Video unboxing: The new Mac Pro

Video unboxing: The new Mac Pro

What do you get when you give a brand new 2014 Mac Pro to our team? Potentially the most unconventional unboxing video ever made… What’s inside the box? How does it feel? How big is it compared to the old model? Is it really bigger than a pound coin?


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Jigsaw24 review: The Wacom Cintiq Companion review

Jigsaw24 review: The Wacom Cintiq Companion review

Ever wondered what it would be like to combine the power of your laptop with the functionality of your graphics tablet? With the Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Wacom have aimed to do just that. I’ve had the chance to use each for a while now, and here’s my initial Cintiq Companion review.

Released last year, both the Wacom Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid are tablets for businesses and creative teams who want creativity on the move, and are firmly pitched as all-in-one laptop replacements for creative users. The idea of having a professional grade tablet that can then be taken out and about is a fantastic prospect for commuters who want to flesh out an idea with a client or just work while on the move and then, once stationary, pick up where they left off and work on it in more depth.

There are a few key differences between the two models though, which it’s best to get out of the way in this Cintiq Companion review before we actually look at the responsiveness, performance and features of the tablets. Take a look at our unboxing video below for a first look at the Wacom Cintiq Companion and its accessories (as well as some thoughts on that new Wacom smell…)

What’s the difference between the Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid?

For a start, there’s a bit of a price difference between the two models, available from £833.33 (£1000 inc VAT) for the Companion Hybrid and £1374.99 (£1649.99 inc VAT) for the Companion. While both have the same processing power, built-in Wacom technology and pressure sensitivity, size and appearance, the two models differ in their operating system and their storage capacity – the Hybrid runs on Android OS, while the Companion uses the full-featured Windows 8 operating system.

Wacom Cintiq Companion. So with the Companion, you get the chance to use full versions of applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud directly on the device just as you would on a Windows-based laptop. The lack of support for Mac OS X has been a contentious subject online but we have to say, whether you love or hate the new Windows, once you’re in your app the difference is far less noticeable. As for storage, the Companion comes in either a 256GB or a 512GB configuration, making it comparable to entry-level laptops rather than tablet devices.

Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid. The Wacom Companion Hybrid is the Android-based version, so feels more like a professional, fully-featured tablet than a laptop alternative. While it cannot run full software applications, specific Android tools from the likes of Adobe and Autodesk are available for doing creative work on the move. The Hybrid option comes as either a 16GB model or a 32GB model.

Pen and touch responsiveness

Whenever we get to test out and review a graphics tablet or display, one of the first things we put through its paces is the pen input. As expected, the Cintiq Companion includes the same pressure sensitivity (2048 levels) and range of inputs as the standard Cintiq 13HD, which puts this up there with the best of them.

Unlike the 13HD, the Companion also includes touch input. If you’re familiar with the most recent round of Intuos tablets and larger Cintiq models, this works in much the same way, adding multitouch functionality (the same kind as you get on standard tablets) to navigate around the user interface as well as creative work.

For the most part, the touch input works a treat. It’s incredibly responsive and lacks the lag that you often get with some touchscreen devices. Both pen and finger input is an (almost) realtime experience so you can use them as fluidly as you’d expect to on a tablet. The only problem we encountered was switching from pen to touch input, but generally the Companion will recognise whether you’re using your hand or pen to draw.

After trying both, there does seem to be a slight delay on the Hybrid version between making the pen input and registration of this on the screen e.g. a fast signature will appear milliseconds behind the pen tip after scrawling on the screen.

Wacom Cintiq Companion at Jigsaw24


The ‘standard’ Cintiq Companion, the Windows 8 version, is slick and fast – nothing short of what I’d expect from a Wacom graphics tablet. The only thing to note is that it appears this model cannot be used as a dedicated graphics tablet for another machine.

It can, by all means, have a second monitor and peripherals attached to make it feel more like a ‘desktop’ machine – but it should be seen more as a dedicated Wacom tablet rather than a Cintiq display with an alternate OS. As a Mac user, I think I prefer using OS X with the Cintiq Companion as a external graphic tablet and then, if I need to work on the move, use Windows mode away from the desk.

In comparison, the Hybrid version of the Companion (which runs Android) can be used as a graphic tablet with its display as a second monitor over HDMI on another Windows or Mac machine. The Hybrid is essentially a graphics tablet display first and foremost, with the ability to have it as a fully functional, independent, content-creating device second.

Screen quality

Anyone who’s used the Cintiq range before will be on familiar ground with the Cintiq Companion’s screen. A 13.3″ TFT LCD (IPS) panel with 1920×1080 resolution, the Companion’s display gives the same full HD and colour accuracy as the Cintiq 13HD, 22HD touch and 24HD touch, handling 75% of Adobe’s RGB gamut while serving up a 700:1 contrast ratio. The matte finish is great for lengthy work sessions, but isn’t as sharp  as the Retina display on Apple’s iPad Air, for example, so isn’t best suited for HD video playback, if that’s what you need.

Build quality and battery

The build quality of the Wacom Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid is fantastic. Both tablets feel about the same weight and, while a tad heavy for me to be used as a tablet in itself, it doesn’t reduce the portability, especially when you’ll most likely be using it on a hard surface anyway.  This isn’t something you’d expect to hold in one hand and operate with the other.

My only major issue is that given the size of the device, I would’ve expected a better battery life, with a few more cells crammed in there somewhere, but if you’re used to lengthy working on a laptop, the battery life on the Companion is very similar.
Wacom Cintiq Companion on Jigsaw24

One thing that is completely new with the Wacom Cintiq Companion, compared to the Cintiq 13HD, is the addition of an 8MP rear-facing camera. This gives it a lot more tablet functionality and, while it’s unlikely you’re going to be snapping pictures to actually use for professional work, it means you can now easily share concepts via email and social media, or build up quick mood boards. The image quality is surprisingly decent too – compared to most tablet cameras, the Companion’s images are above average, with just some noise when shooting in low-light conditions. Check out this effort with the Hybrid version below.

Wacom Cintiq Companion on Jigsaw24

Cintiq Companion accessories

The Companion comes complete with Wacom’s latest pen model, the sleek-looking, sensitive Pro Pen. This comes armed with plenty of nibs, a choice of coloured rings for the grip and a lovely sturdy case (which has a very satisfying magnetic clasp), all of which adds to the quality feel of the product.

The pen case also fits very snugly into the included Cintiq Companion travel case. This neoprene protective cover has a furry blue inside to protect your Companion, and is favoured throughout the marketing department for its resemblance to a wet suit and (as has been perhaps spuriously claimed in our unboxing video above) an uncanny smell of dolphin.

You’re also provided with a power cable and the removable kickstand, which attaches via two small grooves on the back of the device. The base of the kickstand angles into place in one groove and then one of three different flaps (of alternate length for different angling of the device) slot into the other. For left or right handed users wishing to have the buttons on the left or right, you can merely swap which groove the base fits into.

Wacom Cintiq Companion on Jigsaw24

The verdict

So should you go for the Cintiq Companion? If you’re an existing Wacom user – especially if you’re currently using an Intuos model – and you need the freedom to do creative work on the move then this is a great alternative to using a laptop and a Wacom model. By having everything in a single device, it’s a far more intuitive experience, as well as being much lighter.

The Hybrid version is something you can use at home or in the office with your Mac as a professional grade graphics tablet and then simply unplug, boot it into Android and use Photoshop Touch or Adobe Ideas to sketch out some ideas, and then use Adobe Creative Cloud to pick these up later. A freelancer, say, could work with great precision in and out of the office, committing a concept to Companion whenever an idea strikes. I can also see its uses within an agency environment where you can take the Companion out to clients, or even work in front of clients, Dropbox-ing files back to the office.

The Windows version lets you do all that in one tablet, without even having to switch to your workstation to handle the more processor-intensive heavy lifting. You can work directly in Adobe Creative Cloud on your tablet, which is a first in graphics tablets, and makes for a very real prospect when considering your design setup. The Cintiq Companion isn’t a replacement for your iPad or tablet – it’s a bit too big for that – but the all-in-one nature means it’s an ideal replacement for your laptop if you spend the majority of your time designing, or are a business user who wants both a tablet and laptop in one.

Cintiq Companion review summary

– The Cintiq Companion is the Windows-based all-in-one version able to run Adobe Creative Cloud, while the Hybrid version runs on Android.

– Pen and touch responsiveness is very good, and overall performance is slick and fast.

– Screen quality is HD, and as good as the Cintiq 13HD.

– Build quality is excellent, as with other Wacom devices.

– We like the camera, and accessories such as the case very much.

– The Companion is a great device for working on the go, and an ideal replacement for your laptop.

Wacom Cintiq Companion on Jigsaw24

Want to know more about the Wacom Cintiq Companion or any part of this Cintiq Companion review? Call us on 03332 409 344 or email to find out more about the different models from Wacom available or the best graphics tablet for your creative workflow.

Best practice in developing a mobile strategy

Best practice in developing a mobile strategy

Whether you’ve decided to implement a bring your own technology (BYOT) approach to mobility, or want to roll out iPad devices to specific groups in your organisation, defining your mobile strategy early on is vital. Mobile security is a serious concern for IT teams who have previously been used to presenting a desktop PC and standard IT tools, and failing to take action now may mean that you run into problems around management and device usage later on.

Which mobile devices and operating systems will you support?

The first step is always going to be to decide what devices staff can use. Which devices will you be able to manage? What security features are built into the operating system?

Security of device and data will always come first so consider if the operating system includes built-in encryption and if it’s possible for the device to be jailbroken or rooted easily. Also, can you enforce passwords and locate or wipe (both partially and fully) lost devices? Where work will include accessing sensitive data, ensure that the device meets government standards – Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) running iOS 6 have been granted permission by CESG for Impact Level 3, for example.

There’s no question over whether you’ll need mobile device management (MDM) and app management. If you already have a solution in place, will your devices be covered, or will you need additional software? Does the device support ActiveSync?

Finally, what apps are available for the device and how easy is it to create bespoke ones for your specific needs? Developing and deploying apps is becoming increasingly important for many organisations that want to get the most from the opportunities mobility presents.

Device mobility at LNT Group

Will your management solution meet the security needs of your device strategy?

Data protection will be key in setting up mobile management. Organisations now have to deal with increasing amounts of digital information, and anyone trying to convince finance of the benefits of using mobile devices must address security concerns.

Device security at its most basic must include complex, alphanumeric passwords. Common security features also include automated removal of non-compliant devices, secure document distribution, and remote locking and wiping.

You should aim to use an MDM solution that allows standardised administration policies, permits admin to create role-based rules, and lets you assign privileges and restrictions that make the device safe for the manipulation of sensitive data. Apple technology already have half baked-in MDM features that will help you cover off the basics.

Solutions by JAMF, Absolute Software and AirWatch, however, allow more granular control with additional functionality around monitoring device usage and app management. JAMF’s Casper Suite is purely for iOS and OS X, Absolute Manage adds Android and Windows management, while AirWatch covers all mobile device platforms.

Will you need custom apps and how will they be distributed?

Going mobile is not just about providing access to standard tools. If you want to get the most from the devices and run the necessary apps, consider licensing, legacy applications and development of new tools.

While legacy applications won’t have been designed to make use of a mobile device’s features and user interface, they may be important to allow for full integration into your existing IT. One option is to use virtual private networks (VPN) setting to provide remote access to desktop apps. The other is to provide users access to apps through a Secure Content Locker application within the MDM that will enable your staff to access documents, edit and save remotely in a secure environment.

Employees can only get the most from the device, though, if they have access to the right software, and one way to provide that is through an apps store.

The iTunes store is home to innovative applications, but you can also draw on third-party developers to create bespoke software or set up internal app development. Delivery of these apps would be through an internal app store. The store, which could simply be a web server that is available to internal users, can be tailored to provide a self-serve portal for employees looking to download internally developed apps. Or for an extra layer of control they can be distributed through MDM technology and Apple’s VPP programme to ensure that all devices stay current and compliant.

Want to find out more about using Apple’s iPad and iPhone in your organisation? Give Jigsaw24 a call on 03332 409 323 or email You can also visit


Staffordshire Uni: Meeting industry standards with an HD studio

Staffordshire Uni: Meeting industry standards with an HD studio

Staffordshire University offer a range of courses centred around film, video and journalism. In order to bring their studio in line with industry standards and ensure that students were learning current practice, they upgraded their in-house news room to HD and replaced a cumbersome studio back end with NewTek’s TriCaster. As the new term got underway, we dropped in to see the results…

The university wanted to upgrade everything to HD, and make sure that the signal students were outputting could be shared with displays around the studio so that their content could be monitored and assessed. “It was obvious that we needed to move the studio to high definition,” said Richard, “[and the funding we’d managed to make available] meant that we’d be able to make a clean sweep, tackle all the problems and make sure that we got a full solution, rather than taking a piecemeal approach.”

“The biggest problem we had [was that the studio] was SD,” explained Richard Mortimer, head of the university’s media centre technical team. “But more than that, it was SD composite. Anthony from Jigsaw24 did us a report on our options, and basically that was the poorest quality signal we could get!”

Modernising the studio back end

Richard was aware of NewTek’s TriCaster range – simple but powerful live production solutions that let you up, down and cross-convert inputs of different resolutions, add titles, graphics and virtual backdrops, and then stream them live to the web, record them or share them with digital signage.

“The team from Jigsaw24 were brilliantly, brilliantly helpful,” said Richard. “They recommended a TriCaster without any prompting from me, and I thought that was great, because that’s what I was looking at anyway. They also pulled together the idea of having the HD-SDI signal from the cameras broken down to HDMI by Blackmagic Design switchers so it’ll fit our HD TV screens, which is brilliant. “

TriCaster control surface at Staffordshire uni

The 13 screens that were installed round the open plan studio can now be put to much more varied use, able to show live feeds for assessors, pre-recorded footage on open nights, or feeds from different cameras during production.

Supporting students in different disciplines

“One of the main goals of the new setup was to make things a little bit easier for our broadcast journalism students. They’re not particularly technical – they have to crew their own productions, but they’re not going to go to do [technical work] for a living,” said Richard. But at the same time, he wanted to be able to offer students with a more technical bent the chance to do more.

TriCaster would allow them to bring titles and graphics in-house and create their own virtual sets, while being relatively simple to use.

“In terms of an approach to teaching TriCaster, I was a bit apprehensive,” admits Richard. “But, funnily enough, I managed to cover everything in an hour and a half, which was great. Once you actually work out how it functions, it’s a very logical piece of equipment, and then you can break that information down and disseminate it to students so that it’s not intimidating any more, it’s just very powerful.”

Positive responses from students and staff

There was only a month to get the studio assembled, installed and running, so the staff at Staffordshire spent a day taking a crash course in TriCaster with our NewTek Certified Operator, and backed this up with additional video training. However, they’re finding it easy to get students on board with the new technology.

“They’ve been really, really impressed,” said Richard. “The feedback after the first session was excellent. They all got very excited, especially when they saw what TriCaster could do. You can see it gets their creative juices flowing, because they know they can put their virtual studio anywhere and make something that looks really professional.

Camera and auto cue at staffordshire uni

“But more than that, both the technical staff and the academic staff now see the scope [of what they can teach]. Open days are a big part of what we do here, and now the news room’s got that wow factor for an open day. So we’re really happy with it. All the courses we’ve worked on with Jigsaw24 have now got a USP they can use to attract new students and retain current ones.”

Updating cameras across the department

As well as moving their news room to HD, Staffordshire University updated the studio cameras to a more recent model, and spent a month trialling the Canon C100 with an Atomos Ninja. This combination gave them the high image quality, shallow depth of field and portable form factor they were after, and Richard and his team eventually rolled them out across film production courses.

“We’d previously used the EX3, but we were seeing an influx of students who were shying away from using our kit and were clubbing together to buy their own DSLR hybrids,” explained Richard. “The last thing we wanted was for students to be renting cameras at their own expense, but it wasn’t until Anthony came in to talk about the news set and continued the conversation with a couple of us that we found out about the Ninja and how, given the price difference between the C100 and the C300, adding a Ninja to the C100 made the C300 less and less cost effective for us.

TrIcaster setup at Staffordshire uni

“That’s why we keep working with Jigsaw24 – we trust them to give us completely impartial advice and solutions. I’ve never once felt that someone at Jigsaw24 is pushing a product at the expense of what we need; they just give us a completely open and honest appraisal. And they’re happy to work with us when it comes to funding as well, so we have a range of choices depending on the level of funding we get.”

Since then, we’ve helped the university add high-end cameras to their production courses, including Sony’s F55 and JVC’s FS700. “Now we’ve got mind-blowing technology we can put in front of students, things that they’re not going to see until they’ve been in industry a while and gotten their feet under the table.” The upshot? Staffordshire University’s students go out into the job market with more high-end skills than their competitors, and are able to adapt to professional workflows more easily.

Staffordshire uni's news room setup

Evolving the setup further with Jigsaw24

The university’s next plan is to add a RAID solution to its post-production suites, and they plan to work with us again on that project. “Every time I come to our account manager with a question, he will find somebody in the team that has got the expertise to guide us, which is brill. It’s really important for us because finance is getting harder to get hold of in higher education, so we need to make sure that what we do spend, we spend correctly. And this is why we use Jigsaw24 – because it’s a guarantee that when we do commit to funding that we’ll end up getting a return on the investment.”

Interested in finding out more about TriCaster and the solution we put together at Staffordshire? Get in touch on 03332 409 306, email sales@Jigsaw24 or drop us a comment in the box below.

Secure file access on iOS and Android: an introduction to Acronis Access

Secure file access on iOS and Android: an introduction to Acronis Access


Acronis Access is a secure file access and management solution that lets you access corporate files on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. An industry first, it provides enterprise-level scalability, allowing businesses who have invested in mobile technology the chance to take their deployment to the next level for improved productivity and an ever better return on investment (ROI).

Access includes:

• Secure and managed access to enterprise file servers.

• Support for SharePoint and NAS devices.

• A built-in editor for accessing and editing files without having to move them into third-party, non-compliant apps.

• Privacy and protection with over-the-air and on-device encryption of files (FIPS 140-2 certified for iOS).

• One-way and two-way sync allowing you to keep employees up-to-date with the latest materials.

Watch the video below to take a look at how Acronis Access works…

Find out more about Access by calling us on 03332 409 306 or by emailing

You can also download a free trial and see the solution in action for yourself. Head on over to the Acronis page here to download now.


Demo: Creative Cloud Updates for Web Design

Demo: Creative Cloud Updates for Web Design

Check out this demo from Paul Trani showing how easy it is to take designs created in Photoshop or Illustrator to create a responsive website using the new features in Dreamweaver and Edge.

For more on Adobe Creative Cloud, check out 0ur Adobe Creative Cloud Hub or give us a buzz on 03332 409 251 or email

Our bitesize guide to Wacom Cintiq, Companion, Intuos, and stylus options

Our bitesize guide to Wacom Cintiq, Companion, Intuos, and stylus options

Not sure which Wacom graphics tool is right for you? Take a look at our easy to understand comparison guide below. Covering the Cintiq, Cintiq Companion, Intuos, Intuos Pro, Intuos Creative Stylus and Bamboo Stylus, this will run you through what each model is, who it’s for, the different options available and recommended uses. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments box at the bottom, but in the meantime, enjoy!

Why choose Wacom Cintiq, what are the options and who's it for

Buy now

Why choose Wacom Cintiq Companion, who's it for and what are the options?

Buy Now

Why choose Wacom Intuos, who's it for and what are the options

Buy now

Why choose the Wacom Intuos Pro, who's it for and what are the options?

Buy now from Jigsaw24

Why choose Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, who's it for and what are the options?

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Why choose the Wacom Bamboo stylus, who's it for and what are the options?

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Weekly design Inspiration: iPad finger painting, TARDIS christmas and Instagram

Weekly design Inspiration: iPad finger painting, TARDIS christmas and Instagram

This week we are all about illusions. A lifelike painting of Morgan Freeman, photos made to look like 2D paintings, everyday objects transformed into other everyday objects, and a few good examples of trompe l’oeil. First up, though, a good bit of Lego…

TARDIS: Coming to a christmas tree near you

There are two things that literally could not be more popular right now; Lego and Christmas. Well, Christmas is kind of a given, but Lego is going from strength to strength, and these tree ornaments aren’t going to do anything to damage that. Designed by Chris McVeigh, these are create-your-own kits that can be bought from his website. Everything from Death Star baubles to a hanging Doctor Who TARDIS are included. All that you need now is a Lego christmas tree to hang them on.

Lego Doctor Who TARDIS christmas decoration

Take a look at Chris’s full range of Lego decorations here.

It’s Morgan Freeman (or is it?)

No, this isn’t a case of mistaken identities, but we couldn’t resist a post about everyone’s favourite voiceover actor, Morgan Freeman. Especially when it also concerns iPad. Believe it or not, the picture below was created by artist Kyle Lambert using Apple’s tablet device, the app Procreate and a bit of tactical finger painting. Once you’ve finished admiring the portrait, take a look at the video below to see the creation process. 200 hours of painting in three minutes. Absolutely incredible!

Morgan Freeman drawn on an iPad

Take a look at more examples of Kyle’s work here.

From one 2D portrait to another (or is it?)

OK, we’re going to stop doing this to you. No it isn’t. This time photographer Alexander Khokhlov has teamed up with make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan to create what appear to be 2D portraits from photos of models faces and a bit of post-production work. Below is just one example of where this has worked incredibly well, but there are plenty of examples at the link below. To see the artists at work, take a look at the video below.

Photography to 2D painting

Take a look at more examples of Alexander Khokhlov and Valeriya Kutsan’s work here.

Not another Instagram selfie…

These Instagram experiments by graphic designer Javier Perez turn everyday objects entirely on their head to create new scenes. Using a simple line drawing, syringes become mosquitos, paper clips turn to trumpets and notebook rings are transformed into dinosaurs. That’s my afternoon sorted – I’m going to think of as many ways to transform a pen lid as I can. Let us know which is your favourite!

Javier Perez's line drawing transformations

Take a look at more examples of Javier’s work here.

Bending the laws of space (but not time)

We’ve all seen the forced perspective paintings that appear to turn a pavement into a gushing waterfall or an erupting volcano, but these examples of tromp l’oeil illustrations are a massive step up. With whole buildings, lorries and library walls covered in paint, in a lot of cases it’s actually pretty hard to tell the difference between reality and fiction.

Take a look at more example of tromp l’oeil illusions here.

Keep an eye out next Friday for more inspiration from our design team. In the meantime, head on over to the Jigsaw24 shop to take a look at great deals and prices on design and publishing essentials. Found something you think should have made it into the list? Pop it in the comments box below.

Trompe l'oeil painting

Take a look at Jigsaw24's new design & publishing shop


Weekly design inspiration: Motion graphics, dog biscuit art and your five a day

Weekly design inspiration: Motion graphics, dog biscuit art and your five a day


Following a brief hiatus last week (sorry about that – technical issues!) here’s our latest round-up of design ideas, tips and all-round awesomeness. In this week’s top 5, we have a look at how they made the motion graphics for Adobe Creative Cloud’s marketing campaign, your five a day in digital form, paradoxical art sculptures, Barcelona meets typography, and a TV world like no other.

The Creative Cloud stinger motion graphics

The launch of Adobe Creative Cloud earlier in the year was a landmark event. With boxed software left behind in the dark ages, and a world where software is solely downloaded from the internet ahead, it was a big change for most creative workflows. To mark the launch, Adobe reached out to artists everywhere to come up with new imagery to represent each of the Creative Cloud tools. With the imagery sorted, they approached Studio B films, with one request: create a stinger video to introduce Creative Cloud. With motion graphics aplenty, I’m sure you’ll agree, the result is stunning!

CS6 Stinger from Michael Rigley on Vimeo.

Your five a day

Well, they may have decided to up the recommended number of fruit portions from five to seven, but this nice page called “Scroll for your health” by Tomer Lerner must have been created before that! Still, this is a great use of the scrolling web page format, which looks at five different fruits and the benefits they have for your diet and on your body. With smooth transitions between each of the fruits and simple graphics, it’s a great use of this relatively rare style. You might even learn something new: I, for one, didn’t know strawberries make your teeth whiter…

Scroll for you health

Take a look at Scroll for your health here.

What if a dog was made out dog biscuits?

It would indeed be a paradox. And that’s exactly what all of these sculptures by Nancy Fouts are – paradoxes. From the stunning example in the image below to a broken badminton shuttlecock that’s half egg shell, there are some really great ideas that have clearly spawned from Fouts’s background in advertising.

Nancy Fouts Paradoxical Art Sculpture

Take a look at more examples of Nancy Fouts’s work here.

Architecture meets tyopgraphy

Barcelona – known for its beautiful architecture, world-renowned artists, football and typography… Alright, the last one might not be entirely truthful, but it should be if this fine typographic example is anything to go by. Designer Simon Prades has combined his love of architectural drawing, type and Barcelona to create BCN Type. It’s well worth following the link below to see some examples of the creation process.

Barcelona Type

Take a look at more images of the BCN Type.

The real Coronation street

There’s something a bit strange about seeing a familiar sight taken over by the fantasy world of TV, but that’s what have done with this street map that is loosely based on a 1960s’ Washington map. Over 700 TV programme locations and streets have been used to replace the real locations, from TV classics like Coronation Street to newer hits like Parks & Recreation and Downton Abbey. Head on over to to see more images, and to see other examples of their work – there’s even a London map made entirely of book titles.

Dorothy TV Map

Take a look at’s other work here.


Jigsaw24's design and publishing shopKeep an eye out next Friday for more inspiration from our design team. In the meantime, head on over to the Jigsaw24 shop to take a look at great deals and prices on design and publishing essentials. Found something you think should have made it into the list? Pop it in the comments box below.


How the Apple ecosystem can transform day-to-day business operations

How the Apple ecosystem can transform day-to-day business operations

Mac, iPad and iPhone are all incredible business tools, integrating technology in ways that are unmatched by other IT platforms. A successful implementation will allow you to improve everything from the way the end user accesses les to the method by which you present ideas in the boardroom.

Mac and iPad in the IT department

UNIFIED MANAGEMENT Macs can run on your existing Windows infrastructure and be managed as though they are PCs.

DEVICE SECURITY Mac, iPad and iPhone work with device management solutions, which lets you control security settings and remotely lock or wipe data from them.

INFRASTRUCTURE OVERVIEW CIOs can use bespoke apps to monitor IT systems and demands on the business infrastructure from anywhere.

Mac and iPad at the desk

TINY FOOTPRINT An Apple Time Machine and Mac mini on a single desk take up less space than most PCs.

AUTOMATIC BACKUPS Macs can be hooked up to Time Machine for automatic backing up of systems.

OFFICE FOR MAC, Outlook for Mac, Word, Excel and Powerpoint are available for diehard Microsoft users.

Mac and iPad at home in the evening

ANYTIME EMAIL Email, contacts, calendars and notifications can be securely accessed from home to answer last minute queries.

VPN INTEGRATION Easy, secure access to a corporate network is available on OS X and iOS devices when outside of the building.

Mac and iPad on the commute

SECURE FILE ACCESS Files saved on corporate servers can be accessed on iPad and iPhone during the journey to work using solutions such as Acronis’s mobilEcho.

PREPARE FOR THE DAY Apple has its own version of productivity tools that sync between Mac and iPad – Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

FIND MY iPhone Log into using the Apple ID to locate lost or stolen devices.

Mac and iPad in marketing

WINDOWS FILE ACCESS Mac users can access and use les on Windows servers without any incompatibility issues through ExtremeZ-IP.

WINDOWS ON A MAC Using tools such as Parallels and VMware, Mac users can access Windows desktops if they need to use Windows-only applications.

BUILT FOR CREATIVITY Fast processing speeds and memory, and large hard drives mean Macs are great for multitasking and creative work using tools like Adobe Creative Cloud.

Mac and iPad at a remote office

VIDEO CONFERENCING FaceTime is built into iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iOS devices, allowing Apple users to make video calls to HQ.

SINGLE SIGN-IN WITH APPLE ID iCloud services can be accessed by signing into an Apple ID using a password or fingerprint, regardless of which device you are using or where you are.

Mac and iPad in the warehouse

BESPOKE APPS FOR BESPOKE JOBS Apps can be customised or new apps developed to meet business demands and increase productivity, ie. stock management and CRM integration.

Mac and iPad in the boardroom

SIMPLIFIED PRESENTATIONS Use Apple TV in the boardroom and the AirPlay function to mirror the display of an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

CHEAPER THAN A PROJECTOR Apple TV costs less than the price of a single replacement projector bulb.

NOTES ON EVERY DEVICE Notes made in meetings on iPad are automatically available on the user’s Mac on their desk.

Mac and iPad out visiting clients

5GB OF FREE STORAGE IN iCloud This covers Photo Stream, Apple Mail, Calendars, Contacts and documents, which can be used for syncing les between an iPad or iPhone and a Mac.

SALES AND LEAD INFORMATION Use apps that hook into tools like Salesforce to get realtime sales and lead information in client meetings.

NEVER BE LATE OR WET Maps, Calendars and Reminders work together to ensure you never miss a meeting and know exactly where you’re going.

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