iPad in education: Troubleshooting iOS 8

iPad in education: Troubleshooting iOS 8

iOS 8 is here, and it brings with it iCloud Drive, a really simple way to back up files and sync them between devices. This is obviously great for making sure classwork is available for revision at home, or retrieving work from a forgotten device, and our education team are understandably keen.

However, we’ve heard reports that some people are having trouble keeping track of their documents after turning iCloud Drive on, as different devices and operating systems interact with it differently. Here are eight things you need to remember to enjoy a seamless iCloud Drive experience.

1. Documents (Keynote, Pages, Numbers) previously in iCloud will be in iCloud Drive, and will come down again to your device when iCloud Drive is activated.

2. Devices still using iOS 7 will not lose documents (they are locally cached), but new documents will simply remain local rather than being sent to the cloud. You need to upgrade to iOS 8 to get the full benefits of iCloud Drive.

3. OS X Mavericks does not support iCloud Drive; most users of iCloud for iWork will have everything locally stored on their Mac anyway (as this is the way iCloud works on Macs and iOS devices – a local copy is created which is then copied up to iCloud). If you’re struggling to find a file, go to your local user library by clicking the Go menu in the Finder while holding down the Alt key, then clicking Mobile Documents – all local copies of files should be there, sorted by application.

4. If for some reason files are not coming back to an iOS device after updating, you can always find them at iCloud.com, and in worst case scenario email critical files to yourself from within the browser (do this from the iWork application folders, not from iCloud Drive).

5. Some iPad users have found that sometimes the iCloud switch in Settings > Keynote or Settings > Pages won’t stay switched on when you return to the app – i.e they’ve switched it on in Settings, go to Pages, waited for the files to appear from iCloud, seen nothing and returned to Settings to find the switch has turned itself off.

This is the main reason why people think they’ve lost files, but they’re actually all still there! The solution? Switch off the device, switch it back on again (I know!) – relaunch Pages/Keynote/Numbers and wait for the pop-up box asking if you want to use iCloud. Answer yes. This flips on the switch and your files should appear.

So there you have it – five places to find files you might have thought were missing! For more tips on keeping your files at your fingertips, get in touch on o3332 409 333, at learning@Jigsaw24.com or even via @Jigsaw24Edu. You can even ‘Like’ us on Facebook. 

IBC 2014: Telestream products receive official DPP/SWMA certification

IBC 2014: Telestream products receive official DPP/SWMA certification

Telestream chose IBC to announce that their Vantage and Switch solutions were “among the first products to achieve DPP/AMWA certification as part of the DPP’s new Compliance Program.” 

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) expect all UK broadcasters to be accepting their final footage as digital files rather than tapes by 1st October 2014, so Telestream’s announcement comes just in time for anyone looking to slide in under the wire.

Telestream have added several new features to Vantage, including new capabilities for assembling and encoding DPP AS-11 MXF files and their free multi-format plater, Switch, will now let you visually QC DPP files on the desktop.

According to Telestream press, the complete solution supports:
– Entry of DPP metadata and the creation of multi-part DPP packages from one or more media files.
– Assembly of a DPP time line, generating bars, slate, tone, and aligning program segments.
– Transcoding to DPP-compatible AS-11 MXF file, including metadata and time code.
– Automatic delivery to multiple locations with minimal manual labour.
– Support for Harding PSE analysis via third party plug-ins.

Read more about Telestream’s solution for DPP file delivery here.

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IBC 2014: G-Technology extends its studio line of external hard drives

IBC 2014: G-Technology extends its studio line of external hard drives

New eight-bay 64TB G-SPEED Studio XL among G-Technology’s newest innovations to support multi-stream HD, 2K and 4K workflows for creative professionals.

G-Technology, a leader in delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and  creative professionals, today announced the first extension of its Studio line, the G-SPEED Studio XL. Expanding on the two–bay G-RAID Studio and four-bay G-SPEED Studio Thunderbolt 2 storage solutions, which launched earlier this year, the G-SPEED Studio XL holds up to eight removable enterprise-class 7,200 RPM hard drives, offering colossal capacity and performance of up to 1,350 megabytes per second (MBps) performance for the most demanding digital content creation applications.

“We understand that today’s creative professionals are constantly on the go and need to turn around quality work on ever-shortening timelines,” said Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, G-Technology. “Boasting lightning-fast speeds, our eight-bay G-SPEED Studio XL has been built to help better manage their  demanding projects, representing our continued efforts to further support content creators’ workflow and data management needs.”

Featuring the sleek design and reliability of G-Technology’s Studio line, the G-SPEED Studio XL eight-bay Thunderbolt 2 storage solution comes in a high-quality, black enclosure with integrated cooling technology, ideal for any high-performance computer or workstation. It also supports 4k workflows with user-configurable RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 and 60, and impressive transfer rates of up to 1,350MB/sec in RAID 0.

Like other products in the Studio line, the G-SPEED Studio XL can be daisy-chained via dual Thunderbolt 2 ports to boost storage speeds and effortlessly support demanding multi-stream HD, 2K and compressed 4K workflows. The G-SPEED Studio XL will be available in November. Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing is 24TB for £2,699, 32TB for £3,479, 40TB for £4,199, 48TB for £4,499 and a colossal 64TB for £5,250.

“The new G-SPEED Studio XL is the ideal storage solution for me, as it is incredibly fast, super quiet and really compact, allowing me to conveniently house two of these massive storage solutions in two different locations – one in New York and one in LA,” said Vincent Laforet, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and director.

“Previously, I had a large server with less capacity in these locations, which was economically prohibitive. Now I have 64TB of easily accessible data at my fingertips with the G-SPEED Studio XL solutions, which helps me find and transfer my files in ways that were only a distant dream just a few years ago.”

You can see the full G-SPEED range (and pre-order your G-SPEED Studio XL) here on our site.

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IBC 2014: Canon release EOS 7D Mk II

IBC 2014: Canon release EOS 7D Mk II

There’s always one. Just as we’d thought our IBC blogging was done for the year, Canon snuck in the new EOS 7D Mk II. We considered ignoring it, but frankly we’ve been waiting for it for ages and it looks super, so here we go…

According to Canon’s press squad, “The EOS 7D Mark II is a revolutionary new DSLR built for speed, offering class-leading performance and power.” Key features are as follows:

Made for capturing split-second action, it shoots an incredible 10 frames per second without a drop in resolution, and sets a new benchmark for speed and power, with an all cross-type 65-point AF systemi and Dual “DIGIC 6” processors.

For beautiful imagery with incomparable detail in even challenging lighting situations, the EOS 7D Mark II features an all new 150k pixel RGB+IR metering sensor and a newly-designed 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor with a native ISO 100-16,000.

Offering complete adaptability, it offers customisable body controls and a new viewfinder which provides approximately 100% coverage. 

The EOS 7D Mark II also offers a suite of pro-standard movie features, including 60p Full HD capture, uncompressed HDMI output and Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

We’d also note realtime metering, RAW and JPEG simultaneous recording at up to 50 fps interframe, and a maximum movie folder length of 29 minutes 59 seconds. But press release aside, here are some other features to bear in mind…

A headphone jack. Finally.

Canon want you to love HDMI. Not only have they thrown a port protector in with the camera, they’ve added the ability to send audio and clean 4:2:2 over HDMI while simultaneously recording 4:2:0 VBR internally.

Continuous focus and variable focus speed. Canon’s 7D MkII uses the same Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus technology as the C100 and C300, which aren’t exactly slouches. It also has menu options that let you control the sensitivity of the tracking system and set different focus speeds for before shooting and during shooting.

The EOS 7D Mk II is available now. We’re also running a stonking offer on the original recipe 7D.

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IBC 2014: NewTek will launch new TriCaster features in the next two weeks

IBC 2014: NewTek will launch new TriCaster features in the next two weeks
Not content with launching their TalkShow Skype solution for live production, NewTek have announced that a range of new features will be coming to their industry-leading TriCaster solutions.

You can now output your TriCaster’s tally to Blackmagic Design’s ATEM camera convertor, meaning the telly can then be sent to individual cameras over fibre. Additionally, if you’re working with JVC’s 650 or 850, you can now take command of their camera control element directly from the TriCaster.

If you’re using a PTZ camera, you’ll be pleased to hear that NewTek have implemented the Pelco-D camera control protocol that is used by many PTZ cameras, and say that will continue to improve support for PTZ users.

And in a non-camera twist, you can now record your TriCaster ISOs straight to a SAN, which is great news to for longer shows. This should allow teams who are working on VOD shows or highlight reels to access and share key clips more easily.

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IBC 2014: Autodesk Smoke 2015 gets its first extension pack

IBC 2014: Autodesk Smoke 2015 gets its first extension pack

Autodesk Smoke 2015 has joined Maya and 3ds Max in getting its very own service pack, which was announced this weekend at IBC.

If you’re one of the clever so-and-sos who’ve got an Autodesk Maintenance Subscription, you can head over and download this update from Autodesk for free, but first let us run you through the highlights:

Segment-based LUT Editor

Editors can now apply LUTs, color transforms, and colour space conversions to timeline segments or groups of segments in the timeline using the LUT Editor. Available right in the timeline, it’s now easier than ever to create consistent looks across multiple clips by applying LUTs directly to individual segments, adding LUTs to Gaps, and transitioning colour transforms from one segment to the next.

Matchbox Timeline FX

Smoke 2015 Extension 1 introduces Matchbox as a new Timeline FX, making it faster and easier for editors to create and add effects as they edit without leaving the timeline. The powerful Matchbox GLSL shader creation tool enables editors to access, build, and apply custom shaders and transitions in Smoke.

Compatibility with Sparks

Smoke 2015 Extension 1 reintroduces compatibility with Sparks plug-ins to both ConnectFX and as a Timeline FX. Editors can now apply a variety of third party plug-in effects, ranging from blurs and distortions to lighting and transitions, in Smoke.

Enhanced Codec Support

Smoke 2015 Extension 1 offers enhanced support for a number of codecs, helping editors work more efficiently with data from a number of sources. Extension 1 adds support for: RED SDK 5.0 with ACES support; Sony RAW SDK 2.3 with new S-Gamut-3 colour management options; ARRIRAW 4.5 with new Alexa options (OpenGame, Anamorphic, and Cropping); XDCam HD, HD422 and EX encoding (MXF OP1a); DPX RGBA 8, 10, 12, and 16-bit (import and export); and DPX drop frame (29.97fps) and TVRate metadata (import and export).

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IBC 2014: Genelec introduces new compact Smart Active Monitoring Systems

IBC 2014: Genelec introduces new compact Smart Active Monitoring Systems

During the last eight years, Genelec has created a line of highly successful Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) products designed to adapt automatically and accurately to the acoustic environment. Today, 12. September 2014, on Stand 8.D61 at IBC 2014, Genelec is proud to release a new generation of SAM systems by introducing two new compact two-way monitors, the 8320 and 8330, and a new subwoofer, the 7350, along with an entirely new and highly intuitive Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software, GLM 2.0, complemented with a new measurement microphone and network adapter unit.

“IBC is the perfect launch platform for our new compact SAM systems,” comments Lars-Olof Janflod, Marketing and PR Director at Genelec. “Visitors will discover how much further developments we have put in this new generation of SAM systems to offer intelligent auto- calibrating systems that are easy and friendly to use. Reaching a much wider range of production facilities and business applications, these new high resolution audio monitoring systems naturally extend our SAM range to smaller sizes while offering performance never seen or heard before in the audio monitoring business.”

The 8320 and 8330 monitors feature Genelec’s Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE), made of recycled die-cast aluminium as well as the advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) technology. While the 8320 and 8330 monitors and the 7350 subwoofer are small in stature, they are outstanding in performance and are part of the highly integrated software and hardware solutions developed by Genelec R&D team. With their floating point digital signal processing engines and Genelec-designed Class D amplifiers, these SAM systems will make you appreciate the forward thinking that makes Genelec the leading benchmark in audio monitoring for broadcast, post-production, and music facilities.

Genelec’s SAM technology is an indispensable tool when dealing with the challenging reality of small room acoustics. SAM technology automatically optimises and aligns each monitor and subwoofer for relative levels, time of flight, subwoofer crossover phase as well as individual room response compensations. So, even if the monitors or the production projects move between rooms, you can expect that SAM technology will achieve the highest consistency in monitoring by always providing a neutral sound stage imaging with low distortion.

Genelec SAM systems offer the most advanced and flexible monitoring solutions for today’s professional users, in production facilities of all types and sizes.

To find out more about the new 8320, 8330 and 7350, and how SAM systems are transforming professional monitoring, visit Stand 8.D61 at IBC 2014 or www.genelec.com/ibc2014press

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IBC 2014: AMD professional graphics empower 4K video workflows for broadcast customers

IBC 2014: AMD professional graphics empower 4K video workflows for broadcast customers

To empower broadcast customers with productivity and performance for exceptional 4K workflows, AMD is showcasing new AMD FirePro W-series professional graphics alongside hardware and software industry leaders Adobe, AJA, ASSIMILATE, Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, Dell, FUJITSU, HP, SuperMicro, RealVNC, and The Foundry with hands-on demonstrations at IBC 2014.

“Broadcast workstations featuring AMD professional graphics benefit from increased GPU memory sizes, superior multi-display 4K capabilities, driver quality and certified ISV applications, enabling users to simply do more, faster,” said David Cummings, senior director and general manager, Professional Graphics at AMD “AMD continues to collaborate with industry leading hardware and software companies to provide broadcast professionals with better tools to deliver high-quality content and results in 4K and beyond.”

“ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH software is leading the way for 4K production dailies and digital intermediate workflows for feature films, TV shows and commercials,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of Marketing for ASSIMILATE. “SCRATCH outperforms by fully exploiting the power of GPU technology, such as with AMD FirePro Graphics. The new AMD FirePro W8100 card featured in the Dell Precision T7810 system really raises the game for SCRATCH artists, delivering real-time 4K performance — even with the most complex color-grades and comps applied. This level of price-performance is what our artists demand, and the AMD plus Dell combination really delivers.”

“Our VNC remote access software is being integrated into a wide range of products in virtually every industry sector, and we are delighted that the AMD RapidFire SDK is now also featuring the technology following our collaboration with AMD,” said Richard Pickul, Strategic Alliances Manager of RealVNC. “By integrating VNC with AMD RapidFire SDK we’re providing users with the ability to connect to these high-end computers, maintaining the same great performance, from another computer or mobile device. Anyone visiting IBC 2014 will able to view this new technology on the AMD stand.”

At the AMD stand at IBC 2014, attendees will have the opportunity to experience a range of workflow demonstrations powered by AMD FirePro professional graphics, including:

– New and enhanced features for Adobe Creative Cloud video workflows using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC on AMD FirePro professional graphics with OpenCL accelerated 4K video editing, compositing and effects.
– The Foundry’s open beta of the NUKE 9 range which includes NUKE STUDIO, NUKE and NUKEX. The new range introduces support for the Apple Mac Pro and the AMD FirePro D series cards.
– Assimilate Scratch technical demonstration of raw file video processing, editing, compositing and color correction.
– Autodesk demonstration featuring Autodesk Maya with Bullet Physics and 3ds Max combined with a Fujitsu Celsius R930 Workstation.
– AJA demonstration of DirectGMA supporting SDI video stream video directly to and from AMD FirePro graphics.
– Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve demonstration of real-time video post-processing effects previews and color correction.
– RealVNC demonstration of secure high-end VDI that uses H264 and AMD FirePro GPUs to offer fast real-time remote access and control.
– Dell Precision Workstation family that delivers outstanding performance and stability while giving creative designers and professionals a reliable platform for demanding ISV applications.
– HP Z Workstations featuring power, performance, and reliability for complex post-processing effects on a feature film, or texturing TV animations.
– Fujitsu Celsius R930 workstations featuring AMD FirePro W9100 graphics cards that deliver unparalleled usability, outstanding performance and expandability to scale to the level of performance required by workstation users.

The new AMD FirePro W-series professional cards along with industry hardware and software companies will be on display at IBC 2014 at the RAI Centre, Amsterdam at AMD Booth 7.H35.

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IBC 2014: Blackmagic Design’s Grant Petty speaks

IBC 2014: Blackmagic Design’s Grant Petty speaks

As is traditional, Blackmagic Design have followed up their official press statement with an epic email from CEO Grant Petty, a man who loves to talk about new releases almost as much as we love to hear about them. Here’s this year’s instalment. 


It’s IBC 2014 time and we have some very exciting new products this year and I wanted to update you on all the details!

This IBC, as well as new products, we are announcing that we have acquired eyeon software and their amazing Fusion software. This software is amazing and it’s used on so many high end Hollywood feature films and is extremely powerful.

We are also announcing 2 new cameras, a new Ultra HD multi view, new 12G-SDI based Ultra HD monitoring and a DeckLink card, new DaVinci Resolve update, a new 40 x 40 router, new mini converters and a lot more!

The news we are announcing is:

  • Blackmagic acquires eyeon software
  • DaVinci Resolve 11.1 Update
  • Blackmagic Production Camera PL and Cinema Camera PL
  • Blackmagic MultiView 16
  • SmartView 4K
  • Smart Videohub 40×40
  • DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G
  • Mini Converters with 6G-SDI and Ultra HD
    • Mini Converter SDI to Audio 4K
    • Mini Converter Audio to SDI 4K
  • Mini Converters with 6G-SDI and Ultra HD
    • Mini Converter H/Duty SDI to HDMI 4K
    • Mini Converter H/Duty HDMI to SDI 4K
    • Mini Converter H/Duty SDI to Analog 4K
  • New Blackmagic Videohub Software
eyeon Software

For years we have been amazed by the incredible Fusion software and what an amazing feature set it has for compositing. It has been the tool used on over 1000 major Hollywood feature films, and has been used on some of the most recent blockbuster movies for some of the most complex effects scenes in these movies. It’s an incredible tool and it’s really Hollywood’s secret to doing some of these major effects shots.

Now we have just completed acquiring eyeon software and for us this is extremely exciting as, similar to DaVinci, we now have a second powerful software tool that has remarkable creative power. The guys at eyeon are also excited as now we can add better sales and support for eyeon’s software tools. So I think it’s a very good match.

If you have never taken a close look at Fusion, please check out the eyeon website. There are some nice videos there showing what it can do.

But what I think is really amazing is the whole “node” based way of working. I think when you first see Fusion and its nodes, it can look a little intimidating, but then when you realize what you are looking at, it suddenly hits you how easy and clean this way of working is.

If you have used a timeline in an NLE, then you might think this is an easy way to add layers and do effects. However when you start doing anything complicated in a timeline, such as add a few clips, then add a few effects to each clip, with each effect having multiple parameters to adjust, it can get very complex, very quickly.

We all know what that’s like when you are trying to adjust something and you have to dig around looking for the correct parameter to adjust and try and work out which plug on what layer it’s on. It can become quite complex and cumbersome.

This is what nodes solve. With nodes, each thing to do is a little node, and you have a whole collection of effects you can just connect up to do anything you like. When you want to adjust anything in a shot, you just check on the node and adjust it. It’s all right there, laid out very simply and you can see it all. It’s so incredibly simple. It’s just like plugging in LEGO bricks.

What’s funny is that it becomes a bit addictive and I find you want to just spend hours plugging in different effects and experimenting! It’s very creative, once you see how simple it is.

Of course, Fusion has a massive palette of effects. There are motion graphics, a fantastic tracker, color correctors, particles, great keyers, plus even fantastic paint with rotoscoping and onion skinning. The whole environment is full 3D and there are incredible 3D tools and simulations. There are way more features than I can list here!

We will be showing Fusion on the Blackmagic Design booth at IBC and if you are coming to the show, please drop by. We will also be posting the latest full release of Fusion 7.0 and this is the latest edition of the software, and it’s even better than ever!

We think this acquisition of eyeon Software is very exciting and we will keep you updated with what we do and we look forward to chatting with existing Fusion users about what we can do in the future as we grow the software team working on it.


DaVinci Resolve 11.1

The DaVinci Resolve software we released recently has been received really well and we have been so happy with the response. It’s nice when you work hard and people are happy with the results because then you feel all the late nights and lost sleep were worth it!

However of course, there are always some little things we missed or could not quite get the time to add into the update so we have this new DaVinci Resolve 11.1 update to fix that!

We have added in a bunch of new features including a new full screen timeline view, editable in and out points in the viewer, gap trimming, the ability to add multiple transitions simultaneously, independent track heights, fade in and out opacity settings on video tracks and the ability to swap edits. Also now when folders are dropped into the media pool, the whole folder hierarchy is preserved. So there are lots of little updates in this release.

This software is available now to download from the support page on our web site.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K & Cinema Camera PL

Also new this year are two new cameras. What we have done is added models of our Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and Blackmagic Cinema Camera with PL lens mounts. This means you can use cinema lenses on the camera, which is great because these two cameras are being heavily used on feature films now so it’s great to have models with PL lens mounts.

The PL mount is made out of machined steel so unlike the cheap adapters made from aluminum, the PL lens mount on these cameras won’t bind onto the lens and get stuck. There are nice big tabs to allow you to put good positive pressure on the lens fastening ring, and the whole mount is incredibly strong so it can hold a heavy lens. Because the whole chassis of this camera is machined out of aluminum, it has a lot of strength and can hold these heavy lenses.

When we were originally designing this camera design it was going to be a PL mount. That’s why we chose to machine the chassis out of a block of solid aluminum. However when halfway through development we realized that a lot of people who would want this camera would want something better than a DSLR, and they would most likely have Canon lenses. So we changed the design to EF for the original model.

Since that time we have been busy releasing other models, however now we have been able to come back and release a full PL mount model. What’s funny is when you look at these new cameras, it’s quite surprising to see how small the camera itself is and it’s not much smaller than the lens mount. The choice of metal chassis makes the whole combination work well.

Of course the PL mount front face can be removed and you can shim it yourself. So you can collimate a lens onto the camera for matching the lens and camera perfectly. The PL mount also lets you use decades of “vintage glass” so you can get the look of old cinema film by using the very lenses they used back in those days.

We now have 5 models to choose from in this chassis, with 2 different sensors and 3 different lens mounts. This means you can choose from a 4K sensor with 12 stops of dynamic range, global shutter and large Super 35 size, or the 2.5K sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range, rolling shutter but better low light performance. So you can choose the model that’s best for the type of work you need to do.

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K PL is US$2,995 and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera PL is US$2,295. We are building these cameras now so they should be available from next week.


Blackmagic MultiView 16

The Blackmagic MultiView 16 is a new multi view that lets you see up to 16 SDI inputs on a single display. It supports Ultra HD so that means you can use an Ultra HD TV or monitor and see all your views in twice the resolution and twice as sharp as normal HD multi view. With the large screen televisions now supporting Ultra HD resolutions, you can get an amazing quality monitoring solution.

The Blackmagic MultiView 16 also supports any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD SDI inputs because it includes 16 6G-SDI inputs with each input including a re-sync and loop output. Also, any input can be routed to any view, and you route from the front panel or via the external Ethernet connection. We have used the Videohub protocol for the external control so our Videohub software will control it!

I think this is a great solution for broadcast and master control monitoring, but it can also be used on post production to keep track of multiple video feeds. Because you can switch between 4, 9 and 16 view layouts, it’s quite flexible.

Blackmagic MultiView 16 will be available in October for US$1,495.


SmartView 4K

We have a very nice new Ultra HD rack mount monitor called SmartView 4K. SmartView 4K is a full resolution Ultra HD broadcast monitor with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160, a bright LCD screen plus features such as 3D LUTs, adjustable on screen markers, H/V delay, blue only, external Ethernet control, tally and more.

SmartView 4K features multi rate 12G-SDI inputs that automatically switch between SD,HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. With 12G-SDI, SmartView 4K supports full resolution Ultra HD high frame rate support. SmartView 4K also features a machined metal design that has front panel controls and it even has a VESA mount on the rear for non rack mounting. It also includes a built in AV power supply as well as a separate DC supply for battery use.

This monitor looks amazing and the pictures on it are amazingly sharp. SmartView 4K will be available in December when the supply of LCD’s arrives and it will retail for US$1,995.


Smart Videohub 40×40

We have a new larger router model as part of our routers family based on 6G-SDI technology and it also handles SD, HD and Ultra HD SDI connections simultaneously on the same router at the same time.

This new model also features a machined metal front panel so they look really nice, but they also include a full control panel with a 5 inch high resolution LCD screen so you can see what you are routing. The screen is much larger on this model because it’s 2 rack unit in size to accommodate the 80 BNC connections for the SDI connections.

The control panel includes buttons to direct select a crosspoint, a spin knob for scrolling router cross points as well as a “take” button. The LCD screen can display nice large labels and the new routers include over 10,000 separate unicode characters so we can handle non roman labels such as Japanese, Chinese and more.

The LCD screen can also display video from the video inputs or even outputs. We call this new feature “visual routing” and it allows you to scroll through the router destinations or sources and see the connections as video on the LCD screen as the labels updates. This model also has redundant power supplies.

Smart Videohub 40×40 features 40 inputs and 40 outputs for $2,995 and it will be available in October.


DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G

Our DeckLink cards have always featured the latest video technologies and now we have a new model that features the latest 12G-SDI connections. DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G is even better than just a 12G-SDI capture card, because its includes Dual Link 12G-SDI capture and playback as well as a fast 8 lane PCI Express Generation 2 connection to the computer.

That means it has extremely high performance and can do dual stream video capture and playback at resolutions up to 2160p60. Dual stream capture and playback at these resolutions allows dual stream 3D as well as simultaneous fill and key capture and playback even when operating at Ultra HD at 60 frames per second.

It also supports the HDMI and analog connections our other DeckLink cards have, but we have moved the HDMI onto a second mezzanine card. That card can also be easily removed if you want to install it as a single card. However the reason we have used a second daughter card on this model is because we have 2 sockets for optical fiber modules.

We have started doing this on a lot of our 12G-SDI products, where we are also putting sockets for optical modules, so that means if you want to run optical fiber, you can install it direct into the product. 12G-SDI optical modules are not available yet, however you can use 6G-SDI modules for lower frame rates. Later when SMPTE 12G optical fiber modules are available, you will be able to install them for optical fiber support.

We have added optical fiber sockets to a range of our 12G-SDI products and that includes Teranex Express, SmartView 4K, DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G and the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K can be upgraded from its default 6G-SDI optical module to a 12G-SDI optical module when available.

This new DeckLink card is the perfect solution to DaVinci Resolve 11 high end online editing and color correction, however it is also fantastic for a range of software for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux computers.

DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G will be available in October for US$1,495.


New 4K Mini Converters

We have continued to upgrade our Mini Converter range over the past year and we are now introducing even more models of Mini Converter with 6G-SDI for use in SD, HD and Ultra HD video systems.

The new models are Mini Converter SDI to Analog 4K, Mini Converter Analog to SDI 4K and are perfect when you need to embed and de-embed audio. This also means all our relevant Mini Converters now support Ultra HD and we have a whole family of converters that work in SD, HD and Ultra HD.

These new models replace the old models and are all available now for $295 which is lower cost than the older HD models these new ones replace.


Mini Converter Heavy Duty 4K

We have also upgraded our heavy duty mini converters to use the same 4K design as the standard models. These heavy duty ones are similar, however feature an extremely strong metal chassis that can be run over with a car without damage!

We even ran one over with a Centurion tank and it survived and kept working. These are extremely tough converters and are fantastic for live production and outdoor use.

These new models include the Mini Converter H/Duty SDI to HDMI 4K, Mini Converter H/Duty HDMI to SDI 4K and Mini Converter H/Duty SDI to Analog 4K. These models will be available in October for US$345 each.


Blackmagic Videohub software 6.0

We have a new software update for all Videohub routers and this new software completely replaces the older software and it’s much nicer to use and it also separates out the setup utility from the router control panel software into separate applications.

The Blackmagic Videohub Control has a new user interface with nicely designed buttons that allows you to customize and control the Videohub routing from your desktop. For setting up and labeling routers, there is a new software utility called Blackmagic Videohub Setup and you can use this to setup all Videohub routers on your network or connected via USB.

The new Blackmagic Videohub software is simple and easy to use and supports the latest technologies such as high resolution “Retina” displays that use paper resolution screen displays. Blackmagic Videohub Setup also lets you save and load router configurations for backup.

This new Blackmagic Videohub Software 6.0 is available now for download free from our web site. If you have a Videohub router, then please download and upgrade!


That’s about it for this IBC and I hope this update has been useful! I apologize for its length, however each new product we are launching this IBC is quite feature rich and different to other products we have done in the past, so there is a lot to talk about!

If you’re heading to the IBC show this year, I hope you get the chance to see these new products in action and to have a chat with us!


Grant Petty
Blackmagic Design

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IBC 2014: Your Avid Everywhere update roundup

IBC 2014: Your Avid Everywhere update roundup

At IBC 2014, Avid reveals new platform solutions and services that uniquely address the most strategic challenges of broadcast, pro video, and pro audio professionals.

Avid today announced a series of significant product and services innovations delivering the next phase of Avid Everywhere, the company’s strategic vision for the media and entertainment industry, centered on connecting creative professionals and media organizations with their audiences in more powerful, efficient, collaborative, and profitable ways. The company introduced new innovations to the Avid MediaCentral Platform and its associated modular application suites.

“With so much change and pressure facing the media industry, Avid has stepped forward to provide much-needed leadership for our customers and the entire media community,” stated Avid President and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr. “The initial phases of the platform and application suites we announced in April as part of Avid Everywhere are now available in the market. Customers and partners worldwide are gaining the benefits of the industry’s most flexible, open, and integrated ecosystem—all the way from content creation to distribution and monetisation. And now we’re announcing the next phase of this journey, with a major new services initiative and MediaCentral Platform innovations that will help our customers and partners position themselves for continued success, both now and into the future.”

The Avid Advantage–Raising the bar for service in the media industry

Citing the importance of raising expectations for service, education, and customer collaboration across the industry, Avid announced “The Avid Advantage,” a major all-encompassing service and delivery initiative. With The Avid Advantage, the company is rolling out a host of expanded and flexible services, support, and education programs to help customers maximize and accelerate the return on their investment with complete flexibility.

MediaCentral Platform innovations

Since Avid launched the Avid MediaCentral Platform at NAB in April this year, the company has continued innovating, with the rollout of new tools and partner integrations that extend capabilities across news production, media asset management, graphics, audio, and video production.

Today’s platform innovation announcements include:

–  Avid Resolution Independence Avid is introducing a completely fluid architecture for working with material of any resolution – SD, HD, 4K and beyond – on premises, in the cloud, across the entire workflow.

– Avid Connectivity Toolkit The next phase of this comprehensive third-party developer program, first announced at NAB 2014, now gives partners access to the resources, documentation, certification, and services they need to create products and solutions that integrate with the Avid MediaCentral Platform ecosystem and sell them in the Avid Marketplace.

Artist Suite Innovations

– Expanded high-res editing and delivery The next release of Media Composer | Software will include native 4K editing, enabling editors to simply and easily access, manage, edit, monitor, and deliver high-res media.

– Resolution flexibility Avid introduces the Avid DNxHR extensible media codec.

– Powerful live show mixing and editing Avid introduces the new Avid VENUE | S3L-X compact live sound system, providing unprecedented versatility, reliability and value for stage, studio and beyond.

– Portable, high-performance music creation Avid introduces the new Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet, combining industry-leading Avid Pro Tools | Software with portable audio interface hardware from Apogee.

Media Suite Innovations

– Expanded content search across multiple systems: with Media | Index support for iNEWS

– Avid will preview the new Avid MediaCentral Platform-enabled capabilities coming to Interplay | MAM in the future – giving teams the power and flexibility to access media and work on projects from practically any device, everywhere.

Storage Suite Innovations

– Accelerated broadcast workflows The new Avid AirSpeed | 5500 helps customers ingest and play out multiple media formats without having to invest in costly converters, now with support for Sony XAVC.

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