Best practice tips for redefining mobility

Best practice tips for redefining mobility

Three tips for redefining mobility in your business from Bauer Media’s CIO Stuart Page…

Take advantage of the technology

“Redefining mobility is all about understanding what your customers actually need in order to buy our content,” says Bauer Media CIO Stuart Page. “As a CIO, you’ve got to be prepared to blow up your existing business model and think how you can take advantage of the digital age.”

Developing apps internally

Page has established a mobile centre of excellence, which operates as a specialist team for anyone who wants to dabble in apps. “We’re keen to avoid the pitfalls of working with Wild West vendors, who might be there on day and gone the next,” he says. “Developing internally means we gain the expertise and the intellectual property.”

Approaching solutions with caution

Sometimes, of course, Page selects an off-the-shelf solution. But when he does, he always proceeds with caution. “Do your due diligence if you’re going to engage with an apps vendor,” he says. “You live and learn by your mistakes. Avoid the pitfalls of working with a company that disappears overnight.”

Stuart Page has been Group IT Director at Bauer Media for the last four years. Prior to this, he spent five years at Emap PLC where he was responsible for all technology strategy and delivery across Emap consumer, B2B and Radio Divisions.

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App of the week: Pulsar for Salesforce

App of the week: Pulsar for Salesforce

Already using Salesforce? Well, imagine having access to its features on your iPad, while getting the benefit of social, cloud and device services. That’s where Pulsar comes in…

What is Pulsar for iPad?

If you’re already a Salesforce user, you’ll know that it provides businesses with incredibly powerful tools for nurturing and closing deals. And while there are all manner of apps available for extending those capabilities to iPad, few of them do it as successfully as Pulsar by Luminix.

Pulsar provides both online and offline access to Salesforce tools on iPad, meaning you always have access to data, regardless of where you are and whether or not you have a connection (and we all know how difficult getting a connection can be…).

How does Pulsar work?

Pulsar works by hooking into many of the features of Salesforce, while leveraging much of the functionality of the iPad. The user interface has been designed specifically for the device, adding everything from one-touch social functionality to visual pipelines and organisational charts.

Pulsar for Salesforce gives you:

–  Offline access to Salesforce data, so you always have the information you need, regardless of your connection status.

–  The ability to create and edit contacts and notes while offline.

–  Access to LinkedIn, Twitter and search engine results for leads and contacts, and a LinkedIn summary screen.

–  An integrated map that shows you the location of your account’s office.

–  A pipeline view that visualises your deals by stage, and a timeline view that shows exactly what has been done with each account so far.

–  An organisational visualisation to show which contacts are allies, champions and blockers.

–  Integration with device email, calendars and address book – basically, you can see Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Salesforce events and more in one calendar. Amazing!

–  A to-do list that helps organise your day and makes sure you follow up on activities.

–  Offline access to documents that have been saved in Salesforce’s shared libraries.

Who is Pulsar good for?

Salesforce users. If you’re not already signed up to that then Pulsar’s not going to be any use to you. However, if you’re following up and closing leads, and would like to be able to do that on an iPad, this is a great tool because it puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there is competition out there (including Salesforce’s own Salesforce Touch), but as far as free options go, we’ve not found anything that can compete with Pulsar. Salesforce’s own ForcePad app doesn’t have offline access, for example, while the Dashboard app only displays the Dashboard features of Salesforce.

One favourite feature

The unified calendars! It brings together all of your different calendars and Salesforce events into a single view so that you can easily see exactly what you have on. When Pulsar was first released, it was one of the only free apps available that allowed you to centralise everything in this way. And it was a big draw for some of our own sales team choosing to use it.

How much is Pulsar and where do I get it?

As we’ve already mentioned, Pulsar is completely free, making it an appealing alternative to many of the paid options out there. Check out the Apple App Store to find out more or to download.

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Why should I buy Creative Cloud for teams instead of box, TLP or CLP?

Why should I buy Creative Cloud for teams instead of box, TLP or CLP?

All of the items listed above are perpetual licences therefore giving you the benefit of owning the product outright. The minute you purchase the product it is effectively out of date and to ensure you are current you want to have a product that is updated the minute updates are made available. By buying a subscription licence through the Creative Cloud for teams offering you are giving yourselves instant access to updated software.

Additionally, with the perpetual licence options you have to consider which suite is right and ensure that you have opted for upgrade plan and maintenance and support. With the Creative Cloud for teams offering this is all taken care of – with only one product that includes the equivalent of upgrade plan and maintenance and support.

How is Creative Cloud for teams deployed?

How is Creative Cloud for teams deployed?

Each individual that requires a 12 month membership will receive an email invitation once the administrator has invited them to join. This invite takes them to the Creative Cloud portal where they either sign in with their Adobe ID if they have one or they register for one. They can then log in to the Creative Cloud portal and all of the software available as part of their membership is available to be downloaded directly to the desktop.

Note: the administrator does not automatically receive a licence and one must be purchased for them.

Is there an upgrade licence of Creative Cloud for teams if I already use Adobe Creative Suite products?

Is there an upgrade licence of Creative Cloud for teams if I already use Adobe Creative Suite products?

Due to this being a new licence type for Adobe there is no upgrade path from existing versions of Creative Suite meaning that if you do take up membership to Creative Cloud for teams you will still own any perpetual licences outright. For example if you are on CS5 and take out a 12 month subscription you will still own the licence to CS5 and can still use this if you wish – even if you do not continue with their membership.

Why is the individual version of Creative Cloud for teams cheaper?

Why is the individual version of Creative Cloud for teams cheaper?

Creative Cloud for teams includes many additional features that the individual offering does not such as :

100GB of storage – the individual offering through only offers 20GB

Workgroup Collaboration 

Billing capabilities – Being able to place the order by PO with a reseller and not via credit card

Licence management – being able to redeploy the licence elsewhere within the organisation. With the individual offering the licence is tied to the individual and not the company

Two Expert Service calls per seat -this is the equivalent of purchasing Gold Support with a perpetual licence

Individual is also not an option for businesses as it is registered with the individual and not the company. If the employee leaves, they would take membership with them. With individual, you also have to pay on with a credit card.

Can Creative Cloud for teams be deployed en masse by the IT manager?

Yes. You can use Creative Cloud Packager.

Adobe Creative Cloud Packager makes it easy for you to create packages that contain Creative Cloud products and updates. These packages can then be deployed to the client machines of the members who are part of Creative Cloud for teams in your organisation.

Essentially, you log in as an administrator to the Creative Cloud portal and download Creative Cloud Packager. Using Creative Cloud Packager, you create Windows and/or Mac OS packages (MSI or PKG files) and then using any third-party deployment tool that supports the deployment of native installers (for instance Microsoft SCCM, Apple ARD, or JAMF Casper Suite) deploy them to client machines.

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If Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is on my machine, how is it a cloud membership?

The Creative Cloud for teams membership is a subscription licence that sits locally on the desktop meaning the licence is not a traditional cloud licence. Where the cloud comes in is with the collaboration and storage available. This gives the best of both worlds by providing the product onto the desktop but with the option of cloud services such as collaboration.

I can’t put information on servers outside of the UK – will Creative Cloud for teams work for them?

At present Adobe cannot guarantee the information is on servers within the UK however you can still benefit from the product without utilising the storage space. The product is still a fantastic price for what you are gaining access to without using the storage.

Where are the Adobe Creative Cloud for teams servers based?

Where are the Adobe Creative Cloud for teams servers based?

Creative Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States, Europe, and Asia. AWS offers a reliable platform for software services used by thousands of businesses worldwide. AWS provides services in accordance with security best practices and undergoes industry-recognized certifications and audits: PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II. This means that Adobe Creative Cloud members benefit from the latest in security practices for stored assets.

If you wish you can take the membership and not use the storage if this causes any issues due to the software residing on your machine and not in the cloud however this would still cost the same as the membership accessing the storage space.