3ds Max: Why leaving feedback will make your life easier

Let’s face it, like most 3D applications, 3ds Max crashes. No way near as much as it used to do, but every now and again, it’ll suddenly give up on you without warning. This can cause anything from mild panic (when did I last save?) to absolute rage (corrupted file).

We’ve all learnt to deal with this and accept that it’s part and parcel of working in 3ds Max, but how many of you fill out the Customer Error Report (CER) dialogue box that pops up after the crash?

We’re all guilty of skipping this stage, especially as we just want to get back into 3ds Max and continue with our project. But did you know that off the back of those customers who submit error reports; Autodesk fix hundreds of bugs every year? Yes, believe it or not, not only do those error reports get read, but they ensure that there is a regular stream of hotfixes and service packs released.

If you’ve sent an error report and included your email address, Autodesk will notify you if your error is addressed in a maintenance update. On the rare occasion that their software developers may need to collect additional information from you about your system, they may also do this (a privacy policy can be found by following the link at the bottom of the page).

A CER only sends the below details to aid Autodesk in solving the issue:

•    Operating system name and version

•    Autodesk product name, version, and serial number

•    Graphics configuration driver name and version

•    List of applications loaded when an error occurs

•    List of recent Autodesk commands

•    Portion of Autodesk program in memory when an error occurs

Your report will be read and if a bug is found, it will be fixed. And, what’s more, you’ll have helped improve 3ds Max for users everywhere!

Whilst we’re at it, I’d also like to stress the importance of the Customer Involvement Program (CIP), which is yet another way in which customers can help the development of the products they love. The CIP involves data about the type of operating system being used, hardware configurations and commonly used tools; all being sent automatically to Autodesk. This data is used by Autodesk so that they can evaluate how their customers are using their products and give them an idea of how they can develop future releases.

Click here, for more information about CIP and how it works, and here for more on CER.

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