Price drop on the FS7, and free RAW upgrades on other Sony camcorders!

Price drop on the FS7, and free RAW upgrades on other Sony camcorders!

Sony have recently announced price drops and free RAW upgrades on some of our favourite camcorders, and we’ve rounded up everything you need to know to get the best deal!

FS7 models

The Sony PXW-FS7 4K 35mm camcorder is now priced at £6799 (£8158.80 inc VAT), with an additional £300 cashback when purchased with a lens adaptor until the 30th September.

Since its release, the FS7 has been a firm favourite with Jigsaw24 and a must-have run and gun camera. The PXW-FS7 is equipped with a Super 35mm CMOS image sensor with approximately 11.6 million total pixels (4352×2662) and 8.9 million effective pixels. The high image readout speed of the image sensor allows the FS7 to support 4K motion-picture shooting and Super Slow Motion, and realises a high sensitivity of ISO2000 and a wide dynamic range of 14 stops. Its ergonomic design includes a grip designed for easy handling and operability, an angled grip that can be easily adjusted with the press of a button, and a shape that supports long periods of use and flexibly accommodates differences among users’ physique and shooting position.

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If you’re looking for an upgrade, we’ve also got the Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II now down to £8350 (£10,020 inc VAT) and comes with £300 cashback when purchased with a lens adaptor until 30th September.

If you have a little extra to spend, we’d recommend going for the newest version, the FS7 Mk II. It builds on the great reputation of the original FS7, and includes new features such as an all-new lever lock design on the E mount, meaning you can use bulkier lenses with added stability. Another new addition is the electronic variable ND filter (the same one as seen on the FS5). Finally, the FS7 Mk II can record in BT2020 colour space, making it ideal for future-proofing your purchase.

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We’ve also got the kit version of the Sony PXW-FS7K Mark II, including the Sony SELP18110G 18-110MM servo zoom  lens, at £10,239 (£12,286.80 inc VAT). This also comes with £300 cashback when purchased with a lens adaptor until 30th September.

The SELP18110G 18-110MM included is a powered zoom lens that delivers optimum performance in Super 35/APS-C moviemaking applications, starting at 18 mm wide-angle and extending through an impressive 6.1x zoom range with a constant F4 maximum aperture.

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FS5 models

Until the 30th September, you can get the RAW upgrade free of charge when you purchase an FS5 or FS5K with a lens

The Sony PXW-FS5 is currently at £4875 (£5850 inc VAT), with £300 cashback when purchased with a lens adaptor until 30th September.

With the FS5, Sony have produced an amazing small form factor, large sensor 4K camera. It’s designed to be modular, so you strip it down to just a functioning body (weighing just 830g!) and a lens. Similar to the FS7, the handgrip can rotate 180 degrees and lock into nine specific places within that arc, so it’s so good in terms of weight, balance and ergonomics. The ND filter is digitally controlled, anywhere from 1/4 ND through to 1/28. The FS5 can shoot up to 240fps at full HD – but only in eight second bursts (like the FS7000), on a reliable 100MBp/s

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We’ve also got the Sony PXW-FS5K at £5399 (£6478 inc VAT) with £300 cashback when purchased with a lens adaptor until 30th September.

The E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS lens included in this bundle delivers stunning still or movie imagery with the flexibility of 6x power zoom. Maximum aperture is a constant F4 from 18mm wide angle to 105mm medium telephoto, with excellent resolution and contrast throughout. A lever and ring on the lens barrel allow zoom speed to be freely adjusted as required while maintaining a sure, stable grip.

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With the Sony PXW-X70, users will get the CBKZ-X70FX upgrade licence free of charge – an offer that’s running indefinitely! (The licence is not pre-installed, but it’s very easy to install yourself). This camcorder is priced at £1999 (£2398.80 inc VAT) with £130 cashback when you buy.

The super compact X70 features a 1.0 type ExmorT R CMOS Sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. The sensor, which is even larger than the Super 16mm film frame, delivers high resolution and fantastic low light performance, as well as offering more depth of field control as demanded by today’s diverse shooting requirements. The camcorder has the ability to record High Definition in XAVC Long GOP, enabling 422 10-bit sampling at 50 Mbit/s. This in turn supports a broadcast-quality workflow, and is used increasingly by professionals across the industry.

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MCX-500 and 2x PXW-Z150 – new live production bundle option!

Instead of the NX5, you can now get two PXW-Z150s with the MCX-500 mixer and RM-30BP remote controller at the special bundle price of £7499 (£8998.80 inc VAT).

Sony’s MCX-500 is a uniquely user-friendly and flexible production switcher makes it simple for a single operator or small team to produce a broadcast quality live event. Multiple video inputs include professional 3G-SDI, HDMI, Composite Video plus dedicated DSK mean you can mix and match kit as needed for each production. To minimise your workload, the MCX-500 offers hassle-free integration with camcorders such as the PXW-Z150. The lightweight RM-30BP remote controller allows you to control all the key features of suitable camcorders while sitting at your control desk. It also allows tally signals to be sent to connected camcorders, so a camera operator knows when each camcorder is on air, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently with MCX-500’s advanced workflow.

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We’ve expanded our education team! Jigsaw24 welcome Jo Morris and Graham Trick

We’ve expanded our education team! Jigsaw24 welcome Jo Morris and Graham Trick

We’re excited to welcome both Jo Morris and Graham Trick to the Jigsaw24 education team, and the wealth of experience they bring with them.

Jo and Graham will be helping to make iPad core to learning, improve results and add value to the teaching and learning experience. We’re excited for Jo and Graham to join our education team increasing student/teacher satisfaction with iPad.

About Jo

Jo Morris will be our new regional educational manager for the South East. In order to make sure you get the best possible answers to all your questions about Apple, Adobe, touchscreens, mobile device management (MDM) solutions, WiFi and more, each region has its own education manager, dedicated to helping schools in their area make the most of their technology – and Jo has come on board to provide this service for the South East.

Jo has a strong history of providing managed services, software and IT solutions to the education sector and beyond. For the past two years Jo has been working alongside local authorities on their managed service contracts, and building strong relationships with schools to become a trusted advisor.

If you have any questions about moving your IT setup forward or finding the best technology to support your school’s teaching and learning goals, give Jo a call on 07973 781 751 or drop her a line at


About Graham

Graham has come on board as our new professional development trainer for education. He has worked in education for the last 16 years, 15 of those as a teacher and head of department. He has always developed technology-rich lessons and loves working with iPad, having led many training sessions on the use of technologies in teaching and learning. For the past two years, Graham has worked with Northumbria University to introduce and lead the Geography PGCE for the Teach First programme, where a high percentage of student teachers achieved an outstanding rating upon leaving the course.

“The opportunity to work with the Jigsaw24 education team was too good of an opportunity to miss,” says Graham. “The whole ethos of the company and team around transforming education in schools around the country is one that resonates with me and is in line with my own views on technology in education.”

Want to find out more about how Graham can help schools get the most out of iPad in the classroom? Drop him a line at


How we can help with iPad in education

Jigsaw24 help some 1400 schools across the UK make the most of Apple devices and classroom technologies. As revealed in our 1:1 iPad impact study, some of the ways that iPad has improved learning and teaching across the UK include:

– Stephenson Memorial Primary School seeing a 24% increase in reading test results since 2013.

– 97% of students at Jesmond Gardens Primary School achieving their expected progress in writing.

– Yew Tree Primary School seeing a 26% decrease in absenteeism.

– 94% of students at Churchill Community College say lessons are more enjoyable since introducing iPad.


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NewTek announce NDI 3.0, the NDI PTZ-1 Camera and Connect Spark

NewTek announce NDI 3.0, the NDI PTZ-1 Camera and Connect Spark

NewTek have been busy, having just announced three huge releases: NewTek NDI 3.0, NewTek NDI PTZ-1 Camera and the NewTek Connect Spark (finally, a video into NDI mini-converter!). The new releases are available from August, and NewTek reckons these products will be a significant turning point for the industry.

The price points of the Connect Spark look set to open up the world of IP video production to a whole new category of users, while the NDI PTZ Camera can make true end-to-end IP workflow a reality. Here’s more on the new releases from the official press release…


NewTek NDI 3.0

NewTek are proud to introduce NDI 3.0 – the third generation of NewTek’s NDI (Network Device Interface) technology. Already the most broadly adopted IP standard in the video industry, NDI 3.0 completes the next big step for IP video production by enabling, among other things, affordable and powerful HDMI and SDI signal converters and native NDI cameras. Among the dozens of other improvements included in NDI 3.0 are support for unicast and multicast, wireless capability, PTZ camera control, improved encoding performance and much more.

“We believe that the future is one in which video is transferred easily and efficiently over IP and that this vision will largely replace current SDI and HDMI connection methods,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “NDI 3.0 makes this vision a reality today. With the broad adoption of NDI by nearly every major vendor in the industry, producers and creators are already beginning to realise the endless creative possibilities and benefits. With NDI 3.0 we fully expect adoption to accelerate at a rate many people may find surprising.”

NDI 3.0 represents the largest incremental change to the NDI SDK since its launch at IBC 2015. Included among the dozens of changes, additions, and improvements are these highlights:

Multicast and unicast support. Allows for a single NDI source to serve to one or any number of destinations, limited only by network infrastructure

High-efficiency mode – NDI | HX. Allows for full resolution, full frame-rate video over wireless networks, and full resolution, full frame rate video over limited bandwidth networks.

Pan/tilt/zoom camera support. Assimilates video, audio, tally and camera control, removes need for separate control device and eliminates complexity of signal flow and protocols.

Remote recording control. Adds capability to remotely trigger recording of supported devices, enables USB-device recording from signal conversion hardware and local drive recording for select devices.

Improved encoding performance. Encodes on a modern i7-based machine at rates similar to 8K at 320fps, 4K at 1000fps, 1080p at 2500fps.

NewTek NDI 3.0 will be available later in 2017.


NewTek NDI PTZ Camera

A world first, NewTek introduce an NDI and standard video output PTZ camera, the NewTek NDI PTZ – it’s truly plug and play! With built-in NDI functionality, this IP video camera transmits full 3G 1080p 60 video directly to NDI-compatible products across a standard network. The NewTek NDI camera connects to the network and delivers pristine video and audio, as well as tally, PTZ control, and power all over a single Ethernet cable.

Once connected to the network, the camera is visible to all compatible systems running the latest version of NDI, including NewTek TriCaster, LiveStream Studio, SplitmediaLabs, XSplit, Streamstar, OBS Studio, StudioCoast vMix, Telestream Wirecast, and hundreds more. More sources become available immediately with the simple addition of NDI cameras to the network. Once available on the network, the NewTek NDI PTZ camera is also automatically recognized by applications such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom Media and many others.

“There have been a few inflection points in the broadcast industry that have delivered profound benefits, such as the transition to non-linear editing from cutting tape. The move to IP-based production is one of those unique moments in our industry,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “The transition is happening fast because it is being driven by customer demand. Producers recognize this technology simplifies their work, while expanding their opportunity to create more and better shows. With the availability of NDI cameras, from NewTek and others that are sure to follow, IP-based production is truly here.”

The NewTek NDI PTZ Camera is priced at $2799 US MSRP (UK pricing not yet available, but coming soon) and will begin shipping August 2017.


NewTek Connect Spark

The NewTek Connect Spark is a portable device designed to deliver SDI or HDMI video to a computer and an IP network, wirelessly. NewTek Connect Spark products are IP video converters, with NDI native functionality. The units deliver video as an IP source to any standard network via WiFi or standard Ethernet cable. Connect Spark also records directly on the unit to SD cards or USB drive, and is controllable from a web interface.

NewTek Connect Spark works with all NDI compatible devices and applications in use by millions of customers NDI computer-based live production systems including NewTek TriCaster, CombiTech VidBlaster, Livestream Studio, OBS, Splitmedia Labs Xsplit, Streamstar, StudioCoast vMix, Telestream Gameshow, Telestream Wirecast, and many more. Additionally, NewTek Connect Spark delivers video to popular desktop video applications including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and others.

NewTek Connect Spark devices provide 3G SDI or HDMI conversion up to 1080p 60 with loop through. In addition to video conversion to IP, the devices remotely record MP4 to an SD card or USB drive. Recording is controlled through a web interface available for devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. It also includes tally support.

The NewTek Connect Spark is available in two models; the NCS (HDMI version) for $499 US MSRP, and the NCS-S (SDI version) for $799 US MSRP (UK pricing not yet available, but coming soon). Both models will begin shipping August 2017.


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What’s in store for the new Apple Mac Pro?

What’s in store for the new Apple Mac Pro?

It’s been nearly four years since Apple’s current Mac Pro was announced at WWDC in June 2013. To the delight of Mac geeks such as ourselves, Apple have announced a revamped Mac Pro is in the works, and pricing on existing high-end Mac Pros is set to come down.    

Rumours on what we can expect from Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro abound, but we may have to wait a while to see exactly what we’ll be getting our hands on come launch day.

When will it arrive?

Apple are keen to make this new model the best that it can be, and that’s going to take some time. The current timeframe suggests a 2018 launch, at the earliest.

“We have a team working hard on it right now,” says Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple. “We want to architect it so that we can keep it fresh with regular improvements, and we’re committed to making it our highest-end, high-throughput desktop system, designed for our demanding pro customers.”

About the spec

Of course, we can’t say for certain, but the rumour mill has been churning out some pretty exciting stuff about what we can expect from the new Mac Pro. Rumours suggest that the new model will feature a modular design accommodating high-end CPUs and GPUs. We could be looking at a next-generation Intel Xeon E5 processor, and more RAM in the entry-level version if Apple follow what they’ve done with the MacBook Pro, which ships with 16GB as standard.

For a professional audience, it would be good to see a higher capacity of storage available than the 256GB PCIe-based flash storage found in current Mac Pro models. Looking at graphics cards, AMD revealed their new FirePro W-series in 2014, or there’s their Fury platform that could be a contender for the new machine.

In terms of ports, the current Mac Pro has six Thunderbolt 2 ports, four USB-3 ports, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 1.4 UltraHD and a combined optical digital audio output/analogue line out mini-jack. The new model will probably include more Thunderbolt ports in the form of USB-3, and perhaps traditional Mac Pro users will get their wish of PCI slots to add faster SSDs and better video cards.

Current pricing on Mac Pro models

If you can’t wait until 2018 for a new model, Apple have announced that pricing on the higher-end Mac Pros will be coming down in the meantime. The entry-level 6-core Intel Xeon processor, dual AMD FirePro D500 GPUs and 16GB memory option is now available for £2999. The higher-end model now sits at £3899, with an 8-core processor and a dual D700 GPUs.

While we’re definitely excited for a long-awaited update on the Mac Pro, the existing model is still a powerful desktop option for creatives. With a potentially long wait ahead of us for the redesign, do you think it’s worth investing in the 2013 machine now prices have dropped? Let us know in the comments.

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Creatives on… Panasonic Lumix GH5

Creatives on… Panasonic Lumix GH5

It’s been a long time coming, but the Panasonic Lumix GH5 is finally here giving you the highest picture quality in the history of Lumix G compact systems cameras. The experts are impressed, and so are we.

The GH5 is ideal for any creative team looking to stay at the cutting edge of video marketing, capable of gorgeous 6K and 4K/60p video and boasting a high-end, futureproof spec.

Why the GH5 is great for your creative workflow

With its compact design, high frame rate and intuitive controls, the GH5 has been described as a great fit for a creative agencies, photographers and videographers. Working with traditional cameras you could be shooting at 10 or 12 frames per second – with the GH5 that jumps to 30 or 60 frames a second, ensuring you perfectly capture the images you can’t afford to miss. Simply put, this camera just keeps on giving, and as your team’s video projects become more ambitious and complex over time, you’ll find it consistently meeting your new requirements.

The Lumix GH5 is adaptable to most shooting situations, including extreme conditions, allowing you to focus on the shot and not worry about whether your equipment will be up to the task. Speaking of adaptability, if you’re shooting some internal video for marketing on a low budget, the GH5 is really forgiving so you can be confident that it won’t let you down. Shooting at low or awkward angles isn’t an issue either, as the free angle screen with touch capabilities can be flipped out and tilted to whatever angle is required. The 6K photo function allows you can capture the greatest detail, giving you clear, crisp images with accurate colour representation.

Panasonic GH5 is available from us for £1399 ex VAT, and for that money you’re getting a solid investment. At a good price point and with a good form factor, the GH5’s ability to shoot high frame rates in HD and shoot in 4K60p means you can film almost entirely handheld. Similarly, the fact that you can capture slow-motion footage handheld will save you a lot of time and you’ll see a noticeable uptick in productivity and efficiency as a result.

GH5 features

Capture unmissable moments with the GH5’s dual image stabilisation, high picture quality and professional video performance. Some of the pros’ favourite features include;

– 3MP MOS sensor without low pass filter.

– Accurate AF tracking with new DFD technology.

– Large 0.76x 3,680k-dot OLED live viewfinder.

– Unlimited 4K 60p/50p video recording.

– Double SD card slot.

– Dust, splash and freeze-proof.

– High durability magnesium alloy frame.

– 4K 4:2:2 10but internal recording.

– 5-axis dual image stabilisation.

– Free angle touch screen.

– 6K photo capability.

– 18MP/30FPS burst shooting.

– Bluetooth and WiFi.

What the experts say…

See the Lumix GH5 in action and hear from the professionals on how this camera helps them get on with capturing the perfect shot.

Ross Grieve, portrait and commercial photographer.

“The GH5 for me is a real turning point, it’s a game changer.”

Steven Clarey, professional extreme sports photographer.

“I feel confident that I can get that epic shot when everything comes together.”

Daniel Berehulak, photojournalist.

“The GH5 opened up so many opportunities for photographers.”

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Creative game-changers: What our designers can’t live without

Creative game-changers: What our designers can’t live without

We’ve been doing this for 25 years, and there’s no one out there who gets creative workflows the way we do. And, in the past quarter of a century, there’s been a huge amount of technological advancement. So we caught up with our design team on the game changers they’ve seen in the creative industry, and how they couldn’t do their jobs without them…

Xenia, Graphic Designer

“The Wacom Intuos Pro has changed my life. It makes everything so much easier and is always invaluable throughout all stages of a project – I’d never go back! From quickly drawing out ideas in Illustrator, to easily zooming in or rotating an image, to using the Expresskeys customised with my most-used Creative Cloud shortcuts, I’ve found the Intuos Pro to be an essential piece of tech. And with the wireless kit, working on the go is as easy as moving to another room – I just keep the adaptor plugged into my MacBook ready to go.”

Jamie Shaw, Web Designer

“Back in the day, I remember trying to get PC and Mac to work together was very laborious. Now saving and opening things on both and passing work between them is seamless, and saves so much time! Where getting Windows and macOS to work with each other used to be a headache, everything is much easier now that Macs support SMB, and I’m excited for APFS.” (If you’re not quite as prepared as Jamie, we can run through where you are with your kit and where there’s room for improvement to increase your overall productivity – ask us about our Strategy & Discovery Sessions for more details).

Thierry, Graphic Designer

“A biggie for me is having a notebook and tablet, and the mobility that brings for working both in the office and at home. For example if I’m working away from my desk, I can mock up a more refined document using Adobe Comp on iPad Pro as easily as sketching on paper. And when I move back to my desktop, I can seamlessly pick up exactly where I left off without the hassle of emailing files across or swapping software. Very quickly, I’ve got a clear idea of how things are looking and a design that can be presented for approval.”

Liana, Graphic Designer

Creative Cloud is great because I can work from home, and have files readily available rather than getting people to email them across. I’m able to cut out a lot of steps in the image searching process, so I can spend more time designing and less time trawling the web. Being able to search and share images, styles and assets among different applications and computers, as well as with other team members, has really impacted my productivity.”

Simon, Graphic Designer

“On a day to day basis, I often find myself swapping between print and web work. A colour calibrated display, such as the Eizo ColorEdge series, is great for this because at the click of a button I can change the colour mode needed for the current project I’m working on. I know the finished product will look how I want straight away instead of battling unwanted hues by trial and error. I can be confident that colours on screen will reflect the end product, and get more out of my day by not having to waste time on avoidable colour edits. And not only does the colour and tone of imagery look better when working on it, but it translates to the screens of other devices much better as well.”

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Our guide on how to survive and thrive with Office 365

Our guide on how to survive and thrive with Office 365

You might be a whizz with Word or a PowerPoint pro, but these days you need more than the basic apps to get down to business. Office 365 is our productivity platform of choice, providing secure, cost-effective and familiar tools accessible from anywhere.

But exactly what bang are you getting for your buck? Here’s our ultimate guide to what’s included and all you need to know on the pricing plans available…

Stay connected with Exchange Online

Exchange Online is a hosted messaging solution that gives users access to their email, calendar, contacts and tasks, and as it’s all stored in the cloud this is all accessible from Macs, PCs, the web and mobile devices. With capabilities such as anti-malware and anti-spam filtering, data loss prevention and premier disaster recovery, not to mention a guaranteed 99.999% uptime, you can stay online securely and consistently whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Share and store with OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a personal online storage space of up to 1TB, where you can store, sync and share your work files. Being cloud-based, the app lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with colleagues at the same time – never again will you find that you’ve wasted time working on an old version of a document attached to yesterday’s email. All your files are private unless you decide to share them, and you can choose to share with your whole business or specific colleagues.

Encourage collaboration with SharePoint Online

Enable your team to create and manage custom, project-focussed sites for collaboration with SharePoint Online. Accessible via almost any web browser, SharePoint Online gives you 500MB of storage per account and an additional 10GB for teams and projects (and if that’s not enough, you can take advantage of the 1TB available with OneDrive). For those worried about needing an internet connection for cloud computing, don’t fear – you can work on documents offline and have everything automatically synced back to the server when you reconnect.

Connect anytime with Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Online is a hosted communications service that allows you to connect anytime, anywhere, giving users access to presence, instant messaging, audio and video calling, rich online meetings and extensive web conferencing capabilities. Whether you need to send a quick message to a colleague or conduct meetings with partners and customers around the globe, you can do so quickly and easily from Mac, iOS, Android, Windows or web clients.

Work on and offline with Online Office and Office Applications

Office Online gives you access to all your most-used, business-critical programmes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote within a web browser. Work and share files from almost any device with an internet connection, so you’re never tethered to your desk and can stay productive on the go.

Going to be working offline? With Office Applications you can download the latest version of your Office desktop to up to five devices, Mac or Windows, from the Office 365 portal. You can also install and use all features provided by the Office Mobile apps on your iOS or Android devices.

Get organised with Yammer

Drive business alignment and agility with Microsoft’s secure enterprise social network. By allowing people to collaborate easily, make decisions faster and self-organise into teams, Yammer can engage your employees and improve relationships with both customers and partners.

Maintain security with Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management solution for cloud, providing a robust set of capabilities. Manage users and groups, and help secure access to applications including Microsoft online services and non-Microsoft Cloud services. Users can log onto all the cloud services you assign them using their Active Directory username and password, minimising the number of accounts and passwords they need to remember (how many times on average do you need to type in a password before you get it right?). And by allowing users access with a single sign-on, you can enable and disable access as and when people join or leave the company, so you’re not at risk from ex-employees gaining unauthorised access to your services.

Which Office 365 plan is best for your business?

We know that one solution doesn’t necessarily fit all, and with Office 365 there are a range of plans.

Business plans cover up to 300 users per plan, and includes 24/7 phone support from Microsoft for critical issues, OneDrive for Business (1TB cloud storage) and Active Directory integration.

Business. Also includes Office Apps and Office Online.

Business Essentials. Also includes Office Online, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Yammer.

Business Premium. Also includes Office Apps, Office Online, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Yammer.

Enterprise plans allow for an unlimited number of users, and includes 24/7 phone support from Microsoft for all issues, OneDrive for Business (1TB cloud storage) and Active Directory integration.

Enterprise ProPlus. Also includes Office Apps, Office Online and Access, Skype for Business.

Enterprise E1. Also includes Office Online, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Yammer, and supports hybrid deployment.

Enterprise E3. Also includes Office Apps, Office Online, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Yammer, and supports hybrid deployment.

There are also additional, standalone plans available if you require different sets of features, and you can always swap plans as your business requires. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your needs and find out which plan is best suited to your business.

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Get journalism students ready for the newsroom with Avid’s iNEWS and Interplay

Get journalism students ready for the newsroom with Avid’s iNEWS and Interplay

Looking to take your institution’s journalism courses to the next level? iNEWS and Interplay from Avid will help prepare your students for life in the newsroom, giving them access to the tools used by top broadcasters across the industry.

Created for broadcasters, journalists and news teams, Avid’s iNEWS is a Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) that will bring your students out of the classroom and into the fast-paced world of news. What better way to prepare for a career in the media and entertainment industry than by getting hands on with the same tools being used in newsrooms around the UK?

What is iNEWS? 

Working together with infrastructure such as Avid Interplay, the iNEWS server lets users create and deliver breaking news, unify entire newsroom operations, and engage audiences across a broad spectrum of TV, web, mobile and social media channels. iNEWS supports all standard wire formats such as ANPA, IPTC, and News ML and allows the consolidated ingest of wires and other sources via serial feed, telnet, email, or by monitoring directories. The iNEWS interface provides a multipurpose front end. Here users can preview videos associated with Avid Interplay sequences directly within iNEWS, perform forward searches across multiple iNEWS systems, and communicate with the rest of the news team.

Journalists can create, browse and edit stories while directly connected to the iNEWS system at the station, but can also work remotely, accessing news content and rundowns via a realtime Interplay Central browser-based interface or using the mobile workflow of Interplay Central native iPad and iPhone apps.

Avid NewsCutter, a news-orientated version of Media Composer, provides direct editorial control over media, cutting broadcast quality pictures and audio that are ready for transmission. The system also plays host to an audio, video, and script-editing tool for journalists, iNEWS Instinct. This is a visual storytelling tool that increases speed, control and creativity of the development of voiceovers/VOSOTs and accelerates newscast production using a script-based format. At the end of the chain is the iNEWS Command automation-assist system. This provides experience of playout of video and CG events, triggering their broadcast based on the order and timing of the events in the newscast rundown.

Why use iNEWS for education?

Unlike many other education solutions, Avid iNEWS isn’t a standalone product. The server software provides the heart of an entire collaborative workflow solution for news content creation and distribution in a broadcast environment, where each component further develops student skillsets.

Colleges and universities are typically using Avid iNEWS to anchor end-to-end Avid workflows. We’ve been working with Nottingham Trent University to bring their student newsroom up to scratch, and they found that having an advanced newsroom onsite allows students to interact with and use news feeds from professional news organisations such as the BBC and Reuters, and provide news services for their communities. Such collaboration and real-world experience furthers the skills and employability of students on iNEWS-based courses, putting them in prime of place when it comes to job-seeking in the news industry.

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Eight steps to execute the perfect iOS iPad and iPhone rollout

Eight steps to execute the perfect iOS iPad and iPhone rollout

If you’re looking to implement iPad and iPhone, we can help with every stage of the rollout, from supply through to configuration, installation, training and support, ensuring minimal downtime and a positive experience for new users – all without putting strain on your internal tech team.

When rolling out a large number of devices, you want to make sure that your transition from old to new devices is as glitch-free as possible. Get the maximum benefits from mobile working by having us pre-configure your devices to your exact specifications, so you can be ready to roll straight out of the box.

What are the benefits?

Our solutions can improve workflow and enhance security, as devices are configured and respect security permissions from day one. We can improve content access and delivery thanks to tighter integration with back-end systems, and can reduce the risk of data leaks thanks to our mobile device management (MDM) solutions. You will also benefit from increased visibility and control over your iOS estate, leading to a smooth rollout and ease of new device on-boarding for new starters.

So how can Jigsaw24 help?

Step one: Choose your device

Our team will assist with project planning and management to make sure your rollout goes smoothly from start to finish. From device selection and procurement, to setting up purchasing agreements and dedicated purchasing portals, we’ve got you covered from the word go.

We can also arrange leasing options for your business as well as warranties and cover for accidental damage to the devices.

Step two: Tell us which corporate apps your employees can’t do their jobs without

Before you even lay your hands on your devices, we’ll have them configured with all your business-essential apps. We’ll also ensure that your iOS is updated, your device is charged, and will carry out quality assurance testing, so you can be confident you can start using your device straight out of the box.

Step three: Sharing and securing your files

As we’ll set up iCloud backup, data restore and universal file access on your devices at pre-staging, you know that nothing will be lost from the get-go. We’ll also implement access and permissions management to ensure you maintain granular control over your organisation’s permissions and profiles.

Step four: Enrolling in Apple’s DEP programme

We will integrate your MDM system with Apple’s DEP scheme for a smoother device enrolment and rollout. This means you’ll instantly be able to update your devices to ensure that your end users are on the latest, approved versions of key apps. It also makes on-boarding additional devices for new staff quicker and easier.

Step five: Asset tracking with CAT24

We’ll deploy your devices to multiple sites with comprehensive asset tracking, using our tracking app CAT24. See real time statistics on how the handover is progressing, when old devices are back and new ones have been deployed.

Step six: Supporting and training your staff

To make sure your staff have all the information they need to get up and running quickly, our marketing service will produce bespoke welcome leaflets for each device (up to 15,000 in the past!) and an in-house training video. We can also offer phased, ‘roadshow’-style workshops across multiple sites, where we’ll send trained engineers to your office to make sure everything runs smoothly and answer any questions your staff may have.

Step seven: Training your technical team

We’ll ease the pressure on your tech team with dedicated training to make sure they’re equipped to handle any post-rollout queries from staff. Of course, we’re just on the other end of the phone if they require any more support.

Step eight: If something does go wrong…

Our support doesn’t stop once the devices are in your hands – we offer a post-deployment advanced replacement and repairs service, so you can be sure of minimal interruptions to your workflow should anything go wrong with your device.

Why choose us?

With 25 years’ experience, Jigsaw24 can offer you a consistent, high quality end user experience from start to finish. In 2016/17 so far, we’ve staged, configured, enrolled and deployed over 50,000 iOS devices… so we know what we’re talking about. We can deploy to multiple sites with comprehensive asset tracking to ensure smooth migration from old to new devices. Our team will support your end users and IT team both during and after deployment to ensure the very best experience.

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Get peace of mind with our bespoke support packages

Get peace of mind with our bespoke support packages

If you’re looking for scalable, flexible and reliable support for your Apple kit and infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. With a 97% customer satisfaction rating for Apple repairs, 25 years’ worth of experience and a range of options to suit your business, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands.

Your IT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business, and our support can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re supported by experts.

Whether you’re overhauling your infrastructure or looking at integrating Apple, our accredited team of engineers and dedicated support staff are available to lend a hand every step of the way. From over the phone post-sales support with product purchase, to a fully managed service where we proactively manage your IT for you, we’ve got a support package perfectly suited to your business needs.

Our team boasts the highest levels of accreditation for many tech solutions – not just Apple! This means that as well as covering your devices, our support contracts can cover all your infrastructure, including servers, storage, backups, central infrastructure and networking… whatever you need!

What makes us different?

With 25 years of experience working with the UK’s top corporate and creative companies, we understand that every organisation’s IT needs are unique. Our consultants will work in tandem with your team, providing top notch support to ensure that whatever you need is there whenever you need it.

Because we’ve tackled every kind of workflow, including those where your infrastructure supports an Apple and PC environment, we can usually resolve your issue first time round – even if Apple aren’t the only vendor involved. We respond to 96% of calls within one hour and prioritise tickets based on impact and urgency, so for example if your server went down you’d be our highest priority.
Our service agreements are not just there for when something goes wrong. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact from our team of accredited engineers for whenever you need technical advice. We’re keen to be inclusive with our help, so while there are high-end and specialist areas that may be out of scope of standard support, we will always do our best to help and offer as much advice and support as we’re able to.

What’s right for your business?

Our modular approach enables you to select which type of cover you need for different elements of your infrastructure. We can provide support for just one component or all of your infrastructure, depending on what you need help with. We’re totally flexible and our support options are scalable, so we can provide a support package that meets your exact business needs.

Level 1: Post-sales support

We provide telephone and email support both during and after purchase, so if you have a problem or are not completely satisfied, we’re just a phone call away. We also offer product returns and exchanges should you find your purchase is unsuitable, and our post-sales desk is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Level 2: Remote support

Our remote support options all come with standard service level agreements (SLAs) and are ideal for businesses who want end user device support for their Apple Macs and iOS devices. These offerings can include warranties, staging and configuration, remote device support, hardware break/fix with replacement kit or loan options if we need to keep hold of your kit for more than five days.

Level 3: Infrastructure support and Mac management

After more in-depth support? Our highly-accredited engineers will ensure your infrastructure and production workflow runs smoothly. Build support to suit your specific needs, choosing from unlimited remote support, cover for media and entertainment infrastructure, cover for your Jamf Pro estate, and cover for your servers, storage, backups, central infrastructure and networking.

Level 4: Managed support

If you want to take the pressure off your management team, let us be your trusted IT partner. Our comprehensive managed support provides you with proactive services, with guaranteed SLAs and monthly reports. Built around you, as with all our packages, this can include Apple and infrastructure support, systems monitoring, infrastructure management, security and patching, and capacity management user administration.

For businesses looking to provide an enhanced user experience for their Apple estate, we can put one of our trained Apple technicians onsite with you for one day a week. This dedicated member of staff will provide users with all the support, fixes and guidance they might need – whatever your challenge, we are able to assist.

If you’re not sure whether we’ll cover equipment or technology that’s important to your business, let us know. We can confirm one way or the other, and, if it’s not covered, give you some options and costs for other solutions.

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