e7 explained: 1:1 teacher preparation

e7 explained: 1:1 teacher preparation

So you’ve realised that iPad is for you, but you need a surefire way to get staff on board with a 1:1 scheme and make certain that they’re comfortable using the device in front of the class. Welcome to phase 2: teacher preparation. 

We’ll work with you to make sure that all of your staff are comfortable using iPad before you embark on a full scale 1:1 rollout to students. For a full term, we’ll provide your teachers with iPad so that when it comes to students receiving them, staff are completely up to speed – and you don’t have to pay until launch day!

We know that, with tight budgets and most schools opting for parental contribution schemes, iPad for teaching staff can only be financed once contributions have been collected. Through our exclusive deferred payment scheme, Jigsaw24 will provide iPad for your staff for a full term before any contributions are collected. That means your teachers get access to iPad now, and will be comfortable, trained and using the devices for a full term before student launch day – without paying a penny on hardware costs!

To be eligible for the deferred payment scheme, you must…

•  Work with us to build an iPad training programme for your staff to maximise outcomes with your teaching staff.

•  Commit to a number of training sessions during the term.

•  Sign up for a full 1:1 programme with Jigsaw24 for staff and students at an agreed price per iPad before delivery of your staff devices.

You should also ask us about…

•  Next-level teacher training, including curricular specialist sessions for defining how iPad can be used to enhance lessons.

•  Consultation on classroom setup, including presentation tools, file management within the Apple ecosystem and general workflow. Can also include a network and infrastructure review, along with solution design and proposal.

•  Flexible and extended warranties and support options to ensure your new hardware is covered.

•  Supply and installation of additional kit, including Macs, Apple TV, interactive classroom touchscreens, charging solutions and more.

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e7 explained: 1:1 student deployment

e7 explained: 1:1 student deployment

Pilot scheme completed and teachers up to speed? You’re ready to crack on with the third and final stage of e7, the student deployment.

You’ve taken part in a pilot scheme, your teachers have been using iPad for a full term and have been trained on the best ways to use it in the classroom, and now it’s time for your students to reap the rewards.

Our aim is to make sure that the launch day goes as smoothly as possible. From school-branded portals that help make parental contribution schemes easier, to devices that are configured with school settings, apps and learning resources before they reach the hands of your pupils, our team will make the whole process an easy one.

We can help you with…

•  Essential teacher training from Apple Professional Development accredited trainers and former teaching staff.

•  Software tech support for Apple tools and agreed third-party apps by our experienced tech advisors.

•  Network health checks to ensure you never have any problems accessing the school network in future.

•  Onsite deployment assistance and support for your launch day. With rapid deployment, we can make the transition an easy one.

•  Warranties and insurance packages to help make sure you don’t run into any problems with your hardware.

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Our 6 best headphones for the classroom

Our 6 best headphones for the classroom

Are headphones the unsung heroes of the audio classroom? Not only do they keep your neighbours happy, protect you from your students’ more ‘experimental’ compositions and make things like our old favourite the JamHub possible, they’re pretty much constantly being battered, beaten and dropped. 

So, if you’re taking advantage of the Christmas break to give your audio equipment a bit of a spruce, we’d recommend starting with your headphones. And we have a few suggestions as to which might be best for you…

For student workstations: AKG K44. Great for where you need lots of pairs for student workstations, the AKG K44 has a straight single-sided cable, which means it’s less prone to getting caught or snagged and snapping than your typical, double-cabled headphone.

For media students: Sony MDR-7506. Sony’s MDR-5706 provides your media students with excellent sound quality, while combining a closed back design and single-sided coiled cable to ensure they can stand up to the rigours of outdoor shooting (it also minimises the amount of cable around to get tangled up in).

For the recording studio: Beyerdynamic DT100. If you’re trying to replicate an industry standard workflow, try using the DT100, which is the industry’s standard closed back headphone. It offers you minimal sound leakage and a tough-as-nails industrial design, with all parts being individually replaceable if they sustain damage.

Beyerdynamic DT100

For critical listening: AKG K240. These high quality monitoring headphones give your students an excellent frequency range and open backed design, making them ideal for exercises where students need to listen critically, such as when they’re listening to recorded performances or monitoring instruments.

For use in noisy environments: Sennheiser HD-25-1 II. With its pro quality sound reproduction, closed back design, excellent background noise attenuation and rotatable ear cups, this Sennheiser model is great for anyone trying to hear clearly in noisy environments. It’s proved very popular with professional cameramen and DJs, which we’re taking as a sterling recommendation of its noise reduction abilities.

For monitoring on a budget: Sennheiser HD205-II. The 205-II’s single-sided cable and closed back design make it a sturdy choice for anyone who needs headphones for monitoring, recording or general listening that don’t break the bank.

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How our designers made the move to Creative Cloud for teams

How our designers made the move to Creative Cloud for teams

When Adobe announced that their key apps were moving to Creative Cloud and that a new teams option would be available, we decided to sign our in-house design team up straight away. While they were initially nervous, we now have a team of designers who can work remotely, collaborate easily and have developed an unhealthy fascination with InCopy…

Choosing to move to Creative Cloud for teams

As the UK’s largest Adobe reseller, we’re always keen to get our hands on the latest updates so that we know what our customers are dealing with. However, when the design team found our that their beloved copies of Creative Suite were going to be confiscated, they were a little worried.

“At first, I was apprehensive, because it was really an unknown,” explains our design manager Loui Goldsworthy. “Because of the name, I thought it might change how our team works. Would it pull from a server continuously and be slow?” (These worries turned out to be unfounded – our team just needed to download the apps once, then worked locally as they had before, without the need to connect to Adobe’s servers or maintain a constant internet access.)

But the possibility of accessing new features quickly overcame any nerves. “We thought it was the right thing to do – we were excited to move and see the new features we’d get to explore, and we always want to make sure we’re utilising the latest features and using the most efficient workflow,” Loui.

As for the designers themselves, their reactions ranged from excited to nervous to worried that they’d have to pay for their own software – a worry quickly put paid to by the arrival of Creative Cloud for teams, which allowed everything to be managed centrally rather than forcing each designer to take out an individual licence.

Getting set up with Creative Cloud for teams

When it came to getting set up with Creative Cloud for teams, “It was really easy,” said Loui. “We just had to assign the email addresses of the individual designers to the licence. They then got an invitation to the main Creative Cloud portal.”

From there, the designers can download whichever apps they need. If their requirements change or they want to explore a new app, they simply head back to the portal. On the flipside of that, our design managers can also choose to lock down apps if they wish. “We’ve stayed away from that as just because some of our apps aren’t part of our workflow now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. If we don’t explore them we don’t know what we could be missing. The expanded range of apps available as standard in Creative Cloud for teams is great to give us opportunities to be able to cater more widely to our clients’ needs.”

Finding new features and tools

One of the main benefits of moving to Creative Cloud for teams was that our designers got access to a host of new tools. “I love the idea of Edge Animate and the possibilities it opens up when you’re creating HTML5 animations for websites and iBooks,” said Paul, while our graphic designer Liana is a big fan of Kuler: “You can download it to your iPhone, which is great if you get inspiration on the go or need to kill time on the bus.”

Across the department, there’s also been a lot of interest in InCopy. “I looked at it years ago but made the decision that the extra cost wasn’t justified then – now it’s free it might be a really useful addition to our workflow,” said Loui.

So would we recommend it?

“Yes,” said Loui. “Firstly because the range of apps that come as standard within Creative Cloud and the seamless integration between them. And secondly because of the admin side of things – I’m very pleased not to have to mess about with loading installer CDs, it’s much better to have a central area where I can download the apps I need when I need them. Plus it’s great that the licence allows me to load Creative Cloud on my home computer so I can continue with some bits at home if I need to, or any of the team can pick up work out of office – it helps us stay productive without being tied down.”

“I’ve changed my mind about the cost after working with it,” Paul added. “Yes, on the face of it, moving to a subscription rather than owning your software is strange, but you do get access to all the applications. This opens a lot of doors creatively and also challenges you and makes you want to learn more and do more.”

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Red Giant add Smart Start to PluralEyes 3.3

Red Giant add Smart Start to PluralEyes 3.3

One for PluralEyes and Shooter Suite users: Red Giant’s new update (which takes the software to versions 12.2 and 3.3 respectively) is available for free now, and gives you access to the new Smart Start feature. 

As Red Giant explain it, “whether adding a small set of files or importing multiple folders of multi cam files, the new Smart Start feature in PluralEyes 3.3 intelligently organises your media, so you can start synchronising sooner.” They tell us you can drag and drop entire folders without losing structures or names, which is always a plus as far as we’re concerned.

Other changes in the update include a new look and feel to the GUI, which is designed to streamline it and ensure your focus is drawn to where it’s needed, and support for the Canon C100 and Canon XF range, including spanned clips. The update is free for existing PluralEyes and Shooter Suite users.

You can download the update here or watch Red Giant’s Smart Start tutorial here:

Getting Started with Red Giant PluralEyes 3: SmartStart from Red Giant on Vimeo.

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Do Blackmagic Design think low frame rate UHD is good enough?

Do Blackmagic Design think low frame rate UHD is good enough?

Much has been made of the fact that Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, apparently told TVB Europe that “low frame rate UHD is good enough.” Now, while we enjoy a good web argument as much as the next person and our marketeers salute that link-baiting headline, there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s, well, a bit wrong. 

Blackmagic Design's 4K Production Camera

And by ‘a bit’, we mean ‘completely’. If you read the interview in full, you’ll note that the quote that line comes from actually goes as follows, and actually means the opposite:

“However, the computer industry will send 4K to the home before broadcast does. Broadcasters have to figure out how to get UHD 60p down a conventional channel. UHD at low framerates is doable, but even so it will emerge pretty rough on transmission. The problem is that 4K is being driven by organisations pretending that low framerate UHD is good enough. That’s a press release, not a workflow.”

You’ll also notice the far more exciting news: The 4K Production Camera will be shipping this quarter. We’re going to start clearing space in our warehouse now.

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Avid welcome ISIS 7500 with ISIS v4.6 software

Avid welcome ISIS 7500 with ISIS v4.6 software

Mark 9th December in your diaries: it’s the date Avid will roll out the Avid ISIS 7500, complete with ISIS v4.6 software. According to their official statement, the 7500 is going to streamline and accelerate your production, double your storage capacity and offer fantastic value money. All sounds great, doesn’t it?

ISIS 7500

“The ISIS 7500 is the latest addition to the award winning, most dependable, collaborative storage for media and entertainment workflows,” Avid continue. “We’re raising the bar on capacity, introducing an i8000 ISIS Storage Blade (ISB) with two 4TB drives, delivering 128TB capacity per engine.”

These higher-capacity engines will obviously be a huge help to anyone who has found themselves working in higher resolutions and frame rates of late, as they give you more overall storage space and allow you to deliver more streams of footage to more editors faster, which in turn helps you turn around a project in less time, even if the files involved are mahoosive.

The ISIS 7500 will come in three sizes: an entry-level 7500-32TB, a 7500-64TB module for anyone looking to expand a basic setup, and an ISIS 7500-128TB module for anyone who needs as much space as they can get their hands on. You can combine and scale these modules to create an ISIS system with up to 24 engines, and they’re fully compatible with the previous generation of ISIS engines, so will work with your existing ISIS storage. (As a side note, Avid are withdrawing the ISIS 7000 range from sale in January, but will continue to honour support contracts until January 2019.)

You’re currently able to expand these scalable ISIS systems all the way up to 3 Petabytes, and as Avid tell us: “ISIS 7500 i2000 (2TB), i4000 (4TB) and the new i8000 (8TB) ISBs can be used to upgrade existing ISIS 7000 systems. This provides huge capacity increase without increased power, space or cooling needs. Users are constantly looking for economical ways to expand the hours of footage available to the whole production team, ISIS 7500 delivers.”

ISIS 7500: the official key features
  • Built for media production – Seamless integrated workflows with benchmark performance, reliability and manageability.
  • Enables collaboration – Unsurpassed user experience with reliability, scale, and predictability that enables and accelerates creative collaboration.
  • Workflow connected – Tightest integration with asset management, editing, ingest, and playout devices while supporting 3rd party applications.
  • Ease of use – Suite of powerful and intuitive system management tools that save time and effort.
  • Open architecture – File Gateway, Avid clients, Final Cut Pro, Adobe….
  • Elegant simplicity, with exceptional power – Thanks to its self-balancing distributed architecture and metadata management, you gain more time to focus on creative work.
  • Proven and trusted – Over 3,000 broadcast and post-production customers worldwide have made ISIS their storage solution of choice.
ISIS 4.6 software

To support your new 7500 engines and ISBs, you’ll need to update your ISIS software to v4.6. This will also allow you to access, edit and share ISIS-based media on OS X Mavericks or Windows 8.1, if that’s your thing.

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Avid introduces OS X Mavericks support with Pro Tools 11.0.3

Avid introduces OS X Mavericks support with Pro Tools 11.0.3

Avid have released Pro Tools 11.0.3, an update that brings support for OS X Mavericks to Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools standard. As this is a Mavericks-specific update, it’s not necessary if you’re using an earlier version of OS X – in that case, you can just stick with Pro Tools 11.0.2.

This is a free update, and you can download it now from the download area of your Avid account. However, you can’t co-install Pro Tools 11.0.3 and 10.3.x on a Mavericks machine, and as this is a full installer, Avid are recommending your remove and replace any installations of Pro Tools 11.0.2 or 11.0.1 on your machine. (Insert all the usual warnings about backing everything up here.)

New, Mavericks-compatible audio hardware drivers are also available for the majority of Avid audio devices – you can see the full list of updates at the Avid site.

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Video: Exploring Adobe’s new video features

Video: Exploring Adobe’s new video features

Adobe reckon they’ve made 150 improvements to Premiere Pro, After Effects and Speed Grade since they moved to Creative Cloud, so we thought it was probably time for a roundup.

In this webinar, we ran through the basics of using the latest versions, as well as running through some of the more noteworthy additions. You can also download Adobe’s PDF roundup of the bigger changes here.

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Canon warn there’ll be no cashback deal or warranty support for ‘grey imports’

Canon warn there’ll be no cashback deal or warranty support for ‘grey imports’

Canon are warning customers that they’re seeing a rise in the number of ‘grey imports’ hitting the UK since they launched their winter offers, and would like to remind you that these imports aren’t eligible for cash back deals, warranty support or any of the other extras you’d expect when dropping several grand on a camera – even if they’re DOA. 

What is a grey import?

Grey imports are goods which were intended for sale in another territory, but have been bought up by unscrupulous resellers and sold into the European market. While they are real Canon cameras, they often don’t have serial numbers (which you need to register your product for support, to claim cash back offers, and to activate certain features and updates on some models) and may contain pirated or incorrect copies of the software that is supposed to come with the camera. They’re also not eligible for any support from Canon, so even if the camera is broken when it arrives on your doorstep, there’s no way for you to get a replacement, refund or repair.

How do I know if my camera’s a grey import?

If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. There are a few honest to goodness Canon deals going on at the moment, but if someone’s selling off cameras for a price that you can’t believe, tread carefully.

If you’ve already got your camera, common signs of a grey import include: no UK power adaptor in the box, or a third party adaptor instead of a Canon one; photocopied manuals or manuals not in English; copied, incorrect or non-functioning software; missing warranty card, non-Canon warranty card or a non-European Canon warranty card. The camera might also fail to display a valid serial number.

Read the official warning from Canon.

 Do Jigsaw24 import grey goods?

No we do not, and we’re offended that you had to ask. Stick to us – well, to the authorised resellers listed on Canon’s site, of which we are clearly the most excellent – and you’ll be fine. You can see our 100% legit Canon range here.

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