Mac chit-chat, beer and bacon… sounds like our type of event

Mac chit-chat, beer and bacon… sounds like our type of event

On the 21st October 2014, we’re co-sponsoring the ‘Macbrained Community Meetup’ event in Minneapolis. The event comprises of Mac admins from around the world gathering at the ‘Day Block Brewing’ pub to learn more about existing Mac communities, share tips, build successful communities and broaden Mac awareness.

There’s also beer and a thing called ‘bacon flights’ too. We Googled bacon flights and it turns out to just be a massive platter of bacon – we are not complaining. It’s also free – so that’s free beer, bacon and Mac advice. When’s the next flight to Minneapolis please?

Described by the hosts Macbrained, as ‘the best sponsors on earth’ (their words, not ours), we’re teaming up with RobotCloud and Oomnitza to sponsor this amazing event. So Mac Admins around the world, this is your chance to attend the Macbrained Community Meetup. Register for the event here.

Putting free bacon and beer to one side for just a moment, the event is a great way for the Mac admin community to get together, share knowledge and learn more from each other about starting communities in their areas. Macbrained also share their own tips for building successful Mac communities and broadening Mac awareness. All in all, Macbrained want this event to be a fun way for Mac admins to ‘socialise, share best practices and a lot of bacon’ as well as, and we quote, ‘par-tay’.

For more information about this event, where it’s held and at what time, click here

To visit the Macbrained website and find out more about what they do, click here.

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New updates to Adobe Creative Cloud make creativity even more mobile!

New updates to Adobe Creative Cloud make creativity even more mobile!

On the 6th October 2014 Adobe dropped a whole host of new updates to the Creative Cloud, including new features and additions to the family of mobile apps, enhancements to Creative Cloud desktop tools, the addition of a ‘Creative Profile’, special offers on Acrobat subscriptions and nine new mobile apps. It’s a lot to get through so we’ve tried to be as efficient as possible! Lets talk Acrobat offers first…

Acrobat subscription caught your attention?

And so it should do. Adobe have announced that from 6th October 2014 – 28th November 2014, commercial customers can purchase new seats on VIP for £11.00 per seat, per month. Do this and you’ll also receive an annual renewal at the same promotional price.

Creative Profile with Creative Cloud

New to Creative Cloud, Adobe has launched ‘Creative Profile’, for creatives to use to connect them to their work, to the assets they use to create their work and communities that matter to them. Your Creative Profile moves from app to app and device to device, and is like your online creative identity.

Mobile Apps and new Creative Cloud connections

Adobe have extended Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Lightroom CC to mobile devices on the Creative Cloud. Adobe tells us that “these mobile apps all work with Creative Cloud plans, giving you access to the benefits of a deeply integrated mobile and desktop workflow, connected via your Creative Profile”. These include…

Mobile Photoshop

– Photoshop Sketch lets creatives draw with new built-in expressive brushes and enables an integrated workflow with Photoshop and Illustrator CC.

– Photoshop Mix sees updates and a new version for iPhone, released on 6th October 2014 and is free to download here.

– Lightroom mobile app builds on integrated desktop and mobile workflows. New features include allowing clients, friends and family to select favourites and leave comments for photos shared online. GPS information from iPhone photos now syncs with Lightroom desktop.

Mobile Illustrator

– Illustrator Draw (formerly Adobe Ideas) gives users access to vector drawing tools, integration with Illustrator CC and enhanced support for Adobe Ink and Slide.

– Illustrator Line is the precision drawing app, that gives creatives new features for perfectly distributing shapes as they draw, plus the ability to send sketches to Illustrator CC where they have full access to their original vector paths for editing.

Mobile Premiere

– Adobe Premiere Clip app easily transforms the video shot on iPhone or iPad into edited videos that are simple to share.


Keep it coming Adobe…

Adobe has also introduced a new category of ‘capture’ apps for creating designs and bringing them into creative workflows. These are:

– Adobe Brush CC, lets designers craft unique brushes, on iPad or iPhone, to use in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or Adobe Illustrator Sketch.

– Adobe Shape CC, is a simple, unique and fun way to capture and create shapes on iPhone or iPad, wherever inspiration strikes. A high contrast photo of anything – a chair, a pet, or a hand drawn font, is converted into vector art that can be used immediately in Illustrator CC and Adobe Illustrator Line via Creative Cloud Libraries.

– Adobe Color CC (formerly Adobe Kuler), allows creatives to capture colours and save them as themes that are immediately available in other Adobe applications, including Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.

New features for Creative Cloud desktop tools

Creative Cloud Market, a collection of high quality, curated content that’s freely accessible to Creative Cloud members. Access and use thousands of professionally crafted files, including user interfaces, patterns, icons, brushes and vector shapes, to speed through desktop and mobile projects.

Creative Cloud Libraries, a powerful asset management service that lets creatives easily access and create with colours, brushes, text styles and vector images through Creative Cloud desktop, mobile apps and services. Creative Cloud Libraries connects desktop tools like Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to each other – and to companion mobile apps.

Creative Cloud Extract, a cloud-based service that reinvents the Photoshop CC comp-to-code workflow for web designers and developers, letting them share and unlock vital design information from a PSD file (such as colours, fonts and CSS) to use when coding mobile and desktop designs.

We’re drowning in new Adobe updates – there’s still more!

Here’s even more new  features in the update for Creative Cloud.

– Touch support on Windows 8 devices for key design applications.

– New 3D print features and enhanced Mercury Graphics Engine performance for Photoshop CC.

– A new curvature tool in Illustrator CC.

– Interactive EPUB support in InDesign CC.

– SVG and Synchronized Text support in Muse CC.

– GPU-optimised playback for viewing high resolution 4K and UltraHD footage in Premiere Pro CC.

– HiDPI and new 3D support in After Effects CC.

And breathe, we’re done now!

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The future of retail: we now take cash, card and Apple Pay

The future of retail: we now take cash, card and Apple Pay

It’s been a busy month for Apple, its users and its fans. Announcing new iPhones, introducing the world to Apple Watch, releasing iOS 8 and tomorrow (19th September) the sale of the iPhone 6. On top of all that, we also have Apple Pay to look forward to. Apple describes Apple Pay as ‘your wallet, without the wallet’, and will allow consumers to use their iPhone 6 or Apple Watch (when it’s released) to pay for goods. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the digital wallet age.

We can already use our phones as boarding passes, train tickets, coupons and loyalty cards: it only seems natural that the next big step would be using it for payment. So what can we expect from Apple Pay and what benefits can it bring to retail?

First things first

Apple Pay is due to launch in the US in October, through a free download in iOS 8 for iPhone 6 and 6 plus users. Apple Pay works with three major payment networks: Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit and debit cards. There is currently no release date for the UK and wider Europe.

How does it work?

Apple Pay works by allowing customers to pay for their goods using Touch ID technology. Touch ID technology is incorporated into the Home button and uses a fingerprint identity sensor to mean only your unique fingerprint on the Home button can authorise a transaction. Consumers will be able to input their payment card details into the Passbook application on their devices, so it’s stored and ready to be used when you come to pay. To pay, simply hold your phone near the store’s contactless reader with your finger on the Home button. If your payment is successful, you’ll be notified by a beep and subtle vibration.

What does this mean for retail?

Retailers can now add a ‘we also take Apple Pay’ sign to their list of payment methods. The likes of Subway, Staples and Starbucks are already gearing up for the release of Apple Pay in the US.

How can retailers use Apple Pay?

In store
Getting your store equipped with the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that Apple Pay relies on to work will provide your shoppers with the option to ditch their wallets and use their iPhones for payment instead. While us Brits do love a good queue, Apple Pay will make payment quicker, resulting in shorter, calmer and more orderly queues – even we can’t complain about that.

So a potential customer is browsing your website on their iPhone and sees something they want to buy: they rummage through that seemingly bottomless bag and admit defeat when all they find is chewing gum and old bus tickets, leaving you missing out on a sale. Instead, picture this: a ‘pay with Apple Pay’ option, that allows people to purchase from your site or app using Apple Pay, meaning no need to dig out that impossible-to-find wallet as your bank details are already stored in Passbook. Purchasing could literally take just one click.

Is it safe?

The thoughts on everyone’s mind – do I feel comfortable that I can now use my phone to pay for stuff? And what about hackers? Well, according to Apple, your device will not save your transaction information, so nothing can be tied back to you. Since you don’t have to show your credit or debit card, you never reveal your name, card number or security code to the cashier when you pay in store, ensuring that your information stays only with yourself.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

According to Apple, Apple Pay will let you use iPhone 6 or Apple Watch to pay in over 220,000 contactless-payment-accepting stores (presumably this currently only applies to the US). Stores include Nike, Subway, Disney Store, Staples and Starbucks (to name a few).  The mystery we are still faced with is whether there will be a capped spending limit on Apple Pay. In the UK, there is currently a maximum spend of £20 with contactless payment cards – we presume Apple Pay would be similar, which is great for a cheeky Starbucks, but you may have to limit how many drinks you can buy down the pub.

…All we need now is for Apple to bring Apple Pay to the UK.

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Apple announces iOS 8: available today

Apple announces iOS 8: available today

iOS 8 has finally been unveiled and will be hitting Apple users everywhere from today (17th September). Here’s what the Apple press release tells us we can expect from iOS 8, including new Messages and Photos features, QuickType Keyboard, Extensibility, iCloud Drive and new Health App.

On September 9th 2014, Apple announced the release of iOS 8: the biggest release since the launch of the App Store. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download iOS 8 for free from today (17th September). iOS 8 delivers a simpler, faster and more intuitive user experience with new and updated features including:

– New Messages and Photos features.

– Predictive typing for Apple’s QuickType keyboard.

– Family sharing.

– The new Health app, giving you a clear overview of your health and fitness data.

– iCloud Drive, so you can store files and access them from anywhere.

Apple’s Senior vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi had this to say: ‘We’re excited for hundreds of millions of users to begin experiencing iOS 8, with incredible features that offer new ways to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, iOS 8 also creates an extraordinary environment for developers, providing them the ability to create amazing new apps like never before.’

New to Messages

Messages in iOS 8 makes conversations more immersive. Simply ‘Tap to Talk’ to share your voice. The same gesture also works for sharing photos and videos. Users can now share several photos and videos at once and easily browse through all of them within a conversation from one place. Group messaging gives you the ability to add and remove contacts, and the option not to be disturbed or to leave a conversation entirely. You can also choose to share your current location from within Messages for an hour, a day or longer.

New to Photos

In iOS 8, the Photos app brings powerful editing to your fingertips. Photos automatically straightens horizons, and with smart editing tools you can quickly adjust light and colour with a swipe. For deeper fine-tuning, you can access individual tools to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and more. Developers can tap into the same robust framework as the built-in Photos app using PhotoKit, and with extensibility APIs, can make their own filters and editing tools available to users within the Photos app.

QuickType keyboard

New predictive typing for Apple’s QuickType keyboard is smarter, more personalised and intelligently takes context into account, such as who the recipient is and in which app you’re typing. QuickType understands the way you communicate, suggesting favourite phrases, so you can write entire sentences with just a few taps. What the QuickType keyboard learns is kept private, encrypted on your device and never sent to the cloud. Third-party keyboards are also available, so developers can offer additional layouts and input methods system-wide, providing users more choice. Fingers crossed this is the end of embarrassing autocorrected text messages!

New Health app

The new Health app gathers the information you choose from your various health apps and fitness devices, and provides you with a clear and current overview in one place. HealthKit APIs offer developers the ability for health and fitness apps to communicate with each other. With your permission, each app can use specific information from other apps to provide a more comprehensive way to manage your health and fitness. Users will be able to gather and monitor their own fitness metrics using apps such as MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava.


HomeKit connects your home devices safely and seamlessly so you can better manage accessories like lights, thermostats, door locks and garage doors. By delivering a common protocol, HomeKit securely pairs and allows easy control over individual or groups of devices throughout the house. With Siri integration you can say, “Good morning,” and have the lights turn on in specific rooms, the thermostat adjust the temperature and the garage door open.

Family Sharing with iOS 8

Family Sharing with iOS 8 makes it easier than ever to communicate and share purchases. It automatically keeps everyone connected by creating a shared family photo stream and calendar, and provides an option to locate family members and their devices. Family members can now also browse and download each other’s eligible iTunes, iBooks or App Store purchases. Up to six family members can participate, each with their own Apple ID. Parents can create Apple IDs for children and, with Ask to Buy, require online parental permission for Family Sharing purchases.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive allows you to safely store, access and edit documents of any type. Make edits on one device and the most up-to-date version of your documents will be available across all devices, whether an iOS device, Mac, Windows PC or on iCloud Drive brings new collaboration between apps, providing seamless access and the ability to work on the same file across multiple apps.

Continuity features

Continuity features in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite bring your Mac and iOS devices together like never before. When your iPhone or iPad is near your Mac, Handoff lets you start an activity on one device and pass it to the other. Instant Hotspot makes using your iPhone’s hotspot as easy as connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Now the SMS and MMS messages that previously only appeared on your iPhone appear in Messages on all your devices. You can even send SMS or MMS messages directly from your Mac and make or receive iPhone calls using your Mac as a speakerphone.

Additional iOS 8 features include:

– Expanded security and management improvements for Enterprise, with new productivity features, including an extended level of data protection for key built-in apps and support for configurable thread notifications in Mail. Improvements in the way users are informed of how their devices are configured and managed further support the new mobilised workforce IT model.

– Design enhancements that build on the stunning interface of iOS 7, bringing interactive notifications, quick access to key contacts, intelligent suggestions and the ability to quickly switch back and forth between the Inbox and Drafts in Mail.

– Spotlight suggestions beyond what’s on your device, including Wikipedia entries, places nearby and news articles.

iOS 8 SDK 

The iOS 8 SDK, with over 4,000 new APIs, gives developers the ability to create amazing new apps like never before. The SDK delivers major iOS extensions, including new sharing options, widgets, custom actions and document APIs. Touch ID APIs enable developers to securely authenticate users within apps. Gaming on iOS 8 gets even better with Metal, a new graphics technology for game providers to bring console-class 3D games to mobile devices. iOS 8 includes CloudKit, offering developers a complete and scalable back-end solution, eliminating the need for writing server code and maintaining servers. Swift provides developers with a powerful, next-generation programming language for iOS and OS X that’s fast, modern, interactive and helps them write safer and more reliable code.

Don’t forget the App Store!

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch customers have access to the revolutionary App Store, which offers more than 1.3 million apps in 155 countries around the world. The App Store receives more than 300 million visitors each week.

Pricing and Availability

– iOS 8 will be available as a free software update starting Wednesday, 17th September here for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display.

– New iCloud pricing includes 5GB free, 20GB £0.79/month, 200GB £2.99/month, 500GB £6.99/month and 1TB £14.99/month.

– Continuity features and iCloud Drive will be available on Macs running OS X Yosemite. In October, SMS Continuity will be available as a free update to iOS 8 and iCloud Photo Library will be available as a beta.

– Starting in October, with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay will be available in the US as a free update to iOS 8.

Check out the full Apple press release here.

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IBC 2014: Extension 2 release announced for Autodesk Maya LT 2015

IBC 2014: Extension 2 release announced for Autodesk Maya LT 2015

Autodesk have announced the extension 2 update for Maya LT 2015. The new software is available to download now from the Autodesk Subscription Centre and Autodesk Accounts.

New features

The new extension 2 release for Maya LT 2015 means all kinds of fun new stuff and improvements to the software’s workflow. Extension 2 improves asset export with new features like ‘Send to Unreal’, ‘Send to Mudbox’, an updated Game Expert tool and Colour Management tool. These new features in extension 2 make it easier than ever to use Maya LT in an indie game pipeline. They also allow studios and artists to be more efficient and consistent. Here are four new features to look out for:

‘Send to’

The new ‘Send to’ tool (which has already featured in Maya) allows seamless integration with Mudbox and Unreal, speeding up the whole game design process and retaining good naming conventions. Use ‘Send to Unreal’ to export content from Maya LT directly to an Unreal 4 project. Use ‘Send to Mudbox’ to send geometry from Maya LT directly to Mudbox, where you can add high levels of sculpted and painted detail directly to the model.

Improved Game Exporter

The Game Exporter tool can be used to save export presets so they can be applied to other exported files, helping to maintain a consistent library of 3D content.

Colour management

Extension 2 delivers a completely new colour management system, which offers more accurate colour reproduction, and will make it possible to keep consistently correct gamma in the textures and in the lighting, no matter what software they are in or what monitor they are viewed on.

For the full run-down of what’s new, visit the Autodesk website here.

So if you have an active Maintenance Subscription, the message is: head over to the Autodesk Subscription Centre to update your software. If you have a Maya LT Desktop Subscription plan, head over to Autodesk Accounts to update your software.

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Adobe Acrobat joins the Creative Cloud single app family

Adobe Acrobat joins the Creative Cloud single app family

Great news, PDF lovers: Acrobat has joined the Creative Cloud single app clan! That means you can now get the leading PDF converter on a single app subscription and never be without the latest versions again. And purchasing from us is now really easy too, using the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP).  

Why should I get an Acrobat subscription?

Acrobat is the leading PDF converter, so whether you’re creating, editing or combining PDFs, you can now get the same great Acrobat on the Creative Cloud single app subscription. With an Acrobat subscription you can support your employees’ needs to work on multiple devices from anywhere, and know that they’ll always have access to the most up to date versions as soon as they’re released.

Whether you’re sharing information through email, the web or shared folders, it’s hard to keep data safe, but Acrobat makes it simple to keep your work secure, no matter what application you’re in. By getting an Acrobat single app subscription, you’re giving users throughout your organisation the PDF tools they need, at a much lower price than a full Creative Cloud for teams subscription.

With an Acrobat subscription you’ll get: Acrobat desktop software (including any upgrades), the Adobe PDF Pack online service to convert and export PDFs from a browser or Adobe Reader and, for secure storing and sharing of files in the cloud.

How can I get it?

You can now purchase Acrobat (or any of the other Creative Cloud apps) as a single app subscription through our Value Incentive Plan (VIP). And because we’re Adobe authorised resellers, we can set up and manage your Adobe licences for you.

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You could be saving £368 on Adobe Creative Cloud for teams!

You could be saving £368 on Adobe Creative Cloud for teams!

You heard right, a massive saving of £368 could be made if you buy Creative Cloud for teams on or before 29th August.

Adobe are offering a three year price lock on Creative Cloud for teams right now, meaning buy today and pay £455 per user, per year for the next three years – saving you £368 over the term of the subscription.

Order or update to Creative Cloud on or before 29th August and be rewarded with this three year price lock. However come 30th August, Creative Cloud price lock will be no more.

Why should I upgrade?

Subscribing to Creative Cloud with the price lock promotion means you’ll be able to download the most up to date versions of Adobe creative tools like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and more and for a fixed price for the next three years.  To refresh your memories of all the wonderful Creative Cloud features, why not revisit our previous blog post about Creative Cloud 2014?

How do I get it?

If you want to take advantage of this limited time only offer, get those orders in before 29th August, or forever regret it. Give us a call on 03332 409 251 or email and we’ll sort you out!

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Autodesk 2015 extension 1 update for 3ds Max and Maya subscribers is here

Autodesk 2015 extension 1 update for 3ds Max and Maya subscribers is here

Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya subscription customers can now look forward to the benefits of the extension 1 updates. There are several new features and tools appearing on both updates, so for you lucky subscribers, here’s your guide to what you have to look forward to and when.


12th August 2014 – First customer download date for Autodesk 3ds Max

10th September 2014 – First customer download date for Autodesk Maya

What’s new for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya subscribers?

Lots of stuff. So courtesy of Autodesk and our 3D specialist Josh Mace, here’s a rundown of what we think are the best new features of the Autodesk extension 1 update for 3ds Max and Maya and the benefits they will bring to us wonderfully creative and technical people.

3ds Max – bringing you efficient modelling workflows and better interoperability 

This extension 1 update offers you the best new features of OpenSubdiv support, alembic support and enhanced shader FX. The OpenSubdiv support feature will allow users to work with high-level subdivided assets while still retaining viewport performance. There is a faster in-viewport performance for meshes with high subvision levels and more efficient crease modelling workflows.

The alembic support allows users to view large datasets in the Nitrous Viewport, letting users transfer data easily. Alembic makes it possible for artists to collaborate with ease on projects using multiple applications that support it.

The enhanced shader FX provides users with more shading options and better shader interoperability. New node patterns have been added to increase the possibilities of procedurally generated shaders. Artists will be able to work more efficiently between 3ds Max and Maya, and will find this feature helps to easily create and exchange the complex assets that are required in today’s demanding productions.

Maya – bringing you new tools and improved productivity enhancements

This extension 1 update offers you a performance profiler, colour management system and modelling and workflow productivity enhancements. The performance profiler will help users to debug performance bottlenecks. This will be an indispensible tool for technical artists as it shows a graphical interface with information about different elements of a scene, whether this is a single node or a whole rig. This feature will identify where bottlenecks are being created so you can troubleshoot slow tools and bugs efficiently. Working with a robust API enables developers to extend the performance profiler for use with certain custom tools and plug-ins.

The introduction of the new colour management system offers more accurate colour reproduction within certain Maya windows and editors.

New modelling and workflow productivity enhancements have been added, partially as a result of feedback from existing Maya customers. There are expanded wireframe colour choices, a per-menu keyboard shortcut to repeat the last command, object visibility toggling and colour coding in the channel box to reflect various key states. There is also new performance improvements and multi-UV tiling support for OpenSubdiv.

So it’s good news for all you Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya subscribers – the wait is finally over and the new stuff is here. Don’t have a subscription? Visit our website or contact us to get yourself sorted.

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PipelineFX releases Qube! 6.6

PipelineFX releases Qube! 6.6

Yesterday (7th August 2014) saw the creators of the leading render farm management software for VFX, PipelineFX, release Qube! 6.6, “the more efficient pipeline creator”.

New features you can expect from Qube! 6.6 include Smart Share, Universal Callbacks, Flight Checks, ArtistView improvements, new platform support and Windows platform improvements, so Qube! can be pipeline-friendly from day one.

PipelineFX CEO Richard Lewis says “from customer discussions, it’s obvious that efficiency, multi-platform support and easy integration with both new and legacy tools is where Qube! needs to be. Qube! 6.6 takes them there.”

Digging a little deeper

So what exactly do these new features offer us?

– Smart share – Improves overall render pipeline throughout by automatically re-assigning idle workers once they conclude a job in a fair, balanced and controllable way, without intervention from an artist or wrangler. “This will save on both the render time and the artist time”, adds our 3D specialist, Josh Mace.

– Universal Callbacks – Some jobs require an action every time they are run on the farm. To help, Universal Callbacks are automatically executed for every job, instance or frame, giving operators an easy way to maintain integration with other software and scripts.

– Flight Checks – Register scripts that will be executed on a worker immediately before or after a job or task runs. This includes ensuring assets that are essential to the job exist, pushing or pulling data from a production tracking system for targeted jobs or tasks, and/or transferring the results of a render job to a studio’s dailies system. “The Flight Checks feature will definitely save time by lessening the likelihood of rendering errors by running scripts to check whether something will render correctly before the farm even begins rendering,” adds Josh.

– ArtistView – Improvements include centralised preferences and plug-ins, job, frame, and instance filters (similar to WranglerView), OpenEXR image support in the preview window, as well as a new “thumbnails” tab with mouseover information.

– New platform support – All Autodesk 2015 products and Ubantu 12.04 Linux are fully supported. Python 2.7 is supported on applicable OS platforms. Windows platform improvements include an upgraded version of MySQL server (5.5.37), bundled to significantly improve supervisor performance and Python “load once” jobs are now fully supported.

How do I get it?

Current subscribing customers can download version 6.6 now. Get in touch with to request a 6.6 license.

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