Preventing Backburner from causing render fails after 60 minutes

Have you noticed your Backburner jobs failing for no specific reason after 60 minutes? Well, There is a simple explanation for this. Backburner has a default timeout function set to it. After 60 minutes, if the frame or task is not completed, BackBurner will send a kill signal to the job and restart.

If you are noticing this on your renders, there is a simple solution to get around it. While there is no timeout option in the Backburner submission window; you can set a timeout flag manually by clicking the “Use Custom Command” box and then clicking the “Populate Command” button at the bottom of the Submission Window. This will build a long command to be sent to BackBurner and begin the job.

This is where we need to add the timeout flag.  Below is an example of the entire command with the timeout value set to 120 minutes. I generally set this after the taskname flag.

system (“\”/usr/discreet/backburner/cmdjob\” -jobName \”exp_support_ash025444-110215\” -description \”\” -manager -priority 50 -taskList \”/usr/tmp/exp_support_ash025444-110215.txt\” -taskName 1 \”/usr/autodesk/maya2011.5-x64/bin/Render\” -timeout 120 -r file -s %tp2 -e %tp3 -proj \”/home/assist/maya/projects/default\” -rd \”/home/assist/maya/projects/default/images\” \”/Lnx-ubuntu/public/CustomerCases/renderash/\””)

Hope this helps with any of your future renders!

Content taken from Maya Station.

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