Business app of the week: AirServer for Mac

Business app of the week: AirServer for Mac

We’ve long enjoyed the ability to stream content from our iOS and OS X devices to Apple TV thanks to AirPlay Mirroring. With AirServer, your content can be streamed to a Mac as well as connected projectors – your business presentations just got an upgrade!

What is AirServer for Mac?

AirServer brings the mirroring magic of Apple TV to Mac in a neat little downloadable package. Once installed on a computer on the same network as an AirPlay-enabled Apple device, said device will be able to see the computer as an AirPlay receiver. This opens the door to a wealth of possibilities, including the chance to conduct presentations without the need to be close to the ‘next slide’ button. Additional options such as full screen recording extend AirServer’s powerful feature list.

How does it work?

Once installed, AirServer sits on your Mac’s toolbar, broadcasting its ability to AirPlay Mirror. Access command centre on your iOS device and as long as it’s on the same network as your computer, tapping AirPlay will display your computer name. Selecting your computer from the list and flicking the switch for Mirroring will swiftly see your device displaying on your Mac.

Every pixel of content from your iOS device will now seamlessly appear on your Mac display too. As mentioned previously, AirServer also has the ability to record whatever you choose to stream. Recording a presentation and sharing it with relevant parties after the meeting adds a particularly compelling opportunity.

Who is it for?

Technically, AirServer isn’t targeted at one particular type of customer – we can see clear advantages in education and home entertainment too. Its powerful recording function could be just the thing for an app developer wanting to create a video demonstration. Equally a teacher could conduct a presentation to students safe in the knowledge that it can be stored afterwards for safekeeping or shared.

What’s the best feature?

Apart from the obvious power of the record function, AirServer’s best feature is its lack of fuss. It has a very focused aim and does it with no resistance. It quietly runs in the background and only comes to life when you require it, and even then AirServer has an extremely minimal user interface with quick access to preferences such as display resolution and security settings.

How much is it and where can I get it?

AirServer is available for download on the AirServer website and is priced according to the sector in which you’ll be using it. Single business licences are available for a one-off $19.99, consumer licences are a one-off $14.99 and education licences are a one-off $7.99 to $11.99. You’ll be pleased to hear there’s also a free 7-day trial available for you to experience why we’re so excited about this app!

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Autodesk Subscription – What and Why?

Autodesk Subscription – What and Why?

So what is the Autodesk Subscription? A subscription to a magazine or newsletter? Over £200 is a bit pricey just for that – there’s much, much more to this subscription and, after reading this, you’ll be taking subscription with all your Autodesk purchases.

Having subs means that Autodesk’s doors are opened to you; you’ll enjoy a wide range of support, training material, simplified licence management, and free copies of the latest release of the software during your subscription period (Autodesk usually release 2 versions a year, and with your subscription the latest update is sent out to you for free, saving thousands on upgrading!).

They’re the basics, now here’s a bit of a break down:

Key Benefits

  • Improved Productivity – Autodesk release new versions and product extensions on average twice a year. These upgrades are usually only obtained via a bought upgrade, HOWEVER they’re sent out free to subscription customers during their contract.
  • Product Extensions – Product extensions are little extra add-ons, like a complete new plug-in for the product. These extensions are only available to subscription members.
  • E-Learning – There is a vast number of online resources and e-learning material available exclusively to subs members. This ranges from the very basic, to full-on advanced features, not to mention guides on how to create certain effects, materials, models etc. And, if you can’t find something out, you can ask an Autodesk Expert who will get back to you via email.
  • Direct Support – Allows you to ask questions and gain help from Autodesk and industry Experts.
  • Dedicated Subscription Centre – You also use the Subscription Centre to view coverage and renewal reports, update your contact information and learn about exclusive subscriber-only offers such as free access to Autodesk University Online.
  • Simplified Licence management – online access to manage your licenses, and also give you budget prediction and expenditure in advance.

If you purchase an Autodesk product, the exclusive extensions are amazing additions to the software, eg. Maya has just had “Muscle” released which is a great tool for animators to ease the creation of life-like skin motion with muscle and skin deformation tools, jiggle functionality, paintable weighting and muscle sculpting options. It all sounds great and it’s features like this that a lot of Maya users will benefit from.

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