Our top 3 new Photoshop CC 2015 features

Our top 3 new Photoshop CC 2015 features

This week, two school students, Daisy and Abbie, joined our marketing team for their one day work experience, where they researched the new Photoshop CC release and produced this article.

When it comes to Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop CC releases, amazing features which will change and improve the way users create and design are guaranteed. Want to know what to keep an eye out for in one of the most popular imaging programs? Here we break down our top 3 features that we think will benefit design teams and creative professionals.

The top three new updates: 

– Artboards.

– Design Space.

– Linked Assets.


Introducing artboards; containers that act like a layer group. These give you flexibility and freedom to easily portray responsive web designs and mobile app designs, as well as keeping your designs and creations organised. Adobe files can contain multiple artboards within a single document of different sizes to fit the size of either iPhone or Mac displays, making it easier to view your different concepts. These artboards can also be easily layered out to give you a single bird’s-eye view of your designs.

Adobe have also given this new release a personal touch by allowing you to edit the name of the artboads to suit you and your concept. Another great feature is that, if you’re designing an artboard for an iOS device, you can use the device preview panel to connect to your iPhone and iPad, and you’ll get a live version right on your device, giving you the freedom to swipe through your artboards. Once finished with your artboard, Adobe have made it easy to copy and share your content between consumers in a quick and efficient way.

Design Space

Aimed at making Photoshop more streamlined for the requirements of web and mobile app designers, Design Space is an HMTL5/CSS/JS layer built on top of Photoshop, which offers a designated interface/mode with new interactions and design-focused features. A main part of the default workflow in Design Space are artboards, text and vector shapes, while maths operations are used in any numeric field to quickly describe positions, lengths and sizes.

However, it isn’t a finished feature yet; it’s what adobe calls a “technology preview”. This means that it’s an early look at a project that may not be feature-complete right now and is a work in progress. As a result, the ‘get started’ Adobe site asks users to give feedback to @psdesign and “help [Adobe] shape it into what you want it to be”.

Linked Assets

This next new feature is great for teams that work across the breadth of Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. Support for linked assets in Creative Cloud Libraries means that every time you make a change to an asset in Photoshop, anyone who’s working in Illustrator or InDesign projects has it automatically updated too, so everyone’s always on the same page.

This functionality also includes Adobe Stock images, so you can browse and add stock imagery to your projects directly within the relevant app, and have them added to your Creative Cloud project folders ready to be accessed by the team. Any amends you make to an unlicensed, watermarked image will also be automatically applied to the final image once you pay for it.

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