ideal solution for adding storage capacity without having to connect another external drive and its power brick. Dual Thunderbolt ports enable the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock to support daisy-chaining of Thunderbolt peripherals, and to be placed anywhere in a Thunderbolt device chain. The Echo dock also supports the connection of a Thunderbolt or display port monitor, or other display interface type with an appropriate adapter.

“The call for more mainstream Thunderbolt peripherals continues to grow louder every day,” added Farnsworth. “While ordinary docking stations are a handy solution for attaching and disconnecting common peripherals on a frequent basis, we saw an opportunity to improve upon the basic concept and deliver better value to users. In addition to the most-requested interfaces, the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock adds an optical drive and the space and connectors to install an HDD or SSD — all in the same case.”

The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock with DVD Drive (part number ECHO-TBD-CD-0TB) has a suggested retail price of $399.95. The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock with Blu-ray Drive (part number ECHO-TBD-BL-0TB) has a suggested retail price of $449.95. The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock with DVD Drive Plus 2TB HDD (part number ECHO-TBD-CD-2TB) has a suggested retail price of $499.95. The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock with Blu-ray Drive Plus 2TB HDD (part number ECHO-TBD-BL-2TB) has a suggested retail price of $549.95. Compatible with OS X 10.8.2+, Windows 8, and Windows 7, all models are expected to be available by summer. Models without an HDD will be available from Sonnet and its resellers, while models with an HDD will be sold exclusively through Sonnet’s online store. More information on the products is available

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NAB 2013 news: Intel push Thunderbolt to 20Gbps with Falcon Ridge

After almost two days without a Thunderbolt announcement we were starting to worry that NAB 2013 wasn’t going to give us our annual fix, but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Intel have revealed a prototype Falcon Ridge controller that doubles Thunderbolt transfer speeds up to 20Gbps – enough to let you display and transfer 4K video files simultaneously. It may only be a prototype, but that doesn’t stop it being so beautiful we could weep. Here’s the (tantalisingly brief) official word from Intel:

At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show this week in Las Vegas, Intel made some key announcements regarding Thunderbolt™ technology, the fastest data connection available in your personal computer. Intel introduced the Intel® DSL4510/4410 Thunderbolt controllers which add DisplayPort 1.2 capability when connecting to native DP displays, improve power management, and reduce platform BOM cost. Intel also previewed early prototype silicon of its next-generation Thunderbolt controller codenamed Falcon Ridge, which runs at 20Gbs, enabling 4K video file transfer and display simultaneously. Initial production is expected before the end of this year, with ramp in 2014.  Stop by Intel booth LVCC #SL9610 at NAB or read more about Thunderbolt technology.

We’ve also heard that Falcon Ridge will be backwards compatible with existing Thunderbolt devices, so you won’t have to replace any kit to get the speed bump. Brilliant.

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NAB 2013 news: New firmware lets JVC GY-HM650 stream and record simultaneously

WAYNE, NJ (April 4, 2013) – JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corp., today announced the GY-HM650 2.0, a powerful upgrade that adds live HD transmission to the already feature-rich handheld mobile news camera. When equipped with a Verizon 4G LTE modem, which connects directly to the camera via USB, the camera can transmit footage to a broadcast facility in real time – no add-on boxes or backpacks required – while simultaneously recording a full HD file to solid-state memory cards.


Leveraging JVC’s exclusive dual codec design, as well as built-in FTP and Wi-Fi connectivity, the upgraded GY-HM650 allows live transmission or file transfers in the background as shooters continue to record footage in their normal workflow. JVC will demonstrate the GY-HM650’s new live transmission capabilities over Wi-Fi and cellular networks at the 2013 NAB Show (Booth C4314), which runs April 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nev.

“With two independent encoders, the GY-HM650 can stream live HD video and record to SDHC or SDXC cards simultaneously without any additional equipment,” explained Edgar Shane, general manager of engineering, JVC Professional Products. “Using a broadband modem, customers can transmit live news ‘stand ups’ now and deliver pristine quality HD footage to the station via FTP later.”

Verizon 4G LTE modems plug directly into the GY-HM650 for quick access to Verizon’s high-speed network. The camera supports live video streaming of 1080i, 720p, and lower Web-friendly resolutions at various bit rates to adapt to network conditions. Connection status – including signal strength, connection type, and IP address – can be monitored from the camera’s viewfinder and 3.5-inch LCD touch screen.

Metadata can be added by the camera operator or remotely over the network. For example, an assignment editor at a TV station can remotely insert metadata onto a camera in the field. The data is then recorded to each clip and preserved throughout editing and archiving on the station’s servers.

The GY-HM650 records HD or SD footage in multiple file formats, including native XDCAM EX™ (.MP4), Final Cut Pro™ (.MOV), and AVCHD, as well as .MXF files that support rich descriptive metadata optimized for asset management. Version 2.0 adds a new 540p low bit recording mode at 3 Mbps.

“When we debuted the GY-HM650 with built-in file transfer at NAB last year, that was just the beginning,” said Dave Walton, assistant vice president of marketing and communications, JVC Professional Products. “With 2.0, you can transmit live breaking news from the scene. Our unique dual codec technology enables news teams to stream live video or transfer files in the background, and it doesn’t interfere with existing workflows.”

Additional upgrades include a sophisticated communication package, with improved FTP for video files and metadata transfer, support for secure file transfer (FTPS and SFTP), and Web-based remote control. A new Web-based remote control interface allows a producer to operate basic camera functions – including record, focus, zoom, image setup, and metadata insertion – as well as view a live image from the GY-HM650 using a laptop, desktop, or iPad. Plus, in-camera clip trimming reduces file sizes for more efficient video file transfer.

The camera’s new functionality complements the GY-HM650’s built-in features. Its Fujinon wide angle 23x zoom lens includes manual focus, servo zoom, and iris rings, plus three ND filters and a removable hood. Audio features include a built-in stereo microphone to capture natural sound on location, two XLR inputs with phantom power, shotgun mic holder, headphone jack, and separate input for a wireless mic receiver.

Designed for mobile news and reality documentary production, the lightweight GY-HM650 has a Pre Rec (retro cache) feature that continuously records and stores up to 15 seconds of footage in cache memory to help prevent missed shots of breaking events. The camera records to non-proprietary SDHC or SDXC media cards, andproduces full HD files on one memory card while simultaneously creating smaller, Web-friendly files (1/4 HD) on a second card. Other features include JVC’s auto-focus with face detection and an optical image stabilizer, as well as HD-SDI and HDMI outputs for easy monitoring of HD footage.

The GY-HM650 will ship with the 2.0 upgrade beginning in May 2013 at a suggested list price of $5,995. Existing owners will be able to add the new features at no charge with a firmware upgrade available in May.

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NAB 2013 news: Video – The Atomos Samurai Blade

Not satisfied with Atomos’ Samurai Blade press release? Try this handy video instead. As well as running down the key specs and explaining functionality that you’ll find across the Atomos range, it also showcases the Blade working with various DSLRs (including our personal favourite, the Canon 5D MkIII) and camcorders from RED, ARRI, JVC, GoPro and more.

Atomos NAB 2013 from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

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NAB 2013 news: PROMISE Technology Unveils Shared Scale Out SAN Storage Solution

“PROMISE’s new VTrak A-Class is Fast, Easy to Use, Scalable, and Dramatically Reduces the Cost and Complexity of SAN Deployments” according to their press team…

LAS VEGAS, April 8, 2013 – Today at the 2013 NAB show, PROMISE Technology, Inc., a leader in developing high-performance RAID storage solutions for the media and entertainment market, unveiled a comprehensive, low cost turnkey scale out SAN storage solution for big data : the new VTrak A-Class.  Developed with creative professionals in the media and entertainment market in mind, the VTrak A-Class is ideally suited and feature optimized to the storage intensive workflows of post-production, broadcast and data asset management and archiving. PROMISE’s new storage solution enables multiple clients running Windows®, Mac OS® X or Linux to access a shared SAN filesystem over Fibre Channel.

As an all-in-one SAN solution, the VTrak A-Class eliminates the need to purchase a separate primary metadata storage server, secondary metadata storage server, metadata storage device/array in order to create a SAN solution. A single integrated vendor solution is easier to deploy, more energy efficient, and more cost effective.

PROMISE has a strong foothold and long history in the post-production, broadcast and data asset management markets. From collaborating and editing post-production video to storing archives, creative professionals process massive quantities of large, high resolution files on a daily basis. Excellent throughput is crucial to these data intensive tasks, and the VTrak A-Class meets and exceeds the increased performance requirements that are typical of the media and entertainment industries. When designing the VTrak A-Class, PROMISE worked closely with customers and partners who voiced the need for a single vendor SAN storage solution that would address the challenges they faced – including increasingly complex shared storage at high acquisition costs. As an integrated SAN solution, the VTrak A-Class reduces the complexity of a SAN configuration to a single unit and single unified managed software, with a low cost for entry into a solution you can “pay as you grow”. Requiring zero server hardware, the new solution allows for high-performance collaborative editing right out of the box, using PROMISE’s high performing, low latency filesystem, VTrakFS.  Additionally, the VTrak A-Class simplifies support and makes it easy to grow the system all the way up to 7 plus petabytes – all while remaining online and without downtime.

“At Tekserve we serve creative professionals at all levels, including some of the biggest names in the post-production and broadcast environment,” said Aaron Freimark, CTO for Tekserve. “They count on us to provide the best in technology, sales and service, and that is what makes PROMISE’s new offering such a great fit for us. From simplifying SAN deployments so our customers can get their workflows up and running in almost no time, to bringing the high-end performance they demand to get their projects done faster – the VTrak A-Class meets some very specific needs of the media and entertainment industry.”

The VTrak A-Class enriches PROMISE’s dynamic portfolio of storage solutions for rich media applications. The new solution delivers high-performance file sharing for nearly all aspects of media and entertainment, including video, film and broadcast, at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

“PROMISE has become a trusted supplier to the media and entertainment market by developing fast, simple, scalable, cost effective storage solutions,” said James Lee, CEO, PROMISE Technology. “More than just a storage system, the VTrak A-Class builds on this legacy and moves beyond storage with a world-class SAN filesystem infrastructure. This makes it an excellent solution for companies that have high-performance digital video requirements and want to maximize the efficiency of their storage infrastructure.”

Key Benefits Include:
– High-performance, low latency over a shared SAN optimized for high definition resolution, providing over 5,500MB/s Sequential Read and 2,400MB/s Sequential Write performance, per node up to eight nodes.
– Collaborative editing right out of the box.  No additional cost of switch needed for up to 4 clients, which means no additional equipment besides “one box”.
– Supports heterogeneous environments for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
– Single vendor solution – SAN server and data all in one box under a browser-based management GUI.
– 30-40% Power savings with at least 30-40% less required rackspace for additional servers, and switches.
– Scale Out performance with capacity by adding eight VTrak Ex30f series subsystem storage nodes. Total capacity is 4TB SAS HDD x 1,920 = 7.68 PB raw storage
– Single pane management software to manage the SAN server, storage nodes and clients means easy deployment and manageability in a fraction of the time of traditional storage solutions.
– Perfect Rebuild is available to reduce drive rebuild time. Advanced anti-fragmentation reduces latency and improves overall performance.
– Efficient and easy user management through LDAP Active Directory & Open Directory support, Access Control List (ACL).
– Grow to over 7 plus petabytes, always online and all without downtime.
– Single appliance offers up to 50% cost savings over current solutions.
– Optional NAS Clustered Gateway
PROMISE is showcasing the new VTrak A-Class at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 8 – 11 at booth #SL9324. NAB attendees can also see hands-on demonstrations of PROMISE’s complete range of storage solutions for creative professionals, including the SANLink Fibre Channel to Thunderbolt™ adapter and the complete line of Pegasus storage solutions with Thunderbolt technology.
PROMISE Technology’s VTrak A-Class will first be available in North America on April 29, through the network of PROMISE distributors and value added resellers.

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NAB 2013 news: Atomos announce Samurai Blade

Atomos, creator of the award-winning field recorders Ninja-2 and Samurai, and the acclaimed Connect converters, announces Samurai Blade at NAB 2013, (8-11 April, Las Vegas Convention Center, booth number C8218). 

“Atomos has now shipped a staggering 10,000 field recorders worldwide, and the Samurai has been a great success. For most professional environments it continues to be the go-to recorder or deck for many of our customers,” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “We are now excited to present the next generation of Samurai – the Samurai Blade.

“Blade introduces the SuperAtom IPS screen – super sharp, super bright, super blacks – right down to the last atom. At 325 dpi and a million pixels, this screen is spectacular. With full waveform functionality, the Blade is a monitor that records and a recorder that truly monitors. It’s the perfect partner for the new wave of cinematic cameras.” added Young.

Powered by AtomOS 5*, this stunning 1280 x 720 5″ touchscreen gives the Blade gamma, brightness and contrast control, as well as vectorscope and RGB/luma parade features.

“Atomos is raising the bar in the affordable field recorder segment,” added Young. “We’re the first to combine professional monitor functionality with recording and deck playout, all in a space-saving, camera-mountable portable unit.”

Like its Ninja-2 and Samurai predecessors, Samurai Blade allows the recording of pristine, 10-bit 4:2:2 images straight from the camera sensor directly to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD editing codecs. Atomos makes production truly affordable by using commodity 2.5″ computer HDD or SSD drives. The Samurai Blade includes tri-level focus peaking, zebra, false color and blue-only monitoring in addition to waveform, and has standard BNC connectors.

See for more details.

Pricing and Availability

Samurai Blade will ship in May 2013 with an MSRP of $1,295, excluding sales tax. With immediate effect, the price of the Samurai is reduced to $995, excluding sales tax. *AtomOS 5 is only available for the Samurai Blade.

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NAB 2013 news: Grant Petty’s epic Blackmagic Design message has arrived

Grant Petty’s annual NAB emails are something of a tradition now. Every NAB, Blackmagic Design release about a million five new products, and each year their CEO sends out a email lovingly describing each. Products worth scrolling down to include the much-discussed Pocket Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K (we’re taking no-deposit pre-orders on these now), DaVinci Resolve 10, a 1U Thunderbolt disk dock, a 4K ATEM Converter and audio monitors which, according to our guys on the ground, sound pretty amazing. Over to Grant…



It’s NAB 2013 time and we have some very exciting products and technology we are announcing today, and I wanted to email you to update you on all the details.

The theme this year is Ultra HD and 6G-SDI technology. We have already shipped 3 products that support Ultra HD, however the big secret is that these products already have the new 6G-SDI connections built in, so they can handle Ultra HD via a single BNC cable. I have more details below.

The new products we are announcing this year are:

– Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

– Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

– DaVinci Resolve 10

– ATEM Production Studio 4K

– Blackmagic Audio Monitor

– SmartScope Duo

– ATEM Studio Converter 2

– DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor

– Blackmagic MultiDock

– New low prices for the Universal Videohub Family.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Last year we launched the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and although we had sensor supply issues, the cameras are flowing faster all the time and the people receiving them are doing some stunning work. It’s really amazing watching the work people have done appear on various web sites!

Of course, the big aim of this camera was to get a true film look. We worked hard on the design to do this and the images are stunning! However another one of our design goals was to make a cinema camera that was an extremely small size. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is very small and much smaller than a normal cinema style camera.

What we wanted to do next was see if we could make a cinema camera even smaller!

We have done this, and the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is incredibly tiny. It’s a true digital film camera with a Super 16 size 1080HD sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range. The images look virtually identical to our current camera!

It features a Micro Four Thirds™ lens mount so you can use low cost lenses, but also Super 16 cine lenses via an adapter. If you use a Super 16 cine lens, combined with the Super 16 sensor size and the 13 stops of dynamic range, it’s just like shooting to Super 16 film! Of course you can rig it up with large lenses so it’s perfect for large jobs too!

We have worked incredibly hard to build the smallest camera design we could, while retaining the ability to comfortably use it hand held. It’s an attractive design with built in stereo mic’s, LANC, micro HDMI with overlays for monitoring, solid grip handle that holds a removable battery and built in recorder to SD cards. It records lossless CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ), so the image quality is amazing.

I feel that the small design lets this camera be used for all kinds of tasks a normal camera would be too large to handle. My feeling is a small camera can always be bigger, but a big camera can never be smaller. I think its going to be very exciting to see what kind of work is done with this camera. For myself, it’s nice to have a camera I can use personally for shooting my family, which gives a timeless film look.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera will be shipping in July for $995.

Ultra HD, 4K and New 6G-SDI Technology

For over a year, we have been working with semi conductor manufacturers to develop 6G-SDI technology. 6G-SDI lets us connect Ultra HD resolution video using a single SDI cable. Ultra HD is 4 times the data rate of regular HD video and looks absolutely stunning.

We think Ultra HD 4K is important, as the latest large screen televisions have such large screens that HD video looks soft on them. The dots per inch have become lower as the screen sizes get larger, so the large screen televisions that consumers are buying start to look bad. I think Ultra HD is the perfect solution to solve this issue, but we need a lot of content to fill those screens!

This year we have a whole range of products that support Ultra HD, and this includes everything you need for an Ultra HD workflow including a new camera, live production switcher, audio monitoring, optical fiber, a broadcast deck, and capture and playback solutions that all operate in Ultra HD with 6G-SDI connections. There are more details below on these new models.

6G-SDI is perfect because it switches between SD, HD and Ultra HD resolutions, so you can use all these products for regular SD and HD work, and then switch instantly to Ultra HD when required.

Our HyperDeck Studio Pro, UltraStudio 4K and DeckLink 4K Extreme are shipping now with 6G-SDI support built in, which makes them the first products in the world to support 6G-SDI for Ultra HD! HyperDeck Studio Pro is also getting an update that supports recording direct to Ultra HD ProRes 422 (HQ) files so its now the perfect Ultra HD broadcast deck!

We will be providing updates over the coming weeks to increase support for Ultra HD on these models. Please keep a look out for these software updates!

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

The first of the Ultra HD products this year is a new camera!

The new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K features a large Super 35 size sensor with a global shutter. This makes it easy to get shallow depth of field shots as well as shots with fast motion and is something people have been asking for.

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is housed in the same chassis as our current Blackmagic Cinema Camera so all the third party accessories that have been developed will fit perfectly. It features an EF compatible lens mount as the sensor in this camera is way too large physically, to fit in a MFT lens mount.

This new camera features recording to solid state disks in visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ) formats, built in Thunderbolt and 6G-SDI output to allow Ultra HD video out. The sensor features 12 stops of dynamic range, so this camera gives a nice look to the images and is perfect for all types of production work!

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K also includes 6G-SDI output for monitoring on Ultra HD displays and includes overlays. However this output can be down converted to regular HD when you want to use a more common and smaller monitor. The 6G-SDI output supports Ultra HD down the single BNC cable so it’s perfect for use with a live production switcher such as the new ATEM Production Studio 4K below!

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K will be available in July for $3,995.

DaVinci Resolve 10

Before I get to other Ultra HD products, we have a major update to DaVinci Resolve this year with the new DaVinci Resolve 10. Of course DaVinci Resolve already handles 4K and Ultra HD resolutions!

We have new on set tools for sound sync, as well as Resolve Live which lets you grade from your camera in real time. There are new editing features, support for OpenFX plug-ins and new delivery tools that let you render in Resolve direct to a Digital Cinema Package file for digital cinemas when purchasing a license from EasyDCP. This means you can online to a cinema file direct from the camera RAW files all in one pass for amazing quality!

The new Resolve Live feature lets you grade live from the video input of your system so you can grade live from the camera. It’s the same as how a DaVinci 2K grading system works!

Resolve Live lets you grade live from the camera and then save those grades and relink them to the media files from the camera at the end of the shoot. You can even grade from the Thunderbolt connection of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Resolve Live lets you add as many nodes and color corrections as you like.

There are also new editing features in DaVinci Resolve 10 including full multi track editing with 16 channels of audio per clip and unlimited video and audio tracks in the timeline.

Audio can be synced or trimmed and dragged independently to the timeline. Other new editing features include extensive ripple, roll, slide and slip clip trimming support which display dynamically on the timeline and viewer. The viewer also allows split screen display to show in and out points of adjacent clips.

Editing in DaVinci Resolve 10 also includes a built in title tool with static, lower third, scroll and crawl titles with multiple fonts, size, drop shadow and XY positioning. Timelines in DaVinci Resolve 10 also include the support of compound clips with multiple elements including multiple video and audio tracks.

DaVinci Resolve 10 can edit stereoscopic 3D projects with full support for left and right eye clips in the media pool and the edit timeline. Using timecode and reel name, DaVinci Resolve 10 will automatically associate the left and right eye of the stereoscopic clips.

Of course color correction has been upgraded and includes new OpenFX plug-ins as well as unlimited windows in a node, recursive noise reduction and lots of other new features.

DaVinci Resolve 10 will be available as a free update to all DaVinci Resolve customers in Q3. DaVinci Resolve Lite will also include these new on set, editing enhancements, plug in support and color correction updates. It’s an exciting update!

ATEM Production Studio 4K

I feel that the biggest barrier to Ultra HD will be the quantity of Ultra HD content that is available, and the fastest way to generate lots of Ultra HD content is live production!

The new ATEM Production Studio 4K is the world’s first Ultra HD production switcher and the whole switcher operates natively in Ultra HD, regular HD or SD.

The switcher has a total of 8 inputs, 4 of them 6G-SDI and 4 of them HDMI. The switcher features frame sync on each input, an upstream keyer, transitions, two downstream keys, a media pool with 20 RGBA stills, 2 media players, Photoshop™ Plug-in and much more. All of these features operate in Ultra HD!

The switcher also has a built in multi view for monitoring 8 sources, preview and program feeds. The multi view output is in regular HD so you can use any HD television or monitor even when working in Ultra HD!

The switcher has program and a down converted program output. If you’re operating in Ultra HD then the down converted output provides a regular HD program feed. The switcher has an aux output and the front panel is made from machined metal and has buttons that let you do live aux switching direct from the front panel. There is also an LCD for monitoring the aux output. This is quite nice for setting up jobs.

This is an amazing switcher and we have been so excited to work on it. It’s going to be really exciting watching people build Ultra HD live broadcast trucks and even fly away kits where amazing live events can be captured in Ultra HD!

ATEM Production Studio will be available in a few weeks for $1,995.

Blackmagic Audio Monitor

Good quality rack mount audio monitoring has aways been a problem because other solutions are complex to use and don’t have the features most people working in video need.

We have designed the Blackmagic Audio Monitor to be attractive but also to include all the features video industry people need. It includes great quality sound with dual subwoofers for a wide frequency response.

To make it the perfect audio monitoring solution for video, it also has SDI inputs, an LCD screen and a HDMI monitoring output built in. The SDI is not just any SDI, but 6G-SDI so it can handle Ultra HD as standard. It switches automatically between SD, HD and Ultra HD and you can select to de-embed audio from any of the SDI audio channels using simple front panel buttons.

The design is all machined metal, and even the speaker grills are machined metal for an amazing look and super tough design. The level meters can be customized to different types of metering and they are a nice large RGB LED based design that looks incredible. We have even designed the volume knob to be contact-less so you don’t get any crackling as the volume control can never wear out!

If you’re monitoring normal audio then we also have that covered with balanced analog input, HiFi analog audio input, and AES/EBU input. The HDMI monitoring output supports Ultra HD televisions, but if you’re running Ultra HD and plug in a normal HD HDMI television, it will even down convert the video to regular HD!

This is an amazing solution for audio monitoring and is fantastic when used with the ATEM Production Studio 4K or with UltraStudio 4K in post production. It looks incredible in a rack and sounds great too!

Blackmagic Audio Monitor will be available in a few weeks for $1,495.

SmartScope Duo

Ever since we released our UltraScope waveform monitoring, people have really loved having broadcast accurate scopes in their color correction and editing environments. It’s a fantastic tool.

However, we wanted to design a rack mount solution that could be used for live production, color correction and general broadcast. To solve this problem we have designed an extremely high speed processor into an enhanced version of our SmartView Duo. This SmartScope Duo features all the scopes available in UltraScope and you can have any variation of these per side on the dual 8” LCD’s.

What this means is you could have RGB Parade and Vectorscope for a color correction studio. You could choose picture view on the left side and audio scope on the right side for general broadcast rack monitoring. You could pick histogram and video for a production shoot. You can have any combination you like.

All the scopes are broadcast accurate and you can choose from waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade, YUV parade, histogram and audio levels and phase display. The SmartScope Duo is the same size as SmartView Duo and they mix and match in a rack perfectly. SmartScope Duo supports SD, HD and 3G-SDI video formats.

SmartScope Duo is available now for only $995.

ATEM Studio Converter

We are releasing a new model of the ATEM Studio Converter at this NAB and this new model has a more attractive machined metal design with built in power supply, features more popular analog connections on the rear panel for audio, includes new 6G-SDI technology and has a control on the front panel for operating the talkback.

It’s a much nicer design, and now the front panel lets you press to talk to the camera operators for talkback. It also uses a more robust general aviation style headset for the director. Unlike the old model, you can now use the talkback without headphones, because there is a mic input and speaker built into the front panel.

The rear connections now include analog outputs, so its easier to use an external analog audio mixer. This new ATEM Studio Converter includes 6G-SDI, even though the optical fiber models are not available yet for 6G-SDI. But this means the moment 6G optical fiber modules are released, the SD/HD modules in the converter can be changed out and it can then be used for Ultra HD.

ATEM Studio Converter will be available early May for $1,995.

DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor

At IBC last year we introduced the UltraStudio Mini Recorder and UltraStudio Mini Monitor that were tiny monitoring and recording products. The UltraStudio Mini Recorder featured capture from SDI and HDMI inputs and the UltraStudio Mini Monitor allows playback to SDI and HDMI outputs.

We are now introducing PCIe plug in card versions of these models and they are called DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor. They are virtually identical to the UltraStudio models!

These cards are extremely tiny so they fit into both regular PCIe slots, and also the smaller low profile PCIe slots found on rack mount servers. Even though they are very tiny, they are still a full broadcast quality spec solution! Both models work in SD and HD, plus support all Mac, Windows and Linux software that our other DeckLink models do.

DeckLink Mini Recorder is a perfect solution when you need small, portable, low cost capture. DeckLink Mini Monitor is great for monitoring with editing software such as DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro 7 and X, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Both models will be available in late April for US$145 each.

Blackmagic MultiDock

This is an exciting solution that makes managing and editing media from our HyperDeck disk recorders and cameras much much simpler!

We have designed a one rack unit sized Thunderbolt disk dock that includes 4 independent 2.5 inch disk docking slots for inserting and mounting hard disks and SSD’s. It’s a simple and attractive design with built in power supply and a single Thunderbolt connection to the computer. It features an independent SATA chip per slot so you get maximum speed.

It makes docking disks very easy and you can simply mount and then edit or color correct direct from the disks. If you want a disk array, the disks can be striped together to get extra speed and storage space too! Blackmagic MultiDock supports Mac OS X and Windows that have Thunderbolt connections.

Blackmagic MultiDock will be available in early May for $595.

New Low Price for Universal Videohub

Universal Videohub has been popular since we launched it over a year ago. We have worked very hard to make these amazing card based routers more affordable and we are announcing new prices today for all the parts of a Universal Videohub.

This means Universal Videohub is now much lower cost, and you can even build a fully populated 72 x 72 card based Universal Videohub for less than the cost of a Broadcast Videohub now. That’s great and now Universal Videohub is affordable and, because it’s card based, you get 24/7 reliability too!

The new item prices are:

  • Universal Videohub 288 chassis is now US$9,995.
  • Universal Videohub 288 Crosspoint is now US$8,995.
  • Universal Videohub 72 chassis is now US$2,995.
  • Universal Videohub 72 Crosspoint is now US$2,995.
  • Universal Videohub SDI Interface is now US$395.
  • Universal Videohub 450W Power Card is now US$395.

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