Light at the end of the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera tunnel?

Since announcing the pesky sensor issue holding up the Blackmagic Cinema Camera shipping, we’ve – like you – been hanging on the every word of BMD CEO Grant Petty. This time round, he’s got some good news – new sensors are starting to see the light of day, which means production should start up again!

Here’s the official word from Grant, taken from a post on the Blackmagic forum: “The latest news is that sensors are starting to trickle through and we are testing them heavily and its looking good so far. Its going slower than we hoped because the sensor supplier is testing each sensor heavily to make sure they have correctly fixed the problem, and we are also testing heavily as we build cameras too. This is important as the only thing worse than a delay in shipping the cameras, is shipping thousands of them that have faults. So we want to make sure they are all good.”

So an actual shipping date is still up in the air, but is looking closer than before. Grant, ever gracious, went on to acknowledge the patience of those who have already pre-ordered their Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

“I appreciate how frustrating this has been for everyone, and its been more frustrating for us,” Grant said. “Most people are expecting delivery of 1 camera. We are expecting delivery of thousands, so this means it’s thousands of times more painful for us. You should see what a warehouse full of $20 million dollars of camera parts looks like. Its not good.

“I will have more updates mid to late next week,” he added promisingly.

– After shooting with it and grading the footage in DaVinci Resolve, we can confirm the BMCC is not all some marvellous dream, and we think it’s fab. You can visit our site to pre-order your Blackmagic Cinema Camera now.

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