Do you know what’s on your iPad? Mobile app services explained

Thinking of rolling out iPad in your school? Here’s how we can help you get students the right content at the right time.

1:1 iPad deployments, in which your school provides one iPad for every child in a class, are a great way to encourage independent learning and engage students of different abilities and learning styles. Getting them the content they need at the right time, however, is a bit more difficult. While you can share documents and videos with students’ iPad devices over WiFi, to make the most of the device, you’re going to want them to use third party apps. And that means navigating the App Store.

This can cause some major financial headaches. Who pays for apps? Who monitors what students download? How much time do your IT team spend buying and distributing iPad content? There are two ways round this. One is to sign up for VPP, Apple’s volume purchasing scheme, which lets you assign managers and facilitators to purchase and distribute your school’s apps (it’ll also get you a tasty 50% discount when you purchase more than 20 copies of certain apps). The other is to get together with us; we’re the first iTunes Value Added Reseller to be able to manage your Apple accounts for you, and make app admin our problem rather than yours…

How we can help…

Managed App Services essentially make us your personal shoppers. You tell us what app you need and which devices you need it on, then we make sure it gets there. This means you can:

  • Easily incorporate apps into budget plans with our monthly bills rather than dealing with the App Store’s pay-on-the-day policy.
  • See what you’re spending at a glance with transparent reports that break down spending and account activity by user, app and cost, and a centralised inventory of everything on your school’s accounts.
  • Set limits on who can download what (and how much it can cost) by pre-agreeing permissions for staff and students with our team.
  • Save your tech team time with an automated approval process that automatically forwards requests for new apps to the appropriate manager, or a self-service deployment system that lets staff and students request apps directly from us.
  • Deploy apps simply as we’ll manage the vouchers and gift systems that roll out apps to devices without a credit card attached.

What this means for you…

Teachers don’t have to become sales assistants, your tech team don’t get bogged down with app requests and your accounts team have a clear, predictable billing system and record of spending. Obviously there is plenty of flexibility in terms of how you manage each account and distribute different materials, and our services team will work with you to come up with a plan that suits everyone.

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