5 Reasons to License With Microsoft EES

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011Microsoft have brought out a new annual subscription service that makes looking after your school’s multiple Microsoft software licences easier and – for the majority of schools – cheaper. Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is an alternative to Microsoft’s Schools Agreement for volume licensing, adding cross-platform compatibility and easier administration for a lower total cost of ownership.


Here are five key benefits…


1. Counting staff, not computers

The new EES scheme typically works out cheaper per seat than the old Schools Agreement as the cost is calculated on Full-Time Equivalent staff numbers, not on the number of computers in the school. EES agreements will not commence until March 1st, but Jigsaw can provide a quotation now if your current agreement is ending soon.


2. Simple calculation and addition

The annual cost of your agreement is based on the number of staff you have, and under the EES agreement every PC and Mac in your school can have Microsoft Desktop Software on it. As you only need to provide this figure once a year, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be covered for the duration of your contract. You can then add more computers each year without needing to buy more licences – only if there are more staff.


3. Cross-platform and downgradable

It doesn’t matter if your school favours PCs, Macs or a mix of the two – Microsoft Office for both platforms can be included in the subscription. You even get downgrade rights which allow you to use older versions of your software, which helps when opening archived documents and smoothing the learning transition between versions.


4. Keeping software current and supported

Microsoft Software Assurance ensures your school always has access to the latest versions of software. If you choose a Microsoft Desktop Suite you can choose to upgrade your Windows licences to Windows 7 Enterprise, or to run older versions of Windows where you need to.


5. Working from home

Work At Home rights are included so that staff can prepare lessons at home using the school’s Microsoft Office licence. For a low additional cost, your staff can benefit from the Home Use Program to purchase their own copies of Microsoft Office, which they can use for personal projects as well as for work.


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