NAB 2015: Autodesk announce 2016 Design Suites

NAB 2015: Autodesk announce 2016 Design Suites

Autodesk today announced the release of the new Autodesk 2016 Design Suites that offer more control than ever over all aspects of the design-to-make process through a connected desktop and cloud user experience.

Autodesk design and creation suites provide customers with expanded toolsets, unique interoperability and a consistent user experience.

“Our customers are pushing the boundaries on how products are designed and made, how buildings are built, and how entertainment is created,” said Amar Hanspal, senior vice president at Autodesk. “Autodesk Suites address the entire workflow: from capturing reality and iterating on a design, to physically making that design through 3D printing or other forms of fabrication.”

Each design suite includes AutoCAD 2016, ReCap and 3ds Max. AutoCAD 2016, the most advanced AutoCAD yet, delivers faster, more precise detailed design and documentation with rich visual accuracy. Autodesk’s ReCap technology, also included in every suite, continues to bring Reality Computing to a new level of accessibility and affordability across the Suites with the additions of more native laser scan formats, smart measurement tools, advanced annotation and sync capabilities and more. Autodesk 3ds Max provides customers with the 3D tools they need to create inspirational experiences no matter what their industry demands.

Sophisticated tools for industry-specific challenges

Customers in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and natural resources & infrastructure industries can look forward to enhanced software capabilities, increasingly powerful cloud services and flexible subscription options, in addition to the following enhancements:

Building Design Suite offers improved software performance and better interoperability for visualization, clash detection and detailing.
Infrastructure Design Suite features connected workflows between preliminary engineering and the detailed design phases, better collaboration with extended data exchange capabilities, enhanced project organization tools and improved software coordination with consistent user interfaces.

Plant Design Suite introduces significant enhancements to AutoCAD Plant 3D including tight integration with Autodesk Vault and attachment of Navisworks models as reference models while modeling, plus inclusion of AutoCAD MEP to model electrical raceways and ductwork.
For more details on the building and infrastructure design suites, read the blog post here.

The manufacturing industry offerings provide the most comprehensive technology to design, engineer and fabricate products with new and enhanced capabilities for modeling, simulation and fabrication. The company is debuting new Autodesk AnyCAD interoperability for third-party design files, and new 3D printing capabilities that simplify the preparation of digital models for fabrication on any 3D printer.

Product Design Suite: In addition to AnyCAD and the new 3D printing capabilities, 2016 provides enhancements for visualization, data management, advanced simulation and includes subscription access to the cloud-based Autodesk Fusion 360.

Factory Design Suite: The 2016 version provides factory customers with access to interoperable, layout-specific workflows, cloud-based factory asset resources and powerful visualization and analysis tools that help increase design accuracy, efficiency and communication.
For more details on the manufacturing design suites, read the blog post here.

Digital artists, film makers and game makers will find Autodesk tools helping to address the entire production process, especially when collaborating with multi-discipline teams spread across multiple locations.

Entertainment Creation Suite: Major enhancements focus on animation performance, ease of use, content creation, collaboration, and connected workflows.
For more details on the products in the entertainment creation suite, read the blog post here.

2016 subscriber benefits

Autodesk continues to innovate and improve its Suites and Desktop Subscription products to tightly integrate with Autodesk 360 cloud services. Subscription customers gain access to additional cloud services such as faster rendering and visualization capabilities, simulation, analysis and collaboration tools.

Customers will also experience the new Autodesk Account, a personalized and easy-to-use portal where customers can track and manage all Autodesk products, services, and benefits in one place. Customers will experience a simplified installation, management and upgrade experience, flexible payment terms, and broader access rights across multiple devices.


Autodesk 2016 Design Suites will become available starting April 16, 2015. Availability varies by country. See details and purchasing options at

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NAB 2015: axle Video announces support for new version of Adobe Anywhere

NAB 2015: axle Video announces support for new version of Adobe Anywhere

LAS VEGAS, April 13, 2015 – axle Video, an innovator in software for media management and collaboration, is announcing that its Projectr software will add support for the new version of Adobe® Anywhere, Adobe’s collaborative workflow platform, once it becomes available. Projectr provides an elegant, simple interface for searching, browsing and reviewing media clips from any Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone browser. The system is based on the company’s radically simple axle 2015 media management software, which provides a simple review gateway for multiple participants.

“Adobe Anywhere – which integrates directly into Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, part of Adobe Creative Cloud® – is the ultimate platform for collaboration, boosting the creativity of workgroups,” said Simon Williams, senior director of business development at Adobe. “axle Projectr’s remote proxy browsing workflow makes an ideal complement for Adobe Anywhere.”

With the new release, Adobe now supports both Adobe Anywhere with Mercury Streaming , a multi-location streaming solution for Enterprise customers, and a new single-location collaboration-only version of Anywhere. The new version will bring a more focused collaboration feature set to a broader set of customers who do not have remote editors.

Axle Video will be demonstrating its axle 2015 and axle Edit at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas, booth SL16015. axle’s solutions will also be exhibited at partner booths including Dell (SL14805), and Dynamic Drive Pool (SL2725, near RED at the front of the South Lower hall).

Pricing and Availability
axle Projectr is available as a software-only solution at $8,995, or as a complete integrated system including rackmount hardware at $14,995. The system includes a browser-based media management server for five users. Additional five-user license packages for the system are priced at $3,995. axle Projectr is currently shipping, and is available from axle and its integrators and resellers worldwide.

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At NAB, axle will also announce availability of its axle Edit iPad/iPhone rough cut editing solution, also compatible with Projectr. axle Edit licenses are priced at $1,795 for 5 users.

NAB 2015: Sony go ‘Beyond Definition’ with new solutions showcase

NAB 2015: Sony go ‘Beyond Definition’ with new solutions showcase

Las Vegas, 12 April 2015 – At NAB 2015, Sony is expanding its theme of Beyond Definition, showcasing its latest developments in 4K, including new technologies that address professionals’ needs for diverse 4K content creation and production applications. Sony will also demonstrate present numerous practical solutions that illustrate the emerging era of 4K broadcasting.

“4K was initially used for movie production and digital cinema projection and, it is now advancing into TV shows, documentary films, sports, live concerts, and more,” said Olivier Bovis, Head of Sales, Sony Professional, Sony Europe. “Many countries are successfully conducting trial 4K broadcasts and 4K transmission tests, and 4K in the home is expanding exponentially.”

At NAB, Sony will introduce its newest 4K/HD camera systems and IP-network-based transfer technologies, pointing the way to the practical broadcasting of “killer” 4K content such as live sports and events.

Sony is also showcasing its full range of professional 4K cameras, from the F65, F55 and F5, to the PXW-FS7, NEX-FS700, PXW-Z100 4K camcorders, and newly added 4K option for PXW-X70 as well as variety of consumer 4K cameras. Sony’s 4K professional line-up also includes 4K-ready production switchers, 4K/HD servers and the new PMW-PZ1 4K memory player and BVM-X300, 4K OLED master monitor.

4K Live Production Solutions

HDC-4300: World’s First 4K System Camera with Three Authentic 4K Image Sensors

The new HDC-4300 system camera uses the world’s first 2/3”-type three authentic 4K image sensor. This camera accepts direct attachment of B4-mount HD lenses, and supports the use of large, high-magnification lenses.

The HDC-4300 shoots with wider color gamut, thanks to a new 4K image sensor and prism that is ITU-R BT.2020 ready, the next generation broadcast standard. The HDC-4300 also fully adapts to current live production environments as it is capable of output in both ITU-R BT.709 — the existing broadcast standard.

With the SZC-4002 optional software package, the HDC-4300 is capable of high frame rate shooting of up to 8x in HD. The HDC-4300 will provide thrills to audiences by delivering the true excitement of live sports and concerts. By connecting the BPU-4000 baseband processor unit and the HDCU-2000 or 2500 camera control unit, the HDC-4300 can be built as 4K live production system that moves a giant step forward into the 4K broadcasting.

IP Live Production Systems

Sony is demonstrating how a live production switcher incorporating Sony’s new Networked Media Interface (still under development) can serve as the core of IP Live Production System, IP-based 4K/HD transmission system—constructed in cooperation with supporting manufacturers—capable of delivering low-latency IP transmissions of video signals from cameras such as the HDC-4300. While today’s 4K transmissions typically require large quantities of SDI cabling, the Networked Media Interface will leverage IP technologies to enable 4K transmission via a single Ethernet cable. 30 manufacturers as of today have joined this initiative.

Moving forward, Sony will expand the range of software and hardware supporting this new interface, while working with supporting manufacturers to make these technologies widely available.

Solutions for Documentary Movie Production

Sony’s efficient 4K production workflows deliver high-quality content from shooting to editing to replay. Different shooting styles are supported by a variety of large-format cameras: the top-of-the-line F65, the versatile PMW-F55 and PMW-F5, and the easy-to-handle PXW-FS7.

The PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 cinema cameras, first released in 2013, continue to evolve—with firmware upgrades that extend their functionality and new accessories that enable one-person operation. These improvements open up many new possibilities for shooting with large 4K sensors. Over 5,500 units have been sold worldwide in the two years since these models launched.

Sony’s compact and portable PMW-PZ1 4K memory player is equipped with four 3G-SDI outputs and one HDMI output, enabling stable connection to a wide variety of 4K display devices. It can be easily used on location as a confidence monitor, playing back HD and 4K content immediately; and at events and other venues to replay 4K video in 50/60p.

Sony’s XAVC format—offering efficient compression of 4K/HD high-resolution video—is now fully supported by 73 companies, and is fast becoming an industry standard. Sony will continue to improve XAVC workflows and to expand its lineup of supporting products.

High Dynamic Range

High dynamic range opens the way to a level of creative expression through video never before possible, delivering higher contrast, and higher brightness.

The high-dynamic-range content shot by the F65 and PMW-F55 CineAlta cameras can now be viewed to full advantage on the BVM-X300 4K OLED TRIMASTER EL master monitor, featuring Sony’s proprietary high-contrast high-peak-brightness organic EL panel. Blazing fires, stars in the night sky, sunlight dancing on water — high dynamic range will deliver excitement to viewers and stimulate the creative process.

Bringing high-dynamic-range content into the home is another important goal. Sony is planning to launch a household TV with high dynamic range capabilities within 2015.

Sony remains dedicated to developing innovations that will lead to new levels of video quality and viewer experience.

Sony’s award winning professional HD OLED monitors’ have accumulated sales of more than 40,000 units worldwide since its launch in 2011.

News Production Solutions

Sony is promoting wireless news production workflows by developing wireless adapters and camcorders with built-in wireless capabilities. At NAB, Sony will demonstrate direct transmission of image and audio from a camcorder via 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks, and will present solutions for reliable live streaming based on unique QoS technology.

Because they do not require the elaborate equipment used for satellite-based live broadcasts, wireless solutions offer low-cost live streaming and open up a greater freedom for production.

Sony’s soon-to-be released PWS-100RX1 Network RX Station will be launched in June. A firmware upgrade of the CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101 wireless adapters, also scheduled for June, will allow these units to work in concert with the PWS-100RX1 to support live streaming. The PXW-X180¹, PXW-X200², and PXW-X500¹ camcorders, all with built-in wireless capabilities, will also be upgraded to enable live streaming.

¹Upgrade scheduled for Autumn 2015 ²Upgrade scheduled for June 2015

Sony has been actively developing efficient file-based workflows since the launch of the XDCAM series in 2003. The series is now widely used by broadcasters and video producers throughout the world, with more than 400,000 units shipped to date.
Archiving Solutions

Sony offers a wide range of video archiving solutions—from standalone solutions to large-scale enterprise systems. These solutions are based on storage to optical discs, known for their reliability and stable technology. Sony’s PWS-100TD1 Tape Digitize Station, capable of efficiently digitizing voluminous tape-based assets, is receiving a version upgrade that adds support for XML format transmission of metadata in order to enhance connectivity with systems outside.

At NAB, Sony will demonstrate the digitizing of HDCAM SR files into SStP files at 2× speed when saving into the archive.

Beyond 4K Solutions

Visitors to the Sony booth will see two SRX-T615 4K SXRD projectors used, with edge blending, to project a Foo Fighters concert—shot with F65, PMW-F55 CineAlta cameras and PXW-Z100—onto an 8K×2K screen.

Sony’s PWS-300SR1 Super-Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor can demosaic sequential images from an F65RAW into resolutions up to 8K×4K, and output these images in arbitrary aspect ratios. This product is intended for use at entertainment venues such as concerts, events, theme parks, and museums—where high-level video experiences are desired.
New Products

PXW-X320 XDCAM Shoulder Camcorder

The successor to the acclaimed PMW-320, the new PXW-X320 all-in-one camcorder offers enhanced functionality at a very attractive price, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of settings. With a 1/2″-type 3-chip CMOS sensor, it supports MPEG2 HD422 and XAVC HD Intra/Long GOP formats as well as all legacy codecs; offering a smooth transition from SD to HD. The camcorder’s LSI circuitry delivers low-noise (60-dB S/N) high-resolution images. The unit supports wireless workflows when used together with a separately sold wireless adapter.

Catalyst Edit: Non-linear Editing Software

The new Catalyst Edit™ supports multiple formats, including 4K, RAW, and XAVC. Videomakers can use the already available Catalyst Prepare clip management software to carry out easy editing and color adjustment, and can then drag-and-drop the results into Catalyst Edit for more serious editing. This non-linear editing solution delivers intuitive easy-to-use operation and quick video production on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Catalyst Edit™ is provided within Catalyst Production Suite, media preparation and non-linear editing software package combined with Catalyst Prepare™.

Feature Enhancement of the PWS-4400 Multi-Port AV Storage Unit and its system with Recording Control Software

PWS-RCT1, a recording control software, has been added to the PWS-4400 XAVC-compliant 4K-HD live production server system, enabling easy-to-operate for various recording such as live and studio production. The application’s GUI delivers straightforward operation of the basic control functions (Rec, Stop, Play, FWD, REW, and more) available on each port. The GUI also makes it easy to check signal and recording status, to manage recorded content, and to transfer content to external media.³

A recording control application can be installed into conventional PC⁴ to operate PWS-4400.

In addition, software version 1.4 of the PWS-4400 system adds various enhancements such as the capability to record HD at both 8× and 3× speeds, allowing for smooth slow-motion replays of HD video recorded with HDC-4300 4K/HD camera systems. PWA-MGW1B, optional software enables video file transcoding both from and to XAVC and MPEG2 MXF file format when file archiving/retrieving process is performed.

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NAB 2015: Sony HDC-4300: World’s first 4K system camera with three authentic 4K image sensors

NAB 2015: Sony HDC-4300: World’s first 4K system camera with three authentic 4K image sensors

Las Vegas, 12 April 2015 – Sony’s next generation of HDC series camera technology provides the ability to use the high magnification wide zoom range lenses currently employed by HD 2/3-inch systems while maintaining an adequate depth of field to accurately show all the action during live event broadcasting.

The new HDC-4300 is the world’s first camera to use three 2/3-inch 4K image sensors¹. It supports the same B4-mount lenses as well as the same control surfaces as Sony’s industry leading HDC-2000 series cameras. The existing HDLA-1500 series, control and shading systems, viewfinders and master set-up units are all interchangeable between the HD and 4K systems. Directors and operators can keep their approach to live events – including camera angles, zoom ranges and iris settings – while using familiar camera technology.

“This camera provides 4K capabilities and a workflow that content producers are instantly familiar and comfortable with,” said Norbert Paquet, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Professional, Sony Europe. “We’ve developed the HDC Series as a flexible platform for our customers to maximize their ROI on multiple applications. The HDC-4300 is multi-format for daily HD applications, sports on the weekends with up to 400fps, and futureproof with 4K acquisition.”

The new HDC-4300 is capable of 4K/HD operation, with2x, 3x Super Slow Motion as standard, and higher speeds up to 8x available, to produce high-quality replays and specialty program effects.

The camera uses ultra-high-precision alignment technology to realize three 4K sensor on a new prism. This allows the support of the next-generation ITU-R BT.2020 broadcast standard’s widened color space for future-proof masters or post-production options for today’s productions shown on tomorrow’s 4K services.

Direct attachment of B4 HD lenses

Standard large-format B4-mount lenses mount directly onto the HDC-4300. This gives broadcasters the flexibility needed for live sports broadcasts: 4K capabilities while maintaining their customary HD-lens operating styles.

SZC-4001 software

Sony’s SZC-4001 software license (sold separately) allows broadcasters to take advantage of 4K capabilities. This software is available as Weekly, Monthly or Permanent for greater flexibility.

Super slow motion (up to 8x) at HD resolution

The SZC-4002 software license (sold separately) enables the system to shoot full HD (1920 x 1080) at frame rates up to 479.52/400 fps, as well as 59.94/50, 119.88/100, and 179.82/150 fps. Users can save these high-frame-rate shots to Sony’s PWS-4400 multiport 4K/HD Live Server. This software is available as Weekly, Monthly or Permanent for greater flexibility.

HD/4K live production for sports

The HDC-4300 accepts the same configurations as existing 4K live systems.

A BPU-4000 baseband processor unit receives the camera signals via SMPTE fiber and connects to an HDCU-2000 or 2500 camera control unit. This provides power and full intercom, tally, and return capabilities.

Users can seamlessly blend an HDC-4300-based system with existing HDC Series camera system. The HD signals from the HDC Series cameras and from the new camera system can be adjusted to match colorimetry.

The addition of other 4K products, such as the PWS-4400 multi-port 4K/HD Live server, a multi-format switcher capable of real-time 4K signal processing based on the MVS-8000X, and Sony’s new BVM-X300 4K OLED or PVM-X300 4K LCD monitors creates an end-to-end 4K live production solution.

HDC-4300 – additional features:

– HD cut-outs – two full HD images to be cut out from the 4K picture in real-time including a selectable zoom and perspective mode (requires software license SZC-2001)

– Many of the picture adjustment functions of HDC Series cameras are supported by the HDC-4300 system

– Dynamic focus (4K focus-assist function) – a focus point can be displayed on the viewfinder with a marker in 4K mode for easy focusing.

– Auto lens aberration compensation 2 (ALAC2) function

– Color reproduction adjustment functions

– Gamma table selection

– User gamma function

– Natural skin-tone detail function

– Knee saturation function

– Low-key saturation function

The HDC-4300 4K/HD live camera system is planned to be available in summer of 2015.

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NAB 2015: Sony showcase low cost wireless streaming solution

NAB 2015: Sony showcase low cost wireless streaming solution

Las Vegas, 12 April 2015 – Sony continues to aggressively develop efficient, file-based wireless workflows to support the rapid response requirements of news production. Sony’s offerings include camcorders with built-in wireless capabilities, and wireless adapters that can relay video and audio directly from locations via 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

“We want to make high quality live streaming easy and cost effective with our new wireless solutions,” said Lucie Wendremaire, Product Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Europe. “As news or production cycles get shorter and wireless network coverage gets broader, we want to provide broadcasters with the right tools that can smoothly transmit audio and video files from on-location shoots. They shouldn’t have to overhaul their entire infrastructures, and this solution must be scalable.”

Sony’s new PWS-100RX1 Network RX Station serves as a core component of solutions that deliver efficient, low-cost and high-quality live streaming.

The PWS-100RX1 is highly compatible with XDCAM camcorders currently used by broadcasters throughout the world, and is very simple to connect and set up. The compatibility means that broadcasters can continue using their XDCAM assets while gradually migrating to wireless workflows. For operational flexibility, the PWS-100RX1 is equipped with SDI outputs for concurrent dual video streams. Systems can also be easily extended by adding more PWS-100RX1 units, allowing for multi-site broadcasts and greater input/output loads.

By eliminating prohibitive cost and resource constraints, the PWS-100RX1 opens up many new opportunities for live streams used in various types of TV productions.

PWS-100RX1 Network RX Station

The PWS-100RX1 network RX system comes with preinstalled Connection Control Manager software which enables easy connection to camcorders as well as routing to SDI outputs, and delivers efficient handling of live video streams received via 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and wired connections. Connection Control Manager features a comprehensive GUI that can be used to view thumbnails from multiple camcorders; to control camcorder connections, transmission bit rates and latency settings; to monitor output from multiple PWS-100RX1 units, and more.”
The unit includes reference signal and timecode input connectors which enable synchronised operation with broadcast systems. In addition, it can output in a variety of broadcast formats – including 1080i and 720p.

On top of live streaming, Sony is also developing a version upgrade for receiving video files that will enhance workflow efficiency for program productions and is targeted to be released in autumn 2015.

Sony’s Unique QoS Technology

Packet loss during streaming can degrade the image quality, cause the image to freeze or disrupt the audio. This can be minimised by Sony’s unique QoS (Quality of Service) technology, which helps to maintain video and audio integrity during transmissions.

The PWS-100RX1 comes with original Sony algorithms that automatically adjust bandwidths and buffer sizes to match the characteristics of the wireless transmission. Users can be confident of high-quality streaming without concerning themselves with bandwidth settings and other technical issues.

In particular, the PWS-100RX1 includes these three features of Sony’s QoS Technology:
– Real-time ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request)
– Adaptive Rate Control (ARC)
– Forward Error Correction (FEC)
– Cost Efficient Live Streaming for Many Programs

Sony’s wireless streaming solutions can be implemented starting with a camcorder, a 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi dongle and a network RX Station, PWS-100RX1, located at the broadcast station and the SNG/OB vans. Such cost efficient solutions will enable many live streaming opportunities for the production of various programs, including on-location news and more.

Wireless adapters support live streaming

Sony’s CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101 wireless adapters are scheduled for a firmware upgrade in June 2015 which will add live streaming capabilities when used together with the PWS-100RX1.

Expanding line-up of camcorders with built-in wireless capability

Sony’s PXW-X180 (*1), PXW-X200(*2), and PXW-X500(*3) camcorders are already equipped with built-in wireless capability, and will be scheduled for version upgrades that add live streaming capabilities. Operators will be able to check the status of PWS-100RX1 connections directly from the camcorders’ viewfinders for more efficient operation.

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NAB 2015: NewTek debuts TriCaster Advanced Edition software

NAB 2015: NewTek debuts TriCaster Advanced Edition software

In case you missed the team’s excited tweets, NewTek have unveiled a cracking new software update at NAB 2015, including more than 60 new features designed to “elevate TriCaster productions to new heights without additional equipment purchases”. Here’s the official word…

LAS VEGAS, NAB BOOTH SL3312, April 12, 2015––NewTek™ today introduced TriCaster™ Advanced Edition, an option available for TriCaster Mini through TriCaster 8000, capable of elevating productions to new heights of connectivity, creativity, and efficiency. More than 60 new major capabilities and enhancements in TriCaster Advanced Edition help multiply audiences, streamline repetitive tasks, and make productions more riveting in an ever-more-connected world.

Automated real-time data-driven graphics, new IP workflows, advanced automation, multi-platform streaming, social and web publishing, terrific in-show replay features, enhanced multimedia mixing, sophisticated production elements and more will transform everyday productions into state-of-the-art viewing, in addition to the incredible functionality already provided by TriCaster. With TriCaster Advanced Edition, producers can create more masterful multi-camera video programming without needing to invest in multiple devices or additional systems.

NewTek will be demonstrating TriCaster Advanced Edition at NAB booth #SL3312 from April 13-16.

“Any TriCaster is an extremely powerful, innovative, and cost-effective tool for creative producers,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO of NewTek. “With the introduction of TriCaster Advanced Edition, we have taken things to a whole new level for those who need to simplify or automate complex workflows, design innovative outside-the-box solutions to creative problems, or who just demand the very best of the best.”

TriCaster Advanced Edition: powerful features for current TriCaster models

As the expectations and demands of audiences and sponsors alike rise, producers want to increase both the competitive and creative advantages they offer. Raising the bar in their productions would normally require considerably more expense, space, and often additional crew. TriCaster Advanced Edition brings the same production benefits, without the extra overhead. TriCaster Advanced Edition software adds these breakthrough capabilities and more:

– Automated data-driven graphics. Easily convert raw data and meta-data from both internal and external sources effortlessly and accurately into production-ready graphics in real-time using DataLink. Retrieve and update sports stats, election results, weather updates, social media feeds, sales reports, etc., automatically or on-demand.

– Multiple live streams & IP workflows. Live stream to multiple platforms and services simultaneously with higher-quality video. Direct integration with Microsoft Azure, YouTube Live, Twitch and more. Supports fully integrated audio through Dante Virtual Soundcard networking from Audinate on every audio input • Display tally information from connected systems. Access production resources directly from a web-browser on almost any platform.

– Sophisticated multimedia mixing. Add transitions with embedded full colour overlays and sound between playlist media, and combine real-time, slow-mo, and fast-mo with per-clip playback speed settings. Transition backward and forward in the playlist for presentations with ease. Faster, easier, real-time clip editing right in the DDR, including active recordings. Advanced audio integration and improved and fine-tuned sound mixing, external audio integration, precise audio levels, and monitoring.

– Boundless creative expression. Add dimension to virtual set scenes with Augmented Reality options for KEY layers. Design and add elegant borders and shadows to make bordered, editable overlays, backgrounds, and custom multi-box effects. Full motion pre-visualization tools provide animated transition and effect previews before they are taken live Smart Studio Tools. Intelligent M/Es automatically configure themselves for Mix or Effect operations. Optionally enable automatic adjustments to input color characteristics, matching to a specific camera or approximating the settings of all incoming signals. A new Blue Only option complements integrated scopes and extensive proc amp features. SDI Auto-Detect eliminates the need to configure connections. Automatically update switcher input names to router input names

– In-show replay. Capture and replay highlights with on-screen controls and fully configurable replay settings, including colorful custom in and out wipes with sound effects.

– Custom, automated control. Create and store elaborate or simple sequences triggered by a sound level, media playback state, or any switcher action. Pause macros: trigger a macro sequence, stop on command, then resume when manually cued Ultra-Connected Publishing. Publish media to multiple user accounts on the same social network simultaneously. Publish content to the world’s largest professional network.

– Enhanced image processing including LiveSet rendering and scaling. TransWarp 2 allows warping and transformations for incoming and outgoing video scenes.

– Flexible, intuitive workflows. Custom configured settings, calibrations and selections make setup far more precise and standardized to individual way of working.

TriCaster Advanced Edition is available now as a one-time purchase at $1,495 USMSRP. TriCaster Advanced Edition is compatible with TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460, TriCaster 410 and TriCaster Mini. International pricing will vary. (We’ve also been told that for a limited time, new TriCaster 8000 purchases will automatically include Advanced Edition software, but we don’t know when that limited time is.)

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NAB 2015: NewTek release 3Play Mini

NAB 2015: NewTek release 3Play Mini

Sports fans! And indeed sports teams, clubs, media departments and broadcasters – NewTek has some fantastic news for you all. They’ve just released 3Play Mini, an “ultra-portable turnkey solution for instant replay, slow motion and other audience-engaging effects fits in a backpack.” Here’s the press release…

LAS VEGAS, NAB BOOTH #SL3312 , April 12, 2015––NewTek today unveiled 3Play Mini––the world’s only sports production suite you can carry anywhere. This lightweight portable device allows sports video producers to add professional quality instant replay, slow motion, sophisticated transition effects and a broad range of other integrated production capabilities to their shows without being constrained by space, location or cost. Unlike expensive replay systems and stacks of complex components, 3Play Mini is powerful enough to drive your entire show, or plug into a switcher or video board and turn any production into amazing fan experiences that help attract big audiences, advertisers and sponsors. Anyone using up to four off-the-shelf HDMI cameras can produce multiple angle slow motion instant replays, edit highlights, roll stored video packages, create effects and transitions, publish to social media and much more. Out of the box, operators can control 3Play Mini with almost any touchscreen wireless mobile device or use an optional 3Play control surface. No other live sports solution includes a complete suite of sports production tools in such a small, affordable package.

NewTek will be demonstrating 3Play Mini at NAB booth #SL3312 from April 13-16, 2015.

“NewTek 3Play products are already a hit with producers of stadium sports because of their ability to generate audience-engaging programs for projection and broadcast from a mobile unit or video booth,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO at NewTek. “However, there are countless other events that are too remote or unstructured for bigger gear—and frankly the opportunity to consider any system at all may not even occur to people trying to produce small shows on modest budgets. We created 3Play Mini for producers who are at the mercy of their equipment size, budget, and ability to react and move quickly to catch the action.”

3Play Mini Highlights:

Nowhere is the need to stand out more distinct than it is in sports. 3Play Mini can make any event look larger and more professional on screen while livening up boring scoreboard feeds. It can also be synched with a game clock and be used for official reviews. Sports producers are able to hand-carry and plug into one small suite of tools that is easy to access, set up, and create professional-looking, audience-engaging sports shows from anywhere. Beyond visually stunning replay and slow motion playback, 3Play Mini also offers breakthrough levels of sophistication and capability including:

Extensive replay and review capabilities—preview and playback any angle, or multiple angles of a recorded event to deliver the best viewing perspective for replay and official verification.

– Comprehensive media publishing —instantly and simultaneously publish content to multiple destinations, including Facebook and Twitter for greater visibility and increased monetization opportunities, as well as YouTube and other websites, dedicated FTP servers, second and third screen platforms.

– Beautiful visuals—include animated, warped visual transition effects for switching and in-program editing such as transitions between replays, stingers, and overlays; create custom animations with included tools, or import your own branded graphic elements to make the show your own.

– Highlights editing—rapid, in-show editing and playlisting of NLE-ready assets with transitions, slow motions, nat sound and a sound track—play from system to scoreboards immediately, or export completed package and use in a post-game show.

– Tablet operation—cue, set playback speed, and manage replays with highly responsive browser-based control you can use on a tablet, to put all game controls right into your hands over the network—in very small spaces.

– Side-by-side playback—replay the action from two synchronized angles simultaneously, on a single output channel using the DSK overlay. Position, scale and crop the camera angle assigned to the overlay for comprehensive, frame-by-frame analysis of the play under review.

– Game clock overlay—synchronise the action to actual game time by dedicating a live camera to recording the game clock and assigning the angle to a DSK overlay.

– Automatic colour matching—overcome changing lighting conditions and camera variety in multi-camera sports productions with automatic colour correction—and eliminate the need for manual adjustments or a dedicated shading station.

– Flexible output—send your slow motion, replay and highlights sequences to switcher, streaming encoder, scoreboard—even social media platforms—so fans can engage from anywhere.

Pricing and Availability

3Play Mini is available immediately for $9,995 USMSRP. An optional control surface is available for $2,995 USMSRP. International pricing will vary.

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NAB 2015: Avid introduces VENUE | S6L system

NAB 2015: Avid introduces VENUE | S6L system

Avid today introduced the flagship Avid VENUE | S6L live sound mixing system, featuring a modern, intuitive touch-based interface that enables audio professionals to easily handle the largest, most complex tours and events. Thanks to tight integration with industry-standard Pro Tools, Avid VENUE | S6L functions as the perfect front-end to the Avid MediaCentral™ Platform, the most fluid end-to-end media management and distribution platform in the industry.

“In the ten years since we first introduced the VENUE live sound mixing system, Avid has continued to be on the forefront of live sound innovation, and now we are setting an even higher benchmark with VENUE |S6L,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology, Avid. “With VENUE | S6L, Avid is poised to lead the market forward again with unprecedented processing power and innovative technologies that enable customers to take on the most challenging tours and events with ease.”

VENUE | S6L is a fully modular, scalable live sound mixing system that delivers best-in-class functionality for a range of live sound mixing applications, including front-of-house, monitor, broadcast, theater, and more. Featuring VENUE | E6L, the industry’s most advanced live sound engine, VENUE | S6L offers unprecedented power to handle huge channel and plug-in counts at the lowest possible latency. VENUE | S6L ensures the highest sound quality, with all processing at 96 Hz, and support for higher sample rates is possible given the immense processing power available.

VENUE | S6L enables professionals to achieve better sounding mixes with greater speed and efficiency, thanks to the S6L console’s modern touchscreen workflows, superior ergonomics, and unmatched visual feedback that provides immediate, intelligent control. S6L offers even greater onboard plug-in processing than previously available, providing engineers with same sound processors used in countless studios, fully integrated to deliver responsive control. Seamless Pro Tools integration provides streamlined recording and playback functionality without the need for a separate audio interface. Furthermore, VENUE | S6L is a networked system and can be completely customized to meet the needs and budget of essentially any professional production.

VENUE | S6L is powered by the same easy-to-use VENUE software as other Avid live sound systems, and allows live sound professionals to:

– Meet the challenges of the most demanding live sound productions with the most powerful processing engine in the industry.
– Deliver the best possible sound quality with high-performance preamps and extended sample rate support.
– Experience unmatched sound processing through fully integrated, onboard plug-ins from Avid and its connectivity partners.
– Get unprecedented Pro Tools recording and playback capabilities, including Virtual Soundcheck, without needing an external interface.
– Share I/O across multiple networked systems with Avid True Gain™ advanced gain tracking technology.
– Get unmatched visual feedback and instant access to important functions through high-resolution, daylight-visible touchscreens and OLED displays.
– Freely configure modular system components and I/O to meet the demands of any live production.
– Interface with a range of network and I/O formats, including Ethernet AVB*, Dante*, MADI*, Thunderbolt*, and more. (* Option cards are available as separate purchases and not included with core systems.)
– Enjoy familiar VENUE workflows, and interface with total show file compatibility.

VENUE | S6L System components and configurations

A complete VENUE | S6L System includes the following control surface, engine, and I/O components:

VENUE | S6L control surface—Available in three configurations:
S6L-32D: 32 + 2 faders, 96 assignable knobs, 1 integrated Master Touchscreen, 3 integrated Channel Touch Modules
S6L-24D: 24 + 2 faders, 64 assignable knobs, 1 integrated Master Touchscreen, 2 integrated Channel Touch Modules
S6L-24: 24 + 2 faders, 64 assignable knobs, 1 integrated Master Touchscreen

VENUE | E6L engine—Available in two configurations:
E6L-192: 192 processing channels, 96 mix busses + LCR
E6L-144: 144 processing channels, 64 mix busses + LCR

Stage 64 I/O rack—Customers can use multiple Stage 64 racks with VENUE | S6L to meet their I/O needs, with a choice of analog, digital, and networking options.

Avid VENUE | S6L can be ordered now, and units will be shipping to customers in Q3 2015.

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NAB 2015: Avid introduces high-resolution video IO system

NAB 2015: Avid introduces high-resolution video IO system

Avid today introduced the Avid Artist | DNxIO, a hardware interface designed to accelerate high-resolution video production. When combined with the industry’s preeminent Media Composer video editing software, the Avid Artist | DNxIO delivers best-in-class high-res video ingest, editing, monitoring, and output, giving video professionals the flexible, open, and integrated creative tools they need to efficiently create the highest-quality media.

Further, because it is built on the Avid MediaCentral™ Platform, Avid Artist | DNxIO is compatible with any Avid Artist Suite solutions and many third-party creative tools, including Blackmagic Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more.

Avid Artist | DNxIO includes hardware by Blackmagic Design, a new IO Connectivity Partner for the MediaCentral Platform.

“As more and more productions move to greater-than-HD resolution, it is important for video professionals to have the integrated hardware and software they need to take on any project,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology at Avid. “Our partnership with Blackmagic enables us to provide video editors, assistant editors, logging assistants, and other professionals with a cutting-edge system for creating the highest quality video content, all at an affordable price.”

“We are very excited to be working with Avid as an IO Connectivity Partner,” said Grant Petty, founder and CEO of Blackmagic Design. “Our companies are at the forefront of high-resolution technology, and we are proud to be able to come together to offer video professionals an amazing integrated solution for creating greater-than-HD media.”

Avid Artist | DNxIO enables video professionals to capture, monitor and output Ultra HD, 2K and 4K media, as well as HD and SD formats, making it immediately available across the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Avid Artist | DNxIO features a flexible form factor that fits in standard 19-inch equipment racks for easy integration into any workstation or edit bay. The HD display allows editors to monitor media that is being ingested into and outputted from the system, even when the software is not running. A host of connections delivers fast switching among a range of input devices and sources for capture, and among a range of monitors and output devices. Hands-on controls allow users to quickly select video, audio, and timecode inputs as well as deck control. Onboard DNxHR encoding is planned as a future upgrade in Q4 2015.

Key benefits and features:

– Capture and playback up to 60 frames per second in a range of formats including SD, HD, Ultra HD, 2K and 4K.
– Work faster and more efficiently with real-time or accelerated encode, decode, colour conversion, up conversion, down conversion, and cross conversion with onboard hardware processing.
– Get reliable operation with a redundant power supply.
– Connect to a variety of computers using PCIe or Thunderbolt connections.

– Easily integrate with existing workflows using multiple connections, including: video inputs and outputs.

– Quad SDI in and out—both in and out provide dual 12Gbit and dual 3Gbit supporting single, dual and quad link in and out.
– Dual 12Gbit optical in/out (modules not included).
– HDMI in and out.
– Analog video in and out—component and composite.
– Audio inputs and outputs.
– Balanced analog audio—4 channels in, 4 channels out.
– AES/EBU—2 channels in, 2 channels out.
– Consumer Hi-Fi inputs for MP3 players and other devices.
– Front panel features mic input with 48V phantom power, mic level control, headphone connection, and headphone level control.
– Ensure media is in sync with dual timecode in and out.
– Control the system from external devices using remote control ports.
– Monitor media with confidence using a bright front-panel full 1080HD resolution LCD display.
– Get hands-on control over sources of video, audio, timecode, and remote control signaling.

Avid Artist | DNxIO can be ordered now and will be shipping in Q3 2015.

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NAB 2015: Avid launch, ISIS 1000, Media Composer First and Interplay updates

NAB 2015: Avid launch, ISIS 1000, Media Composer First and Interplay updates

Two years on from the first Everywhere whitepaper and almost a year to the day after they launched Connect at NAB 2014, Avid are back with MediaPlatform updates, workflow innovations and new software and hardware releases. 

First, a moment of silence for Mojo DX, which has officially been discontinued (although the Sonnet DX adaptor will still be available, should you want to add Thunderbolt capabilities to a Mojo or Nitris. Now, on to the new stuff…

ISIS 1000

We’re big fans of Avid’s ISIS shared storage, but for those of you who need something slightly smaller than an ISIS 5000, Avid are introducing the ISIS 1000, a slimline ISIS model aimed at smaller workgroups. From the official statement:

“Avid introduces ISIS | 1000 shared storage, bringing small production teams the same collaborative power proven on blockbuster films and prime-time television—customised for their needs, at a price they can afford (under $18K). For over 25 years, Avid has pioneered real-time collaborative storage with our Unity and ISIS lines, and now we’re excited to introduce a low-cost yet high-performance solution designed for collaborative workflows, whether using Media Composer, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, and/or Apple Final Cut Pro X.”

The ISIS 1000 will act as open workgroup storage for any users on the MediaCentral platform, and is capable of holding up to three million files. Each 20TB storage engine can support frame accurate playback for up to 24 realtime clients, and will support 4K and UHD workflows. Each engine has a bandwidth of 300MBps, but you can tie up to four engines together to give you a maximum total bandwidth of 1200MBps.

The ISIS 1000 will use SSDs for system configuration and metadata management, and will be able to run even if two of these drives fail. The storage controller, power supply and fans are all field replaceable too, so your IT team can leap into action should anything go wrong.

Pre-orders are being taken at NAB, and you’ll be able to pre-order on our site as soon as we find out what the UK price is.

Media Composer

Two big pieces of news around Media Composer. First is Media Composer| First – a new free version of Media composer coming later the year. Designed to help beginners use the same sound and picture tools and the pros, First gives you a slightly slimmed down feature set, but much of the power of the full version of Media Composer.

It will feature fewer settings, menus timetables, bin settings, features and effects and can’t support Interplay or shared ISIS projects (though you can use it to work on projects which include media stored on an ISIS). It also forces you to save your projects in the cloud rather than locally, and the amount of space you get is limited, so we reckon most of our non-education readers will want to fall back on the full version eventually.

Which brings us neatly to Media Composer 8.4, which was announced at Avid Connect and will be available in May. Feature improvements include:

– Custom raster support lets you work with any raster up to 8K, including defining special rasters.

– Pro-res and XAVC-I native high-res playback.

– AAX factory presets from ProTools.

– The ability to view closed captions on an external monitor as well as your interface.

– Alpha channel with Quicktime wrapped DHxHR.

– GPU accelerated effects on Windows (as long as you’re using AMD and NVIDIA cards).

Avid Interplay

Not to be left out, Interplay also got a raft of updates, the most exciting being Interplay | MAM 5, an update aimed at “enabling organisations both large and small to manage the entire content lifecycle and reduce media operation costs. With this latest release, Interplay | MAM is fully integrated on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, focusing on journalist workflows and others who need easy access to archived media.”

Avid are also releasing Interplay | Production 3.3, which introduces a software-only option for Interplay | Production (hooray for falling hardware costs!). As Avid explain, “Customers supply their own server hardware, all required Interplay Production components are supported in a virtualised environment using VMware. In addition, Interplay | Production will support Integrated Caption Workflows with MediaCentral | UX and will also provide first phase integration of Avid DNxHR workflows.”

All of these solutions can be seen on Avid’s stand, SU902.

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