MotionBuilder: Out of the box character animation

Real-time, out of the box solution for your complex character animation needs.

We understand that meeting strict deadlines in any production environment is paramount, something that is often tough when dealing with the complexities of character animation and its integration into the whole pipeline. Thankfully, help is on hand with MotionBuilder – a specialised real-life animation tool that provides unrivalled productivity and interactivity for any artist dealing with volumes of 3D character animation.

By adopting MotionBuilder, any character animator can instantly harness its unique real-time environment, providing them with instant scene playback… No waiting for previews, no waiting for renders….Simply press play and it plays – imagine the amount of time that can be saved through this feature alone!

MotionBuilder works hand-in-hand with your current 3D animation tools such as 3ds Max and Maya by utilising the FBX file format. Import existing characters and use MotionBuilder to quickly and easily do complex animating, rather than struggling to animate them in your authoring application. After all you wouldn’t use a steak knife to cut down a tree… you could do it if you wanted to but would it be efficient?! Probably not and it would take you all day! You’d probably need a chainsaw…In essence, MotionBuilder is the chainsaw of character animation – the right tool for the job!

Looking for pre-visualisation and/or animated storyboards?

MotionBuilder provides a non-linear editing environment where timings and sequencing of shots can be planned, created and re-created in real time. No need to describe or try to portray how you want the next shoot to go, run though the whole scene on-screen, in real-time… no mix-ups, no miss-communications!

Using Motion Capture?

MotionBuilder simplifies the process of working with motion capture and its complex data sets. Instantly move your animation data seamlessly from one character to another, regardless of size or proportion. It allows your artists to reuse animation data quickly and easily without having to re-capture or source more capture files.

Live data from most motion capture hardware can also be streamed and recorded directly into MotionBuilder. Set up a modelled and textured character and watch how it reacts and moves in real time to the live motion capture feed, for instant feedback and review.

How MotionBuilder can boost your animation pipeline:

  • Quick and simple animation of your 3ds Max and Maya Characters with effortless integration of 3D data between Motion Builder, 3ds Max and Maya via the FBX file format.
  • Avoid costly preview rendering with real time scene playback
  • Save time on setting up characters with semi automated rigging that builds based on a characters skeleton
  • Integrated and dedicated facial animation tools, as well as automated audio to voice conversation
  • Available on multi-platforms, supporting whatever your system needs – MotionBuilder can be run on either Microsoft Windows of Mac OSX

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