Ki Pro Rack price plummets!

Ki Pro Rack price plummets!

Stop everything and rush to your friendly neighbourhood eCommerce website immediately – AJA have halved the price of the Ki Pro Rack and released v6.0 of its firmware, adding enhanced CEA-708 Closed Captioning support and the ability to record CC embedded video and then play out those captions perfectly.

AJA’s Ki Pro Rack is now only£1980 (£2376 inc VAT). This new and permanent low price comes into effect on 1st August 2016, which we strongly feel should be renamed Ki Pro Rack day in its honour.

If you bought a Ki Pro Rack between 1st July and 1st August 2016, you’ll qualify for a special rebate offer of two Ki-SSD256 USB drives for each Ki Pro Rack bought (these usually go for between £600 and £700 a pop, so it’s a pretty good deal). This offer is time limited, so hot foot it to the AJA site and get your claim in now.

In case it’s temporarily slipped your mind why you’d want a Ki Pro Rack, here’s the team behind Icelandic MasterChef to explain how it helped them do two weeks’ work in ten hours:

AJA and Luxor from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.

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Working with… Hachette UK

Working with… Hachette UK

When publishing group Hachette UK decided to move all their publishers into one office, it was the perfect opportunity to consolidate their Mac support contracts, too. After a lengthy tender process, Jigsaw24 emerged triumphant, and now provide onsite, remote and project-based support to the group’s central London premises.


“As a business, we acquire a lot of publishing companies, each with slightly different support in place for their Mac environment,” explained Hachette UK’s Director of IT Support, Andy Cobb. “As a shared IT function, we’re always looking to improve support for all our end users, so in line with our consolidation into a single office, we decided to consolidate our Mac support as well.”

While it was important that the new agreement offer better value for money, Andy and the team were also “looking for an organisation who could work with Hachette UK in what we felt was a relatively complicated desktop and enterprise systems setup, and that was a strong cultural fit with ours.

“The key thing for us was the depth of knowledge that Jigsaw24 showed. We were impressed by the calibre of people who were involved in the [tender] process and their responses, and they already looked after customers who were in a similar position to us. The final thing that was particularly convincing was that the onsite personnel would be part of our team but also enjoy being part of the Jigsaw24 team, and the advantages that that gives them in terms of technical expertise to support our users.”

To find out more about our solutions and services, click on the banner below or scroll down to the bottom of this article and give our team a bell on the number there.

Solutions Banner


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Would you be better ditching desktop drives for Backup24?

Would you be better ditching desktop drives for Backup24?

We all know that it’s important to back up your files, particularly when you’re working to deadline and for clients. Traditionally, the best practice for this has been to use an automated service like Apple’s Time Machine to back up your files to a local desktop drive. But would you be better taking things to the cloud? 

Using desktop drives for backup has long been popular because it’s immediate, your data is on hand to restore from in an emergency, and there’s something reassuring about having your backup within arm’s reach. However, as resolutions keep increasing, file sizes balloon and clients demand more versions of projects for different platforms, finding space for backup copies of all your files is increasingly challenging. Which is where Backup24 comes in.

How does Backup24 help?

Lower costs

Backup24 costs a flat rate of £40 per TB, per month. A 1TB, professional quality drive is likely to set you back significantly more than this – a rugged LaCie drive is £115 ex VAT, for example. You also have to pay for power to run then, find space to store them, and spend time setting them up, checking the backups have worked and checking the drives are still hearty, hale and haven’t failed.

No management needed

Our engineering team will check your backups daily, and you’ll get regular reports confirming that everything’s OK, or alerting you if there was a problem. There’s no extensive setup process, there’s no need for online training to learn how to back up your files (as is the case with some other cloud storage systems), and there’s no need for you to spend time checking all transfers have worked and no drives have failed.

And if you need to access older data, there’s no risk that a file stored in Backup24 will have become inaccessible, whereas a hard drive left to collect dust for a few months may well fail on startup, and any data on it will be lost.

Capacity and scalability

If you’re buying drives on an ad hoc basis, it’s difficult to predict when you’re going to need storage and how much you’ll want, meaning an unpredictable spending cycle and no solid plan if you ever need to scale up. With Backup24, you pay a flat fee of £40 per TB per month, and all it takes to increase the amount of storage available to you is a phone call to our sales team (number below).

Data security

Your data is being backed up to our UK-based Tier 2+ data centre, which means not only is it secure in the sense that it’s unlikely to fail, but we can also provide dedicated VPN access to your data. We’ll provide dedicated connectivity, which gives you a secure VPN connection to the data centre, with ringfenced bandwidth for your backups and restores (this is an extra £500 a month per 100Mbps of bandwidth you use).

Physical space

Moving to the cloud will allow you to free up all the space on your desks and in your offices that’s currently occupied by desktop drives, giving you more room to work.

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Avid welcome Adobe Premiere Pro users to MediaCentral

Avid welcome Adobe Premiere Pro users to MediaCentral

Premiere Pro users, your years of warring with your Avid-loving counterparts are over. The two editing giants have joined together to bring harmony to the NLE market and peace to our timelines (and/or do some cynical marketplace positioning, depending on your worldview).

Adobe have previously teamed up with Maxon to give After Effects users dynamic access to richer 3D tools, and now they’re doing their editors a similar favour. The update will allow Premiere Pro editors to connect to Avid’s production environment via Avid MediaCentral | UX.

How does it work?

You will need to head to and download the MediaCentral Premiere Pro Connector and install it on each of your Premiere Pro-equipped machines. You’ll then be able to see the Avid MediaCentral | UX HTML5 user interface within the Premiere Pro interface, and use it to access the wonderfully named “Avid asset management realm”, which consists of Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAM and iNEWS.

What can you do? 

Once you enter the realm, you’ll be able to:

– Search for media assets using the central Media | Index.

– Chat with other MediaCentral | UX users.

– Navigate database hierarchies.

– See, add and modify metadata.

Will you be able to register Avid Assets to Premiere Pro projects for editing? 

Hell yes, friend. Not only that, but you’ll be able to check out master clips in Premiere-supported formats, check out simple sequences for in-place editing and send rendered sequences back to Avid.

If your Avid media is not directly supported in Premiere, you’ll still be able to access it via an optional conversion to MXF OP-1a and simple XML shortlists.

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Jigsaw24’s top ten tech tips for retailers

Jigsaw24’s top ten tech tips for retailers

Last week, we got our biggest retail customers together in Soho to take a look at some of the best technological trends for front of house and back of house systems. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a quick rundown of our top tips…

Get closer to your customers with Skyfii
Skyfii’s solutions allow you to transform your guest WiFi into a powerful tracking and engagement tool. You can push location-based marketing to customers over multiple channels, track engagement and dwell time, and then bring all your new data into one place with their IO Connect solution. Learn more here.

Get a tenfold increase in engagement with product imagery
Lytro’s Illum camera uses an entirely new image capture system to give you movable photographs that can be refocused to any point. Research has shown that engagement with product listings skyrockets once your product imagery is interactive – tests have shown users spend 40 seconds on a Lytro image and just four on a static one. Learn more.

Update your creative workflow
In days gone by, your creative team’s key applications couldn’t run on anything other than a hulking desktop computer. Now, not only can they run the full versions of apps like Photoshop and InDesign on lightweight notebooks, but there are even dedicated mobile apps designed to fit right into that traditional workflow and make getting work done on the road or during a store visit easier. Here’s our designer Simon to explain how.

…and make sure your hardware is up to it
Obviously the effectiveness of your mobile workflow is going to depend on the usefulness of your mobile devices. The current leader of the pack is Apple’s iPad Pro, which boasts an incredibly high resolution screen and enough power for some reviewers to call it a laptop killer. You’ll also need some nearline storage to keep the images you capture and create – here’s a quick guide to your content management solutions and storage options.

Get as much realtime data as you can
Roambi is a fantastic data display app that converts realtime performance data into user-friendly graphs and charts, so your team can see how the day’s going at a glance. (If your team don’t have work phones yet, you can pick up a great SIM-only deal here.)

Start merchandising digitally
If you’re used to sending out black and white paper guides for merchandising, iPad can make things far easier. Load your device with a corporate Dropbox-like solution (such as those from Acronis and bigtincan), and you can easily share things like videos demonstrating different layouts, data on best-selling lines and variations on displays for different regions or demographics. Take a look at our iPad range here.

Try Socket Mobile scanners
Socket Mobile’s lightweight, handheld scanners allow for mobile inventory and stock checking, but can also be used to communicate with front of house staff to ensure new stock is always brought out at the right time. By providing sales assistants with mobile scanners, they can provide customers with accurate information more quickly, reducing dropped baskets and speeding up sales. Here’s a rundown of their range.

Enjoy some time off the road
Some organisations balk at the cost of a corporate iPad deployment, but if you have a regionally-based team, the device can pay for itself within three months as conferencing apps mean you can avoid trips back to HQ, or maintain relationships with regional offices remotely. Pick up an iPad here.

Make learning fun (by fun, we mean ruthlessly competitive)
Bespoke training apps allow you to work instant feedback and gamification features into your product training regimen, so that you can track learning and development KPIs, or even start up friendly competition between stores by publishing scores. Get in touch with our app development team to find out how our RetailEngage24 app can help you inform and engage sales staff.

Got training covered? We can help you with the rest, too…
Our custom-built, platform agnostic apps can support you in tasks including handling customer enquires, putting stock inventory at people’s fingertips, and furnishing sales assistants with pricing, product histories and visibility over the company’s marketing. That email address again:

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Did you spot us at the LUPC & SUPC Conference 2016?

Did you spot us at the LUPC & SUPC Conference 2016?

If you swung by this year’s LUPC & SUPC meetup, you may have seen us plying our wares on stand 15, where our HE team and tame Adobe expert were doling out advice on how to make the most of your Creative Cloud licences. For those who stayed home, here’s what you missed.

What is the LUPC & SUPC Conference?

It’s the annual shindig that provides procurement staff from members of the London Universities Purchasing Consortium and the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium to meet with vendors who sell through their frameworks. There were also talks and workshops to keep everyone up to date with the latest best practices, and cake, the highlight of any corporate event.

Why were we there?

We’re proud providers of Adobe software on both frameworks. As an Adobe Platinum Reseller and the largest Adobe provider in the UK, we have the expertise and bargaining power to get you the best deal possible on your licences, so we were keen to meet university staff and show off the benefits of Adobe’s VIP scheme for staff and students. (Here’s a quick recap of the VIP tiers, for anyone who forgot to take notes.)

Do we only do Adobe?

Goodness, no. We can also provide Apple kit and peripherals, PC hardware, video and audio equipment, and all of your underlying cabling and infrastructure. Once we’ve got you creating content, we can also provide end-to-end storage solutions (including separate shared storage for media labs) and help you share everything via a new WiFi network.

Do we drop off your hardware and leave?

Absolutely not. We have PRINCE 2 certified project managers to ensure all your major installs go off without a hitch (and get finished before term time), and we also offer a range of support and maintenance services to help you stay on top of your tech.

These include support contracts with guaranteed response times and service level agreements (SLAs); a managed repairs service (in which we pick up and fix all your broken Apple kit on a regular basis and book it all in as one job, so you can reduce the admin burden of broken machines); onsite tech bars to supplement your help desk team; embedded engineers and techs to work alongside yours; health check days where we comb through your systems to identify problems before they arrive, and even just good old fashioned phone and email support.

If you missed us at the LUPC & SUPC Conference, you can always get in touch with us on 03332 409 306 or at For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or Like us on Facebook

What’s so exciting about Anova PRO?

What’s so exciting about Anova PRO?

Rotolight’s new LED studio/location light (an update of 2013’s Anova) has location shooters all a-twitter thanks to its 10% weight reduction, 43% jump in brightness and its potential to help rolling shutter cameras handle stroboscopic light. 

LED lights have been gaining momentum for a while now, and one of the best received was Rotolight’s Anova, which brightened our 2013 considerably. This year’s update, the Anova PRO, was a big hit at NAB, not in the least because it’s 10% lighter. This has gotten a big thumbs up from the ENG section of the Anova user base, as exemplified by the good folks at NewsShooter, who got a good look at the PRO at NAB:


Anova PRO: key specs

As well as being easier to lug around, the Anova PRO has 720 LEDs compared to the Anova’s 576. That 25% jump in the number of LEDs translates into a 43% brighter light, with an output of 6545 Lux and three feet. The colour temperature is tuneable from 3150 Kelvin to 6300 Kelvin and it has a fifty degree beam angle.

As well as these excellent specs, it comes with four excitingly-named features of Rotolight’s own design, namely:

CINE SFX mode. This equips your Anova PRO with a series of effects you can deploy on set or location in order to imitate, say, a roaring fire, a flickering television, a welding torch and several other things that have historically made rolling shutter cameras very unhappy indeed. (The official list appears to be: strobe, lightning, fire, cycle, throb, police, TV, spin, weld, spark, film, neon and gunshot.)

Flash Sync. Flash Sync lets you integrate the Anova PRO into your photography workflow, using your Anova PRO as a strobe and meaning you only need one set of lights to shoot stills and video.

True Aperture Dimming. This feature allows you to accurately calculate and display the correct aperture for your subject at any distance, meaning you no longer need to meter.

Designer Fade. This mode gives you custom fade up/fade down effects, so that you can capture those in camera rather than having to add them in post.

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We’ve teamed up with Rohde & Schwarz

We’ve teamed up with Rohde & Schwarz

We’ve teamed up with the good people at Rohde & Schwarz to become their latest UK reseller. We can now officially offer you their award-winning Clipster and Venice solutions, plus their Spycer and DVS-SAN storage range.

Rohde & Schwarz’s solutions have been a leading light in the broadcast and post space for the last 30 years, so we’re obviously pleased to be adding them to our lineup. And hey, it just so happens that their products dovetail perfectly with our expertise in storage and post workflows. Happy times.

So what are we selling? 

We’re going to be supplying the Clipster mastering station, which centralises your DI workflow, and the Venice ingest server. We’ll also be supplying SpycerBox Cell and Flex storage, which scales into their DVS-SAN storage solution.



Clipster is Rohde & Schwarz’s world leading mastering solution, designed to let post houses consolidate their DI workflow into a single system while retaining the ability to capture and master across a range of digital distribution formats (supported formats include RAW camera files, IMF, AS-02 and DCI cinema projects, including 3D). Clipster can also conform and edit uncompressed 4K data in realtime.

With Clipster, you can rely on one box to capture any video format, process any video data in realtime, conform and edit RAW data, perform scaling and colour correction, correct geometry and colour misalignments in stereoscopic footage, version your project to a range of  formats (including standards like AS-02 and IMF) and perform stereoscopic DCI mastering.

See the full spec sheet here.



The Venice ingest and playout server is designed to act as the hub of any media production, allowing you to combine different formats like SD, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p in one production workflow, as well as supporting a range of codecs and formats. As Rohde & Schwarz explain, “Studio program signals, live feed or tapes, and generic video files or file transfer are captured in all typical broadcast codecs (XDCAM, AVC-Ultra codec group, DNxHD, Apple ProRes, etc.) directly without any transcoding in one single system. The material is available to all connected editing clients for immediate processing. Direct capturing in proprietary production storage is accelerated with the edit-while-ingest functionality.”

See the spec sheet here.



We’re not technically selling this, but only because it’s software that comes free with any Spycer-driven storage solutions (more on them in a moment). Effectively a gratis asset management system, Spycer connects your storage volumes and allows you to search for and preview your media, add metadata to files, copy and check files – you can even search external drives while they’re disconnected.

Spycer even lets you process RAW files quickly and efficiently. DVS’s data manager can easily find, view, convert, and edit data shot with cameras from RED, ARRI, Phantom or the Silicon Imaging camera. Spycer may also be used to visualise 3D LUTs.

SpycerBox Cell and Flex


SpycerBox Cell and Flex are Rohde & Schwarz’s solutions for online and nearline storage. The Cell is a 1U unit that packs in 30 SATA, SAS or SSD disks to deliver hyperfast, dense online storage. It’s available with Fibre Channel or Ethernet connectivity and supports NFS and SMB volumes. SpycerBox Cell’s compact form factor and 3GBps performance per chassis make it ideal for high-resolution, high-IOP workflows.

Find out more about SpycerBox Cell.

SpycerBox Flex is a is a highly scalable and flexible online and nearline storage solution. Like Cell, it offers SSD, SATA and SAS drive options and Fibre Channel or Ethernet connectivity. It also continues Rohde & Schwarz’s penchant for high density storage, with a single SpycerBox holding as much as 96TB of data in RAID5.

As well as featuring the Spycer asset management system, Flex includes DVS SAN REMO management system for monitoring, building and servicing your storage, and can be used in SAN or NAS configurations, or even as a combination of the two. A built-in schedule manager allows you to automate backups, and Spycer can be integrated with your existing LTO solution to simplify archiving.

See the full spec sheet.



DVS-SAN consolidates Spycer storage into a scalable, high capacity SAN solution capable of handling hundreds of connected clients. DVS-SAN is optimised for file sequences like DPX or OpenEXR, and can handle multiple realtime streams of uncompressed RGB 4:4:4 10/12/16 bit video files in levels scalable from 600 MBps to more than 10 GBps.

The DVS-SAN’s modular architecture means you can add storage clusters to achieve even higher data rates and a larger number of parallel video streams – and DVS’s systems are designed to hit these speeds continuously, not in short peaks. As with other solutions, your DVS-SAN can have Fibre or Ethernet connectivity, and can be mirrored or RAID 5/6, and DVS reckon your DVS-SAN should take up 25% less space in your server room than your existing SAN solution.

Find out more about DVS-SAN.

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The 999 Apple Support Club: Solving tech crises and building community

The 999 Apple Support Club: Solving tech crises and building community

We’re a sociable lot here at Jigsaw24, so when we were thinking of ways to improve the support we offer primary schools we knew three things: it had to be more comprehensive, it had to be more affordable and there had to be more opportunities to get together. The result: the 999 Apple Support Club.

What is the 999 Apple Support Club? 

It’s a new support contract we’re offering to primary schools!

In slightly more detail? 

For £999 a year, 999 Apple Support Club membership obliges us to provide you with:

– Dedicated phone and remote support from our Apple experts.

– A free annual infrastructure review.

– Onsite Apple Surgery every half term to keep you up to date with new features.

– Support from a dedicated Education Manager to help you choose and implement the right creative IT.

– Support from certified Apple Education Trainers to help you integrate IT and mobile devices into the curriculum for maximum impact.

– Help planning your Apple technology refresh and recycling.

– Dedicated purchasing portal.

– Exclusive discounts on services and end of life hardware.


– Free product training days at our place.

– Quarterly meet ups with other schools in your area.

– Access to the Jigsaw24 partner network.

– Use of Jigsaw24 pro audio demo suites at our London centre.

– Updates from our team at your cluster meetings.

What makes it a club? 

We’ll also be running exclusive product training days and termly TeachMeets so you can keep up with the latest releases and see what other teachers in your area are up to, and can even drop in at cluster meetings to update you on what’s going on. We want to help schools share best practice and new ideas, and as we have a dedicated Education Manager in every region, we thought they’d be well placed to keep people in touch.

Don’t you only do iPad? 

Nope! We’re an Apple Solution Expert for education, which means we parley our Apple knowledge into developing all-round solutions for schools (we actually work with 4000 primary schools), digital classrooms and learning hubs. We can integrate your Apple and Windows kit and make sure all of your systems are backed by a robust IT network.

OK. What are the club benefits? 

Numerous! But chief among them in the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a dedicated point of contact for support just a phone call away. You’ll also get advice on strategy and best practice from our experienced Education Managers, who are on hand to assist with any challenges you face, roadmap the development of your school’s Apple technology, and help staff maximise the effectiveness of new devices in the classroom – so potential problems can be identified and dealt with before they even go wrong. We’re giving schools that take part a free infrastructure review, too, so you’ll have a top level knowledge of the health of all your IT systems.

Plus, you’ll get free and discounted training on new releases, and access to exclusive resources and events. Everybody loves an exclusive event.

£999 is pretty reasonable…

It is! Plus you get to bundle your support costs into one affordable yearly payment, then get discounts on training, engineering and key hardware through our exclusive education portal. And you’ll get a 30 day credit account for all those new purchases, too.

Let’s say I’m considering this. Who do I call?

If you’re already a customer, you can call your Education Manager and have them sign you up. If not, give the team a bell on 03332 409 290 or email

What if I want to read  more first?

Then we admire your commitment to literacy. There’s a website full of juicy details here.

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NAB 2106: Sony’s new Media Backbone Hive wins IABM Game Changer Award

NAB 2106: Sony’s new Media Backbone Hive wins IABM Game Changer Award

IABM has chosen Sony’s Media Backbone Hive as the winner of its IABM Game Changer Award in the hotly contested Post Production category. The IABM Game Changer Awards, announced yearly at NAB, honour the efforts vendors devote to bringing cutting-edge solutions to the broadcast industry.

Media Backbone Hive is Sony’s latest omni-media network production system with an advanced scalable platform based upon Hyper Convergent Node technology. The news and sports production system provides end-to-end, camera-to-archive content and workflow management, delivering customer benefits around speed, easy integration, and unparalleled flexibility.

“The IABM Game Changer awards are a recognition of product innovation from the industry experts,” said Niall Duffy, Head of IT & Workflow Solutions, Sony Professional Europe. “The Hyper Convergent Node technology in Media Backbone Hive is a major innovation in the broadcast industry, and one that we believe can transform our customers ability to manage operations and get content faster and more efficiently. It is completely in line with market expectations and demand for highly scalable, flexible and cloud-native systems. And with IABM calling out the quality and breadth of entries submitted to this year’s awards we’re particularly delighted to have won.”

To find out more about Media Backbone Hive please visit here or download our free guide.

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